2 November, 2006

” New Tack in Movement to Retake Our Nation”

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I had the good fortune of hearing you speak while you were a guest of the LA based radio talk show 97.1. Although the moronic hosts did their best to rile and besmirch you, you impressed me with your ability to articulate your views while steadfastly thwarting their idiotic attacks. Since then I have been a regular listener on Goyfire.com and enjoy your insights in particular. I believe that my point of view on the subject of race relations is unique due to my unique experiences as a scholarship student athlete at Stanford University where I was a football player in the early 90s. I have been exposed to blacks both on and off the playing field. At the YMCA where I play pick up basketball I am given a steady dose as well. This may seem simplistic but I can see that sports competition is the single most significant venue for black empowerment. If we want to take back our country, our culture and our manhood, we need to ! do it on the field of battle. Our white children accept that blacks are better, more fierce and more hungry, and frankly it seems true. How do we regain that hunger and tenacity? I am afraid that having been the controlling race for so long that whites have become complacent, and at the prospect of losing this power, white children are becoming quitters, instead opting to withdraw from the fight, becoming homosexuals, plotting to kill innocents who’ve bullied them Columbine style, or rejecting white culture altogether. White men seem no different. We need more white athletes and we need to celebrate the successful ones to an even greater extent. Our white children endeavor to emulate these black athletes not merely because they are successful and seemingly cool but primarily because they are powerful examples of masculinity. We need to reclaim our masculinity before it’s too late, and blacks wrest it away from us. Ho! w else can we do this and on what better platform than professional sp orts? The Russians are a prime example of what whites can do when sufficiently motivated. You can believe that they will never let a black dominate them. Where are the white American bad asses? We need more white men to become great without alienating the rest of society. I agree that a white nation is the ideal but how realistic is it? Why can’t we become the dominant male prototype again? We need to shift our attitudes. We can no longer resign ourselves to being emasculated by the media or by blacks. We need to begin seeing this fight as one not only of ideology and culture but of sociological import whereby the masculinity of our boys and men is slowing eroding as we relinquish ground in the most important arenas where masculinity is defined. Thank you for your time.

Michael M.

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    1. Marcus Says:

      Good piece, Michael,

      I think Whites in this country have been brainwashed to the point of delusion about black athletic capabilities. Many whites would be more scared if threatened by a scrawny 140 pound jig than a 220 pound white man. This state of affairs did not come about by accident.

      It starts in elementary school and progresses from there. Blacks are a different subspecies from whites and tend to physically mature at a slightly younger age. This means that, FOR A BRIEF TIME during the early to mid teens, some blacks hold a real physical advantage over whites. You essentially have men competing against boys. Being racially loyal in a way forbidden to whites, blacks tend to dominate the team and hog the ball for themselves, minimizing the play of the capable whites. If they have to pass the ball to a white, they’ll throw it low, or over his head, anything to make him look bad.

      Add to this that white people in America, at least since the early ’60’s, have been conditioned by the mass media to believe that blacks are some kind if invincible supermen while whites are clumsy, inept wannabes who worship from the stands. Blacks have been conditioned to believe the same thing. Thus, whites a psychologically neutered while blacks are psychologically empowered. At the same time, blacks are groomed for and promoted in college and professional sports even at the expense of more capable white players. They are placed in the “star” positions and promoted as talking heads during the commentary. Thank you, affirmative action.

      Right after one (white) man broke the 4 minute mile, several others almost immediately duplicated this “impossible” feat. Same with the 19 foot pole vault. These men were limited by their BELIEFS, not their abilities. The Russians you mentioned didn’t grow up on Ameriquan TV and didn’t get the message that blacks were an unbeatable super race. They didn’t get the memo that “white men can’t jump,” or run fast, or box. They just go out there and do what white men do best: Kick ass.

      How do we reclaim our position as the world’s best athletes? The same way we lost it. You are a father of two. God bless you. You be the dominant voice that whispers “You Can” in your children’s ear. You be the voice that drowns out the jewish mantra, “You Can’t.”

    2. Theseus Says:

      Hi, we’ve been waiting for you. :]

    3. CZ Says:


      Very nice letter. Very glad to have you here. You may also want to check out the web site on Caste Football and this quote;

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their supposed exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige,, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause.” (Jewish Playwright Israel Cohen, A Radical Program For The Twentieth Century. Also entered into the Congressional Record on June 7, 1957, by Rep. Thomas Abernathy)

      Again we are glad you’re here. You’ve started your awakening. I recommend reading through the letters section first before diving into the forum full scale.

