7 November, 2006

STEELE: Stunned and Amazed

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by Edgar J. Steele

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. When you give up that force, you are ruined.”
— Patrick Henry

“Necessity is the plea of every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
— William Pitt, Speech on the India Bill, Nov. 18, 1783.

“A tyrant… is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.”
— Plato,The Republic (circa 380 B.C.)

My name is Edgar J. Steele.

Today brings the most important American election ever held. Or the least important – I’m not sure which. Of one thing I am certain, however: there is no in-between. The answer turns upon whether things already have gone too far.

Certainly, America’s laws, procedures and governmental structure make it possible for those now running things to ignore this election’s results, regardless of the outcome. I speak, not simply of the Patriot Acts, but particularly of the laws pushed through and signed within just the past month or so.

Framework for Tyranny

The structure now is in place for turning America into the largest concentration camp since Mao Tse Tung ruled over China, with tracking and enforcement capabilities that once appeared only in Joe Stalin’s wildest wet dreams.

A few days ago, President Bush signed away the last vestige of the US Constitution with something called the “Military Commissions Act” (MCA). The MCA allows government officials to designate any American an “enemy combatant” on the flimsiest of excuses.

Though touted as the next logical step in America’s Orwellian “War Against Terrorism,” let me simply cut to the chase for you. I have read the MCA and a variety of others’ analyses of its provisions. Here’s how it can be utilized: Simply for disagreeing with our government, we now can be designated enemy combatants and seized without warrants, held indefinitely without charges, tortured, sent to other countries, tried without juries on evidence we are not allowed to see and with witnesses we cannot hear or, even, know about, then sentenced to death. All without our families and friends ever being told what has happened to us.

Furthermore, this can all take place with absolutely no appeal possible to any court. Thus the time-honored protection of habeas corpus (which in Latin literally means “show the body”), whereby anybody in custody used to be able to invoke a court hearing, finally has been overridden.

I wish I were kidding. I wish I were exaggerating. For those who may not know, I am a lawyer, well experienced in statutory interpretation and usage. The foregoing is my legal opinion. And not just mine. More than one judge has expressed much the same opinion, in writing, of the MCA.

The MCA takes care of people like myself. Now for people like you.

Just signed into law: the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the Administration to take direct control of any and all National Guard units, over even the objection of state and local officials to whom they report, through the simple expedient of declaring a “public emergency” – again, only the flimsiest of excuses is necessary. The stationing and use of troops within America for controlling Americans also is allowed for the first time. (Openly, that is – Waco proved that America’s military has been used by recent Administrations in actions against American citizens.) Thus ends another time-honored protection of citizen rights: the Posse Comitatus Act, which America’s founders crafted specifically to prevent the use of America’s military troops against her own citizens.

Why is Posse Comitatus important? Consider the difference in the objectives of traditional police officers (not the paramilitary shock troops now fielded by many police departments) and the military: Police officers are supposed to be trained to maintain order and assist civilians, while the military is trained to win, even at the expense of civilian life (collateral damage, in the Orwellian terminology of Donald Rumsfeld). For example, witness the huge loss of civilian life which continues to occur in Iraq at the hands of American military forces.

And the screws tighten ever further on a daily basis. Just announced: Effective January 14, citizens will need clearance from the Department of Homeland Security to leave or enter their own country, regardless of whether we possess valid passports. What is the point of a passport? Why screen citizens going abroad?


In fact, just what is the point of all this new domestic regulation that completely subverts the US Constitution? Obviously, not to prevent acts of terrorism, none of which have taken place within America, 9/11 notwithstanding (I really don’t need to remind you of its having been an inside job, now do I?). Else, why keep America’s southern border open to every pregnant Mestizo in seek of a welfare ticket? Good questions, aren’t they?

Here’s the answer: to keep all of us in line when the rioting begins. Okay, if you don’t think so, then please give me a better reason. Just one.

What riots? The ones that will occur when Depression II really takes hold and most of us find ourselves on the outside, looking in at the likes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and your congressmen living high at our expense. They know what is coming, obviously, else they would not be rushing into place the mechanisms by which they plan to protect themselves from the rest of us. That’s why they needed 9/11 – it was the perfect excuse for putting into place these protective mechanisms.

Have Things Gone Too Far?

So, what do you think? Have things gone too far? If so, then we might as well all just stay home and watch TV today, because voting is pointless. If not, then we all need to get up and go vote like we never have voted before.

