10 November, 2006

News for No-Necks: The Scofield Conspiracy

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Exploring Eschatology and Conspiracy:

Book Review–Grace Halsell’s Forcing God’s Hand

(Apollonian, May 05)

Surely a topmost strategic priority for patriots is deactivation of the weapons and assets of our Judaic and associated enemies. And one of the real political/cultural strengths of the Jews are the Judaized so-called “Christians”–really gross heretics–who are foremost supporters of Israel, as well as George Bush, the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) led by such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson (and lately getting lots of attention, such as Chuck Hagee. Grace Halsell’s book, Forcing God’s Hand: Why Millions Pray For A Quick Rapture–And Destruction Of Planet Earth, Crossroads International Publishing; Washington D.C.; 1999, 132 pages, is an outstanding and most useful informative analysis of this treasonous and heretical movement going in the name of Christianity, for these are not Christians at all.

Note these JCs are essentially the people who give legitimacy to such a traitor as Bush who so crassly rigs elections in order to betray the nation and its people, the white volk. Thus it doesn’t matter who actually gets how many votes. The Jews-media just announces Bush won on strength of such JCs and enough people are intimidated and “persuaded.” Thus dissent and serious opposition is suppressed, and dictatorship is justified in name of “Christianity” by these traitors and heretics. Halsell’s work gives an excellent, economic exposition of the mentality, political circumstances, and general theologic philosophy of these JCs, as well as some commentary in minimal yet sufficient detail. Every patriot can and should use Halsell’s work for the necessary info at least for a substantial introductory summary.

Psychologically, the great hook for all people, Christian or not, is known as “eschatology,” a neat word which refers to “end-times” theory and then, for the JCs, what’s called “Bible prophecy.” The significance of eschatology then is it parallels and entails what historians know and understand as cyclic theory, as for example, is presented in Oswald Spengler’s monumental work, Decline of the West. Thus “the end” might refer to the world in general for religious people, the end of the civilization for politically-minded, like Spenglerians, or simply the end of the latest “bull market” and onset of the “bear,” for stock-market analysts and forecasters. Everyone strives to predict the future to some extent.

For the point is a serious conspiracy is afoot, practically before our very eyes, entailing such as Falwell, Robertson, and the JCs colluding with these insane Jews, and that conspiracy begins then at aforementioned “Bible prophecy.” This amazing–and totally insane and heretical–indubitably false prophecy requires the reconstitution of “Israel” and thence the battle of “Armageddon” by which the world ends and Christian saints are “raptured” to heaven–and this is no kidding.

Another amazing thing is this so-called “prophecy” never existed in Church lore, Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, till the recent 1800’s–again, this is no kidding. This so-called “millenialist,” “tribulation,” “rapture” prophecy originates nearly exclusively from one John Darby, a defrocked, former minister of the Church of England, from the early 1800’s.

These JCs, total and absolute fools, traitors, and heretics, snip and paste, patch and “interpret” assorted quotations and passages from the Biblic books of Ezekiel, Daniel, then also from the New Testament Epistles of Saint Paul and of course the ever-handy Book of Revelation to finally arrive at the insane idea the US must “support” and subsidize Israel as it murders and dispossesses the Palestinian people, Arabs, including thousands of Arab Christians, and Islamics in general. And of course Jews are quick to take advantage of these incredibly stupid, brainless so-called “Christians,” purest traitors and heretics, parties now and accomplices to genocide and gross criminal conspiracy.

Indeed the Jews were in at the beginning of this horrific conspiracy to dupe these idiotic JCs as entirely new and false “interpretations” of the Bible and New Testament were written-in and produced by willing “Christian” cohorts and henchmen on the take from these Jews.

The famous “Scofield Bible” is one of the essential instruments of this amazing conspiracy as Scofield “interpreted” the Bible passages falsely and deliberately in order to favor this great Jew-JC conspiracy. And this incredible conspiratorial perversion of scholarship was perpetrated well before the even the founding of Israel, in 1909, when the Oxford University Press published the Scofield abomination, Oxford and England even then wholly owned prostitutes and subsidiaries of the Jew Rothschild financial empire.

Cyrus Scofield himself follows the typical pattern of prostitutes subborned by the Jews: he began as a crooked lawyer in Kansas, continued as forger and thief, then graduated to becoming a crooked pastor/preacher, fraudulently adding “Dr.” to his title, on the take from Jews in the US who easily connected with their cohorts at Oxford in England. Note this conspiratorial activity was going on immediately after the American Civil War. Thus the result was and is a Bible with “commentary,” totally fraudulent, which prophesizes the regeneration of Israel which all “Christians,” of course, are bound to support and bless–do you think I’m kidding? Check J.M. Canfield, The Incredible Scofield And His Book; Ross House Books, 1998.

