26 October, 2006

Latest on KT: Stabbings in Kirksville

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, Kirksville at 4:24 am | Permanent Link

Just as we predicted…

In less than one year, one tiny Missouri town, over 90% White, has seen its local diversity fauna commit rapes, murders, stabbings, and even a half-assed drive-by.

Diversity crocks!


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  7. 11 Responses to “Latest on KT: Stabbings in Kirksville”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      In old industrial America, the industrial corporations were responsible for importing the diversity. Today, in post-industrial service economy America, the major importers of diversity seem to be educational institutions, and hospitals.

      Of course this diversity is legal—as opposed to those hiring illegal aliens.

    2. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      And under torture, the sheeple there would still swear that we are all the same under the thin veneer of skin.

    3. saltriver Says:

      Look closely at these nigger crime scenes and you will find a slime trail leading to the nearest rock where the JEW has slithered under it.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      In old industrial America, the industrial corporations were responsible for importing the diversity.

      Socialist parties have always been the ones pushing for mass immigration, in all western nations. Funny how some left-leaning WNs will always pretend the blame lies with corporations, who throughout history have favored protectionism and been run by patriotic leaders. It is only late in time, as the socialists and the workers who vote for them won the political game, that corporations have caved in along with everyone else.

      Then along comes the worker, now a bit dismayed that he has to share the loot with looters from other countries as well, and decides to do a little rewriting of history….

    5. jackumup Says:

      diversity should mean the rope, gas chamber, electric chair or lethal injection

    6. Olde Dutch Says:

      Carp: You don’t know what you are talking about—there would have been no post WWI immigration act if the labor unions had not pushed for one starting with the mass migration to the US of questionable “whites” in the 1880’s. In other words American unions were the only real political force that for 40 years pushed for highly restrictive immigration quotas.

      Itz only been very recently with the jew led SEIU, and other jew led unions getting the upper hand in the AFL—that there has been a change in position on immigration by the AFL. Btw, this jew made immigration policy has no support among the rank & file membership, and the jews know it.

      The unions, for years, also fought the use of colored scabs, and foreign scabs by the corporations.

      It was a corporate tactic to go down south and load up a train load of colored scabs in box cars and use them to break unions during strike situations all over the US & even in southern states. To a lesser or same extent the corporations used mestizos, and, orientals as scabs in the western states.

      Also, it is my opinion that there would have been no CIO created in the 1930’s if there had been no restrictive immigration act passed in 1922.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Big business combinations, at least since the 1840s in America, have always pushed for “increased population.” “Increased population” was the mantra of them all. They wanted BODIES to work in the factories and to bear the brunt of the tax burden – it didn’t matter what kind of bodies, as long as they punched in and out on time and could work 12 hours straight, under the blows from a foreman’s fist, if necessary.

      This isn’t about “left-wing” vs. “right-wing.” In fact, mine is a libertarian analysis. The worst statists were the biggest businesses, who ordered laws slanted in their favor in order to keep out competing businesses. It was a mixed-economy clusterfuck of corporate cronyism from square one.

      Read some Thomas DiLorenzo, e.g. his new book on the monster Abraham Lincoln, for a peek into this Darwinian brew that, sadly, represents our history.

      As to immigration, factories wanted niggers, niggers, niggers and coolies, coolies, coolies then as they want mestizos, dots, and slopes now. “I don’t care what color they are,” an aspiring businessman told me some years ago, “as long as they have some FUCKING GREEN.”

      It is certainly the case that “Economic Man” is, by nature, in a race for the bottom. A spic will work for a dollar an hour. That settles the economics of mass immigration.

      Of course, in the long run, a dark planet self-destructs. How much green can a business pull out of Zimbabwee now, and for how long? Or South Africa? Or downtown Detroit? Or Southcentral LA? Hm? Whites create Economic Value, always have. The rest is some form of leverage or parasitism on White creativity. A true wealth-worshipper should first and foremost preserve the White Race, and the high-IQ, creative people in it.

      But when have businesses ever taken the long view? Not as long as they have the monster of the state to appeal to. Not, in short, as long as they have access to laws and guns.

    8. Charley Says:

      sgruber, that was the best synopsis of “economic man” i’ve ever read. thanks.

    9. van helsing Says:

      Nowadays (multinational) corporatized agricultural concerns like to have a steady stream of cheap gummint subsidized labor… which happens to resent and attack and live/feed off the actual inhabitants.

    10. Charley Says:

      van helsing Says: “Nowadays (multinational) corporatized agricultural concerns like to have a steady stream of cheap gummint subsidized labor… which happens to resent and attack and live/feed off the actual inhabitants.”

      Somebody suggested that those of us with backyards or small acreage could raise chickens and fish or grow tomatoes, potatoes, radishes and greens, then trade the surplus for goods and services provided by comrades living in apartments, condos and trailers. Somebody else (Kievsky?) wrote something about urbanites growing herbs on patios, decks and pots hung from walls. This seems like a good idea to me. A logical place to start would be in and around small towns like Kirksville. It would put a dent in corporate agriculture if the idea spread to larger communities like Springfield or Rolla throughout the country. What can the ZOG do? Criminalize “gift-giving”? So fucking what! Let the cocksuckers try it! Fuck them and corporate agriculture’s preference for filthy, e coli-carrying, staphylococcus-infected, murderous, raping, pedophiliac, dollar an hour Mestizos! The problem is, where can a white nationalist find 2, 3 or 4 agriculture-types who are willing to help get the ball rolling on this?

    11. 2eyedJack Says:

      Many small towns in America are 90% or more white and 99% of crime comes from the “diversified community”. The jew has saddled state and local government with so many financial goodies that the city fathers are not about to clean house and condone a few local lynchings or executions.

      If you think the traitors are only in Washington, take a look at your city council wherever you live. Among all of them you will not find even two ounces of White balls.