24 October, 2006

Lincoln, Hitler, the Jews, the Libertarians, and the Aryans

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First, read this:

Harry Jaffa, the head of what Thomas DiLorenzo calls the “Lincoln cult,” has more than once compared the Southern cause to that of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSGWP). DiLorenzo’s book humiliates Jaffa with quotations from the most notorious book by the leader of the NSGWP, wherein support was written for the War of Northern Aggression and for Lincoln’s destruction of state’s rights and for Lincoln’s opposition to political decentralization.

The German leader said that the NSGWP “would totally eliminate states’ rights altogether: Since for us the state as such is only a form, but the essential is its content, the nation, the people, it is clear that everything else must be subordinated to its sovereign interests. In particular we cannot grant to any individual state within the nation and the state representing it state sovereignty and sovereignty in point of political power.” Thus the “mischief of individual federated states…must cease and will some day cease…. National Socialism as a matter of principle must lay claim to the right to force its principles on the whole German nation without consideration of previous federated state boundaries.”


The interplays are fascinating and, since none but the Aryan dare speak his mind, occult. The contending parties range from entirely dishonest (jews) to selectively honest (libertarians) to fully honest (Hitler/today’s Aryans). Let’s break down the camps:

1) Jews – believe they are best served by a centralized government pursuing their agenda. This leads them to misrepresent Lincoln and American federalism. Indeed, all U.S. history is turned into a false narrative, unavoidable in school and paper, in which America “progresses” or “lives up to its true heritage” to the exent to which it follows the jewish agenda – putting darks over whites, women over men, and jews uber alles. There is not a single aspect of American history about which any jew can be relied on to report the truth. That is an understatement.

2) Lincoln – pretended that the Union came first, and the states last. This served his interests. He simply ignored paper checks and imprisoned, executed, silenced as he felt best served his cause. As the grand centralizer in American history, 19th-century Lincoln unwittingly paved the way for 20th-century jewish dictatorship, in which the states have no rights save the right to follow Washington’s agenda if they wish to get back a portion of the tax monies they forward. On every substantial issue relating to control of the local community, Washington — i.e., the lobbies that control it — makes the decision. The fact remains that the United States government was the deliberate creation of free and independent states.

3) Hitler – supported the North because he did not want any threat to his own control. As the libertarians point out, he is just like the jews in this regard. The irony is that Hitler’s conditions were such that only through central control could the jewish strangehold over Germany and other nations in Europe be broken. This is the part the libertarians don’t tell you, because they are afraid to name the Jew that is at the heart of the misinterpretation of America that they fight. To be sure, they will cite and criticize individual jews, but they will never go to the heart of the matter and say, plainly: the jews misinterpret American history to maintain their dictatorship over the descendants of the Founders, i.e., White men who wish to live under laws as formalized in the Constitution. Libertarians are not men in the full sense, so their crackerjack prize of cheap sniggers over Hitler/jews/Lincoln all being collectivists consoles & satisfies them in their impotence.

4) today’s Aryans – understand that man is both an individual and a member of a nation; and that only in the context of a nation can individual liberty be preserved. They understand that men fall into naturally warring bodies called races, they outline the way jews fight to extend their dominance, and they call on their fellow Aryans to take arms against them. Thus, Aryans appreciate that while America was founded by Aryans living in independent states, only by coordinated action can Aryans today regain control over a territory and create an environment that can sustain their posterity. Individuals cannot defeat a team. The team that threatens Aryans in America is the jews; and only by destroying them, by physically eliminating them, can White freedom be guaranteed. Libertarianism is a form of ahistorical cowardice that like so many others posits a man that should be, but never dirties its mind with what he is. Aryans, by contrast, have the courage to use their minds to determine what needs to be done – and do it. The real irony, which will never make the DiLorenzan page, is that Hitler’s Germans enjoyed more real, specific freedoms than Americans in the 20th, let alone the 21st century.

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  7. 24 Responses to “Lincoln, Hitler, the Jews, the Libertarians, and the Aryans”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      “Individuals cannot defeat a team”. Indeed that is true, but at this stage in the struggle the best we can do is focus our efforts on leaderless resistance and hope we reach a ‘critical mass’ of awareness.

    2. Kievsky Says:

      I think we can be a team. White nationalists in a certain area need to work together and be a community. Whites in general are very lonely, and will be inclined to join a quietly pro-White social group.

      I think it could catch on, and before we know it, have an Aryan team to put against the jew team!

    3. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      dream on, putzim goyim.

      we’ll have you little swine out of the way locked up in detention camps soon enough.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      “Individuals cannot defeat a team”. Indeed that is true, but at this stage in the struggle the best we can do is focus our efforts on leaderless resistance and hope we reach a ‘critical mass’ of awareness.