Such are the basic facts of this amazing, incredible conspiracy by which Jews actually manipulate millions of gentile morons who think they’re Christians in order to murder innocent and undeserving third parties, including as stated, many Christians(!). Observe how this conspiracy is enabled and made possible by gentile traitors, false prophets, and actual anti-Christian heretics like Falwell and Robertson who are in turn financed, rewarded, bribed, and subsidized by the Judaic money power.

Thus the dictatorship of George Bush II is legitimized, and largely generated, and actualized by this amazing, so-called “Christian” support and constituency of the JCs. Thus the rest of the American people are persuaded and conned into thinking Bush is genuine Christian, supported and posed thereby against “liberals,” the pretended opposition constituency of Democrats, the perfect “good-cop vs. bad cop” farce and travesty, both factions serving Israel, then presented and played up by the establishment mass Jews-media, a putrid cheap popular theater for the goyim and rabble.

Is it any wonder then why the world is evermore forced to worship Jew lies and devil-religion like especially the holohoax which simply masks and hides the Jew-murderers of European Christians as of Russia, Ukraine, and Germany, among so many others?

Truly one of the great historical morals for this sad story and episode is the parallel with ancient Rome regarding this present scene of total Judaic takeover of our culture featuring, for example, removal of the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama state Supreme Court building at the same time of taxpayer-funded and -subsidy of the numerous holohoax museums. The Jews are literally, seriously, and genuinely taking over, imposing their religion, suppressing the people’s Christianity, simultaneously fomenting the steady invasion and infiltration of hordes of enemy races in form of “immigrants.”

The historical point to note is the exact same kind of takeover was happening in the Roman Empire of Constantine’s day. Constantine was the great hero and saint who took matters in hand and decisively defeated the Jews by means of overt and explicit ANTISEMITIC CHRISTIANITY. Precisely such antisemitic, explicitly objectivistic and rationalist Christianity is what is so urgently, even desperately, needed now in the US and West generally.

The genius of Judaism is it harnesses the power of human stupidity, hubris, and subjectivist delusion in the conversion and duping of these incredible brainless morons, the JCs, who issue from and populate the reputed most highly civilized and most “Christian” nation in history, the US, now programmed so well and so perfectly by the Jews-media–heresy, treason, and murder upheld as utmost religious virtue and piety by false prophets and gentile traitors and heretics, Falwell, Robertson, and Bush. Is the US a great country?

Thus Christains must urgently awaken unto the gross, horrific, murderous, and genocidal conspiracy and heresy arising and currently transpiring under their very noses and before their very eyes on the JC TV.

Halsell’s work is concise and to-the-point, containing a Preface, fourteen chapters and an Epilogue, all divided into six sections, then with glossary, bibliography, and index–a sleek little 132 page gem for the scholar and layman.

CONCLUSION: The lesson is Christianity has been perverted by the same basic subjectivism pervading the degenerate culture in Spenglerian “Decline of the West.” Without objectivity and reason Christianity loses its very identity, becoming merely a gentile version of cheapest Judaism–“Judeo-Christianity”–losing all its force and virtue in the face of Judaic subjectivism, hubris, moralism, and devilish insanity. Christianity is nothing if not anti-subjectivism, hence antisemitism. Christianity is properly objectivity itself, for its essence, and only objectivity and reason will now save Christians and the world from the insane Judaic murderers. Death to the Fed. Apollonian

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  7. 13 Responses to “News for No-Necks: The Scofield Conspiracy”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Great review, Apollonian. I think an objective observer can readily deduce that many Jews, throughout history, work for the destruction of Christianity and the civilization it helped to build. Schofield was a rotten sell-out.

      An objective observer . . . but I think an objective observer (in the great Western tradition of detatched objectivity) would notice things about the Bible, also.

      It seems to me that many things in the Bible just ain’t so—the Hebrews’ escape from Egypt, the “slaughter of the innocents” in the New Testament. There is no independent verification of either of these events; nor is there any archaeological evidence. Even the accounts of the resurrection seem to be embellished. The simple account in Mark ends with an empty tomb, then gets embellished until one telling of it has Roman soldiers guarding the tomb, angels descending and rolling away the stone, with the guards terrified and “becoming as dead men.”

      Textural criticism also reveals that the accounts in the Bible of the same events differ from each other, and have inconsistencies.

      I think that is the quandary of many people in regard to Christianity. It does indeed have high personal and group ethics and is a big red warning light about the motives of Jews. But how does one reconcile the events recorded in scripture with the findings (or lack thereof) of modern archaeology?

      I think this is one reason that people, good people, turn to this Schofield stuff, thinking that it offers modern-day, in-your-face verification of the scriptures. “See, see!” they say, ” You can see it happening, right now, just as the Scriptures foretold so long ago!” But it is a clever illusion, one that will dissolve all too soon.

