18 November, 2006

The Tazerizers

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http://www.prisonplanet.com:80/articles/november2006/161106torturedid.htmThe first indication that abuse is going to be committed is when a person tries to gain control over someone other than himself.

We’ve had a lot of time, now, to recognize that things like this were going to happen. And still no one is doing anything effective to end it. Therefore it only makes sense to believe that it isn’t actually that important to anyone but the victims themselves. The police understand this very well. And so do the politicians. In fact, they are relying on it. The purpose of the repeated shocks is to provide the onlookers with a motive for doing nothing. The cops know this. That’s what makes the onlookers victims. They are not capable or willing to do what is necessary to achieve what they think they believe in. They prefer not to endanger themselves. They prefer to return to their own comfortable studies as soon as conveniently possible. Then they will gladly forget what happened. And the next time it happens, they will not stand up, they will not say anything, they will not protest. The police know this. It is only when these potential victims’ lives and families are being directly threatened themselves, and only after they have felt seriously threatened for a very long time, that they will ultimately respond. By that time a lot will have happened. What we are seeing is only the beginning. It will get much worse. And it will keep on getting worse, until the victims have no choice but to decide not to continue to endure it. Then it will stop, and only then. And the victims will have to do the very thing which they most ernestly do not want to do, and they will have to do so together in numbers. Before that occurs, what usually happens is that some external foe enters the nation and destroys it. Many of us will live to see that. It’s happening how. In the meantime, the most beneficial weapon our enemies can use against us is our own unwillingness to do whatever they cause to be necessary in stopping them.

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  7. 11 Responses to “The Tazerizers”

    1. Geoff Beck Says:

      Too bad these students didn’t gang up on the pigs and beat them to a pulp. The time for talk and debate on these matters is finished. The pigs are doing this because they CAN DO IT. Fight back or be a slave.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      For one, what kind of name is Tabatabainejad ? Sounds semetic to me.

      Secondly, a college is not your property unless of course you own it, so this Tabatabainejad was trespassing. I mean I don’t get in fights trying to get passed security anywhere, why was this guy instigating this situation?
      You know if I act like a prick to the cops, I too could end up being another Rodney King if I refuse to ignore orders and am lucky enough to be filmed.

      Thirdly, the cops did use excessive force, but how were they trained and by what rules? Could it be the cops be excessively relying on the latest law enforcement submission fad, the tazer?

      Lastly, this will work out in he courts, and Tabatabainejad will probaby make a few hundred thousand on the lawsuit.
      Another semite, who should be repatriated, will do well in the US as a victim.

    3. Geoff Beck Says:


      It doesn’t matter, in some regards, that this guy was some sort of mud. While I don’t care if a mud is beaten up, I do recognize these pigs would relish taking out the teeth of any WN’sts too.

    4. mrcrouton Says:

      Point well taken, however why fight for a grubby Moslem who is apt to rape white women anyway? Why take his side? Would you want him to marry your white daughter?
      So why befriend him?

      We have a score to settle with those people, semites, in this country, and especially the rapists in Europe, who require mass expulsions.
      As long as they are in our midst, we should make sure their situation here is uncomfortable, so they feel compelled to return to their homeland, in this case likely to be Iran. In other cases Israel. Semites belong in the mid east, not north america or europe or any white lands. That fact cannot be debated or compromised in the rhetoric of white nationalists.

      As for the cops, the white ones should be our allies, and we should like a knee jerk, refexiely take their side when they abuse non whites, who have no place in our white nation.

      Let the non-whites know that white people hate them, and I argue that we need to revoke racial tension, and not ally with any semites, Jews or Moslems, because both are a curse among white european people.

      I’m siding with the (white cops) on this one, and I want them profiling non-whites.
      If it alienates semites, I’m for it.

      I understand the cops might do this to white nationalists, but don’t underestimate how many cops are secretly white nationalist sympathizers. I know some cops, security force types, and many are on our side.
      We need to recruit white cops into white nationalism, so when the day comes they can fit in perfectly with our agenda, and serve our goals.

    5. New America Says:

      Everyone has only seen – as in the Rodney King tape – a snippet of a longer tape, substantially longer, in this case.