      No. Linder is right, individuals can’t defeat a team. Get organized, even if the organization accomlishes little. The structure must be there for future growth.

      Good analysis of the issue, Alex, and one few nationalists would be capable of. Typically we want all our heroes to be flawless and with no embarrassing opinions. In that we are like all other people. We also want universalist values – if we commit to states’ rights in one fight, then that must be universal. In that we are like all other Whites. Only Whites are so preoccupied with universal values and principles, while the rest go straight for the pie, in whatever ideological shape serves them best.

    5. alex Says:

      Nationalists disagree over decentralization. Many want the government to dictate jot and tittle. I’m not one of those. The fact is, and I can tell you this with 100% certainty, politics is for shitballs. That’s one reason you find so few Germans involved with it, they’re too honest. The only excuse for being involved in it is that if you stay out, the state remains interested in you, as Lenin said. Politics is a magnet for criminals, because politics is organized crime. Out of simple self-interest, you have to be involved in politics.

      I prefer government, even of white men, to fuck off and leave me alone. Government is always, as Mencken said, the enemy of all decent and industrious men. That holds true whether the govt is run by nazis, conservatives or liberals.

      However, there is bad and there is bad. The worst bad is the bad we have now: where government takes active measures to ensure the genocide of not just me but my whole type of people – my race. That is intolerable. On the issue of my issue’s continued existence, I brook no differing opinion. We will exist and no one is allowed to say otherwise.

      Government is generally a poor agency for positive efforts. It wastes money, and prevents 100x as much progress as it creates. All government really does is make work for itself at the expense of the slaves called citizens. “Meth Protection Services,” “First-Class Mail,” “Social Security”…glamorous name, shabby reality. I know that if I got to my post office at noon the day after a federal holiday, only two of the four windows will be open. Most government is even worse…

      I favor decentralization of sub-national questions because…it’s more fun and interesting that way. Diversity of whites is a strength, to a large extent. I don’t want to live in the south or the northeast, I’m not a northeasterner or a southerner. Barriers, fences, privacy, regional differences – these are good things, and we know that, if can’t figure it out, by the very fact that jews try to destroy them. I try, and I think it very White of me, to understand and appreciate why things are the way they are, rather than whine like a child and assume they can easily be made better.

    6. jimbo Says:

      ‘silverstein wtc7’, the ‘closet kike’, sez:

      dream on, putzim goyim. we’ll have you little swine out of the way locked up in detention camps soon enough

      in YR dreams, YOU KIKE CUNT!

      the White Race is gunna hv youse schmucks vaporised and part of the upper atmosphere before youse can say: “Oy! Vey!

      here’s HOW we’re gunna do it!

      VERTICAL EXPULSION…..the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to ‘the jew problem’!

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Interesting article.

      Lincoln–a man of violence (against his own race) who died violently. The sombitch is reported to have laughed when told about Sherman’s March to the Sea.

      But Hitler?

      I have read Adolf Hitler by John Toland, which seemed to be a reasonable

      I would like to learn more about Hitler and National Socialism but there is so much trash (i.e., The Pink Swastika) out there about the man and what he really believed, even what he really did.

      Has anyone read something on this subject that they could recommend?

    8. MB Says:

      Good analysis, as usual, Alex.

      One thing confuses me and that’s point #3. I know that Hitler didn’t actually *support* “the North”, since it was a moot point by his lifetime. I’ve never seen anything documented about his opinion of the US Civil War or states’ rights vs. centralization in America, and I won’t believe he was more ideologically sympathetic to Lincoln than to the South until I meet him in Valhalla and he tells me so. I’m inxclined to think he was smart enough to know what really drove the US conflict – money vs. race, as it still does.

      Antagonistes – Don’t accept anything as coming from Hitler’s mind or pen except Mein Kampf and his speeches. Avoid all of the “objective” writers. Read Hitler’s mentors, friends and allies, and his declared enemies. You may conclude that he was the greatest man of the modern era, at least.

    9. Jerry Burnett Says:

      The best reading about Hitler I know of is free, and can be found at:


      The first Ebook there, “The Making of a Fuhrer”, is captivating reading.

    10. Hoosier Says:

      “Jerry Burnett Says:
      25 October, 2006 at 5:22 pm

      The best reading about Hitler I know of is free, and can be found at:


      The first Ebook there, “The Making of a Fuhrer”, is captivating reading.”

      On first glance, this source looks pretty Jewy to me – from the general tone. Also, it’s dedicated to a Jew, according to this:


      At the top of the page, it says:

      “This work is dedicated to Sam Friedman…3rd Infantry Division W.W.II )….Sam Friedman was born on the 4th of July, 1924, at Johnstown PA. Sam’s father owned and operated a local grocery store while his mother minded the house and children. Except for an occasional visit to the local synagogue….”

