17 November, 2006

Kirksville: Index Promotes Fruits ‘n’ Aliens

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Every year, the same old thing: the college paper promotes faggotry, mexcrement, jews and other disease vectors. They’ve achieved the perfect seal always sought in those old commercials. No speck of food can get between denture and gum; no speck of contrarian idea can get between jew brainwashing and kwallege kid.


LTE in comments

The denizens of the poofter camorra used to be called inverts, deviants, sodomites, or queers. They stole the word ‘gay’ to rebrand themselves. The media played along. Jews and queers are natural allies, because normal White society is anathema to them. Brothers of the rectal sleeve and brothers of the cooked book are deadly enemies of all that is dear, and that is why they’re portrayed as loveable nerds or comic stylists on the loxbox.


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  7. 6 Responses to “Kirksville: Index Promotes Fruits ‘n’ Aliens”

    1. Thoughtcrime Says:

      I’m not sure how to address this situation, but I know queers and their ilk are present in major universities with what amounts to a ‘tour de force’; in fact, universities seems to serve as a breeding ground for this type of deviant behaviour.

      I attended two seemingly normal state colleges here on the East Coast for my ‘edumacation’, and visited a third from time to time to interact with friends, and open ‘gayness’ was everywhere and visually and behaviorally evident. From the college library, to the student bookstore to what would be considered normal straight clubs located either on campus or off; queers were basically everywhere.

      Instead of promoting normal healthy values/attitudes/behaviours and the like, both colleges deemed it far more important for gays to have the ability to create special on-campus clubs to provide support and indeed, encourage a gay person’s very ‘gayness’. Their flyers were on every light pole on campus and there was no attempt to mask what it was; the basic message was always the same: “Hey if you are gay or even think you might be gay, then come join our club and be accepted for who you are.” This was the usual tripe written on a flyer, often worded differently from time to time to attract in as many of their kind as they could and I guess convert the ‘borderline’ gays as well.

    2. alex Says:

      Yep, that’s how it is at TSU. They chalk up the walkways here. All kinds of fag stuff, also “Rape Awareness” and other such bilge.

      Fags are naturally conspiratorial because they have to be – “breeders” don’t like them. Fags insinuate their number into the various committees, and then they network. Over time they increase their numbers and powers. Just like jews. At the same time they grow their ranks, they discriminate against any quarters from which they might get opposition – namely, white males.

    3. Geoff Beck Says:

      If you visit there site you\’ll get to see this ad:


    4. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      kievsky sounds like a butt plugger.

    5. JamesGang Says:

      Did it ever occur to the smalltime brain who writes all this shit that nobody gives a flying fuck about Kirksville whereever the hell in bumfuck Egypt that is? Where in the fuck is this pissant joint anyway? Hell they might as well report about Shitcago or Lost Angeles or Jew York Shitty since even the small shit is a microcosm of the big shit. Its all shit whether in the big dump or small dump. Shit is shit. Shit in shit out.
      But do what the fuck as you want. Its all gone to hell in a handbasket anyway so who gives a fuck. Bush has fucked everything up 10 times worse and now the Democracks in control as neohebs switch over to maintain control of every fucking thing coming and going. No escape.

    6. jACKUMUP Says:

      “Today Kirksville tomorrow the world” (Harvey firestien)