22 November, 2006

Letter to San Jose Mercury News

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Dear Mr. Singleton,

The editorial board of the San Jose Mercury News is up to its snotty and degrading left-wing racialist tricks once again, promoting the term “white solidarity” on page 17A of today’s (11/22/06) paper in a weird and unreasoned essay by Nicholas D. Kristof who also promoted the idea that “white solidarity” exists between him and “light-skinned” Arabs in Chad who were, meanwhile, killing black-skinned Africans.

There is little in the way of hate propaganda that the Mercury News will not publish to humiliate, silence, and demean the vibrantly diverse white Americans, but “white solidarity” between Kristof and “light-skinned” Arabs engaged in genocide takes the hate-cake.

The policy of the Mercury News is to pour the hate on in every way possible and today was no exception. The vicious Kristof slander today was so atrociously hateful that it can have been no mistake for the the editorial board to print it as hate propaganda. It served no other purpose.

Bo Sears


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  7. 2 Responses to “Letter to San Jose Mercury News”

    1. Angle Says:

      I live in the San Jose area, and I find that its a total cesspool of ‘diversity’. Complete racial chaos thanks to the H1B, and out of control legal and illegal immigration. Only one word accurately describes this multiracial mess…disgusting.

    2. e Says:

      This is a bizarre, strangely written article dancing around the jew term, which Kristof sounds like. It also attempts to mirror a press release by anti-white forces, say the ADL. I can barely understand this, and I do believe I read the article he is referring to.

      Just be yourself, there’s no time for PC word games.

      Come on boys, let’s play America’s fastest growing quiz game,