9 November, 2006

THOMSON: Letters (10-11/06)

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20 OCT 06. Hail [ ]! […] Our motto is “No zoggie left behind,” as El Presidente says. We may as well refer to King George (Bush) II in Spanish, since he appears to favor that language. I note that all voter materials are in Spanish & English in Yakima County. I hear that all voter material must be in Mandarin & English in King County. Neither of these foreign languages is official, but they are treated as such. Perhaps I was out of the Jewnited States when they were made official by ZOG, but I suspect we are seeing another illegal fait accompli, like illegal immigrants. A civics teacher in high school pointed out the need for an “enlightened electorate,” so citizens could make intelligent decisions at the polls. Imagine if I were an illegal immigrant in Mexico: If I did not speak or read Spanish, what would I know about national issues? I could turn on the news & understand not a word, nor could I read a newspaper, if I spoke no Spanish. How could I vote, if I could not read the election instructions, nor the ballots? In fact, being an illegal immigrant, a Gringo, who wasn’t even supposed to be in Mexico, how could I vote at all? In 1960, I voted in my first U.S. election, in San Francisco. The officials who processed my registration made sure I had valid I.D. & proof of U.S, citizenship. Not so when I registered to vote in Brownest Yakima! It was a joke. I was not required to show proof of anything. I could have given the registrars any name for which I could provide an address & signature. Nor did I need to show any proof of U.S. citizenship. Had I been unable to speak English, they might have provided me with an interpreter as they do in…court proceedings, at tax-payers’ expense, of course. Non-citizens in Mexico are not allowed to vote, work, go on welfare, send their kids to schools, hospitals, or otherwise live off Mexican tax-payers’ money. If illegal aliens are discovered in Mexico, they are punished swiftly & deported, or they will wish they had been deported! I have lived & worked in Mexico, legally, so I can speak from experience. No, I did not vote, because I was not a Mexican citizen. Those racist Mexicans would not permit it, & I certainly don’t blame them. That’s why I can’t understand Gringos, even if I speak English. By the way, the Mexican equivalent of the Nazi Party, La Raza Unida (The United Race) is not deemed “racist” by the Mexicans. Only Gringos can be “racist,” & they will tell you so, just as the jews proclaim.

I’m glad your knowledge of ancient Aryans was reinforced by a happy coincidence, or was it due to the fact that you were looking for such knowledge to begin with? Some people think that ‘we make our luck’ to a great extent. I needed to know how the USA really was, & ZOG taught me what I needed to know. By their deeds, they saved me from discovering, belatedly, that I was nothing more than an academic prostitute, had I completed my doctorate. I consider a teacher who is paid to lie to his students &/or conceal the truth to be a very low form of life, so I would have been ill-suited to become a liar-for-hire. The chief job of most teachers seems to be the passing on of their own ignorance, which is as ZOG wills it. Lying is deemed a useful tool by the Chinese. No wonder they are dubbed the “jews of Asia” by the Japanese, who call themselves the “White men of Asia.”

The enclosures on Einstein reveal that anything he swiped was right, & anything he invented on his own was wrong. He worked as a clerk in a Swiss patent office, so that’s where he swiped others’ scientific discoveries & theories. Being a commie-jew, he got support from his fellow tribesmen in the jewsmedia. With Einstein, what was original was not good & what was good was not original, but shamelessly plagiarized.

Re “String Theory”: I heard an interview with a mathematician. He said that no experiments have succeeded in proving or disproving “String Theory,” which exists in the universe of mathematics, only, as of now. Mathematics is a language which can be used to describe anything, real or unreal, depending on the proclivities of the mathematician. Jewish “science” is noted for reasoning backwards from a desired result. Real science, Aryan science, observes repeatable phenomena, which may be expressed mathematically. The true scientist may desire one outcome of his experiments, rather than another, but truth is important for Aryans, even if it may not be useful at the moment. Math can be used to express truth or lies, as said in the adage: “Figures can lie & liars can figure.” Cheaters called “dry-lab” chemists would use coefficients known as “fudge-factors” to make their fake experiments turn out ‘almost’ perfect, based on perfect theoretical results. Nowadays, fudge-factors are most often used by governments & ‘creative accountants’ for such swindles as Enron & the U.S. census.

There are two kinds of scientific reasoning of which I am aware: deductive & inductive. Deductive reasoning goes from the general to the specific. The oft-used example of this reasoning is expressed as a logical statement: “All men are mortal. Socrates is a man, therefore he is mortal.” Liberals would deem this as “stereotyping,” so they would flunk deductive reasoning.

Inductive reasoning involves observation, often in the form of experiments. It reasons from the specific to the general. If I see one “bird,” I note that it flies. I may see a thousand different birds, all of which can fly, so I may make a hypothesis: All birds can fly, true or false? By further observation & experimentation I test the hypothesis. Eventually, I or someone else, discover that creatures which are deemed birds, like penguins & ostriches, cannot fly. Liberals would start collecting funds for The Penguin Flying Fund, for “a wing is a terrible thing to waste!” I may be reduced to a thesis that “all birds have feathers,” which is, of course, stereotyping all over again. This is why liberals are such bad scientists, since they reason backwards from foregone conclusions, like jews. Things ‘must’ be the way liberals want them to be, no matter how wrong they are.

A professor of epistemology mentioned the unspoken basis for the presumed validity of inductive reasoning: that the future will resemble the past. Chemists think that combining certain quantities of sodium & chlorine under certain circumstances will ‘always’ produce a given quantity of sodium chloride or table salt. I’m sure some mathematician could come up with a formula which calculates a probability that the future won’t resemble the past, & that the trusting chemist who thinks he will make table salt will discover that he has produced “cold fusion” instead! hey, when you can work with ‘infinity,’ anything can be done with numbers. Liberals live in forlorn hope that, one day, somewhere in the universe, the future will not resemble the past & all their social experiments will be ‘politically correct.’ The Advent of the Great Pumpkin is more likely, according to my observations. I see unbroken consistency in the fact that human blunders produce human disasters. Science exists to discover Natural Law, among other things, & Natural Law appears to exist to distress liberals, & those who fall for their P.C. twaddle.