      Personally, I think that if American Christianity lost the Schofield-believers, its numbers would be reduced greatly. This is a sad state of affairs, but I hope that it happens, and soon.

    2. I Says:

      I like Apollonian because I was browsing “911 Truth” websites (hahaha) and Apollonian kicks jew ass there and makes you laugh as he runs circles around these tools and jews.

      However, he’s still an X-man. It’s fucking stupid man, let it go.

    3. Angle Says:

      I am hoping that comments on this article will remain civil, and not degenerate into flame wars between classical christians and readers of other persuasions, and I’m especially not interested in reading 50 pages of mud-flinging between ‘appolonian’ and anti-christians.

      Yes christianity has become defective and inimical to White ethnic survival. However I think its best to let silly people have their myths. If christianity has truth, then it should stand the test of time. However, seeing as the jews have easily perverted and marginalized it, it is dying a faster death than even the most heathen of nazis could have wished. Christians would do well to realize they are a dying sect for the same reason White ethnic groups are dying. THE GOD DAMNED JEWS HAVE TOO MUCH POWER AND HATE THEM BEYOND WORDS.

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Good to see Appolonian back on line.

      ‘Angle’ summarises the situation exactly. If I may add; the churches are empty because the various sects are not serving the interests of White people.

    5. Neal Joitke Says:

      Very well done it is well orginized I have looked at this Schofield before.
      A couple of things are not mentioned After Scholfield defiled the King James
      Version of the bible. The Jews slowly were getting closer to getting the land of Palistine for them selves over a period of years. The other comintarys to the
      bible after Scholield were increasinly radical. They were really prepping us
      for the State of Israel. You can call it the Schofield revised notes more Jewish.
      What really got this garbage off the ground was the Great Depression.
      I call the Schofield Bible the Official bible of the Great depression. Here is why
      in the great depression every one was in a finacial hurt exempt the Great Depresion profiteers they were jewish. The very top of the Churches you know the seminarys were your pasters are taught to be pastors. They were in fincial bind. In come the Jew Rockifeller the non Christian and he gives
      lots of free money that he steels so easly to the very top of the Churchs.
      Not the ones you go to put the Colleges and Chuch hierachy that keeps the Denominations running. In come the Schofield bible at the top of the Chuch
      and your pastor to be is learning it strait from a jewish unbeliever.

    6. apollonian Says:

      Christian Ideal: Most Rational Expression Of Christian Aesthetic
      (Apollonian, 11 Nov 06)

      Thanks and I’m surprised to see my work showing up here; my prose is still much too prolix, I’m afraid.

      Note Christian Mentality-aesthetic is genuinely effective to COUNTER the Jew as Christian champions OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, hence determinism, hence science, etc., as in Gosp. JOHN–Whereas Jew is necessarily SUBJECTIVISTIC, emphasizing hubristic, perfectly “free” human free will, hence moralism-Pharisaism (leading then to “good works” of original Pelagian heresy, re-surgent later in time of Martin Luther).

      This Pharisaism/moralism-trumping-reality then is what founds such as Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) instrument for funding of Orwellian “perpetual war for perpetual peace,” as in Iraq, featuring MOSSAD false-flag front, “al Qaeda,” excuse for the JCs and “elders” who make up the DUPES FACTION for Jews (Pharisees) and gentile co-conspirators (“Sadduceans” of modern-day, like Falwel, Robertson, et al.) as topmost conspiracy masterminds. See TheNewAmerican.com for expo on the CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy.

      Note Congoleeza Rice herself EXPLICITLY refers to this moralistic “hatred” factor/element as justification for Iraq invasion and “regime change.”

      Living at “Gospel Rescue” places, as I have, confirms strong POTENTIAL for more realistic theologic emphasis and direction for the volk–utterly un-exploited as of now. Last nite, for example, for our mandatory chapel attendence we had some guitars (with sophisticated electronic amplifiers) and then some reading fm the book–that’s what we get, (1) entertainment, (2) pious platitudes and phrases utterly unconnected to political reality, (3) patronizing kind of sympathy for being so down-on-ur-luck, etc. There’s far too little attention paid to simplest theology–as in Gosp. MARK 7:1-8–real Christian antisemitism.

      Hence strategic political mentality, thus rhetoric must accommodate this real CHRISTIAN ANTI-THESIS TO Judaic-Talmudic SUBJECTIVISM. Key issue then is Morality/Ethics: Christian rejects Pharisaic godly and hubristic (perfectly) free will, once again.

      CONCLUSION: Pt. then for patriot rhetoric is to make optimum use of this Christian-inspired anti-semitic mentality, avoiding the present wastage. Otherwise it’s useful to analyze and denounce the present JC Heresy. Orthodox (meaning non-heretical) Christian mentality will become most effective only when it becomes more improved for its reason, hence antisemitism, they going together necessarily by nature, Christian antisemitism only proper aesthetic for PUREST REASON AND LOGIC. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    7. Biff Baxter Says:

      Angle’s comments are superb.