Ok, say you think we should vote … then for whom? For anybody except an incumbent, that’s who. If it comes to choosing between a Republican non-incumbent and a Democrat non-incumbent, choose the Democrat simply to make a statement about what these reprehensible hypocrites and parasites have done to our beloved America.

If everybody simply voted against incumbency, then the results would be too overwhelming for even those standing ready to rig the close contests. Even so, it will make little difference, I suppose. Only those carefully vetted and ready to take a turn at the trough are allowed onto the ballots.

I expect there to be a massive turning out of Republican incumbents, so as to deliver to the American people the illusion of having “thrown the rascals out.” It will not matter. The only difference remaining between Republicans and Democrats these days is how their party affiliation is spelled.

To hear me expound upon the pointlessness of today’s midterm elections in what has become my typical form, click here (http://tinyurl.com/y29o84) to listen in to my interview with the host of The Political Cesspool, James Edwards, from just a couple of days ago (once downloaded, advance to approximately the 36th minute for the start of the interview).

How today’s election turns out depends upon whether enough of America’s “Independent” voters have been paying attention. And we still won’t have the answer even after the results are tallied and reported. We will have the answer only when we see whether those elected are sufficiently convinced of our resolve to cause them to countermand the orders of the hidden few who have taken over America.

You Say Neocon, I say Commie Bastard

To be sure, today’s awareness level has increased. Even the Neocons now have turned upon their straw men, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Their blood is in the water. But that betrayal simply reflects how “flexible” neoconservative thinking can be while doggedly pursuing its One World Order grail. Moral relativism, it is called. The end justifies the means. If it feels good, do it. You know – Communism, to borrow the label of your father’s generation.

Though Communism was invented by globalists, even its ideological framework served merely as a means to an end: One-world government, run by them. That’s why yesterday’s Communists are today’s capitalists, to use the term to which so many now lay claim. This isn’t your father’s capitalism about which we’re talking, of course.

Through usage, “Neoconservative” now has become synonymous with what these people represent and, in the process, the term has dirtied itself. Almost time for another shucking of the exoskeleton by these ideological shape shifters par excellence.

The Winter of Our Discontent

A great many have written, asking where I have been. Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate the concern. I’ve been right here … thinking about the momentous changes that have taken place in America in recent weeks and days and considering how best to respond to them.

And getting ready for winter, which has been delayed here in North Idaho by unseasonably fair weather.

As pointed out in my book, Defensive Racism, winter may well be the very thing that provided those of us of European ancestry with our intellect and motivation. In the distant past, neither dummies nor the shiftless made it through to Spring. Neither did those who failed to provide for their mates and offspring, hungrily huddled and shivering, back in the cave. It takes foresight to lay up supplies during fair weather for coming hard times. Foresight requires intellect.

The obvious reality of Evolution, which coexists quite nicely with the fact of Creation, thank you, did its job in culling out the dimwitted among our ancestors. In Africa, evolution culled out the physically slow and those less prone to self-protective violence, not to mention those not given to profligate sexual behavior, necessary in a world where death is the order of the day, all of which goes a long way toward explaining the current state of affairs in Detroit, as well as every city in the World with a large concentration of Blacks. African evolution never motivated invention of a rudimentary wheel, even, hard though that may be to believe.

We never seem to get fully ready for winter here in North Idaho. Fences to mend. Firewood to cut, split and haul. Hay to put up for the livestock. Freezers to stock. Snow tires to mount. Plows to get out and service. Lawn mowers to service and put away. It is no accident that the wheel figures prominently in a great many of those activities. Recognizing this connection to our distant past evolution is something I have dubbed the “Zen of Tractor Maintenance.”

Always, it gets to the point, along about the first of October, that we wonder, yet again, why we didn’t do more throughout the all-too-brief summer. Resolving to do better next year, we make the hard decisions about what will not get done before snow falls. Every year, it is the same. But, every year sees our lot improve a bit, as we seem always to make at least some headway with that list, a list that I realize, now, never will be completed.

Similarly, we now enter the early Winter of America’s development, with many of us wondering why we didn’t do more to prepare for the coming hard times.

Baby, the Snow Must Fall

Though it may be late again this year, inevitably snow will come. Those new to the area have no idea just how bad it can get. You see them everywhere, frittering away their time in sundry idle pursuits. They will see. The snow will fall, just like always. They will be the ones complaining about the bitter cold. The ones needing their cars pulled from the ditches. The ones bitching about the cost of heating oil and propane.