Your “Reintegration Program” alias RIP course seems to be treading very cautiously, as if the zoggies in charge have learned the old Chinese advice: “Softly, softly catchee monkey.” It appears that they are trying to learn as much as they can about you to maximize the ‘interfacing’ of their indoctrination program, which may turn out like psychoanalysis, with a high rate of failure. Of course, psychanalysis is a jew-racket, like usury, designed to be endless, to maximize profit for those who practice it, like the U.S. war in Iraq, not to cure the patient, free the debtor, or ‘win’ the war, which was a defeat for the USA as soon as we started it. The defeat in Iraq will get worse, the longer we stay there. I smell a kosher rat in the zoggies’ emphasis on “family-oriented questions.” I wonder if they intend to do the old sheenie scam of blaming the environment, rather than the individual, who is ‘never’ responsible for his actions. I hear that our ZOG views school kids as ‘things’ to be manipulated, which are not responsible for learning anything. That is the ‘responsibility’ of their teachers. When there is no desire to learn on the part of the student, how can that be the fault of the teacher? I wanted to learn, & the teachers only got in my way, since they could not teach. My grandmother had no trouble teaching me the 3 Rs, for she didn’t use jew methods, which she knew, for I could not learn at all with the “look-say” method of “Dick & Jane.” Those fake teachers got paid much more than my grandmother, who could do a much better job, but I WANTED to learn, unlike many of my fellow students. As one of my professors told us eager freshmen: “We are all self-educated.”

It appears that you are teaching your zoggies a course entitled “[ ] for Beginners.” Maybe you should charge tuition & test them to see what they’ve learned. Odin is watching, & He must be laughing.

All the best. DOWZ! ORION! 88! — Eric

21 OCT 06. Dear [ ]: Many thanks for your letter of 9 OCT 06 & the outstanding letters to others which reveal a panorama of current events within historical context. You rightly point out the disasters resultant from such Christian myths as “lions lying down with lambs.” I blame Walt Disney in going one further: humanizing animals in the minds of the western masses. When I worked for the U.S. Forest Service in the 1950s, I heard of a man-made ecological disaster in Arizona’s Kaibab Forest: We all know how beautiful & innocent deer look. Walt Disney made much of that in his “Bambi,” so the Goyim were firmly on the side of the deer, along with the anti-hunting division of the eco-freaks, who think that man has no right, whatsoever, to live off Nature. All the ‘nasty’ predators were shot out of the forest. Predators are ‘nasty’ because they eat meat; they rend sweet Bambi wtih their claws & teeth; they devour her or him, as Christians are told to eat the flesh of Jesus & drink his blood. Besides, predators usually have bad breath, because they do not brush after every meal. Result: no predators. The deer had the forest to themselves. Did we create a deer paradise? No, we created a deer graveyard, for the deer multiplied beyond the land’s food-production capacity. Soon, the deer were numerous & soon they were ill from starvation, after which they were soon dead. The deer population had plummeted, so that deer were very hard to find, if any. In those days, man was able to observe & draw conclusions from his actions. No predators meant no deer. Deer had existed in the Kaibab before man meddled on behalf of sentimentality. Solution: bring back the deer AND the predators! Belatedly, it was realized that the ‘nasty’ predators were beneficial to the deer. For one thing, they killed the unfit, thereby making the deer population healthy, & they protected the deer’s food supply. When deer multiplied, predators also multiplied, thus maintaining equilibrium with population & food supply. Man could once again take predator pelts & venison from those Kaibab denizens, as long as man did not become too numerous & too greedy.

On an aside for Karl May fans, we have long heard that the “evil White man” killed all the Amreican bison alias buffalo in the 19th century. Now hear this: Bill Irontail, a member of the Sioux Confederation whose grandfather fought Custer, told me that the “crazy White man” knew next to nothing about buffalo. City dwellers would take trains onto the buffalo-filled plains to shoot whatever they could hit, usually the biggest ones. But the Indian knew buffalo, so he would consistently select those with the best meat & hides. With the White man’s rifles, he would kill only the female calves. In a relatively short time, the plains teemed with aging bachelor buffalo, & then there were none, save for a few scattered remnants. White men actually preserved the surviving buffalo, sufficiently that the population could be reintroduced in some areas. The Indian has erroneously acquired the label of “conservationist” conferred upon him by anti-Whites. The Indians’ method of hunting buffalo before the White man introduced the horse into North America was to set fire to the prairie & drive a herd over a cliff, where the “noble savage” could feast at the bottom. That was the original meaning of “the bottom line,” I suspect. Individual hunting was less productive, apparently. Of course, most of the meat would be wasted from such mass-carnage, since there was no way of preserving such a quantity. Hence, savage life was truly one of feast or famine. With the introduction of the horse, buffalo-hunting became more efficient. The hunter could select the quality of his meat on the hoof, kill it with a well-placed spear or arrow, with the help of his fellow hunters, butcher the meat they wanted, & take meat & hide home with them, to their teepees, the North American Asians’ version of the Mongolian yurts, minus the wheels, which were unknown in The Western Hemisphere until the most recent appearance of the White man. With the introduction of the White man’s rifles, buffalo-hunting became even more efficient for the Indians, even too efficient, judging from results: the absence of buffalo, which were the Plains Indians’ source of food, clothing, shelter & fuel. I have held buffalo robes & clothing, & buffalo sinew is much superior to White man’s thread, at least before the White man invented nylon! I have observed that the Indian only preserved his habitat because he lacked the means to exploit it as rapaciously as the White man. By the way, the Indians are allowed to fish with gill-nets, which are denied to White fishermen, under treaty. As I understand, Indians are also free to fish & hunt out of season. Since “Indian” status is based on fractional composition, down to 1/16th or even 1/32nd, perhaps a mestizo of that degree would be found 1/32nd legal & 31/32nd poacher, if it came to trial. If the White man ‘killed’ all the Indians & all the buffalo, why are there still so many? It’s like the jews’ Holohoax: the more allegedly ‘killed,’ the more there are! As you can gather, I have no bias for or against savages, but as a White man, I root for my own, as every non-White does for his own.

In White-ruled America, as in White-ruled Africa, a native who learned how to play the game could prosper in his society, as well as in White society. When I lived in Salisbury, now Harare, I was shown “Millionaire Row,” on which Black plutocrats lived, such as the Dubes & Kozimamurewas. The latter aspired to achieving chiefdom in his own clan, to duplicate the wealth & status he’d achieved amongst the Whites. Similarly, I’ve read of very wealthy Indians in the USA, who played by the White man’s rules, as well as their people’s rules, in both societies. Blacks in Africa & Indians in America had tribal lands. It would be interesting to consider what I could have achieved, in terms of wealth, had I been entitled to a piece of land, amongst my own people, as a birthright. For the U.S. & Canadian Indians (mestizos) the buffalo are gone, & now casinos are proving just as essential to their tribal economies. Such a deal!

