30 November, 2006

MAYNARD: Selective Distortion and You

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Selective Distortion and You

Graph compliments of the [FBI] Departrment of Justice

By Curt Maynard

Newsweek magazine recently published an extensive article entitled Leading the Way,” in which the magazine detailed the lives of twenty “powerful” American women that Newsweek felt best represented the topic of the future of “women and leadership,” in the United States today. What I thought particularly interesting about the article was that the Newsweek cover displayed a “multicultural,” photograph of three women, one Hispanic, one White and the other black,” which is truly illusory given the fact that Jewish women composed the most disproportionate number of those Newsweek sought to portray in the article, and yet, the photograph didn’t include the physiognomy of a Jewess.

In any case, the purpose of writing this short blurb is to highlight a few facts about media distortion and the inequity of this Newsweek article in particular. First off Newsweek, with its circulation of 3.2 million is the social engineering tool of the Washington Post Company once owned by the Jewess Catherine Meyer Graham and currently under the leadership of her Jewish son Donald Graham. Being that the news magazine is in reality a tool for shaping the consciousness and worldview of Americans rather than for the dissemination of news as one might think, it isn’t any wonder that their article “Leading the Way,” embraces a propagandistic technique known as selective distortion,” which is well understood in advertising circles. “This phenomenon can occur in two primary ways. If an individual wants to believe something is not true, then even in the face of an overwhelming amount of information disputing their original contention, they will still reject what they do not want to believe. Likewise, this can happen in the same manner with an individual that wants to believe something is in fact true, no matter the amount of material refuting that belief.” The imperative ingredient in creating this “selective distortion” is, of course, early access to the target, the individual, and the way this is generally achieved is through the indoctrination processes offered by the media and the early educational process — a veritable “cradle to grave” process…. In order for this process or “program,” if you will, to succeed, however, the target must not be exposed to contradictory stimuli, at least not initially. Once the phenomenon has congealed however, those so exposed to it will inevitably develop what is known as “brand loyalty,” which is another advertising term relevant here because the “traditional macroeconomic view of advertising ‘holds that the main purpose of advertising is to manipulate or persuade.'”

In the above sense, Newsweek’s article “Leading the Way,” reeks of pure unadulterated propaganda from beginning to end. Of the twenty women allegedly representing the future of America, there are six blacks, two Chinese, two Hispanics and ten Whites. First off the European American population in the United States is at least 70% of the total, meaning that at least fourteen should have been white in order to be truly representative anyway. Blacks compose ten percent, thus blacks are over represented by nearly three hundred percent. The Asian population hovers around 5% meaning that they are overrepresented in Newsweek’s piece by more than one hundred percent. Hispanics compose between 10 – 15% of the US population, including the twenty million illegals that have no right to be here, thus they are either equally represented or even possibly underrepresented, depending on how you want to look at it. The only underrepresented aspect of the US population in the Newsweek piece were Whites – But wait, it gets worse.

Of the ten Whites acknowledged in the piece, three are Jews, one, a woman named Marissa Mayer is almost certainly Jewish, two are married to Jews, one of them to the grandson of the Jewish Supremacist banker, Jacob Schiff, two are lesbians, including Mary Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter and one is a race car driver that I have never heard of, who seems to be admired more for her shapely figure than anything else.

So, of the twenty women, six are either Jews or married to Jews, meaning that Jews, being a mere 2.5% of the American population, are overrepresented by more than six hundred percent, eight hundred percent if you include the two married to Jews, which this writer does. The two lesbians, Mary Cheney and Martina Navratilova over-represent homosexual females by more than 600% too, if you want to believe that five percent of the American population is gay, which I don‘t. The only group totally underrepresented are non-Jewish Whites – especially non-Jewish Whites that embrace any form of non-deviant normalcy, in other words heterosexual Whites.
Newsweek’s piece is nothing more than a continuation of what the Jewish media has been actively engaged in for more than sixty years, the disenfranchisement and alienation of the White majority. Unfortunately this program of theirs also alienates minorities in the sense that these minorities tend to read these articles and believe that they represent reality, i.e. that a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics can achieve the American dream, which in this day and age means the acquisition of large amounts of money and fame. This just isn’t possible – the fact of the matter is, the only thing blacks as a group continue to consistently achieve is the disproportionate number of homicides they commit as a group – not really the embodiment of success in the area of power and influence as Newsweek would like them to believe. A small part of the reason that blacks do engage in said violent crime is that they resent whites, a carefully inculcated belief instilled in blacks via the mass media, primarily because they see their racial kin on television portraying bankers, doctors, scientists, academics, movie stars, and yet they still can’t seem to bridge the gap necessary to associate with the “beautiful people.” Generally they see the reason behind this as racism, another idea carefully instilled in them from birth. Hispanics too are subjected to this distortion of reality – many Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, can’t seem to grasp the simple concept that the only reason the United States government has allowed them to easily enter this country illegally is because they represent a cheap labor pool, and thus “empowering” them to achieve equality, money and fame really defeats the purpose of their presence now doesn‘t it.