      Take Care,

      Cowboy Zeke

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Right after one (white) man broke the 4 minute mile, several others almost immediately duplicated this “impossible” feat. Same with the 19 foot pole vault.

      True! I am reminded of another story: there was this guy who showed up late in math class at a university, and quickly scribbled down the assignment the teacher had presented for them on the black board. He had a real hard time with that assignment, had to spend several evenings turning it over and over before finishing. He handed it in the next week, and the teacher looked at his paper and said “What is this?

      “It’s our assignment,” he said.

      “I didn’t give you any,” the teacher replied. “I was showing you a problem that couldn’t be solved – and you have solved it!”

      That student went on to become a math professor later in life. I don’t remember his name. But the point is: he had shown up late in class, so he never heard that the problem couldn’t be solved, like the rest of the class had.

      (About Russia: well, those Russians who’d never bend knee to a nig bent their knees to Jews for decades, didn’t they? Causing a whole lot of problems for the whole world, Europe in particular? The only reason they have so many skinheads now is that the country is poor, not that they are super nationalists. Just putting things in perspective. Good for them though, that they have lots of skins. Perhaps that will make a difference some day.)

    5. New America Says:


      The mathematician was George Dantzig, who solved SEVERAL “unsolvable” problems over the course of a weekend; he was late for Friday classes, and copied the “homework problems” off the board. Of course, they were’t “homework” – they were examples of “unsolvable” problems in mathematics.

      I think Dantzig got the Nobel for this, by the way.

      This is also the inspiration for the opening scenes in the movie, “Good Will Hunting.”

      This is part of the larger issues that we need to address in going beyond the artificial limits the social constructions of the Goddamned JEWS have placed upon us; in “Good Will Hunting” the hero, a custodian at the school, played by Matt Damon, mocked the elite attending the school, telling them, they were spending tens of thouands of dollars for what they could have for the cost of a library card – of course, many of the parasitic, hook-nosed Satanists act as middlemen, and gatekeepers, in the public fool system, from pre-K to post-grad.

      As proof of the inversion of social values that manifest when the Goddamned JEWS, who are literally demons who walk the Earth, pervert the societies in which they live, imagine that you could skip a LOT of the drama and control systems of the collegiate system.

      You can.

      START WHERE YOU ARE, with the Robinson Home School Curriculum; in time, CLEP out of most college courses – certainly the first two years – and then do the balance in an online college – no cheaper, perhaps, excpet that you save a fortune in room, board and TIME – how much time have we wasted going to school, parking out in Siberia, and reversing the process? That TIME can be INVESTED as an Apprentice to someone who will teach you, and pay you, to do what you really want to do for a living.

      We shall have to focus our lives with laser-like efficiency, if we are to achieve Aryan effectiveness.

      As part of the Awakening, Michael, you will discover the societal traps that keep you trapped, and will grow to resent them. Keep your blood pressure down! Get a (used, from Amazon) dvd of the great movie, “They Live,” and see, in microcosm, what happens when you put the Hoffman Lenses ON, and can see THROUGH the wall of control the serpent-seedline DNA JEWS have placed on us, one and all.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    6. I Says:

      This article is somewhat silly, as are any article which places so much enphasis on niggers at this point in time.

      At this point niggers are very far down my list of worries :

      1) Jews
      2) Brainwashed Whites
      3) Spics
      4) A-Rabs
      5) Niggs

    7. I Says:

      Sorry my last post had spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m listening to Paul Gellar on the Turner Radio Network. He’s on fire tonight.

    8. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      1) Jews
      2) Brainwashed Whites
      3) Jews
      4) Brainwashed Whites
      5) Jews

      The creatures of color become non-problems when we eliminate the Source. (The Jews just luv it when you’re distracted by the darkies.)

    9. Thoughtcrime Says:

      I think the problem is a lot greater than just nigger worship in the big three sports. In my opinion, we have more critical issues in other areas such as the field of medicine and research in the physical sciences.

