2 November, 2006

Merle Schillie Linder, 1909-2006

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Merle Schillie Linder, 96, of Kirksville, Missouri, died Thursday (October 26, 2006) at the Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville.

She was born December 13, 1909 at the family farm about two miles northeast of Pure Air, Missouri, on the site of the old Baden Springs resort. She was the daughter of Charlie and Nettie (Shoop) Schillie. On November 29, 1932 in Kirksville, Missouri, she married Oran Hubert Linder, who died in 1998. The Linders were married for 66 years.

Surviving are four sons: Harold Linder of Anthem, Arizona; Gene Linder and wife Carol of Salt Lake City, Utah; Dean Linder and wife Joan of Columbia, Maryland; and Oran Linder Jr. and wife Donna, of Mendota, Illinois. There are nine grandchildren: Tina Williams and Mark Linder; Alex, Eric, and Kristin Linder; Rachel Linder; and Paul Linder, Michelle Murphy and Daniel Linder. Mrs. Linder is also survived by six great-grandchildren and her sisters, Edith Jones, Lura Linder, and Bertha Bergles, as well as a number of nieces and nephews.

In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by a stillborn son, Robert, a daughter-in-law, Christa (Thees-Hargens) Linder, her parents, an infant brother, Woodrow, brothers, Lloyd, John, Frank and Loren, an infant sister, Blanche, brothers-in-law, Joseph Bergles, Forrest Jones, and Russell Linder, and sisters-in-law, Louise (Gashwiler) Schillie and Ilene (Jones) Schillie.

Mrs. Linder was raised in rural Adair County and attended the West Elm Grove School. She was a 1931 graduate of the Kirksville Senior High School and moved to Kirksville after her marriage. A housewife for many years, she also worked half time as a Head Start teacher’s aide from 1965 to 1973. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Kirksville.

Her hobbies included fishing, gardening, arrowhead hunting, card playing with relatives and friends, and travel. She had visited all fifty states, as well as Mexico and Canada. She and Mr. Linder were lifelong fans of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. She took pride in her canning skills and won numerous prize ribbons at the old Harvest Festivals and the Northeast Missouri Fair. She greatly enjoyed crocheting afghans for her grandchildren and others. Mrs. Linder remained active despite her advanced age, with the very kind assistance of relatives and friends.

[Visitation last night; look around the room and realize that the decisions one person makes create or deny worlds. You can imagine the anguish of having a first child stillborn, but if she hadn’t soldiered on, none of the rest of this, including VNN, would exist. Thank you, grandma.]

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  7. 38 Responses to “Merle Schillie Linder, 1909-2006”

    1. fdtwainth Says:

      My sincere condolences to Mr. Alex Linder. Let the old lady rest in peace.

    2. jimbo Says:

      sincerest condolences to the (extended) Linder family!

      sad loss of a great white matriarch

      her sterling pioneer spirit clealry indicates the inherent worth of white people; especially those of Germanic descent!

      the White Race shall march on to ultimate victory!

    3. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Please accept the condolences of my family to yours. Indeed, your Grandmother was a remarkable woman, (your Grandfather as well).


    4. sgruber Says:

      My condolences.

    5. saltriver Says:

      Deepest condolences from all of my family to yours. The legacy of this great white woman will be that she left the future in capable hands.

    6. Roger Says:

      I’m sorry for your loss. We owe VNN to the late Mrs. Linder.

      Thank you Merle Linder. R.I.P.

    7. Bud White Says:

      deepest condolences on the death of your grandmother.

    8. Aryan Defender Says:

      Condolences to you, Alex, and the rest of your family. We’ve all crossed, or will cross this bridge — and the understanding gained highlights the duty we shoulder to be victorious in the tasks and battles which lie ahead

    9. Quiksilver Says:


      accept my deepest condolences .
      R.I.P. Mrs. Merle Schillie Linder

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      My deepest sympathy, Alex.

      Those of previous generations had a connection to reality which I do not see in the generations of today. They knew the struggle and the pain, as well as the victory.

      I have known them, and you have known them. They were real people. They are regretfully vanishing.

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex: I share your sense of loss. I had two wonderful grandmothers. Neither would be politically correct today.

      In a locally famous incident my Methodist grandmother once shoved an umbrella “up the ass of a nigger woman who tried to sit down beside her on a streetcar”. Can you imagine a young White woman doing that today?

      I don’t even think that there were jews in their world when they were growing up, and even into adulthood, the jew was an almost fictional character, who they wondered aloud, what does the jew want?

      My sincerest sympathy.

    12. cygnet Says:

      My condolences.

    13. Myles Says:

      Housewife, fishing, gardening, canning. So sad, they just don’t make white women like this anymore.

      I understand the loss of a grandparent, Alex. Deepest sympathies and best wishes to you and yours.

    14. clay Says:

      Warmest regards to the Linders.

    15. Kievsky Says:

      Our condolences Alex. Thanks to Merle Linder for VNN.

      You are quite right how important these life choices are. Merle made good choices, and we young-uns thank her.


    16. Joseph Says:

      Such Linderian longevity is a comfort to those of us who hope to see the Linder/VNN legacy outlive ourselves. Truly a life worthy of celebration. Thank you Mrs. Linder.