Again, of the ten Whites portrayed in the Newsweek article, at least three are Jews, and another is almost certainly Jewish too, and Jews are a people apart, they are not White, they do not consider themselves White, they consider themselves Jews and European Whites are above all their greatest nemesis, the true reason behind Newsweek’s disenfranchisement of Whites. Why are European Whites Jewry’s greatest enemy? Because European Whites represent the most serious threat to the continued Jewish acquisition of more money and power. Again, Jews are not White, they never have been, nor will they ever be, Jews represent something altogether different. There was a time when Whites knew this, then they got lost in a meaningless world of materialism, but they are once again awakening, and when they fully awake, Jewry will once again be exposed in its most naked state.

If African Americans were truly doing as well as Newsweek would like us to believe, the drop out rate among black high school students would not be at an all time high, which it is, suggesting that blacks are in fact doing worse than at any other time in their history, not better. ABC News recently published a highly distorted piece of propaganda acknowledges the indisputable fact that America’s high school drop out rate was at its highest ever, but ABC neglected to mention that the greatest reason behind this escalation was an increase in the number of disenfranchised blacks dropping out of school. Note how the article bobs and weaves through this uncomfortable fact:

In several of the largest school systems across the country — from Baltimore to Cleveland to Atlanta and Oakland, Calif. — half of the students are dropping out.”

ABC would love for the reader to conclude erroneously that the drop out rate is universal, I.e. that it extends from coast to coast, north to south, and in fact they do their best to give this impression, but the above sentence gives them away. The so called “largest school districts” named above are almost completely black and have a much higher drop out rate than the 50% ABC mentions. As an example, according to the African American operated website Another Way Out,” more than 72% of blacks nationwide drop out of high school and less than 2.5% of black males even enroll in college, let alone graduate. So my question is, how is it that a disproportionate number of blacks will achieve success, power and influence in the future, if current trends suggest that the vast majority of blacks are headed not for success, but for failure?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not particularly concerned about whether or not American blacks ever overcome their problems, the truth is, if they don’t figure it out, it’ll become enough of a problem eventually, that it will be figured out one way or another – my concern lies with how they respond to Whites as the cause of their collective tribulations. The Jewish media and the Zio-American government are more responsible than anyone else for the false picture of success presented to blacks. Jews especially have a long history of exploiting blacks for their own ends, and now it seems that they [the Jews] are busy backpedaling to conceal the ramifications of their dirty work, I.e. the drop out rate, homicide rate, illegitimacy, etc.. etc… among American blacks.

This dirty business negatively impacts Whites though too, thus my interest, because while the media is busy emphasizing the miniscule amount of White violent crime it is even busier suppressing the horrendous numbers of savage murders committed by blacks. While the media focused its attention in its entirety on the pathetic and unsupported Duke Rape case, more than a thousand whites have been murdered by blacks in the most gruesome ways. These cases go unreported in the national media – sure, local channels may cover them, but the national media avoids these stories like the plague. Fortunately there are a few excellent websites that do track and trend black on white violence and Newnation.org is one of them. Consider the following cases and ask yourself why you haven’t heard about them. Ask yourself if possibly they aren’t far more horrific that the Scot and Lacey Peterson saga, or the Duke Rape case. [For examples see bottom of article] Another excellent essay on the topic of media avoidance of minority crime can be found here.

The twenty women cited in the Newsweek article:

Danica Patrick is White

Queen Latifah is black

Karenna Gore Schiff is former VP Al Gore’s daughter and married to the grandson of Jewish Supremacist banker and Zionist apologist Jacob Schiff.