Tribal rivalries in Black Africa are bound to worsen as resources become scarce, relative to population growth in the near future. If left to their own devices, Blacks will diminish from disease, starvation, warfare & corruption. This is what the Chinese are apparently waiting for. They are too wise to live amongst Blacks, I gather, but I see no reason why they would not occupy Africa, formerly Black Africa, were it largely vacant. Why fight, when you can just walk in, as the illegal immigrant invaders are doing in North America, including the Chinese? Chinese profit-seeking in Africa is intelligent, rather than ‘humanitarian,’ for the Chinese are not hypocrites, although they are sincere liars.

As you say, in regard to your participation on a talk-site for “intelligent people,” such types will still be talking in their cooking-pots, which they think are ‘hot tubs.’ Perhaps a gathering of “intellectuals” could produce enouhg hot air to lfe them in a hot-air balloon. [ ] has a great idea: Why doesn’t [ ] go to Scotland, where White gangs are killing their White opponents? That would be a worthwhile effort, instead of talking to the mongrels of France. [ ] could approach the savage Scots as an ‘honest broker,’ since he is Irish. Of course, the risk is that he’d be thumped by all participants to the conflict, as are interlopers in Afghanistan. It’s known as ‘fishing in troubled waters,’ &/or ‘pouring oil on troubled waters,’ depending on how the Scots see it. I knew people who liked to fight in Toronto, for which they’d be arrested. I suggested that if they liked to fight & didn’t mind being arrested, why would they not want to don a sandwich sign, fore & aft proclaiming that “The Holocaust is a Hoax”? Then they could just walk on Yonge Street from Lake Ontario to the North Pole, with guaranteed fights & arrests in the first few miles! Such a deal! But no takers. In Toronto, denizens express their dislike for someone by telling him to “walk south until your hat floats,” since the lake forms Toronto’s southern limits. In the USA, the advice is general: “take a long walk off a short pier.” I guess “take a long stroll in the summer Sahara” would achieve the same result for one who accepts advice uncritically, as do most Goyim. The jews say that it’s time to go to war in Iran, Goyim, so do it. Unfortunately, it appears that we will. This is Nature’s way of culling White idiots.

Criminals do illegally what soldiers do with state approval. Having been a soldier, I view criminals as I view enemy combatants in war. Crime is a war against society, so I am in agreement with your view enemy combatants in war. Crime is a war against society, so I am in agreement with your view that enemies must be eliminated, not fed, clad & housed at public expense. Having learned of the role played by criminals in 1917 Russia, when they were released by the Bolsheviks, I can easily foresee such an outcome in the USA, which has the world’s largest prison population, & increasing instability. I would treat the prison population as the kosher commissars of Stalin did in wartime: march them in front of our military to absorb enemy fire & landmines, with instant death if they retreated. The jews learned the lesson which the Tsar did not: no regime sends its best to the war front, while keeping its worst in prisons at home. Stalin apparently had no trouble with revolts during WWII, as the Tsar had in World War I. The great movie, “Nicholas & Alexandra,” teaches us that wars of long duration, lasting more than 3 harvests, usually brought Tsarist Russia to the brink of civil war. When regimes are too stupid to change, they are swept away. I would not be surprised when this happens to the Zionist regime in The District of Corruption. I am only surprised that the day of reckoning has yet to arrive! As I have said to [ ]: No change of place can save Our Race. Only change of mind can save Our Kind. If we can’t change our values & beliefs on Earth, then a mere move to Mars will just spread the problem, as our move to the Americas did. The New World, with all its space & riches, was an indication of what would occur on Mars, when space-travel becomes easier & cheaper. I understand from reading Hoffman’s “They Were White and They Were Slaves,” that the Pilgrims brought White slaves with them on The Mayflower.

Hoffman observes that Blacks were merely added to the pre-existing White slave system in the colonies of White, Christian Britain, whose vast majority of slaves were also White & Christian, as well as capitalist victims. We can easily imagine the outcome of a global capitalist settlement of Mars, for the purpose of infinite exploitation of the planet & the people thereon. If we cannot correct such monstrous criminality on Earth, how would we correct it by fleeing to another planet? Our folly follows us everywhere, so we must learn not to be fools, wherever we are, as soon as possible. Perhaps the only solution is to let Nature & Her unconscious helpers eliminate the majority of fools, as you describe in your excellent letter to [ ].

Many thanks for liberating us from the Gandhi Myth, who was just as racist & classist as any pukka sahib. I suspect that Gandhi was not so much of a hypocrite as he was selectively under-reported, as with Jefferson & Lincoln, who believed in Black repatriation to Africa. Jefferson was much more of a hypocrite, since he wanted Blacks to leave, as soon as he’d obtained what he wanted from them! Black Communist, Martin Luther King, loved White whores. I understand he was shot & killed by a sniper, while at a whorehouse. King is our Black “Gandhi,” a myth created by the jewsmedia, what else? Apparently, some group has gone to great lengths to allege on the Internet that American Blacks invented all sorts of useful items. Unfortunately, the U.S. Patent Office says otherwise. We are told by the jewsmedia that Whites “stole” everything: lands, cultures, inventions & the non-Whites whom they “stole” as slaves. That makes us sound like jews, who brag of doing or wanting to do the same crimes of which they accuse others. When one points a finger of guilt at another, he points 3 back at himself.

As you indicate with the Chinese: why till land when you can get others to do it for you? However, China is apparently in need of air & water, as well as raw materials & energy, for its commercial expansion & for its existing population, plus more to come. Why not export that population, so as to control those sources of essentials? Why not save transport costs by consuming such items on the spot, from whence they come? The deal is one in which China exchanges its U.S. funny-money for real wealth. At least, that’s what I’d do before the Jewnited States dollar went the way of the dodo in international exchange, as it appears to be doing. The Chinese colonization of The Western Hemisphere is already substantial & growing rapidly, especially in Canada, where they are taking over increasing portions of financial & media enterprises, from coast to coast. The jews made a concerted effort to take over such sectors of the Goy economies, so it appears that a big deal has been made between the jews & the Chinese, who are now deemed ‘kosher’ with the kikes. The jews didn’t trust Goyim to own major media, so they worked to drive them out &/or subvert them in place. So now, why do the jews appear to trust Chinese in such positions of power? Maybe they are Chinese jews, as I suspect, connected to the Soong bankster clan, who are the Chinese equivalent to the Rothschilds. I would not be surprised.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet that the South Africans cannot build the necessary stadia and infrastructure in time for The World Soccer Cup, unless some Whites were to airlift them ready-made.