      Recently, the Supreme Court said you do NOT have the right to remain silent; you MUST identify yourself to the Authorities, when asked.

      It’s that simple.

      You can protest, scream, holler, moan and complain all day long; all it will get you is time, and the tazer.

      The law enforcement community knew what they were doing, with an entire room of politically active students watching; they KNEW they were going RIGHT BY THE BOOK – period.

      I have close friends in the law enforcement community; they know better than you, where The Line is; if you want to pick a fight with them, you will ALWAYS lose.

      Remember, the occasional rare verdict for Rodney King to the contrary, and you can only wonder how much of that went to the lawyers – hint – the law enforcement community represents The State, the Judge represents The State, and the State’s Attorney represents The State. Your lawyer is licensed by The State, and, if you have a Public Defender, they are paid (indirectly) by The State.

      You probably see a Pattern here.

      Simply comply, while diplomatically asserting your rights, and not making a fool of yourself by claiming “rights” that do not even have the force of paper to back them up.

      If I seem a little forceful on this, it’s because I came here from various points along the Conservative to Libertarian spectrum, and, I can assure you, those organizations – particularly the Patriots – are FULL of people with long, well reasoned, tightly structured legal arguments that MAY be correct, MAY be accurate, but have no weight whatsoever in a court of law – I did not say “Court of Justice” – I said “Court of Law.”

      In these organizations you will have people tell you you do not have to have a driver’s license to operate, or have tags on, a motor vehicle. Their long, tightly reasoned arguments carry no weight whatsoever in Court, and, after paying the costs of the tow truck, the impound lot fees (“You say you had an engagement ring for your girlfriend in the glove compartment., and it’s missing? Sorry. No engagement ring on the Vehicle Inventory Report.”), attorneys fees, and NOW, the cost of getting a driver’s license AND tags AND insurance – you will See The Light.

      And when they tell you why you don’t have to pay Federal income taxes, ask them how that argument worked out for Irwin Schiff.

      You use police in your community; you use military forces to govern political borders; the multicultural state blends these two functions, as the political borders have been removed, and the inevitable cultural clash requires solutions structured among military lines. I suspect, in time, the Rules of Criminal Procedure will come to resemble the Uniform Code of Military Justice…

      Go to Edgar J. Steele’s website, and download his mp3 entitled “Let’s Get Small.” He’ll tell you pretty much the same thing, and he has learned this the hard way, from seeing how The State dealt with his clients.

      Learn from his painfully gained experience.

      NEVER argue with the police, and ALWAYS be polite; if they ask you to identify yourself, using two fingers and an open hand, give him your damn identification, and make life easy for everyone. This costs nothing, and could save you a good deal of time, money and effort… as well as being tazered, AND arrested.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    6. Carpenter Says:

      For one, what kind of name is Tabatabainejad ? Sounds semetic to me.

      It is Iranian – which the YouTube video would teach you, if you’d care to look it up. Iranians are not Semites, you moron.

      And that he is a mud is completely beside the point, as everyone but you has understood. It is about what the police can do to U.S. citizens.

      Or maybe you think those mud cops were trying to make him feel “uncomfortable” as you say, so he would leave the country for the good of Whites? Right.

      “Let the non-whites know that white people hate them, and I argue that we need to revoke racial tension, and not ally with any semites, Jews or Moslems, because both are a curse among white european people.”

      Uh, so you side with the mud cops dishing out the juice instead. Hypocrite.

      And here’s a news flash for you: Islam is not a race. You talk about “any semites, Jews or Moslems” – as if Muslim equals Semite. Man, read a book once in a while.

      Cops are secretly White Nationalist sympathizers? Yeah. Right. Some may not like immigration, but if you think that means they give jack shit about White Nationalists, you have no idea how they’re thinking. Pierce had the police pegged. Authoritarians.

    7. robert Says:

      This is not about whether the student was right, or even about whether he is an enemy of ours. It’s about whether we want police to use such force, because we are potentially targets ourselves. Those who believe that absolute submission is always appropriate may argue that police can do no wrong. But it is we ourselves who hold the right and power to decide such things, not the police. And if we do not deploy these rights and powers we will cease to have them. We will win in the end. But before that, we are going to have do a lot of things very differently from the way we do them now.