    17. Marcus Says:

      My deepest sympathy for the loss of your grandmother.

    18. brutus Says:


      We extend our condolences to you and your family.

      96 years old and married for 66 years! Wow, what an inspiration!

      brutus & J

    19. New America Says:

      It was people like your grandmother who made this country great.

      It is her TRUE posterity who will make our nation great, again.

      My sincere condolences, and my hope – no, my absolute confidence – that you will continue to make her proud of you.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    20. One Of 55 Million.... Says:

      Hello Alex,

      Sorry to hear about your Gran’…I lost both of mine within a year of each other. I think everyone will understand when I say that there’s no way to ever pay them back-we can only aspire to be like them and keep the best of what they gave us….

      Coincidentally ,my New England-bred maternal grandmother was born in 1909 and she too had a brother named Woodrow who died as a toddler…he’d opened a gas lamp..no doubt after watching the adults in the house do the same. Poor little fellow didn’t know to light it.

      It wasn’t long after that the entire family moved to Los Angeles. My great-grandfather was going to avenge Edison by making a killing in the movies..Ha Ha. The People That Built Hollywood sent him packing..So he moved the entire family again..to San Francisco and a with just enough money left to buy a candy store…

      One of the seeming thousands of stories both my Gran’s were rich with-I wish I could hear them all again just once more.

      Best wishes

    21. arkady Says:

      All honor to your late grandmother, Alex; she lived a long and honorable life. May the same be said of us all.

    22. Hoosier Says:

      My best wishes, Alex

    23. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      Wrap yourself in warm memories of her life, so well spent.

      Reading about your loss brought to mind my grandmother on Dad’s side. She was telling a story one day about what some nigger had done in her little country store. One of her grandchildren said, “Nanny! You shouldn’t say ‘nigger’.”

      She looked down her nose at the young one and said, “Well honey, if they ain’t niggers, then what the hell are they?”

      Condolences, Alex.

    24. zoomcopter Says:

      Alex, Sorry to learn of your loss. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman and the kind of grandmother we would all like to have had.

    25. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Every person leaves when time comes – important is not time or how persons leaves but what He or She did when was LIVE and how She or He will be remebered …
      Someone told eons ago “Person dies only after everyone this person knew during his life have followed him … ”


      PS. Merle is quite common girl name in Estonia

    26. Sandor Says:

      I keep a box of old pictures under my bed. Some are 102 years old, showing my grandmom as a toddler in Hungary. I tell my children her stories, so she lives on in their blood and in their minds. This is my grandmother’s immortality – because she made herself special in my life. So it goes with your grandmother…and your daughter.
      Condolences from us to you.

    27. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      i am offering my sincere condolences to alex as well. i like alex. he has talent. it’s a GOOD THING you were born, alex.
      i, on the other hand, wish i’d never been born.

    28. 2eyedJack Says:

      I can share in your sadness, as I, too, have had the sad honor of laying to rest some of my ancestors. Truly, we are witnessing the passing of a generation the greatest people of which our race has ever known.

      To all of us, they should be a perpetual beacon guiding the paths of our lives. To do otherwise is an affront that all we are or hope to be.

    29. Jackumup Says:

      My Deepest sympathies Alex, May she rest in peace and her tribute inspire all who read about her.

    30. America First Says:

      Alex, thank you, as it was important to have posted this infomation on your dear grand mother’s passing.

      If any straight White men who are brain washed alphabet type’s read this it may well cause them to pause and ponder what is going on perhaps.

      No matter what happen’s your courage, and your grandmother’s has made a difference. R.I.P. Grand Ma.

    31. CZ Says:

      My deepest condolences to you and your family Alex, I can see now how that strong, enduring woman passed her strength onto you and the rest of the Linders. What great misery she must have endured, yet still went on. A great woman has passed.

      Cowboy Zeke

    32. Will Williams Says:

      I’m reminded of how you acted as a compassionate, responsible man of your race, put your own life on hold for the time being, and moved to Kirksville to assist your frail grandmother and make her life easier in her final years. You were maliciously attacked by the usual suspects as being some sort of “mamma’s boy who lived in his grandmother’s basement,” but we who share your Aryan values knew better. You could have put grandma in a “home” where she could have been neglected for the most part by non-White orderlies — as your self-centered detractors are more likely than not to do with their own aging grandparents — but you did not.

      Raise your head high, White man. Onward and upward!

    33. John Smith Says:

      Dear Alex,
      My condolences to you and yours.
      She’s alive in you and you in her. What a profound legacy vivant!
      In deepest sympathy,
      John Smith
      N.Y., NY

    34. Craig Cobb Says:

      I’m sorry to read about your grandma’s passing away, Alex.
      I know you were close to her.

    35. TC Says:

      Great loss to ALL the white race. I have lopst my Gramma this year as well…and a world has died with her. She was tough as nails to the last minute – and jew wise. She had a part in starting me on my present path. My condolences to You Mr L. and to the whole Linder-Klan.

    36. James Hawthorne Says:

      My Alex condolences to you and yours.

      We British Nationalists are thinking of you at this time.

    37. Carpenter Says:

      My condolences

    38. alex Says:

      Thanks, everybody.