4 October, 2006

Yes; We Know!, Or, Getting Niggy Wit It (But Not Getting Away Song)

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Nogs: if they weren’t stupid, violent criminals, why, they’d be passable entertainment for human folk.

Accused shoplifter exposed in chase

By Seth Burkett

Drivers held up by a fender bender Monday afternoon on Danville Road Southwest saw something unusual – an alleged shoplifter trying to bum a ride to escape mall security guards, Decatur police said. But that wasn’t all they saw, one witness said. Evan Ashby, a Sears employee, said he joined the chase after he saw the woman run, “huffing and puffing,” away from a pile of discarded, stolen clothes and a loss prevention officer whose face she allegedly clawed in an attempt to get away.

Police later identified the woman as Candace Darcel Jones, 21, of 904 East 16th St., Sheffield. Ashby, loss prevention officer Brian Runyans and a store manager followed Jones. Runyans advised the others not to try to grab her, Ashby said.

“She gets into the middle of Danville Road, and I guess decides that we’re not going to leave her alone. She yells, ‘Help me! Help me! They’re going to take me to jail!’ and she starts going up to each car, beating on the window and begging the people to let her in. … Both of her breasts come falling out of her shirt … and she’s beating on windows. …” Ashby said.

“She’s walking down the middle of Danville road, from car to car, stopping cars that are in the other lane. She’s going up to black folks, saying, ‘I’m black! I’m black! Let me in! You know how it is.’ … She was begging people to get in the car. ‘Please, man, please, I can’t go to jail, just take me anywhere, man,’ ” Ashby said. The Sears employees explained to drivers that the woman was a shoplifter
and, apparently, no one wanted to give her a ride, Ashby said. In the intersection at the mall entrance, Jones jumped on the bumper of a red full-size pickup that slowed down, only to hop off when the truck stopped after a short distance, Ashby said. “By then, mall security was there, and they can arrest her. She had gotten an SUV to stop, and she’s on one side, and mall security’s on the other side. They’re playing like a child’s game. She lays up on the
hood, and was like, ‘Go, go, go!’ ” Ashby said. The driver didn’t go.

Jones climbed off the hood and ran toward First American Bank, where a Decatur police detective had parked his car, Ashby said. Police spokesman Lt. Chris Mathews said Detective Todd Walker caught Jones and placed her under arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct. “Todd saw her on Danville Road impeding traffic and causing a hazard. She was pulling on door handles of cars as they would pass by. Apparently, she was trying to get into a car to get away from the loss prevention officer,” Mathews said. Ashby said Jones tried to run from Walker, but didn’t get far.

“She starts in with a sob story, ‘I can’t go to jail. I’ve got to pay an $800 fine tomorrow, or I’m going to jail.’ And his response was, ‘You’re going to jail tonight.’ And then he says to her, ‘Fix your top, or I can get you for indecent exposure,’ ” Ashby said. Jones told Walker she was stealing because she was pregnant and needed money to pay a fine, Ashby said. Runyans told police he saw Jones gathering clothes until her arms were full. Instead of taking them to a cashier, she bolted out the door, Mathews said. She threw down the clothes when she noticed Runyans following her, and fought with him when he caught up to her, Mathews said. “She scratched his face and left a scratch from above his right eye to the bottom of his cheek, a pretty good scratch,” Mathews said. Runyans later filed charges of third-degree assault against Jones, Mathews said.

According to Ashby, Jones also tried to scare away the employees jogging after her in the mall parking lot. Ashby said he ducked when “she turned around and said ‘I’ve got something for y’all! I got my pistol with me!’ ” Jones faces a charge of second-degree theft in addition to the two
misdemeanors. Morgan County Jail released her Tuesday on $1,750 bond.


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  7. 9 Responses to “Yes; We Know!, Or, Getting Niggy Wit It (But Not Getting Away Song)”

    1. jackumup Says:


    2. Carpenter Says:

      Police later identified the woman as Candace Darcel Jones

      Nigger name.

      But the bigger question is, what the hell is a “loss prevention officer”? Do they mean shoplifting guard? Because that’s what she is, right? So that’s what her job title should be, right? Unless we live in a socialism-influenced society where everything has to be called something else in order to sound better. Just like more and more military units all over the West are being given berets to artificially lift them to special forces level. Just like aaall the little children in school have to be rewarded aaall the time. By raising the low and dragging down the high, whether through symbolism or through financial privilege, the socialist fulfills his promise to his envy-driven voters.

    3. planter Says:

      American nigger = nigger

    4. Johnny Rotten Says:

      The loss prevention officer was a guy…not the negress theif. And loss prevention isnt exactly making it sound like a higher position. Its just another commonly used term. Security Guards an Loss prevention are not one in the same in most cases. Most times a loss prevention “officer” can only spot theft then report it lest the person accused try to sue the store if indeed they were having a case of brain farts…its happened to me before. I was in a store…..grabbed something…got side tracked…forgot i had the item an started towards the door… If the loud beeping doesnt stop you then they can slap you with theft. But obviously in this case she wasnt just absent minded…..or can a 65 IQ be considered absent minded. Guess all nig thiefs have an excuse then.

    5. Thoughtcrime Says:

      My dad used to work in management for J.C. Penny’s in the late 70’s and he told me a story about a fat negress shoplifter that wore HUGE dresses each time she went a’shoppin in his particular department. Essentially her routine was to wear big baggy dresses and stuff as much merchandise underneath it all and then simply walk out the front door with it, if she could.

      Well, one day the White plain clothes detective hired by J.C. Penny’s happened to notice her ‘routine’, actually sees her shoplifting and decides to strong-arm her and move her to another area for inspection and possible arrest. Out comes the switchblade! Slash across the face! Fat negress runs! Well the slash didn’t daunt the detective who, with the help of another store employee, managed to wrestle this blade weilding, furious 300 lb female nigga beast to the shop floor.

      After everything settled down it was observed that the knife slash missed the detective’s eye by less than an inch. How’s that for diversity?

    6. Carpenter Says:

      Yes, I got it messed up, didn’t see that the … “officer” was a guy.

      By the way, gotta love this:

      “She’s walking down the middle of Danville road, from car to car, stopping cars that are in the other lane. She’s going up to black folks, saying, ‘I’m black! I’m black! Let me in! You know how it is.’


      Can you imagine someone going “I’m White, I’m White, let me in”? And if a shoplifter ever did that – then that would have been the headline of the story.

    7. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Dear Carpenter sir – You forget that little all important rule – “politically correct” rule, we call those guys (and few girls to) not “loss prevention” or some other name but that what they are – bad mean ass kicking SECURITY GUARDs(I am one of them – 6”2′ tall ), yeahh we dont have problems with niggers and those mexicans but we have enough kike brain washed russians (we have nice russians too and cute russian girls LOL) – they like to loitering steeling fagging and drug dealing more then work. But so far we can handle them ;-)

    8. Mati The Estonian Says:

      and by the way – if YOU are done with imaging this big fat nigger shoplifter I give You few my friends to look ;-)


    9. Mark Anthony Says:

      All of you racist-ass White maggots need to be exterminated from this earth. Your presences serve no useful existence for the rest of us. The only good bigot is a dead bigot. And your pitiful times will come soon enough. If it were up to me though, it would be now. Believe that!