10 October, 2006

Letter: On Your Introductory Speech for the Portland Lovecraft Film Festival

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On Your Introductory Speech for the Portland Lovecraft Film

Greetings Dr. Price,

I am writing to give you my opinion on your well-versed, well-spoken, erudite, but umbrage-invoking introductory “sermon” for the Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland. It is extremely rare to find someone with your level of scholarship and control of the English language. I have always been impressed by, and attracted to, learned men of your caliber. Incidentally, there is no eroticism implied in the previous statement. Unfortunately, I must make that clear as we live in decadent times and everything has taken on a perverse aura.

Be that as it may, I also must commend you on the jocularity and wittiness of your delivery. I was heartily laughing at practically every other word. Your understated sarcasm coupled with your popish hat, and Southern drawl really brightened my day; or rather, night! Indeed, if you noticed, I was the sole audience member who was laughing the loudest and longest.

The above notwithstanding, I took offense at your attacks against “White America”. Obviously, I hold “White America” in high regard. You ridiculed “White America” and you patronized it. Unfortunately, as you progressed in your talk you even stated that White men were afraid of their Aryan womenfolk being impregnated by mestizos!!! Good God, man! How rude can one be?! Actually, it’s not mestizos that White men fear, but blacks. Regardless, both populations have a disproportionately high rate of raping White women. Oddly, you failed to mention that fact.

Sir, I LOVE Rockwell’s America, Apple Pie, and Stars-and-Stripes. True, Sinclair Lewis and H. L. Mencken were both correct about America in many ways, but they – and you – failed to compare “White America” with mestizo Mexico and bestial Blackocracy.

You incessantly verbally punched and kicked “White America” in the teeth. Where’s the courage to do so against a fallen entity that has seen better days? How ungracious and cowardly to beat a stricken and hapless giant. Every stratum of society attacks “White America” because its fashionable and politically allowed.

Why not break the staid and pusillanimous trend by attacking more potent foes, such as Jews, blacks, and mestizos?

Why not go to the Governor’s Mansion in Phoenix, wave an American flag, and demand that all mestizos – legal and illegal – be repatriated south of the border because they are turning America into malfeasant Mexico?

Or, perhaps going to the steps of the Capitol and demanding that the former denizens of the jungles and continentally mislocated cannibalistic savages be immediately relocated back to the Congo?

Maybe even you can go to the core of “White America”‘s cancer and attempt to publicly demand the excision of Jews from all fields of influence?

Sir, the above three Herculean tasks require a backbone, not so the trite and ubiquitous attacks on “White America”. And, on a different note, Lovecraft must be turning in his grave if he saw the flotsam and jetsam, and offal that littered the Hollywood Theatre. He was mad enough at the polyglot cesspool of New York city, but oh Lord (!), what must his skinless mouth be intonating at what America has become! And to think that one of his biggest and most literate fans would unashamedly attack that which he, and other lovers of America, adore!

I can only declare – and this haltingly and with a certain amount of trepidation, as I’m a peaceful man that abhors wanton suffering – that may you face that mestizo menace of which you accused patriotic White Americans of (rightfully) fearing, and may that “Nigger-Man” come knocking on your (back) door wanting your hide! Then and only then will you feel (literally!) the “glories” of divers(h)it(t)y. Of course, maybe then you’ll damn “th’Olympian Host”!

Iranian for Aryans

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    1. sgruber Says:

      How awful. Yes, the film festival scene, while promising great joy and artistic excitement, is a cesspool. Naked racism is preached from its stages. In a White culture, it just wasn’t “White” – decent – openly to invoke bloody ethnic hatred; the culture of our people arranged things differently, and in such a way that “neighborly” and “Christian” feelings held the moral high ground. Contrast that context with today’s, in which the highest standard flying on the moral high ground is the spit from a filthy mouth flying to a White person’s face (literally or literarily).

      What do they want White people to do? To go away? To die? Yes.

      Think of the psychological effect of any White people present at Dr. Price’s screed. He openly, to applause, intimated that White people are not fit to exist; are thus not welcome; are the lowest of the low; while he (by default) occupies the highest of the high – at least in the realm of popcorn-munching and flickering projected pixels.

      Why try to be a film artist, if you’re openly hated by the people in control of the projectors?

      Think of the artists-the White artists-the only creative artists-who will never be.

      “No Whites allowed.” The story of a culture closing down.

      Time to build our own culture.

      We, after all, are the bearers-the builders-of all culture in the first place. The creators of the culture now corrupted. We built that one; let it go. We’ll build another, for ourselves.

      Even if it’s a few friends gathered in a living room to watch a homemade film, or reading pixellated samizdat, or trading privately produced material on DVDs hand to hand, that will be a culture, the only such worthy of the name. That will be the beginning, the little green shoots appearing, tentatively, from the dead maw of a gigantic rotten stump.

    2. Iranian for Aryans Says:

      Well, our culture does exist. It is Western culture. It is the music of Mozart, the paintings of Rubens, the emanations of Poe, Dreiser, Bernini, and Shakespeare. Unfortunately, however, Western culture is dead for all practical purposes.

    3. sgruber Says:

      The best that Whites produce in the present, is culture. So, let’s have one. And, let’s make it as good as we can and keep improving. The past is alive only in the minds of those who build the present and future.