      As a sincere scriptural Christian, I agree completely that Christians worldwide have made themselves out to be the weakest and most insipid people imaginable seeing the rapidity of it’s decline, particularly in Europe and followed on the heels of the rest of the Western world. They themselves have made it obvious their false religion is of no avail against the lies of the Jew bastards.

      Scofield’s fungal affliction ate out the rationalist, objective core of Christianity which was the entire source of it’s strength as a desire to reflect the mind of God in truthfulness. Truth as a virtue in itself is entirely the invention of the Christian faith and the most powerful ally the West has ever had in it’s ascent. It has also demonstrated that once corrupted by shabbas goyim Scofield, it is also the vehicle of least resistance straight to the bottom.

      Like it or not atheists, (I was one myself once) Western civ’s boat has floated and foundered on this religion. Telling whites to disarm themselves of their religious cosmology is faintly Jewish in and of itself.

      We need a Christian reform as radical as that seen in Germany under Martin Luther and we need it soon. The Jewish run churches are already seeing massive declines in attendance and it is because many, many people suspect they are loosely veiled vessels for jewdeo-nigger rubbish that has supplanted the Christian faith.

      Just like the Romans in the latter stage of their decline, those encouraging us to discard our entire theology in favor of nothing at all are as bad or worse than jews themselves in their capacity to destroy. The Romans, once stripped of all their “illusions,” were easy fodder indeed for the barbarian hordes, where once they would have stood as one united front under their gods. People telling us to completely divest ourselves of all our founding “myths” are working with the enemy. The jew wants you to be deracialized and defrocked of all context so you will have no unifying context. If White Racial identify ALONE were capable of changing this then it would have done so long, long ago. It’s precisely because of our highly individual natures we whites need two contexts – one racial identity and the other a common spiritual identity.

      You whites that think yourselves clever with critiques against the fish in the barrel that is the simple, elegant genius of Christian faith are as opportunistic and as literal minded as any jew Tikkuner. Truth be known you have no superior replacement despite your overblown conceit that you do … be it “cosmotheism” or some such new age wankerism.

      Christianity is the most superior spiritual doctrine the world has ever known if practiced as our fathers did. It just needs the twelve inches of dung the jews have painted it with sandblasted off and it will be as good as new.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      For a very informative talk about Scofield:

      Go to ihr.org, click on audio archives, and go to the program by Chuck Carlson for April 24, 2004.

      Carlson talks about Scofield, John Darby, the 14-year old mystic, Margaret MacDonald, and how Oxford University Press has continued to “update” the writings of Scofield.

      As Carlson says, Scofieldism is as huge a mistake (and moneymaker) for the Protestants as the selling of indulgences was for the Catholics a few centuries ago.

      This thing is huge! And when it falls . . . . WHAM!!!

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Biff Baxter

      Good article. OK, we are in the depths of a ‘spiritual’ crisis, a crisis of confidence in ourselves and of our destiny. But how are we going to sandblast away a century’s worth of talmudic dirt to reveal the sparkling chrome surface of White Christianity?

    10. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      Neal Joitke is pretty much on the mark. Jews are behind the corrupting of the written Word of GOD, and the sad, and criminal thing about it is, the so-called Judeo christian pastors, and the misled flocks are partakers with them in their evil deeds.

    11. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      These insane so-called Judeo Christian false pastors, and the dumb misled sheep are praying for the destruction of the earth.
      I wonder how many of these people read their own bibles, instead of taking the word of the likes of Jerry Falwell, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Benny Hinn, etc. etc.
      Do they not know GOD condemns the very acts they are praying for.

      Rev 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

    12. Victoria Says:

      I couldn’t say it better than Biff Baxter and Anglo Saxon Is Israel. Well really all of the above commentors. I am a CI Christian, but do not agree with all CI’s. I read and study the Bible and ask God for HIS truth to be revealed to me. There has been so much false teachings out there and it is clear who is behind it all. Scofield and Darby among others are frauds. We most certainly do need another Martin Luther! Christians today have no excuse not to find the truth! There is so much info out there on the net that they could at least open their eyes and use some discernment when listening to their false prophet in Church on Sunday mornings.

    13. empty pockets Says:

      MY measley NET income ….I give 10% to the church so the shekel shifters can arm the ragheads and niggers…..I am co-erced out of 40% thru scads of double taxation so the state dept. can support commies and other baptists….. I am victimized by Corporate PHISHING to increase profits…SCHLOMO and VINNY need their PROTECTION MONEY……after working 16 hours a day to support these worthy groups , I stand at redlights carrying a sign, declaring——- I’LL WORK FOR FOOD !!! what’s a white boy to do ???