I’m glad the newspaper printed your article on The Gandhi Myth. Perhaps Yockey’s prediction was correct: that in an age of total politics, that is, biopolitics, people will find “politically correct” censorship of thought & expression so onerous & disgusting that people will become more truthful & honest in their discussions of important matters. This will require the jews & their Zionist minions to shout their lies ever louder, until they become hoarse, as they strive to round up the ever more vocal dissidents.

I view the blightwing much as you do: it’s much more a business than a ’cause,’ & it is a conglomerate of egotists promoting their particular personality-cults. Any good it happens to do for Whites is purely coincidental for those “paytriots for profit” who seek publicity for the purpose of lining their own pockets. I do not condemn them as ZOG-agents, like their blightwing competitors, for they are no better nor worse than their supporters. Those I object to are only those whose statements & actions endanger MY freedom under ZOG, as occurred recently, so I have taken all necessary steps to protect my interests against possible folly &/or possible ZOG action, in terms of precedents established by ZOG. Whites show no more awareness now than they did in Rhodesia & South Africa before the sellout, so large numbers will perish when FEDZOGUSA decides to hand over the continent faster than it is doing at present. All the best & ORION! — Eric


Jewsmedia pundits prate about “conspiracy theories,” their jargon for “Politically Incorrect” pionts of view concerning little known and generally available information. It boils down in practice to mean anything our Zionist Occupation Government disagrees with, just as “hate” is anything jews hate for Gentiles to say or write.

“Conspiracy” is variously defined as (1) a combination of persons for an evil purpose; a plot. (2) A combination or union of persons or things for a single purpose or end; harmonious action. Therefore, the pre-kosher meaning of “conspiracy” involves teamwork on behalf of evil ends, rather than good ones. A conspiracy is therefore like a racket which harms a large number of people on behalf of a small group.

To claim that conspiracies do not exist is intriguing, for it is like saying that synonyms for “conspiracy” do not exist, either, that is, combinations of certain people for certain purposes. Let us imagine a world without conspiracies!

The foremost proponents of conspiracy theories, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, were just joking when they claimed that conspiracies exist to “make things happen the way they do.”

Charles Thomson’s design for The Great Seal of the United States was just a decorative emblem, which suited his peculiar personal tastes, without any particular meaning at all. My Latin is virtually nil, but it seems to me that “Novus ordo seclorum” would mean “New World Order” and not “New Order of the Ages,” for “seclorum” appears derived from worldly or secular, rather than time, as in “tempus fugit” (time flies). My Webster’s dictionary defines “saeculum” as meaning “a race, age, the world.” If we wish to transpose those synonyms, we would have in translation from Latin to English: “New Race Order” or “New Age Order.” Charles Thomson’s contemporary and fellow Freemason, Thomas Jefferson, touted the creation of a ‘new American (mesitzo) race’ by miscegenation with America’s Asiatic aboriginals alias “Indians.” Thus “New Race Order” may be more accurate as to the founders’ intentions, along with their importation of multitudes of Blacks into North America. But, as we live in a world without conpiracies, we must consider written words as mere designs on paper, put there for pastimes by idle slave-owners who loved to doodle in Yankee fashion. Since there are no conspiracies, The Great Seal of the United States had no meaning, hidden or otherwise. The same can be said of the Stars & Stripes, which was a primitive form of decoration in a world without much in the way of entertainment.

In a conspiracy-free world, wars and other human conflicts are just random collisions of blind blunderers without motives or identities, for those attributes would smack of conspiracies.

In economics, as well as politics, there are no hierarchies, no plans, no budgets, no orders, but a multitude of random occurrences. When I told my jew economics professor at Berkeley that there must be a cause and effect relationship in human affairs, like the creation of money, just as there are cause and effect relationships in the physical sciences, he shrieked that I was “advocating conspiracy theories.” That taught me what to think about “conspiracies,” which do not exist in human affairs, except in the case of Nazis who were, according to Raul Hilberg, able to have a conspiracy to commit hebicide with “no orders, no plans, no budget,” which was achieved by “an incredible meeting of minds of a far-flung bureaucracy,” as Hilberg testified during a Toronto thought-crime trial. The Nazis were also able to break the laws of chemistry and physics in their daily activities, according to other jew ‘eyewitnesses.’ Nazis excepted, human affairs are random effects without causes by human volition. World events are a chaotic clockwork of mindless motion, and even to suggest that a deity created it all is to advocate another casual conspiracy theory!

In a conspiracy-free world, there are no secrets, for all of us have equal access to knowledge and information. This means that all espionage agencies operate under conspiracy delusions, for secrets also connote conspiracies. This allows us to conclude, in this conspiracy-free world, that only those who believe in conspiracies can become part of them, in this best of all possible worlds. DOWZ! & ORION!

A spiritual message: religions are divisive only if people take them seriously!


by Eric Thomson

Evil is that which harms Aryans. The Aryan definition of evil is free of the semitic fear-and-guilt syndrome so well described by David McCalden in EXILES FROM HISTORY. The essence of evil is error, which is, for Aryans, due to ignorance, false information and/or stupidity, stemming from downbreeding. When we adhere to error, evil persists. This is what we see all around us: greater evil and fewer Aryans.

In practice, one’s definition of evil depends upon who one is, for races and individuals see things differently. When there is no agreement upon what ‘is,’ there can be no agreement upon what is ‘good’ or ‘evil.’ Non-Whites see their proliferation as ‘good’ while pro-Whites see their invasion of our living-space as ‘evil.’

Inferior races see evil as resulting in supernatural retribution. Unlike Aryans, they cannot comprehend the value of virtue, in and of itself. A man of courage, for example, is happy because he is free of fear. The man who is cowardly is plagued and beset by fear. It is not necessary to threaten the coward with supernatural punishment for his cowardice in some semitic ‘afterlife,’ nor is it necessary to promise the brave man some celestial reward for his ‘courage’. The concepts of fear and guilt are truly alien to the Aryan religion, which is the manifestation of truth, rather than the whim of some tyrannical deity. The Aryan, unlike the jew, does not believe the universe to be evil: an evil place ruled by a demonic god. That is why jewish cults like Christianity can be aped, but never understood by Aryan victims. When Aryans behave like apes, I am truly disgusted.

