24 October, 2006

Re: hebeSPN

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I had the misfortune to catch a few minutes of hebeSPN’s niggerball game tonight. Gibbon Mike Tirico started bootlippin’ about “Tiki” Barber’s background: “Tiki went to high school in Roanoke, Virginia, and he was one of only 4 African-Americans (BRRRAAP! Pfffff…) on the football team. He was expected to just be a ‘good athlete’, but he decided to defy that stereotype. He began hitting the books, and graduated at the top of his class, thereby showing all the rest that he could do everything they could do – and what they could NEVER do!”With that, dog-ass ugly comb-over kike Kornholer could no longer contain himself: “And do it better than than them on their BEST day!!”

Dear Osama Claus,This Crismus pleasepleaseplease pack your sleigh full of all that unexploded shit outside your cave and crash it into hebeSPN’s poison gas factory.

I promise to be a good boy next year.

P.S. The goat’s eyeballs ‘n’ milk will be by the tree.


N.B. Forrest

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  7. 8 Responses to “Re: hebeSPN”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      I saw that comment. Barber is just another junglebunny. At least he doesn’t rape women or take steroids. Yet. I also heard he is going into broadcasting and that he is on Faux News’ Faux and Friends. I wouldn’t know as I don’t watch that shit station.

    2. Lutjens Says:

      As for Kornheiser, he is just a flap-yapping Yid. Pay no mind – he knows nothing of sports. He never played any in his life.

    3. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Forgive the crass nature of my response, but ESPN stands for: Everyone Should Praise Niggers. It’s just that simple.

      I can’t stomach to watch any sort of professional ball game on ESPN, with the exception being the recent World Cup and even that had too many niggers playing on some teams (‘too many’ being X = to or greater than ONE) and was probably by most accounts a very mediocre World Cup at best.

      But the big three, football, basketball and my formerly beloved baseball are all overrun with either niggers or some hybrid nigger/spic/who the hell knows what. I have abandoned any and all television, and it’s a shame too, it’s a great invention, just horrible programming. I do watch dvd’s though, but only of my choosing.

    4. planter Says:

      I too have rejected American niggerball. Rugby is a great game and still controlled by white men. There are downloadable games and season packages available on the internet. Some sea niggers play rugby but whites dominate the sport. It’s much more exciting than American football anyway.

    5. RFNA Says:

      why don’t you wimps STOP WATCHING THE JEW TUBE? don’t you have anything BETTER to do with your lives? i’m REALLY tired of hearing white men — and white men that KNOW about the kike — whine about the movies, the crap on the idiot box, pro sports, etc. DO SOMETHING ELSE — something creative that will expand your horizons. there’s SO MUCH THAT NEEDS DOING…and all you lazy jerks can think to do is flush your life (and MONEY) down the toilet WATCHING (not even PARTICIPATING in) sports and other meaningless “activities” that the jew serves up for you.
      i haven’t owned a TV in 14 years. i would no more watch TV than i would drink drain cleaner. the same goes for movies, “news”papers, sports, etc.
      frankly, you all make me sick. if you wonder why our race is dying, look no further.

    6. bardamu Says:

      I have a teevee stuffed in my closet behind the extra pillows (it’s a flat screen) and I never have any inclination to pull it down and spill jew into my living room. Between books, the net, and petting the stray cat “Beggar” I never have time to present my mind for jews to hock luggies into via televitz. And neither should you.

    7. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Dear RFNA:

      Now let’s see – how to put this tactfully……got it: Fuck you. A pimple on my ass contains more “creativity” than that tumor on the end of your neck, Super Aryan. I talk about televitz because I think that illuminating specific examples of the way it brainwashes the goyim might help disgruntled but confused Whites see the noses responsible.

      And I plan to continue doing so whenever the hell I feel like it, snookums.

    8. Ed Keiser Says:

      Watching ESPN is like taking a course in e-bonics. Stuart Scott is the most annoying monkey on t.v. The ghetto culture that has permeated t.v. and sports sickens me. I cannot even laugh at the minority ball player who tries to answer a simple question in ghetto speak anymore without thinking of the White Man who was excluded from college because some mud puppy can put a ball through a metal hoop. The hook nose media is making it easier to return to what made the White Man great, READING…