14 November, 2006

Queer Bar to Open in Kirksville

Posted by alex in Kirksville at 3:37 pm | Permanent Link

[plus details on recent stabbings; also, don’t miss at least one college response to anti-Hannah posts on different thread]


…the bar behind Toons (now called Coyotes) will be made into a queer bar called Rainbow Club, opening very soon. That makes one big building full of diversity, spreading crime and disease, all for the edification of local hicks.


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  7. 3 Responses to “Queer Bar to Open in Kirksville”

    1. alex Says:

      [pro-Hannah comments, bottom…]


    2. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Alex You need some tourist from Russia – 20-30 skins.
      They have lots of those guys around ;-)

    3. van helsing Says:

      coyote (remember “cat out your old tired ethics” , the hooker outfit?), rainbow, what’s the diff?