Because the Aryan, above all races, values truth, whether it pleases him or not, the Aryan has the power to defeat evil, by discarding error. That is reward in itself. Unfortunately, many Aryans cling to error until it destroys them. We must heed the ancient warning of the Aryan conquerors of India: “From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and from this: all evil.”


A recent column in the local jewspaper caught my eye in regard to the ongoing dam versus salmon controversy. The writer opined that it was unrestricted use of gill nets by the so-called Indians which caused the rapid depletion of the salmon stocks. The Injuns blame the White man’s dams and logging practices for the dearth of salmon in the northwestern rivers. Being a newcomer in the northwestern U.S.A., I asked some locals a few ‘dumb’ questions: (1) if the dams are so deadly to salmon, which, allegedly, cannot get past them, then why were the salmon not killed off by the dams when they were built, sixty and seventy years ago? (2) If logging is now so deadly to salmon, why were salmon still abundant during the height of the logging industry, sixty and seventy years ago? The locals said they’d never thought of that argument, and several knew of the ‘Indians” gill-net practices and their massive depletion of salmon stocks in recent times. Meanwhile, the ‘Indians’ and their eco-freak allies campaign for the removal of the dams which provide electricity, irrigation, navigation, flood-control and recreation to an infinitely-growing population of mainly non-Whites, to whom we ‘owe’ our land. Indeed, whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.







E. Thomson

23 OCT 06. Hail [ ]! […]

From more information I have received, the “STG” classification of ZOG-POWs is revealed as a punitive measure for specific POWs, rather than a set of codified rules. One correspondent in a CA ZOG-gulag wrote that his zoggies INVENTED a nonexistent STG for him: “The White Supremes,” as I recall. I replied that such a name sounded like a bleached Motown singing group. This indicates that the STG classification is often used arbitrarily, at the whim of individual zoggies. As our informants allege, STG is used to ‘justify’ increased expenditures of tax-payers’ money on building super-max prisons & solitary confinement cells. ZOG is our biggest “Security Threat Group.”

I enclose the latest info I’ve received on the slow progress of the Washington State Prisons’ Reintegration Program alias “RIP” course, which replaced their “Victim Awareness Education Program,” all of a sudden. As I understand, the VAEP course had classroom attendance, but RIP seems to be aimed at the isolated POW, so as to deny him access to others’ inputs. So far, I am unaware of any curriculum or required subject matter for the course. It appears to be a female voyeur exercise comprised of surprise visits & individual interviews of ZOG-POWs, assessing their opinions on certain topics.

We see how the fuzzy wording of the VAEP course was talmudically-twisted to emphasize anti-White indoctrination, so we must stay tuned to see signs of this genocide-oriented indoctrination in the RIP course. I shall keep you informed as soon as I learn anything more about RIP. I only known one ZOG-POW who is currently taking RIP, but I’ll let you know if I discover anyone else.

It may be that the Thought-Cops in U.S. prisons are playing mind-games with their ZOG-POWs & with the public, with their recent chopping & changing of their brainwashing programs in the gulags. Then, too, the confusion on ZOG’s part may be genuine, for ZOG’s minions are not very bright, & are probably confused as to their own identities, if they have swallowed ZOG’s gobble-de-gook & psycho-babble, as they are paid to do. Poor little zoggies! It appears from recent news reports that ZOG’s days are numbered, as multi-racial-multi-culturalism explodes in Europe, Australia, North America et al. I wonder what the zoggies will do when their money becomes worthless & the lights go out, as occurred in Black-ruled Rhodesia & now, more & more in Black-ruled South Africa, where tribal rivalries are also increasing, as resources for living decrease.

The Jewnited States has the world’s biggest prison population, so that means we can call ourselves a “democracy,” since that word means all things to all men. My Gestalt, as I gather from jewsmedia & other sources, is that the USA is pretty much pooped out, politically, economically & demographically, like decadent Rome, before it went out of business. The “Moment of Truth” will be if FEDZOGUSA dares to restore the military draft, since we are fast running out of White suckers. Asians, Blacks & hispano-mestizos have their own political agendas in the USA, & they do not coincide wtih Israel’s. The irony is that La Voz de Aztlan identifies jews as “Whites,” so the sheenies are lumped in with the race they so much want to destroy. How fitting! The pale-skinned parasites will suffer the fate of their White hosts, if we do not cast them off our backs & throw them out of ‘our governments. The big demographic bomb we sit upon is invasion from Mexico, greatly augmented under the ‘refugee’ scam, following rumors of another Mexican civil war. Would the denizens of the USA have the will & the means to stop sudden millions of Mexican “refugees?” With our military forces bleeding overseas, could we stop Mexico’s annexation of the USA? Remember that our ZOG, which was established in 1776, has long wanted to annex Mexico or vice versa, to create ‘our’ NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, along with Canada, under The (Rothschild) Bank of England & all its branches. We sure live in exciting times!

All the best & ORION! (Our Race Is Our Nation!) — Eric

27 OCT 06. Hail [ ]! […] You are most wise to wonder about the legitimacy of some ‘new kid on the block.’ I have never heard of any group called “The White Power Liberation Front,” so you & your comrades should stay away from it. I have joined groups which turned out to be phony &/or led by ZOG agents, weak characters, ego-trippers, incompetents, &c. But then, some groups are actually established by the ZOG in order to rope in good people with honest intentions. The John Birch Society & the Canadian Heritage Front come to mind. During the phony Cold War, the Communist Party, USA, whose jew head, Gus Hall, used to speak at Red Berkeley, was so thoroughly infiltrated by the FBI that some chapters were made up solely of FBI informants. The same applies to the Ku Klux Klan, as was revealed in the Greensboro, N.C., Shoot Out, in which jew Trotskyists were trying to organize a Black labor union at ta jew textile mill, & a ZOG agent led the INjuns of the KKK into an armed confrontation, in which the Injuns’ marksmanship with hunting rifles proved superior to the hysterical jews’ Saturday night specials. Oy veh!

During the so-called Cold War, people became leery of joining any organization & of signing any petition, for fear that it might be a Commie front. I still have a copy of The Attorney General’s List of Organizations deemed “subversive,” which I had to swear that I never belonged to, whenver I worked as a fire-fighter with the U.S. Forest Service during summer fire seasons, in the 1950s & 1960s. Former members of The Abraham Lincoln Brigade (Commies who fought for the Reds in the Spanish Civil War) were listed, as well as members of The Japanese Officers’ Club. The Spanish Civil War ended in 1939, so I’d be a mite young for that, & I am not Japanese. the list was quite lengthy, as I recall, & if one were subsequently discovered to be a member or former member of any of the organizations on the list, he could be fired from a U.S. government job, as well as charged with perjury, for violating his oath, &c., maybe even treason.