    8. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      It’s time you people start to realize that you live in a state where the authorities can now do just about anything they want to you. If they target you they can take your children away from you, or your house if you don’t pay property taxes, no matter how onerous. The use of your own money has become increasingly restricted and you are watched in every phase of your life. It was a slow process at first but has accelerated a lot over the last few years. You now live in an authoritarian police state which is becoming a totalitarian police state. Your constitution and bill of rights are dead letters. Can you imagine a Soviet citizen refusing to give the KGB their ID? Your are just about there. The only hurdle remaining for the kikes now is your ‘right’ to own guns. If they disarm you remember what they did to the disarmed Russians.
      Since 1945 you have watched the kikes destroy your country without resistance. These monsters feel confident that they can go all the way. Why wouldn’t they? Since you destroyed National Socialism for them it’s been a one way street. Up to now whites have tried to escape rather than fight. When resistance without bloodshed was possible you played by the kikes’ rules and lost. Now, bloodshed is impossible to avoid. You need to mentally prepare yourselves. Forget childish stuff like refusing to give your ID or demanding your constitutional rights. Cops are mercenary thugs who will crush you with pleasure. The kikes will give them a pat on the back and a bonus.
      Start thinking insurgency. You are just about there.

    9. lawrence dennis Says:

      Mr. Crouton has it right:

      Secondly, a college is not your property unless of course you own it, so this Tabatabainejad was trespassing.

      If the man were not a student or otherwise connected to the university, then that would mean that he was trespassing. So the campus police are examining a potential suspect. Also not mentioned in the article is the frequent incidence of non-university trespassers in the computer lab. This almost certainly occurs so often that random checks of the computer lab became necessary long ago. Furthermore, it is almost certainly campus policy that students and faculty et al. are required to show ID to campus police if requested.

      On a personal note, I had something very similar happen to me on a private university campus some years ago. I, too, refused to show my ID. Fortunately I was not tasered, but I was arrested. Although at the time I thought this treatment to be unjust, I now see that the campus police were merely doing their jobs: protecting the university personnel and property from potential outside invaders.

      I have to wonder about the extreme libertarian positions held by some in the WN movement. The problem with the recent ‘draconian’ laws pushed through by Bush & Co. is that our people are not in charge. Because our enemies are in charge, we can expect such laws to be used against us eventually. If WN people were in charge, we would need these same laws to legitmately defend ourselves from the many millions of muds the Jews have let into our country.

      Finally, I think it is understood by many of those in power that more terrorists acts will be committed in the U.S., not unlikely by persons coming across from Mexico. It would seem that the rounding up of illegals is actually being prepared for on the day after some such horrible act occurs.

    10. van helsing Says:

      The arab or whatever was being an ass and i bet a jew put him up to it. the patriot act is lonly to be used on patriots, ya know…

    11. mrcrouton Says:


      Yeah, Iranians are real aryans, as the countenance of their President can attest. Mahmoud Amadinejad looks just like someone Hitler would want at the lebensborn. Sure.

      And by the way, just because I don’t like iranians in the US means that I want the US to wage war against the nation of Iran.

      And then the obvious contradiction in what you wrote; you readily admit…

      “Iranians are not Semites, you moron.
      And that he is a mud is completely beside the point, ”

      All within two sentences.

      When I wrote “Let the non-whites know that white people hate them, and I argue that we need to revoke racial tension, and not ally with any semites, Jews or Moslems, because both are a curse among white european people.”

      For one I meant to type in the word provoke instead of revoke.

      You can come to the defense of Iranians who don’t belong in the US or Europe if you want, even if they have a propensity to rape white women. This speaks volumes about you and your ‘white nationalism”, as you defend “muds” who should be deported from abuse for being smart asses to the cops.

      Also if you read what I wrote I specifically said that we should defend the white cops in a knee jerk fashion when they abuse non-whites. White cops are our natural allies and we can infiltrate them. I know some cops, and although they are forced to be objective, privately many agree with us. After all, arresting negros all day long becomes habit forming, and they like normal people become fatiqued and sick of their work.

      In conclusion…

      Any other non-whites you want to defend Mr. White Nationalist?