3 October, 2006

Spiegel on Germans for Germany

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What if Germans ran Germany, rather than jews?

How the Far Right Plans to Grow

By Gunther Latsch, Irina Repke and Steffen Winter

Germany’s far-right National Democratic Party is on the move. After recent successes at the polls in eastern Germany, the neo-Nazis now have their sights set on Bavaria and the national parliament. It’s also improving relations with far-right militants.

A man is wandering around Schwerin Castle. Short, bald and wearing a dark suit, he tries every door, but most are locked. There is almost no one else in the castle, which houses the parliament (Landtag) for the eastern state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. It is Monday, Sept. 18, the day after the state parliamentary elections in which Germany’s far right National Democratic Party (NPD) captured 7.3 percent of the vote.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Spiegel on Germans for Germany”

    1. salud Says:

      For Germany to be run by Germans, or any other nation for that matter, it will have to become judenfrei . There is no other way. Wherever the chosen establish themselves it leads to complete domination of the social, educational,poitical, artistical, academical, in other words every aspect and facet that makes a nation function.

    2. Mati The Estonian Says:

      thats should be selfevident – germany for germans, estonia for estonians etc.
      I can live with that if some other nationalities come visit – even other races. they come they look around (maybe teaching little bit in universities) share some experinces in various areas in industry agricultures and then they GO HOME.

    3. Whitefist Says:

      Very interesting article…what this shows is just how lost we are in the Kwa when compared to Germany. Granted the “right” has a long way to go, in terms of achieving serious state power, BUT, it shows how much better organized German nationalists are, and that mutual cooperation on the right looks to be successful in capturing elected office, and the perks that go with that.

      Granted, the Kwa doesn’t enjoy the same kind of political pluralism Germany’s parliamentary system affords “fringe” organizations, nevertheless, the German Nationalists are taking advantage of their opportunity.

      This time around though, the jewish enemy will not permit the electoral path to victory…but that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages and power to be had just the same. By winning elected office and accumulating the perks and RESOURCES from those victories, the “right” will be able to establish a stronger organizational presence ON THE STREETS OF GERMANY. Again, the complete opposite of the Kwa Nationalists, who have virtually no street presence whatsoever.

      Let’s hope these early successes snowball for the Germans into a formidable political movement.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Germany for Germans? National sovereignty is anti-Semitism!

      Speaking of sovereignty, Israel has a trade agreement with the EU where they get access to the common market for most goods, but don’t have to open up their domestic market for EU members. How about that? They get the best without having to pay a members fee, or allow immigration from member states.

      All heads of West European states, who agree to this agreement with a non-White nation, have of course committed treason, in the true sense of the word. They allow an alien interest to walk over their own peoples’ economic interests.

      Just one of the many reasons new parties need to enter the stage and fight the old, rotten treason hives.

      It is true as the article says that the NPD is part of a trend all across Western Europe – not in all countries, but in many. All these parties will of course accuse each other either of being extremists, or of having sold out. Nevertheless, they aren’t going away, and they are slowly but steadily redrawing the political map. Perhaps when the recession comes next year, and when future trouble arises, they will gain more serious victories than simply surviving.

    5. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “Speaking of sovereignty, Israel has a trade agreement with the EU where they get access to the common market for most goods, but don’t have to open up their domestic market for EU members.”

      I wonder how much of this is due to internal Jewish subversion, outside pressure from USZOG and Israel’s nuclear arsenal that they have intimated could be used against Europe should the “Chosen People” and their “Holy Land’s” existence be threatened in anyway. Sure sounds like extortion to me.