6 October, 2006


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By Rev. Ted Pike

Most thinking people know that the American Civil Liberties Union is vehemently anti-Christian. What they don’t know is that 3 of 6 of ACLU’s top national leaders are liberal Jewish activists.

Although ACLU’s executive director, Anthony D. Romero, is an in-your-face Hispanic homosexual, second in command is Nadine Strossen, Jewish. She was given the “Woman of Distinction” award from the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism and the “Women who Dared” award from the National Council of Jewish Women. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, she is married to Eli M. Noam, professor and founding director of Columbia University’s Institute for Tele-Information.

Third in command at ACLU is legal counsel Steven Shapiro. As the legal mastermind of ACLU, he may well wield greatest power. Shapiro commands an army of 90 fulltime lawyers, maintaining an active docket of cases harassing the public expression of Christian values across America.

Geri E. Rozanski, director of affiliate support, is also a Jewish activist. Before joining ACLU, she was director for the large field operation of the American Jewish Committee.

Executive Director Anthony Romero may largely fulfill the role of a token Latino/homosexual figurehead. Ultimately, he may be Gentile window dressing, meant to deflect public attention from the real brains behind the ACLU, Strossen and Shapiro.

Jews behind “Civil Liberties” Fronts

Jews comprise only 2.5 percent of the American population, yet most of the largest anti-Christian “civil liberties” organizations are disproportionately staffed by them:
B’nai B’rith International, initiator of hate crimes laws in Canada, Europe, and Australia is 100 percent Jewish. The same is true of its civil liberties pit bull, ADL.

People for the American Way, founded and directed by left-wing Jewish TV producer Norman Lear, contains a disproportionate number of Jews in its top leadership. Three of eight have Jewish names. Carol Blum is executive vice president and chief operating officer. Elliot Mincberg is senior vice president, general counsel, and legal director. Sharon Lettman is vice president of external affairs and director of national programs and outreach.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, chief antagonist to public display of Judge Roy Moore’s 10 Commandments, is even more predominantly Jewish.

Its three top leaders are Jews. President and CEO is J. Richard Cohen.

Founder and chief trial counsel is Morris Dees. Founder and president emeritus is Joseph J. Levin Jr.

ACLU: Distraction from Real Enemy

For the past 40 years, the evangelical right has found the ACLU the perfect villain for a simple reason: Since it is not perceived as Jewish, they can criticize it without danger of being labeled “anti-Semitic.”

The ACLU performs a very devious and useful role as part of the overall conspiracy of Jewish activism against Christianity: It distracts Christians and conservatives from a much greater threat, ADL. The ACLU makes itself conspicuously outrageous, as threatening to Christian values and symbols as can be imagined. This entirely preoccupies the attention of the religious right. As a result, ADL/B’nai B’rith over the last 40 years has been free to develop and put in place their Orwellian “anti-hate laws” throughout the western hemisphere.

Milestones of such erosion of Christian freedom include: Passage of ADL’s Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990. This gave ADL complete control in America of hate crimes education and enforcement for police, FBI, and the US Justice Department.

Passage of ADL hate laws in 46 US states during the past two decades.

Creation of thought crimes bureaucracies, outlawing public criticism of homosexuality and Judaism in Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

Creation of an “Office of Global Anti-Semitism” in the US State Department, making Christians into anti-Semites. (See, “ADL’s Foxman: New Testament is Anti-Semitic”)

Creation of a vast 55-nation anti-hate bureaucracy in Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. OSCE vows to outlaw “cyberhate,” ending free speech and free talk radio on the internet. (See, “Global Hate Crimes Gestapo Being Created”)

Failure of Perception and Strategy

Yes, ACLU is busy defending pornographers and litigating against crosses, 10 Commandments in public, and nativity scenes at Christmastime. But in a far more threatening way, taking advantage of the distraction provided by ACLU, ADL has been massively destroying freedom of speech in most of the western industrialized world. To this moment, it has done so unidentified and virtually unresisted by the leaders of Christendom and the new right.

As long as Christian leaders lay blame upon secular humanism, the New World Order, liberalism, or the ACLU and remain afraid to identify the real culprit, liberal Jewish activism, all these Jewish-dominated “civil liberties groups” will continue to harass and enfeeble the church.

With Christian activism so misdirected, Jewish activism, much more focused and relentless, will continue to prevail.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

Learn much more about the threat of liberal Jewish activism at http://video.google.com/. Google’s video site shows Rev. Pike’s videos, The Other Israel, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, and Why the Mid-East Bleeds, in their entirety, free of charge. Just search for “Ted Pike.”

