25 October, 2006

Letter: ‘Goy,’ ‘Gentile,’ ‘Shicksa’: Your Slave Names

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Good morning!

Resisting Defamation has been studying the issue of slander and slurring for 16 years, and one of the longest lasting and most deeply held beliefs by European Americans is that gentile, goy, and shicksha are perfectly fine labels for us.

Let’s remember that the first mark of oppression is that the Other names you, and the second mark is that you accept the Other’s name for yourself. We each have legitimate names that have grown our of our experience and development; gentile, goy, and shicksha are not part of that legitimate development.

Gentile, goy, and shicksha are rooted in contempt. Even were they bestowed on us in love, we would still have the right to name ourselves.

Gentile, goy, and shicksha are literally based on a claim to supremacy. After all, only a person claiming supremacy could reach over into another ethnicity and name its members.

Gentile, goy, and shicksha are designed to smother our diversity into an amorphous blob of white matter. These labels disappear England, Germany, Russia, Greece, Swiss, Portugal, and many other of our wonderful kinds of diversity. Nothing good can arise from an artificially imposed name that disappears our true nature.

Consequently we have added “your slave name” to the definitions of gentile, goy, and shicksha in our syllabus at:


Free Your Mind!

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  7. 14 Responses to “Letter: ‘Goy,’ ‘Gentile,’ ‘Shicksa’: Your Slave Names”

    1. Myles Says:

      Excellent points. With this essay in mind, you may want to consider a name change for “Goyfire.”

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Let’s start calling ourselves what we are…..ARYANS.

    3. Stronza Says:

      A relative of mind went to school with lots of Chosen in the 1960s. They quite openly and regularly used the word “shigetz” on nonchosens. They claimed it just meant, well, “gentile”, but somewhere I read that the word means “abomination” in hebrew. And “shigetz” kind of got slithered and slurred into “shiksa”, probably in those countries where the yiddish language developed.

      I do understand, tho, that Resisting Defamation is complaining about our being named at all as “not one of them” rather than any inherently demeaning term in particular.

    4. alex Says:

      Using ‘goy’ ourselves, as in ‘Goyfire’ is a way to draw attention to jewish hate, or loxism.

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Resisting Defamation did a much better job defining the term “Universalism”:

    6. Anchorage Activist Says:

      We also raise nary a peep of protest when we’re referred to as “gringo” or “cracker”. When I raised the issue of the term “cracker” being racist on a typical lemming forum, another “white” guy disputed that notion and accused me of being paranoid.

      Furthermore, distancing oneself from the white nationalist lobby confers no benefits. When Bill White and the NSM confronted the Minutemen in Washington D.C., the Minutemen couldn’t run away from them fast enough. However, the Minutemen’s cowardly disavowal of “racist” support, prominently emblazoned atop the main page of their website, has not stopped One People’s Project from referring to them as “MinuteKlan”.

      The Minutemen show physical courage in confronting illegals, but lack the political courage to effectively broaden their scope of activity and base of support by embracing white nationalist activists skilled at public discourse and organization.

    7. Bo Sears Says:

      For some reason the link above does not work to get to Slurs. Try this:


      I hope that works.


      Regarding “cracker” being racist, of course it is, but there are a lot of pitfalls in developing discourse that stings and slaps. First, “racist” has been secretly defined as something that only members of the “dominant racial group” can engage in. Others can exhibit hate, prejudice, bigotry, etc. So avoid the word racist because it gives slurrers an easy out. Just call “cracker” a hate label showing contempt. The use of “racist” enables the Other to turn the argument on you.

      Second, avoid talking about slurs as offensive to us European Americans because it doesn’t work. A white slacker will say, “It doesn’t bother me!” which shoots a big hole in your argument.

      We have set up a Theory of Slurs which turns the popular understanding of slurs on its head. We say that slurs display the depraved mind of the slurrer, and his or her feelings of contempt, divisiveness, hatred, etc. We never claim our feelings are part of the equation, it is the only feelings of the slurrer that is on display. They don’t know what to do with that, they have no come back as long as you focus on their hateful (not racist) feelings.

      Here is something for you on cracker:


    8. Stronza Says:

      Hey, I went straight to that cafepress site and can’t wait to order by “Karl Marx Classic Thong”!

    9. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      hey, niggas can say nigga in thier rap music, and goys can play up their goyishness by calling their show goyfire: i see no difference between gangsta niggas and gangsta goys in this regard: that’s what you are: gangsta goys! nice slogan (ain’t those hebes clever little sons of bitches…)

      and hey! you gangsta goys got lots more derogatory names for Jews than vice versa. don’t foget it. NEVER FORGET! (oy veh…)

    10. Thoughtcrime Says:

      I personally like the label ‘anti-semitism’ the best. It essentially means nothing whatsoever and is used time and again to stifle intelligent criticism of BIG JEW.

      Unfortunately, I work with JEWS and the brightest of them do seem to have high verbal I.Q.’s, hence their ability to create novel expressions/phrases/labels almost effortlessly. Expressions like ‘holocaust denier’ and ‘discredited historian’ and ‘undocumented worker’ all point to their verbal acuity BUT the problem is, most of the time whatever it is they are describing could best be described with more matter and less art.

      Obviously for JEWS, genes for high verbal acuity must be an evolutionary stable strategy, because most that I meet are excellent conversationalists so this ability must be helping them survive, otherwise it wouldn’t be so conserved for them. Contrast that with the average ebonics speaking nigger and there’s a world of difference.

    11. Angle Says:

      Jews have more of a gift talking AT people than TO them. They don’t particularly care what you think of them as long as you agree or submit. They essentially kick you, and while they’re kicking you the tell you they are doing no such thing, that you are a liar or a dangerous ‘extremist’. And while they are doing that they gloat to the jewish buddy standing next to him that he got you right in the balls.

      Hence, the global ‘mainstream’ jews media. Jews love one-way broadcast media, HATE the internet. hahahaha FUCK YOU JEWS

    12. Carpenter Says:

      Anchorage Activist, although they should be more nationalist, you cannot blame the Minutemen for not wanting to be connected with the NSM.

      It’s a pretty good list of slurs; some things there that I hadn’t thought of. It is amazing that even when you are looking for it, you will let a few things pass.

    13. Carpenter Says:

      An interesting thing about the Resisting Defamation page, is the choice of colors and the sparse use of symbols. The light blue is not what people expect from a vicious racist site. What, no swastikas? No bombastic promises of a glorious war? It looks more like a site about dentistry. By moving the viewers’ circles a little, he can’t put his usual label on you.

      Goes for when talking to people as well; when you don’t look the way they expect of a Nazi, it surprises them. What, Nazis are people, not devils? They don’t always wear boots, wave swastikas and repeat Hitler speeches? Do they have something else to say?

    14. jackumup Says:

      When THEY came for the Jew I said nothing because I wasn’t a jew

      When THEY came for the trade communist I said nothing because I wasn’t a communist

      When THEY came for the homosexual I said nothing because I was not a homosexual

      Well apparently “THEY” fucked up because we still have a bunch of yid commie fags running around making life miserable for the world population ” What the Fuck? Where is the fuehrer when you need him? Does America still have a train system to load these fuckers up on? and where the fuck can we send them New Jersey?, Were Fucked!