Mary Cheney is a lesbian

Marissa Mayer is most likely Jewish, as her background is suspiciously obscure.

Sarah Chang is Chinese

Maria Celeste Arraras is Hispanic

Gwen Sykes is black

Renee Reijo Pera is Hispanic

Joyce Chang is Chinese

Tracy Reese is black

Janna Levin is Jewish

Ruth Simmons is black

Martina Navratilova is a lesbian

Ellen Futter is Jewish

Meredith Vieira is married to a Jew named Richard Cohen

Adele Hodges is black

Renetta McCann is black

Anne Stevens [white, but CEO of Ford Motor Company at a time that the company openly endorsed homosexual marriage].

Diane von Furstenberg is a Jew whose mother was a “holocaust survivor.”

Please feel free to add similar links and pass this essay along to everyone. Don’t forget to ask yourself why you haven’t heard about the below crimes.

Trial to Begin in Gruesome Va. Killings – two feral blacks cut the throats of 2 little white girls

Black ‘Animals’ tried to rape 11yo white girl

Skull Found in creek ID’d as 5-year-old White girl Emily Rimel – kidnaped, raped and murdered by black
Dark Demon Sex Offender Charged With Kidnap-Rape-Kill of White 11-year-old Jacksonville Girl In 1996

Serial killer’s case now heads into second appeal

Mich. community still not over shooting of little White girl by 6-year-old black murderer
Black on White Rapes: There are 20,000 black-on-white rapes every year in the US, but fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes. Editor note: that works out to about 54 black on white rapes per day according to available statistics from 1999.

Smiling Black pleads not guilty to running down a white family in McDonald’s parking lot – killing 2-year-old

“Black Messiah” linked to beheadings asks to ‘die with dignity’

Black Mugger Convicted in Actress’ Slaying‘Stupid’ thug guilty in actress slay

Man Pleads No Contest In Fatal Lenexa Stabbing

Black employee gunned down white manager – execution style

The sniper’s plan: kill six whites a day for 30 days

Black man charged with capital murder in pregnant white girlfriend’s slaying

White Montgomery police officer shot by a black motorist died late Saturday

Black Suspect arrested in white deputy’s killing; two others in custody

“We’ve Got a Crime Wave in the Columbia Area”

Memorial website for white man murdered ‘for fun’ while riding bicycle by two ‘bored’ blacks

Black Killer Laughs, Tells White Families To ‘Get Over It’

The Color of Crime – “Blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa”

Detectives arrest black suspects in beating death of white man

Black Trash Collector Guilty in Cape Cod Rape-Murder of White woman

Garganus T. Moore guilty of rape, criminal deviate sexual behavior and criminal confinement
Sports: Two Quinnipiac University basketballers have been arrested on charges they attacked a woman.

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  7. 15 Responses to “MAYNARD: Selective Distortion and You”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I agree with you completely.

      Thanks to this website, others like it, and certain books, I do believe I see the picture clearly. This article just clears my vision even more.

      Even when I was forty years younger than I am now, I asked myself, Why does the media promote every fad, movement, record, or TV fantasy which makes white people look like idiots and/or weakens them in some way? The answer is obvious when you look at who controls the press and who they promote (Jews over-represented in this article by 600 percent!) They verbally slug white people in the face every day, try to turn our daughters into sluts, our sons into ganstas, slime our religion and heritage, but we are just supposed to take it!

      But why do white people buy into this stuff? Why do they themselves pile on to every white person who tries to point out the obvious? This is my task now–to find out why white people seem to be sheep. Christianity? I doubt it since Christianity is diminishing. Christianity-spawned liberalism? Maybe. Genetics? Maybe.

      The other day in my town a black man went to a fancy restaurant where his wife was the manager. He started chasing her around the restaurant with a gun. I got a good laugh out of imagining it–he was probably yelling at her, “Come back heah, Nigga! I kick yo ass!” And she was probably running around tables yelling, “That Nigga’s crazy!” And funniest of all, I cound just see the white people trying to calmly enjoy their dinner, while they tried to ignore what was right befor their eyes, the way white people have the habit of doing! Ha!

      Anyway, great article.

    2. Curt Maynard Says:

      Antagoniste, I strongly encourage you to read the works of evolutionary psychologist Dr. Kevin MacDonald. His work will help you to better undertsand the European mindset in regards to conformity, altruism, and cooperation.