It is said that the future resembles the past, so I can easily relate to this era of “Terrorism” under ZOG, after having experienced the terrors of the ZOG’s “Cold War.” Sheeple are pumped full of 1950s’ Elvis b.s., but for those of us who lived through World War II on the homefront, & the subsequent “Cold War,” which followed swiftly thereafter, the fifties were not very comfortable. There was the omnipresent prospect of nuclear annihilation. A U.S. Army officer spoke at my Civil Defense class that war with the Soviet Union was not “a matter of If, but When.” There was the Korean War & the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. I recall President Kennedy’s alarming, but lame speech on TV, when I was back in the USA. Basically, his message was, Gee, folks, it looks like we may be in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union real soon… Someinterpreted that speech to mean, “we’re all gonna die!” I saw a great change in the USA since the 1950s, which was one of World War Ii style solidarity. The early sixties revealed a disintegration of community & of the greater society. After hearing JFK’s speech, I strode the streets of Berkeley in a state of numbness, for I knew I was in the crosshairs of a Soviet bombsight, & there was nothing I could do, but other Americans had lots to do: they built fallout shelters & bought weapons to defend them with, against their American neighbors. I passed a gunshop faily often, & I noted that a Maxim machinegun had vanished from their display window. I knew the owner, so I asked him what happened to it. He said that a fellow had bought it, & 1000 rounds of appropriate ammo, to defend his family’s fallout shelter. I said, “Aren’t machineguns illegal?” He said, “Sure, but who cares?” This was the period in which the Catholic bishop of Los Angeles declared that it was ‘right,’ in the eyes of Jesus, for one to defend his family against his neighbors. The Sheriff of Kern County, CA, declared that he’d post his forces “on the mountain passes, to stop the ‘ravening hordes’ from L.A.” I concluded that if Americans could not kill a Soviet citizen, they could sure kill fellow Americans.

My reason for taking you down Memory Lane is to illustrate that a situation can become very serious, all of a sudden. My memories of the “Cold War” era in which I was involved, when I discovered it was a Zionist hoax, caused me to be kicked out of the USA by ZOG & simultaneously banned from all Soviet Bloc countries, including Castro Cuba, which I have no desire to visit! I just checked to see how extensive the Soviet ban applied to me in 1969. When the jew head of the East German Stasi, Markus Wolf, discovered I was in East Berlin, that year, he had me escorted to the train at Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, by 2 polite gentlemen of the Interior Ministry. Then, the U.S. State Department deemed the Stasi, the East German secret police, to be “a terrorist organization,” but since the kosher Cold War was an Orwellian hoax, I was not surprised to learn that Markus Wolf & his former KGB counterpart, Primakov, now work for their kosher crony, Chertoff, in the U.S. Department of “Homeland Security.”

Now that “Terrorism” has replaced the “Cold War,” FEDZOGUSA is fomenting & seeking “terrorists” wherever they can be found. FBI Director Mueller said in a recent radio interview on NPR jewsradio that The Liberty City (FL) Seven are being tried as terrorists & co-conspirators because they failed to report a ZOG-agent provocateur to the ZOG. Yes, folks, failure to denounce a person who utters ‘subversive’ thoughts can get the listeners into ZOG’s gulag. This is not a new law, for Rockwell, Stoner & Pastor Miles were found guilty of failing to report statements by ZOG-agents. Rockwell & Stoner had listened to a ZOG agent who said he’d burn a Black church, & they thought he wasn’t serious, so they said nothing to the ZOG. When the church burned, they went to jail, for remaining silent. Pastor Miles was victimized by a ZOG agent who set fire to some old school buses during a forced school integration by busing in Michigan. In such cases, the zoggie plays & Whitey pays with prison time.

The Liberty City 7 are Blacks & purported Moslems who got set up by a ZOG agent posing as an “Al Qaeda” member. The zoggie proposed the blowing up of this & that, which the Black groupies thought to be ‘cool.’ by not denouncing the zoggie’s statements to the ZOG they had fulfilled the first of Mueller’s criteria as “terrorists” & as “co-conspirators.” The second criterion was achieved when the Blacks asked the zoggie for money: “Hey, man, since you be Al Aqeda, you gots any spare change?” This constitutes solicitation of funds for terrorism,” according to Mueller. Mueller also raised a third criterion for his case against the Liberty City 7: “providing accommodation to anyone involved in ‘terrorism.'” I eagerly await the outcome of the trial, which is ongoing, to my knowledge.

You will note that the defendants did nothing illegal, themselevs, except to listen & applaud the zoggie’s statements. Asking anyone for money is not illegal, & there is no proof that th Blacks were not attempting to fleece the ostensible Al Qaeda agent for their own enjoyment, but in these days, under ZOG, merely overhearing wild words is sufficient grounds for prosecution. “Terrorism” is conveniently undefined, so it is whatver the ZOG says it is. Since the ZOG is jewish, it is not surprising that it would adopt a Soviet trick of NOT defining “counter-revolutionary,” under which millions of Soviet Goyim were rounded up, starved to death, worked to death in slave labor camps or given a Lubyanka Breakfast: a bullet in the back of the head. Thus, hearing or reading words deemed to “advocate terrorism” can, on the part of a zoggie, put you in jail on that charge alone, ZOG willing. This is why I advise everyone not to affilitate with any group or preson whom you do not know well. You may be getting set up by the ZOG Squad. I have said to the sleeping members of the blightwing that it is now possible, once again, to be ‘guilty’ of remaining passive when a zoggie mouths or prints ‘subversive’ statements, AND, what the ZOG needs now are “White Terrorists,” to show the sheeple that it is not “racially-profiling.” At least one blighter is playing ZOG’s agent provocateur game, to my knowledge, so there are likely more such creeps crawling out of the woodwork.