The new and the slower-witted among our ranks up here now are preoccupied with pre-season football, bachelorettes without roses and the deep significance of last week’s episode of “Lost.” Grasshoppers, all of them, who will expect the ants among us to “he’p” them, as so disingenuously demanded by the denizens of New Orleans not long ago (“He’p us! He’p us! Oh, why won’t nobody come he’p us poh folk? Buy me a house! Gimme food! You owe me, you racist crackers!”) Notice that they needed no help carrying all that merchandise out of the stores they looted.

Freedom is like summer. Freedom feels good while it’s here and is sorely missed only when it is gone. Imagine waking up one morning and finding that gravity no longer works. Only as you float away do you realize how much you took it for granted. Farfetched? Inevitably, gravity no longer will work, you know – after the supernova burns the earth to a crisp, billions of years off in the future. Just as inevitably, so too will snow once again fall in North Idaho as Winter wears on.

The Circle of Strife

Just as snow always takes the place of summer breezes, so, too, will freedom be displaced by tyranny, just as always, in every country, down through history. There is a constant ebb and flow of freedom under all forms of government, in a process I think of as the “Circle of Strife.”

Today in America we live more in the memory of freedom than actual freedom, itself. Just ask those who fly and must endure the insufferable arrogance and boorish behavior of the room-temperature-IQ louts wearing TSA uniforms. Just ask those so harassed that, already, they have fled to other countries. Just ask those handed over for imprisonment and prosecution, in that order, under the new laws noted above.

Stunned and Amazed

Ever since the MCA passed Congress a month ago and I realized it would become the law of the land, I have been stunned beyond words. Stunned and Amazed. Thus, my recent relative silence.

What should I do? Still, I am in a quandary. Written complaints do no good, obviously. Those who need to be reached will not read or listen to my words. The government will respond only badly.

I have considered packing up my family and moving to another country, an option that I now must make ready.

I have considered issuing a call for a new American Revolution, but that simply would get me arrested.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, I sit here. On the one hand, I am stunned and amazed at the speed with which George W. Bush (his masters, actually) has implemented a full-on dictatorship. On the other hand, I am stunned and amazed at the general lack of comprehension throughout America of the significance of what just has taken place.

Stunned and amazed. You should be, too. Consider that carefully as you cast your ballot. Remember: Vote against all incumbents.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


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  7. 10 Responses to “STEELE: Stunned and Amazed”

    1. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I left the US over ten years ago. There were a number of reasons, but I think the primary one was that I was tired of living in a police state. Most of the Americans around me didn’t seem to be overly concerned about how controlled they were. They seemed to actually believe that they lived in the ‘land of freedom and opportunity’. I had felt that it was a place of great space and opportunity when I first arrived as a young man twenty years before, but that was because it was all new to me then. It took a few years but I gradually became unsettled by what I was experiencing. My political, racial and spiritual outlook was naturally ‘extremist’, so I was not subject to brainwashing by the jewsmedia. With such a mentality one is able to observe more objectively, and I began to see America as a sinister place with a negative influence on the world. Hardly surprising when it is so totally under kike control. I could see even then that the America representative of white civilization was almost gone and was being replaced by something more representative of a communist state. Of course the foundations had been laid long before I was born; it is just that it was becoming manifest now. I decided that it was time to go. A couple of friends came to see me off at Newark airport. They thought I was overreacting. They were racial nationalists like me but they could not really imagine their precious Constitution and Bill of Rights being destroyed. Perhaps I was being melodramatic but I told them that the US would be like the Soviet Union within twenty years. I was wrong. It only took ten. I mentioned on this site and on others recently that I thought that soon it would be made difficult for Americans to leave the country. As Mr Steele mentions above come January you will need clearance from DHS to leave. Perhaps Alan Dershowitz will become the new Felix Derzhinsky head of the American Cheka. What kind of mercy do you think Alan and his kike enforcers would show to the authors and readers of VNN? Remember, when the vampires disarmed the Russian people they launched an unprecedented bloodbath. The Russians had no real inkling of what was in store for them. You Americans have no excuse for such ignorance. If you allow them to take your guns you deserve what they intend to do to you.

    2. Jim Says:

      “Like a deer caught in the headlights, I sit here. ” That one line eloquently sums up exactly how I’ve felt for the past five years. I still can’t answer the question – leave or stay. Neither seems like a viable alternative. What to do?