      At the end of the same page, it says:

      “By the time (1965) I met Sam (who shortly after became my father-in-law)…”

      The author, Walter Smolter, apparently married a Jewess. I don’t trust this source as an unbiased account of Hitler.

    11. Hoosier Says:

      I said:

      “The author, Walter Smolter, apparently married a Jewess. I don’t trust this source as an unbiased account of Hitler.”

      A correction, Walter Smoter, not Walter Smolter.

    12. Jerry Burnett Says:

      I had been reading Irving’s “Hitler’s War” and when I came to the part about how Hitler sulked in solitude after hearing how his underlings overdid the “night of the long knives” (killing more than 80 from his granting the killing of 7), apparantly grieving the loss of his longtime friend (one of the conspirators). I stopped reading because I felt I needed to know more about the man (Hitler) himself – I went seeking something about his childhood and upbringing.

      That is how I came across the smoter website, and, yes, it looked like it was hosted by a jew to me, but, I bothered to read the introduction and some of the first parts. It appeared to have been written with a dedication to the truth, irregardless of how the cards fell. Give it a few minutes read for yourself, before you reject it just because the author is either a jew or married to a jew. I have found that it also matches things written elsewhere by Hitler’s youthful admiring companion.

      An objective reader cannot come away from this book without developing a fondness and admiration for the young man named Adolph Hitler. This book changed my former attitude (a bit harsh from all the propaganda), to one of fondness, admiration, and even awe for such greatness from humble beginnings.

      I came to see that Hitler was the kind that comes along once in a 1000 years. Since the book seems to strive to give a truthful rendition (based on the author having gone personally to Germany/Austria and having sought out the raw sources), it naturally winds up being very favorable to Hitler – it would have served as a good PR book were it to have been contemporary as he entered politics.

      It would make a great pro-Hitler movie – one that will NEVER be made (until after jews are no longer in control).

    13. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      make the movie, dumbass. who’s stopping you? get some capital together, some talent, and shoot the damn picture if you want it made. how do you think jews get things done? by sitting around on our asses whining day after day that so and so “won’t let us do it.” fuck that. JUST DO IT.

    14. Hoosier Says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Jerry. It’s hard to find some source that isn’t either “Hitler was a God” or “Hitler was the devil.” I generally don’t trust any Jewish related source – they’ve earned my mistrust, generally. I haven’t read “Mein Kampf” in it’s entirety – but want to do that.

      Silverstein, I agree – It’s past time to stop whining about the Jews being all powerful and “not letting us” do this or that. “Fuck that” is right. We sound like whiney niggers.

    15. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:


      “I have read Adolf Hitler by John Toland, which seemed to be a reasonable

      In his biography about Hitler, it’s obvious that Toland was struggling with himself. It’s a good biography for learning the details of events, but not for understanding the motivation of Hitler and others. Toland admits he’s anti-nazi and hence his “objectivity” waxes and wanes. He throws in opinions about what movitated Hitler and your options are choices that are always sinister and never that Hitler might have geniune love of the German volk and white race.

      “I would like to learn more about Hitler and National Socialism but there is so much trash (i.e., The Pink Swastika) out there about the man and what he really believed, even what he really did. Has anyone read something on this subject that they could recommend?”

      This is a great question and one I’ve asked many National Socialists in the past. I have met Waffen SS men, guys who ran with Rockwell and others who lived in the Third Reich, and the best historians of the era including David Irving, and no one has ever said: here’s a book titled “National Socialism for Dummies”, or something similar that is more digestible for the masses — or even intellectual elite — that provides details starting from Mein Kampf to actual implementation in the Third Reich.

      I would write such a book myself using the experts that I know for information if I had the time. In fact, I still might write such a book if possible. Today, you have to gather the tenets of National Socialism from here and piece them together in a big picture. It comes not only from Mein Kampf but from Dr Pierce’s broadcasts, Rockwell’s books, William Gayley Simpson’s book, etc., but again, there’s no “Third Reich 101” that explains how that greatest of all states was organized. And forget about learning it from the anti-Hitler channel. The Third Reich wasn’t perfect, but it was the best Aryans have ever had and interest in it is increasing (as it should as racial conflicts between whites/muds increases and jews continue to start zionist wars).

      My experience has been that when I’ve heard what Hitler, Goebbels and others said and did, I always thought, that’s the right thing to do. And then a few seconds later I ask myself: why didn’t I think of that? One reason might be because I’m still deprogramming from the jewish brainwashing and it’s interfering with my critical thinking. Either that, or I’m stupid compared to them, lol. Which is probably true. And shut up in advance to you jokers.

      Good question and I wish I had a good answer.