TALK SHOW HOSTS: For interview with Rev. Pike on this subject, call 503-631-3808. http:www.truthtellers.org


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  7. 16 Responses to “PIKE: ACLU = CHOCK FULL O’ JEWS”

    1. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      ACL-Jew. Only non Kikes are sodomites and other warped deviants

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      Jews destoyed America:


    3. Mark Says:

      Well, you gotta hand it to them, they’ve worked hard to take control. What have our people been doing?

    4. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Re: “Well, what have our people been doing?”

      Courage is important to leadership. We have been working diligently to marginalize ourselves through both word and deed. That way, when the masses see that we’re not afraid to be seen as penniless, powerless, whiny fringe freaks – they will see how courageous and commited we are. Then they will all throw down their TV remotes and pick up superbly crafted German assault rifles and follow the Fuehrer and myself into a blaze of revolutionary glory( and fortunately, all elite military units will mutiny and follow Maguire,)

      Why? What did you think we were doing?

    5. The NO SHIT category Says:

      This article belongs in the NO SHIT! category.

      ACLU top-heavy with kikes?

      NO SHIT!

    6. planter Says:

      “Then they will all throw down their TV remotes and pick up superbly crafted German assault rifles and follow the Fuehrer and myself into a blaze of revolutionary glory”

      I’m with you Puffy.

    7. March of the Titans Says:

      We Whites can still make a stand. Although the richest people (Forbes 400) are predominantely jew, holding > 1 trillion between them, we Whites still as a whole have more $$. The difference is that Whites have given the jews power……it is time we take it back since they’ve abused it.

      Solution: kill the zionist jewish supremacists on site, no questions asked. ;)

      I would stand in line for this.


      United we will win, but we must spread our message. Whites are in need of something to ignite our passion for life, I believe we are the fuel, we just need a spark.

      A leader.

    8. Colonel Clink Says:

      As far as money – gold or Federal Reserve Notes – they are only worth something when we agree that they are. They are worthless unless we assign value to them.
      I can’t recall who said this but its something like: “In the future guns and ammunition will be used as money”.
      Isn’t that what Hitler did to really piss off International Jewish Financiers? He stepped away from their rigged fiat game and used the Barter system instead, with the quality of German craftmanship as their offering for goods.
      When the shit hits the fan, money won’t be nearly as important as food and ammo. Other than allowing for the usual Black markets which always evolve with the help of low-life Miscreants.

    9. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Ted Pike nails it. Although, it hardly comes as a surprise to anyone familiar with the American “Communist” Liberties Union. It was founded by Jews — all of them communists. Note, the ACLU’s goy front man — “an in-your-face Hispanic homosexual” Anthony D. Romero. I’m sure the sodomite is a card carrying member of GLAD too. This is why I am beginning to give up on the entire notion of a Republican form of government and find myself drifting towards the NS model — at least with a NS government, treasonous outfits like the ACLU would not exist, at least in the open, and its proponents would be driven underground where they belong — preferably six feet under!

    10. Jackumup Says:

      ACLU stands for The American communist litigation unit, thats all they do
      White people need to attack the authority of the courts to nutralize this threat

    11. March of the Orcs Says:

      Then come forward, March of the Titans: you lead us.

    12. Victoria Says:

      Sickle Cell Anemia says, Non-kikes are the sodomites and other warped deviants”. Sure could have fooled me. 90% of homos are Jew. NAMBLA is Jew. Paris Hilton, Madonna,(deviants) Rosie, and how many lesbians are Jew? Klebold and Harris(Jews) Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Sparks (jew).could write a book on the deviants that are Jews.

    13. MLK and lucy Says:

      I’se WILL LEADS YO’ PEEPELS…FOLLOW SHILLEN fo we be reeetunin to da promise Land !! HARK, waters ob da red sea….we be goin west dis time back to da mofo mudda lucy’s skull land !! Jane fossi and dr.stanley livingstone cult of TRUE NEGROPHILES, UNITE !!

    14. ann Says:

      Hitler was right. I think it’s time for Americans to get rid of the Jews. They are destroying our values, our culture and trying to destroy the Christian religion. Their motive is just pure Hatred for Christianity. In spite of the ACLU we should display the nativity scene and ten commandments wherever we want to. Why do people and organizations bend to their wishes. Our constitution states “Freedom of Religion”, Not ” Freedom from Religion. Fight for your rights, don’t let the commie sneaky anti anything that is good, noble, hating JEWS win. I say lets fight the bastards.

    15. ann Says:


    16. Alana Says:

      Madonna is of French Canadian and Italian decent and was raised Roman Catholic. She like many celebs use Kabala as a trend, but she doesn’t adhere to it. Paris Hilton though she has German-Jewish ancestry, the patriarchs that have shaped her families concepts were Roman Catholic, which actually explains a lot as Rosie O’Donnell is of Irish decent and was raised Roman Catholic. Maybe Catholics are the true deviants? Interesting!