18 November, 2006

The Term ‘Anglo’

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Not a word of this, but plenty of talk about what we “Anglos” (disrespectful term used by criminal invaders when not using “gringo,” the hate term that I suspect Ms Poelker decided not to quote) owe them.”

Alex, it is interesting that the bracket marks in the article by Poelker indicate that she inserted “Anglos” instead of whatever Alfredo did say.

Because so many of our people LIKE to be called the English-language label “Anglo” and don’t understand how it can be an insult in the mouth of a Latin American immigrant (legal or illegal), we say something like this now, “the hateful Spanish-language label anglos” so as to introduce the idea to friends that there is a big difference. We take the capital “A” off and italicize it.

A lot of people are too stupid to get it that, whenever anyone else names you, they are insulting you by claiming the power to name. You can bet that Alfredo and his friends are all well aware of the power to name and sneer.


Alex, this is the language in our syllabus for the 16th edition on the point I just made to you. Bo

“The diversity of European Americans is uniformly smothered by print and electronic media. Writers and newscasters suppress all mention of European American ethnic and cultural diversity by using terms like “WASP,” “white boy,” “anglo,” “white privilege,” “acting white,” and other terms that describe all European Americans as identical clones of one another. The philosophical names for this practice are foundationalism, essentialism, and reductionism. The practical terms for this practice of smothering European American diversities are racism, hate speech, and bigotry.

“[In this syllabus, “anglo” in italics always refers to the Spanish language epithet applied to European Americans by South and Central Americans as a way to smother European American diversity and to claim a supremacist position, and does not refer to the “Anglo” that is properly part of the English language ethnic name, Anglo-Saxon.]”

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    1. alex Says:

      Good info. Like I said, I suspect the ‘shit said gringos and La Poelker changed it to the also dismissive and disrespectful anglos. Just because they want our jobs and social services doesn’t mean they have to like us too.

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex: You get the Walter Mitty award for self parody for posting the NSLF song & dance routine as performed by Geoff Beck.

      Here’s James Thurber’s Walter Mitty:

      Possibly, Elite Aryan Crack Smoker, Saint Lawrence Dennis, and your humble servant, need to skype in for a visit. Put your iron “undies” on. :)

    3. pseudo-doc Says:

      No way the spic said “anglo”. Had to be “gringo” – everyone from Mexico to Brazil calls us “gringos”, as a matter of course. Hell, they call white Argentines gringos. It is everyday anti-white slander.

      Tip: Spaniards call South Americans SUDAKAS. Try it out next time some beaner shit calls you gringo.

    4. van helsing Says:

      I have always found the propoer response to be: That’s Mr. Gringo (or Mr. Anglo) to you..

      Use body language also. Be polite but DO NOT be timid.