    16. Jerry Burnett Says:

      There is another website:


      which is dormant now, but, the owner (Robert Frenz, rest in peace), while alive, did a good hard-nosed job of gathering, and wrting, articles that make very good reading. You have to dig through the website, but there are some good articles about Hitler and the 3rd reich there.

      As far as making movies on your own as an individual – forget it. Even a person as resourceful and wealthy as Thomas Edison (the inventor of the movie camera) was not able to prevail against the TRIBE. Lately there was an effort by a mormon group to make wholesome non-jewish movies, but, have you ever heard of them? The only time the jews ever got booted out of the movie industry and GOOD movies were able to flourish WAS THE 3RD REICH.

      Bide your time, white men, the world turns, events swirl, things change, and you will know when the time is right. Think of it as tides coming in, and going out – don’t fight the tide, nor the changing winds. Learn to tack and read the winds of change. Steady as you go, mate.

    17. Hoosier Says:

      Jerry Burnett Says:
      26 October, 2006 at 11:17 am

      “Think of it as tides coming in, and going out – don’t fight the tide, nor the changing winds. Learn to tack and read the winds of change. Steady as you go, mate.”

      How one wins at poker and trading is to recognize the situations where the odds are in your favor, and ONLY, more or less play or trade when the probability of winning/making money is in one’s favor – and letting the rest go, or folding, or refusing to play when the odds are against you. It’s a skill that one can learn.

      I think, intuitively, that the odds are shifting in our favor – and it’s around a 50/50 point right now? I’m not sure – but it’s a shift that I feel deep in my bones

    18. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      like i said: make the god damned movie, stupid!

      excuses, excuses, excuses…that’s all i ever hear from white nationalists and guess who…niggas!

      make it low budget, find great talent, BE CREATIVE. that’s what jews do.

    19. jimbo Says:

      read (most) of the stuff @ http://www.smoter.com…….EXCELLENT!…..although: of course: it only covers pre-1939!

      Hitler ‘comes across’ as an absolute, perfect GENTLEMAN!…….virtually NO-ONE had a BAD WORD to say abt him!…..his intellectual accomplishments, his un-doubted talents as both an artist and as an architect(both clearly demonstrated by his ‘future projects’ for Germany ideas after he became Chancellor!) and his deep grasp of many subjects from art to history to science to religion to mythology were simply stunning!…..this man was, IMHO, A GENIUS!

      truly: a scholar AND a gentle-man!

      AND, to top it all off, this man WAS ALSO a HERO!……being awarded the coveted Iron Cross first and second class AS WELL AS the ‘Military Medal’ and being mentioned favourably ‘in dispatches’ on occasions too numerous to mention!….accomplisments AT LEAST EQUIVLANENT to the vaunted ‘Congressional Medal of Honour’ if not the Victoria Cross it-self!

      HOW DIFFERENT to the worthless, corrupt and immoral thugz who to-day pass them-selves off as ‘politicians’…they wouldn’t have been fit TO LICK Adolf Hitler’s BOOTs!

      AND….HOW DIFFERENT! and HOW MUCH BETTER! the world would be to-day if this great & noble man had to have pre-vailed!

      WHAT A PACK OF FILTHY GOD-DAMN LIES HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS MAN……and not just by the jews, either!

      whether the author of this excellent and objective semi-biography is a jew or merely a jew ‘ghosting’ for a non-jew, i cannot say with any certainty!

      wht-evr: this stuff IS DEFINITELY WORTH a look!

    20. Hoosier Says:

      Thanks for the review, jimbo. My first impression was obviously wrong. Now that I’m reading through it a bit, it looks pretty darn good:


    21. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yes, the tide of events may indeed be changing in our favor. VNN and other WN sites can take some credit for that. At this critical time each individual White person must be a salesman ( should I say ‘salesperson’ ). We have a great product to sell….White Pride & White Survival.

    22. Hoosier Says:

      I consider the Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, and the rest of the assortment that we’ve come to know and love to to be the best salesmen for white nationalism. They’re doing the hard work for us.

      I’d say we’re in the “product development” stage as we speak.

    23. Schlomo ben Jewhadi Says:

      Stupid Goyim!

      Smoter, Schmoter!!

      This filthy cattle of an author’s father-in-law obviously must have been one of our self-loathing defects.

      … Hitler the irrepressible, curious, mischevious, observant, creative, passionate, exuberant, mythic, heroic … devoted Fuhrer

      Yeahah, w-right. Blahh, fooey! Kuppuhah … G-wd, I almost choked on a Gefilte fin.

      Read Shirer.

    24. Santiago Matamoros Says:

      Finance the movie with Iraqui dinars. And give it a patriarchal setting on the Tigris and Euphrates. Seig Heil my frijoles!