    3. Timothy Says:

      I remember a Parade magazine cover story a few years ago about genetic scientists and researchers and what future breakthroughs they might achieve.

      There were 8 people pictured altogether on the cover,which Parade implied was representative of the field of medical science and research:
      1 Black female
      1 Black male1 Latino female
      2 Asians,one male and one female1 White female
      1 White male

      Naturally,the lone White male was at the back of the pack.

      White males dominate the hard sciences,yet Parade asks you to believe that there are just as many blacks and latinos and females working in the hard sciences and coming up with the breakthroughs as White males.

      None of this propaganda and distortion of reality is accidental.

    4. Timothy Says:

      I made a mistake on my last post. The lineup included either 2 White females or 3 Asians. Can’t quite remember exactly which,but the point stands.

    5. Mark Says:

      An estimated 135,000 black males aged 15 to 34 will be entered in the crime-fighting- database by April, equivalent to as many as 77 per cent of the young black male population in England and Wales. By contrast, only 22 per cent of young white males, and six per cent of the general population, will be on the database.


    6. Dudeman Says:

      Watching this dumb nigger is making my eyes water from laughter:


      It’s so typical though, isn’t it?

    7. planter Says:

      I say give the niggers free weapons. They’re killing each other faster than we ever could. If a few hundred thousand white folks get shot…collateral damage! Just stay out of the ghetto and let the niggers have at it.

    8. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “I say give the niggers free weapons.”

      Yes, we can have guns and butter. . .

    9. Geophys Says:

      Dudeman, thanks for posting the link to the video. After an exceedingly long day at work, I needed a good laugh. Incredible. And this guy is no doubt smarter than the average boolie coon.

      As for magazine covers and articles (and the rest of the media) – we see the shit Maynard writes about 24/7. The way the zhids and their cohorts present things, we whites are lucky the nigger and spic scientists take such good care of us. Never mind the other muds who control the real levers throughout society, right?

    10. sgruber Says:

      My impression (I have lived and worked in three different urban areas in the last 10 years) is that America is gone, racially speaking. Every “White” I see is either a kike or a half-kike.

      Despite how jews interbred in the past, I particularly see a lot of half-kikes: lots of “mixed” marriages (White with racial jew) with nasty obnoxious offspring. Many of these offspring are no longer young, they’re adults. (People born in the 1980s are pushing 30.) Half-kikes are as hard to deal with as the full-on yids are.

      With the decline of White majorities, and the increasing mud flood, America IS beginning to look like those magazine covers. Most people in urban areas ARE jew/Chinese/Latino. Whole high schools, hospitals, businesses are multi-culty. As an Aryan, I was the minority in at least one of the three cities; I am certainly the minority at all my work places (helping out in law firms, clinics, etc.).

      I’m not in IT, but my extensive experience interacting with IT people in person leads me to believe half of them are White, half are loud-mouthed jews (with the odd token nigger changed out or “promoted” every few months).

      The point is these magazines err not in population representation, but in their amazing implication that these muds and mystery meats do anything more than keep the gears grinding for their jewish masters.

    11. sgruber Says:

      Correction: people born in 1980 are pushing 30. But most of these half-kikes have “responsible” positions in their early 20s.

    12. sgruber Says:

      Fixed the link in my email above:


    13. kelly Says:

      You can lead a nigger to civilization….but you can’t make it think, it can’t develop reasonability,common sense,aesthetics( No,DeShawn,not “ass-thetics”,aesthetics ), unselfishness,maturity, and so on and so on….

    14. vinny Says:

      The way i figure….Niggas owe you about 450 plus more years of ASS KICKINS….LOL LOL LOL

    15. Ruthless Toothless Says:

      Well said, Mr. Maynard. Newsweek is just an enemy propaganda rag. I can remeber one article in particular that really stood out.

      They were trying to tell the reader that black majority schools are better than White majority schools. So, in their graphs and charts, they did the following:

      If a school was expected to have a low outcome and it did better than the low outcome then it got a high rating on the graph.

      If a school was expected to do well and it did only very-good, it got a low rating.

      See? Everything depended on how Newsweek expected the school to perform. Negro schools were better than White schools!

      Total lies. But they really expect people to believe it. It should be considered child abuse for a white kid to go to a black school.