13 October, 2006

Tonight VNN Free Talk Live: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST

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Update: This one is a wrap. Archives up soon and thanks for coming on Brian.

Free Talk Live live returns hosted by Todd, and is joined by a special guest who argues that those who claim to be Jews – and heirs to Israel – are in fact frauds.


1) Send a chat message to vnnfreetalklive with skype.

2) The host will accept your chat message, tell you approximately when you’ll be coming on, and will call you back.

3) When skype rings turn off the live feed, since there is a delay.

Note: to use skype you’ll need a headset and PC.


You’ll need winamp, itunes or any other type of software that can load .pls.

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  7. 17 Responses to “Tonight VNN Free Talk Live: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST”

    1. I Says:

      Whoa, whoa,

      You’re going to allow a CHRISTIAN IDENTITY HOUR ?????????????????????????

      Stay on message and stay on point. My mind is fucked up enough from all of the jewsus nonsense and I’m still trying to deprogram.

      Get this Yahweh fan off the air !!!

    2. I Says:

      Alex, I’m warning you,

      In his post on the message board, Todd wrote that he is contacting

      NETUREI KARTA to appear on his show.

      These are an “Anti-Zionist” jew group. (Apparently they are just fine being parasites in other people’s countries.)

      They or people like them were shouted down and OWNED at the latest AFP/Carto convention by Mark Glenn and Mike Piper.

      These insane kikes called the Talmud “a beautiful document.”

      This Todd is directly violating the NO JEWS JUST RIGHT creed.

      Todd is clearly not all there, which is why he has been in prison, apparently.

    3. Kievsky Says:

      Dual seedline theology is valuable in a “attack them on their home turf” sense. To a atheistic, practical mind, it is tendentious, but a lot of tendentious crap is put upon us by jews and their lackeys, so I’m happy to see it being put back on the jews and judeo-jeboo-ists. I spend my energy and thought on biology and economics; but a lot of people are pre-occupied with theology. We need to reach them as well.

    4. ovidio Says:

      ummmmmmmm who cares about heirs and isreal those notions are over. heirs of so called europe sold out those fuckers. and isreal what?

      e vivo
      il duce ha sempre ragione


    5. ovidio Says:

      how do i dial into this so i can put my 2 senses in?

    6. first time i listened to ftl and it sucked Says:

      hope it’s better next time. BORING!

    7. I Says:

      I didn’t even listen, don’t want to. The description, and the offer to have “good jews” on the show pisses me off beyond belief. It’s Daryl Bradford Smith
      anti-white territory.

      Todd’s description of prison a few weeks back and how not to get raped by niggs was invaluable, and he should do shows solely on this topic. I mean this. It was great.

      Some people I would like to hear on VNN are Curt Maynard (does anyone know what site he primarily writes for, where to get his latest articles, I cannot find it)

      I’ve also been reading Joanna Francis and her blog. Interesting from a Catholic and female perspective.

    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      I listened last night. The guests audio was jut so-so. You should check the guest’s audio & mike type before the show.

      I though the guest’s topic material was educated Protestant. Too often these un-educated boobs, and, hucksters get portrayed as educated Protestants.

      All of the earliest actual New Testament documents that I know of are written in Greek. Including the all four of the gospels. There maybe speculation that the source documnet was in another language, but, no proof.

      Btw, Aramaic is also known as Syriac, and there are early New Testament documents written in that language!

    9. New America Says:

      One, EVERYONE on SKYPE MUST use a headset; the ANDREA USB works very well -Dragon Naturally Speaking recommends it – and SKYPE lists headsets that work very well. Microphones just move too much, with too much background noise.

      It is so exasperating to hear the clean, clear wit of Chain Cobb fade into the distance; Cobb, among others.

      Two, Neutra Karta – if Todd is serious about that, then that’s one trip down the rabbit hole I’m not going to make. Peter Shank dealt with this; Reverend Ted Pike pointed out that, while Nuetra Karta CLAIMS to be “True Torah Jews,” in fact, they also believe firmly in the Talmud. Remember. the JEWS have several definitions of the Torah. from the Pentateuch to the entire Old Testament AND the Rabbinical Commentaries on the Old Testament.

      Debates about Judaism simply plays into the hands of the JEWS; WE are discussing THEM on THEIR terms, rather than simply DOING what workos for US, RACIALLY, on our terms. Besides, the JEWS always have at least two meaning to every term – the one WITHIN the Tribe, and the one OUTSIDE the Tribe, for the subhuman animals – that’s US, by the way, in THEIR opinion.

      Every hour you spend trying to be rational, with the irrational, is an hour wasted, an hour that can never be recovered.

      Remember, they are making more of everything but time…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    10. Wulfram Says:

      I did not catch last night’s Free Talk Live (I actually thought it was for tonight) and am not too pleased to hear about some sort of ‘good’ jews club possibly getting on here.

      We all know what those bastards do. First they appear to ‘fit in’ with our agendas and THEN comes the fast one as they usurp and take over the organization (or whatever) they get involved with.

      Please do not let this site and the ideals that go along with it go down in flames. Our people are getting up and taking notice more and more every single day. This site has been a great boon to the White cause.

    11. New America Says:

      About Todd and having the Jews from Neutra Karta on…



      WhatEVER happened to “NO JEWS, Just Right.”



      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    12. Hoosier Says:

      New America, FYI, I tried to post to you in the thread you and I were talking, but the moderator(s) never approved it. It seems they just check the new topics – it might have been too old, for them to look at, by the time I posted again.

    13. Hoosier Says:

      I wanted to add: I changed my name from “Keeping It Real” to “Hoosier.” I got tired of “being” a nigger slogan – although I didn’t mean it in that way.

    14. New America Says:


      I Understand fully; apparently this blog was down for a big wordpress update session.

      Thanks for the mature, measured response.

      That’s what I like about VNN, and Peter Shank; instead of bemoaning our fate helplessly, as has been the habit of the subpotent Conservatives, and the impotent Patriotards, we are working at, literally, taking the responsibility to Start Over, on the Higher Ground of RACIAL AWARENESS.

      About time!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    15. William Crow Says:

      ftl Oct 13 was a disgrace. Don’t do anything like that again.

    16. New America Says:


      A lot of us seem to be moving in the direction of reforming our nation, and, in time, a country of our own – or, the functional equivalent of a country of our own.

      Covington has, more than anyone else by far, articulated the major issues that need to be dealt with laong the way.

      I know that he has his detractors; don’t we all?

      What he has done is kick start the mindset we need to insure that our posterity – OUR posterity – live in a land like our ancestors wished for us, where none may make afraid.


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    17. Hoosier Says:

      Hey New America

      Thanks for the links – I’ve bookmarked them to take a look at. I’m drawn to looking at the NW trilogy as I write this. I’ve had some ideas, more from a business/sales and marketing/pragmatic goal setting point of view that I might want to post up here.

      Unfortunately, I’m up to my ass in alligators, so I’m not going to be on here in the VNN Blog too much in the near future. Time is money, and all that. I’m planning on catching up with you, or try to in “here” hopefully in near future. Take care of yourself Brother