As a journalist, I know that we tread an increasingly narrow path, in which we still can discuss major events, without being deemed “terrorists,” as sheeple used to allege of people who studied Communism. “You read about Communism, so you must be a Commie.” My reply is that “I also read books about The Common Cold, but that does not mean I read about it to spread it around! Nor am I a cold germ if I read about them!” But now, under ZOG, reading about subversion may be deemed “subversive” at any moment, so we should be very careful. We can be sure that our ZOG can put the worst possible interpretation on our words, & the words we receive from others, so beware! Being in a ZOG gulag does not preclude the ZOG from setting one up for additional charages under the so-called Patriot Act, so prisoners are not ‘home-free,’ by any means, from ZOG conspiracies. Amreican sheeple blabber like the proverbial “Kraal niggers.” I have lived in countries which take one’s words very seriously, so I tend to be more careful in what I say & write. I advise others to do so, as well. Words are no substitute for deeds, but words can get one into the same trouble as actions which they describe, if ZOG construes them to be “advocacy.”

All the best & ORION! — Eric

29 OCT 06. Dear [ ]: […]

As I see our task, it is to inform others by breaking through Zionist censorship of information via their jewsmedia. Uninformed Goyim are gullible Goyim, ZOG knkows! And, worst of all, most Goyim are asleep, & mistake Zionist-induced dreams as ‘reality.’ In my essays, I discuss “objective conditions” for Whites to bestir themselves in the interests of their own survival, but this discussion assumes that Whites are awake. In my experience, they are not, but only think they are. I was born into a family of slaves to plutocratic masters. They did not use their intelligence to understand their problems, for they were asleep. Their dreamworld was one of constant toil, & increasing debt, which pursued them, despite all their efforts. They were haunted by the specter of poverty, which they had experienced during the Great Bankster Depression of the 1930s. Two incomes were barely enough to keep us off the street, which I thought absurd. I recall asking my mother, when I was around 10 years old, “What are we running from?” I proposed my intention of turning around to face the ‘bogeyman,’ for in Hebrewood horror movies, the unseen bogeyman is more frightening than the one who appears. The visible bogeyman is the vulnerable bogeyman. In the bankster fable entitled “The Wizard of Oz” (Oz meaning ounce of gold), the heroine, Dorothy, is in the great hall of The Wizard, when her little dog, Toto, runs over to a booth & pulls away the curtain, thus exposing the operator of the fearsome “Wizard” who thunders: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” But the ruse had been exposed, & Dorothy knows that “The Wizard” is a fake. Our sleeping fellow Whites think “The Wizard” & his illusions are ‘real.’ Specifically, they think that “democracy” is worth dying for & that jew I.O.U.s are ‘wealth,’ rather than symbols thereof. We have proved sufficiently that ‘our’ governments & elections are our fundamental enemies, who work for alien interests. Good sleepers sacrifice their lives on behalf of such enemies, as did John Coey, who I knew in Rhodesia.

The Sleeper Theory explains the obvious disconnection between Whites’ behavior & reality. Rhodesia was one example among a multitude: The traitor, Ian Smith, was elected & re-elected by a majority, to whom he promised “No majority rule in my lifetime.” Henry Kissinger stopped by to tell him that it was “time to sell out,” in 1976. By 1980, the deed was done. I could see Smith’s sellout coming, as a few others did, but the majority behaved like sleepers who saw illusions as ‘reality.’ Many focussed their attention on ‘their’ property, refusing to acknowledge that a Black Marxist government would deprive them thereof, with the stroke of a pen &/or the stroke of a machete. Friends of mine were hacked to bits on the road to ‘their’ farm. I had warned them that the same would befall them as befell White farmers in other former White-ruled colonies in Africa, whent he Blacks took over, but they told me: “Our Blacks are different.” They never woke up. The Whites in America are also asleep. One Goy declared: “I have my deed to my land!” as if a piece of paper could stop a bullet or blade. Sleepers sometimes talk & even shout in their sleep, sufficiently loud that they wake up, for a bit, but what they do when awake is to go back to sleep. Perhaps I woke up because I did not find my Zionist-induced dreams at all pleasant. In my version of nightmares, I dream that I am performing tedious tasks in bleak surroundings. This prompts me to wake up & perform real tasks which are not nearly so tedious! To me, the Judeo-capitalist dream has always been a nightmare, even in its talmudic terms of ‘success.’ I sometimes feel as if I were a visitor from another planet, & that I am now on a “Planet of the Apes.” When I was in Portugal, I was dining at an opn air cafe by the road in the countryside. A flock of chickens was moving about in search of food. In their midst was a young cat, which was pecking & scratching like a chicken. From time to time, the cat would look around, as if wondering what its ‘fellow chickens’ got out of their pecking & scratching. Perhaps the cat suspected it was not a chicken! Cats do not eat seeds & gravel, & I did not enjoy eating the flesh of Jesus & drinking his blood when the meaning of the jew-book’s words hit home. That’s another time I woke up. Likethe cat which was apparently raised with chickens, I was raised with Christ-eaters & sheeple, but I was never one of them. Unlike the cat, I knew it! My mission on earth was to find my people, as the character did in “Return to Spring Island,” one of my shortstories, which came in whole, out of a dream, as does most of my fiction. The only effort my fiction requires is to copy it down before I forget! Some people, perhaps druggies, do “reality-checks” to test if they are awake. Whites certainly need to do some reality-checking!

Speaking of reality, I note that some of your readers want you to compete with the electronic media, for daily news updates, thereby showing their ignorance, which you’ve largely corrected in your reply. Your words reminded me of the credo of those who founded the weekly news magazines known as TIME & Newsweek. The founder of TIME, Henry Luce, if I recall correctly, wrote that TIME would deal with “slow news,” which combined news deemed important with editorial analysis thereof. In other words, the writers of TIME articles would relate news items with reference to past events, so the current news appears within a historical context, in order to be understood. This is what I do, to a large extent, & some of my readers refer to my articles as “timeless, but always current.” I consider that as quite a compliment.

I’d like to correct the slavery issue, thta is, the White slavery issue: some of my relatives were brought to America as White slaves in the 1600s, as reported on the Internet. The vast multitude of slaves brought to British colonies in the Americas & the plantations of the Caribbean were White. A good reference source for this information is a book by Michael Hoffman entitled “They Were White & They Were Slaves.” The British are likely the world’s foremost hypocrites. Britain did not abolish slavery, instead, it adopted euphemisms, such as “servant,” “bondsman,” “indenture” & even “employee,” as used to describe the child-slaves of industrial Britain & America. Whites were bought & sold by their owners, as was done to Blacks, who merely got plugged into the pre-existing White slave system in the Americas. Black slaves were more expensive, so Blacks were better treated than were Whites. When Black slaves were hard done by, they would complain that their master treated them “like Irishmen.” Few White slaves/indentured servants et al. lived into their 20s. In Africa, Black slaves were kidnapped by other Blacks who were slave-traders. In Britain, White slavers kidnapped Whites, but most White slaves were poor & deemed ‘surplus to requirements,’ so they were funnelled through Christian charitable organizations. Most White slaves were Christians & their tormentors were Christians. Nowhere in the jew-book, neither OT nor NT, is slavery deemed sinful. On the contrary, Jesus commands slaves (bondsmen, servants, &c) to be loyal to their masters. Nietzsche was correct in describing Christianity as “a slave religion.”

