5 October, 2006

Letter to Jew Saul

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I just saw you on C-SPAN educating the stump-jumpers about the true meaning of the Second Amendment. What – a jew agitating for tightening the screws on Gun Nuts? Damn my lyin’ eyes!

Ya know, it really is touching, your grief over the hordes of dearly-departed “urban youth” laid low by the infernal smokepole. I can well imagine that growing up hard like you did – plinking away at fast-moving rows of tin ducks on the mean carny grounds of Coney Island – would instill a deep empathy with all those dirtnapped gangbanger schvartzes. After all – there but for the grace of YHWH went you! (Gimme a sec, willya? I-I’m all verklemmt….)

But seriously now: we both know your only real concern is the future possibility of a nationwide Franking party thrown by the gun-toting Whites shitty kikes like you have dispossessed…..;o)

Happy Rosh Hashana, bubbeleh!

N.B. Forrest

  • 3 Responses to “Letter to Jew Saul”

    1. Lokuum Says:

      N.B. Forest.

      Thanks. It’s about time someone around here pointed out what the jews are doing to our country.

    2. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Silly goys. You wanna carry guns, go fight for Israel, otherwise turn ’em in and STFU.

    3. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I wonder how many more staged massacres will occur before the stupid goyim beg their masters to disarm them, like they did in UK and Australia? The yids won’t stop until the Second Amendment has been junked. It is difficult for them to kill an armed population. Remember what they did in Russia? You’re next Mr American.