28 November, 2006

INCOMING: Seven Fat Cow

Posted by alex in Incoming at 4:34 pm | Permanent Link

Jews pick up VNN feed. Who are these jews? What do they want? Why do they link? Perhaps someone can read through and find out. A cursory dip suggests they may be lefty-homo jews who dislike other subsets of their off-putting ilk.


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  7. 4 Responses to “INCOMING: Seven Fat Cow”

    1. alex Says:

      News from The Anti-Jewish Far Right

      * Monday Night: Free Talk Live – 8 PM CST
      * Goyfire #44 Released
      * STEELE: Are We There Yet?
      * THOMSON: Letters
      * Letter to San Jose Mercury News

    2. Sevenfatcow seven = sacred. so does fat. Says:

      […] from Vanguard News Network, a far right Anti-Semitic website whose RSS feed we have here on the cow’s front-page (bottom left) […]

    3. nisht dere Says:

      we are the cows and we moooooo

    4. HEEBREW Says:

      dear holy redneck bigots,

      you are so cute in your little impotent fury that it borders on satire. we just had to link you so that we and our pseudo-intellectual liberal friends could gather in our manhattan lofts and chuckle at you. keep up the good work. our prayers are with you.