27 October, 2006

Tales from the E-zhid

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Yet another exciting tale from the Electronic Zhid: I watched a very interesting profile of an Australian doctor/scientist (who’s name now escapes me) the other night. He went to Tibet and was startled to find that 13% of Tibetans are cretins, due to an iodine dearth. They went on to tell about how he set up iodized salt factories to help them out, which was of little concern – then this pretty little pearl of truth (inadvertently?) escaped the good doctor’s lips: “Due to this iodine deficiency, the average I.Q. in Tibet is 85 – which means that they’re ineducable beyond an elementary school level.”Hmm! Ya know, if memory serves, there’s another racial group far closer to home with the exact same moronic level of intelligence…….

N.B. Forrest

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  7. 13 Responses to “Tales from the E-zhid”

    1. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      If you waste, er … I mean spend $10,000 per student per year on those little niglets, they do jus’ fine. Case in point: Washington DC! Now throw some mo’ money down the toilet, white man.

      Imagine if we used that money on poor white children in West Virginia, Kentucky or Mississippi. Give a child a chance who actually has potential, instead of the multi-cults pet ‘groids. Hell, I’d rather spend the money on teaching gorillas sign language in the zoo over what we’re doing with it now.

    2. Mark Says:

      IQ isn’t the only factor, many other differences are significant between Tibetans and American blacks. Tibetans are much more likeable and moral than American blacks. If we had Tibetans here instead of blacks, our culture wouldn’t be nearly as degenerate as it is.

    3. sgruber Says:

      There’s a nature/nurture dynamic here. Blacks everywhere have psychotic leanings by nature. They’ll abruptly punch you, for example – no reason, they simply feel like it, or think it’s funny. There is something wrong with the nigger brain besides low IQ.

      However, the Kwa environment worsens them. The jew has nurtured the poor niggers into a frenzy of hatred for “the (White) man.” Remember the “black rage” defense of black mass murderer Colin Ferguson?

      So, Tibetans as a group MIGHT not have this natural tendency to psychosis seen in blacks as a group. BUT, if they were repatriated to the Kwa, I bet the second and succeeding generations of “Tibetan-Americans” would approach niggerdom/spicdom. Any race can smell cowardice – and “Whitey” is on the run, thanks to the perifidious you-know-whos (JEWS).

    4. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Here’s an idea, let’s leave the Tibetans in Tibet, and at the same time move all our niggers back to Afreaka. The funny thing would be what happens when one of our ‘civilized’ niggers comes face to face with one of those wild jungle niggers….dibs on who eats who first?

      Oh and to the first poster, a bunch of money has already been spent on research teaching apes basic sign language. It was lauded as a success.

    5. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      The Tibetans probably don’t have ungodly testosterone levels either, so there’s a little more nature for you.

    6. Curt Maynard Says:

      LOL – Next thing you know the Jews will pick up on this and get their media behind a massive “blame whitey” campaign for depriving the black of iodine in America resulting in their low IQ scores. I can see it now, evil white man has been depriving the innocent and noble black of iodine in an evil and nefarious plan to dumb the black man dowen in order to “keep him in his place.”

    7. Hengest Says:

      Bear in mind also that the average black African IQ is70!
      By White standards that is retarded.
      So how insane is that to import them into our nations and give them “equal rights”.
      But of course we know the answer to that don’t we.

    8. Carpenter Says:

      Brian, precisely, I was waiting for someone to mention that. It’s not only IQ that differs in the brain, it’s the abnormal level of testosterone in the Negro as well. Combined with the low IQ, which makes a person much less likely to have self-restraint as he cannot reflect on matters very well, the superfluous testosterone is a deadly ingredient.

      There are probably other chemical factors that we don’t know about yet. But we sure see the result of them. (Not to mention the smell! Blacks have more of that fluid that seeps out through the pores, mixes with sweat and causes bad B.O., research shows. Don’t remember the name for it right now.)

      For any newcomers to the truth about IQ: the unmixed Negro has an IQ average of 70. Only the mulattos, like the American-residing kind with its 20 percent White blood, has an average as high as 85. They are gathered closer around the mean than Whites are, so only 13 percent of these mulattos have an IQ above 100, the White average.