    3. abe foxman Says:

      Great article by Ed Steele. And like Alex Linder is equally articulate live!
      Looking at the state of the present US and it’s demise over the past 25 years, I cannot help but reflect on the movie the Alien which is also almost 25 years old.
      The eeriest feeling of deja vu I have is the scene in the cafeteria after the crew member who was brought back to the ship with the Alien embryo wrapped around his neck, had seemingly recovered with the Alien having detached itself.
      The Alien is the Jew Communist, the ship was the US, Weaver (wanting to deny entry to the infected crew member) was the intrepid voice of people like Alex Linder and Ed Steel , the cyborg (disobeying Weaver’s order and allowing the contaminated crew member onto the ship) was the goyim, the infected crew member was Russia and the remaining cast were the dumb sheeple thinking about their material wellbeing.
      The Jew Communists needed a place to incubate….a host. They used Russia but all the time their target was the US. Those intrepid voices were Henry Ford et al. They slowly infected that country, had assumed control and achieved supremacy during Reagan’s years. They no longer needed the donor. The Soviet Union fell apart. The sheeple celebrated thinking their ship was safe……and the rest? well that’s history.
      Even by detonating the ship, Weaver couldn’t destroy the Alien. She eventually had to stand her ground and fight. Either you or the beast! That point in reality is approaching fast!

    4. Carpenter Says:

      I used to love those liberty quotes: they sounded like the final word, all the time. But I have come to realize that individual freedom is not the highest end in politics; survival for your people is. And the talk about the government using wars to tighten the legal screws; sure, grab the chance in wars, but whatever libertarians may think they are some wars, and yes, some invasions, that need to be done. Everyone knows this, really, but it is always inconvenient for your side to admit it.

      Anyway. It is interesting that the neocons have started to jump ship, like Steel points out, blaming Bush and saying “we didn’t have anything to do with it!” Like rats leaving the sinking ship. Will they get away with it? I think the memory of them will live on – these wars will be analyzed for years and years to come. They won’t be named as Jews, but “neocon” will be intimately connected to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in the future. And for those who are racially aware, it will be easy to point out how many of the people on the list are Jews. In the end, this war helps us, because it helps us build our case.

    5. Mati The Estonian Says:

      You guys have only ONE option – FIGHT – and get prepared for long and bloody fight. but You money down for guns – small guns, middle size guns and big guns (You now those 50mm or something rifles one can get a clear shot from Rosslyn,DC to 1600 PennAve, NW, DC). I and WE estonians had the same momentum like 15 years ago (admitted it was mostly orcestrated by globalist-kommunist-kikes) but like from thin air from gunless society (soviets had VERY strict gun rules – by having illigal gun one can get shot ) we found handguns, shotguns, mashine guns and even 2 WWII tanks pluss armored vehicles – so actually pro soviet “proletariat” was amased and they actually feared to come out to streets to make pro-soviet stand.
      I have sayd that before – I lived in US like 5 years and I have some ideas what You have there – so go to Texas get a gun or two few boxes of ammo and then find ANY National Guard, police, federal or whatever agent You can get You hands on and start EDUCATE or TEACH this person about kikes about 9/11 about everthing YOU know about wolrd and stuff so when the time comes HI will think twice or trice (3 times) before ricing his hand against patriots.

      Make my word – YOU WILL HAVE A FIGHT, I know You and I do not like it but its “rule of thumb” – You will have it – and thats the final fight. if USA falls the rest of world will follow like dominos …
      kike-machine works right now in high gear – they but laws in place not only in USA in Estoni to, they telling daily You guys dont need a guns bring them to the Police (some even do this but mostly old basically useless guns). I pesonally have my stash of ammo and guns and I have no intension whatsoever to take this to Police or whatever authority wants it.

      In just little bit lighter mood – take a look serias called Battlestar Galactica (they have some pol-corr stuff like muds and kikes ) and look and listen what they TALK its very intresting how kikes will let lines like this go thru to the public eyes(ears). and only the 3rd season – 1&2 are mostly usual diversity, pol-corr propaganda and brain tamer (tamed brain)…

      Happy Hunting for WFK (world free of kikes)

    6. Timothy Says:

      Rumsfeld is the first bit of ballast the kikes are throwing overboard. More is likely to come in the last two years of the Bush presidency.

      Watch the kikes slyly rewrite history in the next few years.

      Five years from now,the official history of the Bush administration-as written by the neocons and their brethren in the press-will be that Bush,Cheney and Rumsfeld were solely responsible for Iraq,etc. The neocons were actually against the wars,but those evil,imperialist WHITE men insisted on invading and killing those noble brown people against the neocons objections.