      Far too many Jews, Dot-Heads and Slant eyes are entrenched into these professions and now dominate them. Whites are usually promoted to just beneath these people and can go no further regardless of aptitude and educational achievement. I see it everyday. Some Asian female principle investigator who has a cadre of smart Whites working under her doing all the hard bench work. It make me sick. Meanwhile, you ask her the simplest of technical questions and her Harvard doctorate doesn’t stand up to cross examination.

      I can speak from my own experience of attempting grad school four years ago and having to compete with Asians who already had three doctoral degrees and were in AmeriKWA getting a fourth. It’s like some sort of nightmare. The big question is, why are these people promoted and encouraged to study in AmeriKWAN universities to my detriment?

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      is ANYONE noticed ANY black driver from World Cups and around ???
      rally is not my game but I have noticed that in sports (competition) where person needs more BRAIN there are NO blacks very few kikes and others – is there a reason ? LOL

    11. whiteskelet Says:

      -Blacks are notoriously bad drivers.
      -I see Columbine mentioned: there’s contention the authors were Jewish as well as their whole “trench coat mafia”.
      -Between Russia and the USA, it’s hard to say who’s been screwed the most by Jews.

    12. Mati The Estonian Says:

      about education – dude by name David Duke looks like opening a trend – get a degree in Russia (or other place in former Soviet block) for example Universitas Tartuensis in Estonia was opened in 1632 (when Mayflower went to America ? LOL). They are not very well eciupped by tecnically but academics are much better then most of the EU similar places and the best part only very VERY few muds or not at all. and the same time most of those Universities are internationally credited …
      and other point if guys with ideas like Duke and others will come it hleps spread white ideas – after collapse of Soviet Union there are very much of FREE books in market – in those books you can actually find what really happened (some of them are slightly “politically correct” – they do not name jews but they give full names) and make up You mind. Do You think 50 000 skins in Moscow alone are from thin air ?! the problem is most of those guys are unorganised because they are lots of kikish elements in leadership positions everywhere. so lets think – if intelligent people come to our schools (even by student excange) the good is both sided – first American withe youngsters can get REAL feel deal how is to live amongst they one kind (if Lamb sisters want to do this thing I personally will help them with what ever they need – hey they ARE qute LOL). After a year or two in 99,99% WHITE surroundings even most blindfolded white goy can wake up and became a WHITE man or women.
      Thin about it …………………………….

      to whiteskelet – Russia and USA where friends – last tzhar and his father where both admirerers of USA system. they actually wanted to make Russia like constitutional monarchy – they understood that USA style republic is to vulnerable (and that was true .- you guys lost independence in 1913 – I guess You now how – FR). So the question not even wich country/nation get it more from jews but how to get over it …
      Russia have looks like REAL change to get over it – USA do not have that bright future unfortunately ;-(((

      But one more thing – lets make little daydream – WE (whites in USA) win – do You guys have ANY idea what to do so kikes cant get upper hand AGAIN ?????????

    13. Jesus Hyman Christ On Steroids Says:

      The problem with the original post is that it has no conception of the energetic basis of existence and how ideology is bent to rationalize energy use. You see, ideology and morality are rationalizations for energy flow. Civilization is about energy in-energy out. Check out these videos about the role of oil in the modern age—


    14. 2eyedJack Says:

      I think Michael is quite on spot about his view of the masculinity of our White boys today. For the most part they have become so feminized and pussified by their own lemming parents that they have no idea what to do in any critical situation other than run crying to mamma.

      We have our destiny in our hands via our children and it is imperative that we instill in them solid values of what is right and virtous for the furtherance and survival of our race.

      These precepts will never be understood by the lemmings until they have been decimated by the niggers, spics and other invading scum that the jewish government in DC has thrown upon us.

      Hail White Fatherhood! Hail White Sons and Daughters!

    15. New America Says:

      Another thought for Michael, and others:

      As part of the Goddamned JEW’s gelding of the American (White) Male, and the whoring out of the American (White) female, remember that the Children of Satan controls the Propasphere – the mass media system – and thus, controls every word our children hear, and every picture our children see, from the JEWTube, shapes the minds of our children from damn near infancy, when they are attracted to the bright, shiny thing with the moving pictures in the corner.

      In time, those pictures overwhelming their Minds at a preverbal level; then, THEIR choices of words map to those pictures, and, from that moment forward, we are fighting an uphill battle.