      The East Asian has an average IQ higher than Whites. It is skewed, however, raised by math skills only. Linguistic skills – not so great. You don’t see many Asian comedians, do you? And this is why the Asian prefers MIT to law school at Harvard, while with the Jew it is the other way around. A society needs a balance though, a balance between the linguistic and the mathematical, which Whites have but Jews and Asians don’t. And even though the Jews and East Asians have higher IQ averages, the one because of lingo and the other because of counting, whites still have more geniuses since we have more outliers – more of those individuals with a real low IQ, and more of the geniuses that come up with the scientific breakthroughs that all of us benefit from.

      Also, men have more outliers than women. And this is the same in all fields, and seems to be true of pure creative ability as well. So that’s why the best mathematicians, authors, business leaders, etc will remain … White men. And yet, we hear that it’s because of “discrimination.”

      Funny how the top Marxists are also mostly men. They, who fight against so-called discrimination. And the top fashion designers are men – homosexual men, hardly the type to defend the racist patriarchy.

      But I digress. Still, an interesting topic. These little truths deserve a widespread audience. They blow the lid off a great number of false explanations.

    9. Craig Cobb Says:

      Plenty of White Westerners practically figure the average Tibetaner is just this side of Enlightenment, so it’s funny to find out they might have to put these monks on the outside of blue Morton salt containers, like Wheaties does with sports figures, There is a book about a Jap Zen monk who penetrated and foot-travelled Tibet in 1900. It’s called Stranger In Tibet
      His account takes the abracadabra out of the place. Further, Tulku Chögyam Trungpa was a smooth talking, slick writing alcoholic. He died of liver failure at 47. Maybe he had enough salt intake with his Jose Cuervo, but not enough milk thistle and B-6. In any case, the Tibetans, just like the denizens of the rest of the 192 other countries, are already in and yet still coming to The Kwa.

    10. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      The latest figure for African black IQ is 67. . .

    11. Mark Says:

      I bet Tibetans, even as poor as they are, have much better hygiene! I was just at Best Buy today looking for an LCD monitor, and the Negress that attempted to assist me and tell me common things about the monitor as if she were a genius, smelled horrible. Ever heard of taking a bath, with soap, and hell even use deodorant? Keep at least a 15-foot distance from Negroes at all times to spare your nose!

    12. sgruber Says:

      All brown people smell bad. Dot-on-the-head Indians, niggers, various and sundry chinks, et al. Certainly this must include Tibetans, though I have never had the displeasure of meeting one. They look boring and brown and retarded.

      Remember, “Save Tibet!” is/was the mantra of many Hollywood jews. Kind of an agitprop trial balloon of the “Orange” “Cedar” etc. “revolutions”? Note that the jew backs whoever is browner in any conflict (except the pali vs. israel conflict). Would be interesting to make a study of what really went on viz. Chi-coms vs. Tibetan “monks.” We know what jew-backed atrocity stories are. Was this another “poor Native American killed for no reason but hate”/”poor niggers whipped for no reason but hate”/”poor Albanians cleansed for no reason but hate”/”poor jews holocausted for no reason but hate” tale? “Poor Tibetan monks…” etc.

    13. Kerry Betts Says:

      Before I became a white racialist I used to fly to Japan for the purpose of sex. In the days before AIDS you could go over there, play pachinko and pick up sixteen and seventeen year old girls and they would fight over you to see which could have the first turn. Even though they were very clean the Japanese girls still smelled very odd. Their bottoms and genitalia gave off a very different smell. Part of it was their awful diet but partly it was just different biochemistry. A horse and a cow can eat exactly the same stuff and their manure will still smell very different. The whole animal will.

      I worked for years in music stores on guitars, amplifiers, PA equipment, and some woodwind and brass repairs. Blacks would bring in instruments and I could always tell by smell whether any instrument belonged to one or the other. And on amplifiers ones blacks owned were loaded with roaches and roach eggs quite often. I used to spray them down with Raid, then vacuum them out with a toner vac and spray the chassis with Stoddard Solvent and compressed air, while wearing rubber covering. We charged the blacks more because of the disgust factor and extra work.