      The Bush puppet has outlived its usefulness,so the Kikes are now scheming on how to distance themselves from him while planning what guise they’ll take in the next presidency.

    7. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘Mati the Estonian’: agree pretty much 100%….white men in the US are gunna hafta ‘bite the bullet’ & soon: quoted yr post abv in VNNF too, BTW

      one caveat: don’t waste yr time & energy ‘proselytising’ to cops & feds!: most of these are low-life ZOG stooges and would ‘run you in’ @ ‘the drop of a hat’ AS SOON AS THEY heard any-thing even vaguely smacking of ‘armed insurrection’!……these toe-rags ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR! AND, UNDER VIRTUALLY NO CIRCUMSTANCE, WILL THEY ENDANGER THEIR CUSHY, WELL-PAID, ‘jobs’, their ‘lurks & perks’, their retirement @ 45 and/or their over-blown and over-generous ‘pension schemes’!…..NO WAY!…FORGET THEM!…they’re yr ENEMIES white man(unless there are a few, and it would be VERY FEW who are ‘under-cover’ WN/NS)….THESE ARE THE PRICKS YOUSE ARE GUNNA HAFTA TAKE OUT ON DAY ONE!…..don’t forget: they’ve TAKEN AN OATH to defend ZOG!….so: how can some-one who HAS TAKEN A SOLEMN OATH like THAT be trusted?….even IF they professes
      WN/NS ‘sympathies’?…..even if they COULD demonstrate their racial loyalty…..HOW COULD YOU STILL TRUST THEM?…..because they WOULD BE BREAKING THEIR WORD….un-less they had taken an even stronger oath to defend the White Race? (like the ‘Order Oath’ in ‘The Turner Diaries’!)

      National Guard: possible!…most of them are just ‘ordinary joes’ doin’ a bit of ‘weekend-warrior’ stuff….BUT: don’t trust ANY that have been to Iraq….that means they’re ZOG boys!
      (and any-one who kills un-armed and innocent women & kids @ THE BEHEST of ZOG must be viewed as INHERENTLY UN-RELIABLE for starters!)

    8. jimbo Says:

      re: Edgar Steele’s broadcast: re: The Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and John Warner National Defence Authorisation Act…….howz abt: we just let those lie there and, pending a white take-over of the ‘Kwa: then we can USE THEM AGAINST our numerous enemies!….just a thought!
      (an easy and effective way of ‘disappearing’ uppity niggz, jews, race traitors and chabbez-gois!)

    9. Biff Baxter Says:

      It’s doesn’t matter a sheeny on a nit’s ass who won the election. It’s all the same party, playing defense one day and offense the next, the same ideology reflected through different lenses to seem as if it is in opposition to itself.

      The Democrats will prove as adept as the Republicans at advancing the cause – the destruction and enslavement of the United States into a global world government run out of Tel Aviv. The Democrats will now levy crippling taxes, throw the borders wide open, crank up plans for the North American Union and run the military straight into the ground.

      The way things are going, jewish handpuppet Hillary looks like she will be getting in when Bush is retired. Different shabbas goyim but the yids in the shadows never change. They’ve got the checkbooks and they fund everybody’s campaign on the tacit assumption they will suck kosher poop like a true Farah when they get in office.

      The yoshis think that a race so willing to betray it’s own kind deserves whatever it gets. I certainly think that is true of a subset of whites. I embrace the inevitable coming world war as a real opportunity to shuck off the gentile house niggers first, then muds and yoos. The gene pool needs chlorination, it’s getting so murky in there I can’t see anything but an even blend of shit-brown.

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      propaganda propaganda and thousands more times PROPAGANDA …
      to take “loan” from ZOG persons – any publicity is a good publicity.
      so guys do something – watever small or big – so those “average Joes”
      can get a atleast hint THERE IS A RECISTANSE.
      what comes to a cops lets be honest – ( I still belive it) there are lots of them from “good guys” section. problem is they dont have/see ANY alternatives from ZOG.
      white movement is fragmented, lots of infighting, stuped assholes “playing” skins, subvertive elements from ZOG taking ANY opportunity to discredit movement.

      as You see we have only option left at this point in time – PUBLICITY. any how any kind – via media via personal contacts. and heavens sake guys STOP this f***ing beer drinking in allmost ANY occasion. clean up You act so the ZOG will NOT have chance to discredit us (at least less options). new Estonian president had this to say “Getting high is getting stupid” and WE the white people dont have luxury being stupid …