      This kicked into high gear with the mass availability of COLOR television in 1964; as the Children of the Sixites became the parents of the Eighties and Nineties, they adopted the values and defintions of their eternal RACIAL Enemy.

      Thus, as Peter Shank so astutely noted, the Goddamned JEWS took over the country, on so many levels, without firing a SHOT.

      The key to success is simple – Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Christianity has become. So, do what the JEWS do for themselves, and not what they want YOU to do.

      An example: the Children of the Sixties reflected a JEW-IMPOSED CULTURAL SHIFT, from a Culture of Achievement (put men of the MOON, and bring them BACK!) to a Culture of Hedonism (a tragic combination of African Values and Adolescent Impulse Control).

      They did not let them happen to themselves.

      Listen to the conversations of your co-workers, and see that they have substituted the First Virtual Reality for their own lives; how much of their conversation is on what they SAW (PASSIVE!) last night on television?

      See how little the Goddamned JEWS join in these conversations for more than a moment?

      For THEMSELVES, they retained the uniquely Western Culture of ACHIEVEMENT – home schooling, and using the public school as sparingly as possible, while rewarding and reinforcing the RACIAL EXCLUSIVITY and RACIAL EXCEPTIONALISM of Goddamn JEWS over the rest of us.

      The issue, then, is to try to develop the Mindset of rewarding ACHIEVEMENT on the part of your sons, in a structured setting – a GROUP setting, if possible.

      Two answers present themselves:

      One, regular and structured martial arts training, which is available to children starting at very young ages – compared to when I was a boy, at any rate. I will remind one and all of the advanced book of Judo training authored by a practicing black belt, Russia’s President Putin.

      Certainly seems to work for him; remember, this training helps to internalize self-directed discipline, and SHOWS them that, unlike the Citizens of our Virtual Republic, IN THE REAL WORLD, ACHIEVEMENT, AND ONLY ACHIEVEMENT, IS REWARDED OVER TIME. Thus, the Mindset necessary for true success is accepted into them until it becomes, literally, second nature.

      Two, the Scouts provide a structured, disciplined system of learning to work with others to achieve group goals. You might want to look into being a Pack Leader/Troop Leader, and help develop a more masculine focus in certain programs, for certain Scouts who self-select into these programs on the basis of merit, alone. Past that, there is the functional equivalent of Outward Bound programs available with the Scouting framework, as well.

      My focus on developing organizational skills is based on the fact that the Goddamned JEWS have always encouraged us to be RACIALLY divided – pure Libertarianism, which was developed by a JEW – while remaining RACIALLY united, themselves. The effectiveness of these respective approaches can be seen before your very eyes.

      As well, we need to focus on developing the Mindset of the Meritocratic Aristocracy that will form the foundation of our next Republic, and we need to start where we are, and we need to start NOW.

      In the words of “Fortress, “NOW IS THE TIME.”

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. Jackumup Says:

      Rodger has a opinion based on what stands out most to him, yes (I says) & (Elite the crack smoker) say the jew is the problem and rightfully so, but lets just get each others back and stop pickering like cunts. Don’t lose sight, They are all a problem.

    17. teutonic_knight Says:

      Mr. Boden

      I appreciate your comments and concur with your ideas about rekindling the huger and tenacity in our White youth. Sports, especially at the collegiate and prior levels are an excellent medium for this. At the professional level however, you’ve got to face certain genetic realities. Don’t you think that assuming Whites are on a level playing field with Negroes in professional sports is accepting the idea that we’re “all equal”? This is the lie promoted by the very society that is stripping our White youth of their sense of pride, self esteem and self identity as you describe. There’s a reason that Negroes hold the records for things like running, and it’s certainly not because of dedication and work ethic. I definitely wouldn’t use this as an excuse to quit or to discourage anyone from competition In fact, it could be used to fuel the competitive fire knowing that a White person has to work harder to gain the advantage, but don’t deny the fact that the advantage is there and that it is due to inherent genetic differences.

      There are plenty of fine examples of sports figures to follow, but as a racial issue, I’d rather see White kids excelling in disciplines such as science and engineering(while not neglecting their physical fitness). Who would you prefer to have as members of your race? People who can run and jump, or people who advance humanity through scientific discovery and technological ingenuity?

      For a White person, pursuing an interest in sports from a participatory standpoint is great. Pursuing sports as a spectator, as so many White men do, is pathetic.