The section which you kindly sent me from Daniel Deville’s “Separate Living #1” included a drawing of a Ku Klux Klansman in his traditional Freemasonic garb, meant to scare niggers at night. The KKK was established after The American Civil War by Freemasons who were in favor of White supremacy, NOT separation, if I may correct the KKK author Charles Lee. One of the founders of the KKK was none other than Alfred Pike, a high mucky-muck Freemason, who promoted construction of The Washington Monument, a gigantic obelisk or phallus used in Egyptian sex magic. It was Pike, as I recall, who advised, “be it known unto the brethren of the 31st & 32nd degrees that Freemasonic doctrine must be preserved in its Luciferian purity.” That explains “Annuit Coeptis” (He approves our work) on The Great Seal of the USA which appears on the back of the $1 bill. It was 33 degree Freemason, FDR, who ordered that The Seal be printed on the back of the U.S. dollar. Indeed, Lucifer must approve of the work performed by the USA, on behalf of “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” (The New World Order). American Blacks have noted that in the South, Blacks would be welcomed to “get close, but not up,” whereas in the North, they were welcome to “get up, but not close.” The relations between Blacks & Whites in the KKK’s South were notably intimate, as they had been in the days of official Black slavery. Hence, Lee is talking absolute nonsense. The Freemasons were established by jews, for jews, over Goyim who WANTED to be jew-slaves, & the Freemasons established the KKK, to keep blacks close, but down. Separation was for public places, but not for the southern homes. A jew reporter revealed that KKK members hated the Nazis, because Nazis belived in doing their own “nigger jobs,” which was anathema to the often not so White supremacists of the KKK, who neither believed in White Unity, nor in racial separation. Perhaps some KKK members believe in those ideals now, but not “always,” as Lee alleges.

The problem wtih prisoners’ publications in the ZOG-gulags is censorship. I have many prison correspondents, but I cannot share my letters wtih other prisoners, as a matter of prison policy, however, one advantage is that my letters are read by the zoggies as well as the prisoner to whom I write. This ensures a wide audience for my ideas & information. Keep up the great work! ORION! — Eric Thomson

29 OCT 06. Dear [ ]: […]

I think the Zionist banksters fear Hitler, because he represents their nemesis, as Savitri Devi wrote in “The Lightning & the Sun.” She believed that Hitler was the penultimate incarnation of Kalki, The Bringer of Justice, who will destroy the proponents of The Dark Age, thereby heralding the advent of a new time-cycle, a new Golden Age. She believed that the agents of the Dark Age forces know their time is growing short, so they do the worst they can to lenghten their pernicious rule on Earth, but their efforts only guarantee the return of Kalki, at his appointed time. This is why the Zionist incarnations of Evil so fear Hitler, & why they cannot drive him out of their minds. It must be scary for them to be so haunted by Hitler, & to know that his reincarnation is coming to their neighborhoods, soon.

Your job seems to be worsening, & I’m sorry to learn that you may be deemed ‘surplus to requirements.’ My last job departed for India, so I was not the only employee affected. I’ve been to Bombay alias Mumbai, so I was not tempted to follow it there. Besides, I’d have been way too expensive, if I wanted to earn my Washington State minimum wage in India. That’s why the company left, so it could pay those lower Indian wages. One commentator noted that “any job which can be done on computer can go anywhere on earth.” As for the jobs which cannot be moved, our rulers import aliens who will work for less.

I have also noticed the American lack of humor, just as Herman Melville noticed our lack of trust in business dealings. As for reading signs, most Americans seem allergic toward reading, but they do read what pleases them. I used to work in a parking garage which had a large sign which said: “FREE PARKING with validation.” Most customers only saw “free parking,” & skipped the rest, so they were irate when they were required to pay for parking, unless they wanted to go back in the store & have their ticket validated by the store. There were also big signs & tell-tales warning drivers about overhead clearance. When a parking attendant saw a customer in a tall rig knock the overhad bars, & continue to drive in, we had to scamper so as to catch him before he got in, otherwise he couldn’t exit because of low overhead beams. Such heedless customers would cause major traffic jams in the garage, which had 5 levels.

I don’t know what remains of the Amazon Rainforest, for large tracts have been burned to clear the land for conventional farming. My Latin American geography professor who had travelled over the region extensively by air, land & water, said that the Amazon had the thinnest layer of topsoil of any region, approximately 3″! The soil must be protected by the forest above & the shallow roots below, for the rains leach the unprotected topsoil out to sea, if that protection is removed. My professor predicted that a region of Brazil would become a desert within 20 years if the land-abuse were to continue. He was wrong, he said. The desert came in 10 years! That had happened in the 1950s, so much worse has happened since then with the monster tractors which the USA dubbed ‘the Rome Plows.” I think that we can’t continue to seek infinite growth, production & consumption on this finite planet, so ecological disasters is not a matter of IF but WHEN. Our capitalist credo is “Devil take the hindmost.” Many deserts are man-made, as one writer said, by the 3 Os: Over-logging, over-grazing & over-population. To this end, the USA is looking forward to more millions of immigrants, largely fleeing their own countries which they have ruined. One researcher advised us not to worry too much about oil shortages, but water shortages. Washington State’s land east of the Cascade Mountains, is running very short of water, due to increased demand & possible climate changes which have greatly reduced the winter snowpacks. It looks like a no-win game of depletion & pollution for profit: man’s war against Planet Earth.

As you can see, I have mainly addressed your letters in chronological order, but yours of 21 OCT 06 is poignant in regard to your dismissal from your Temporary Part-Time job, at which you worked conscientiously. Your description reveals obvious favoritism, & the retention of the new Mexican hire bodes no good. A formerly employed Yakimoron told me of his nasty experience in the orchard where he worked: a Mexican foreman was hired, so he only hired Mexicans. The Whites were dismissed, even though most of the Mexicans did not know their jobs. He supposed that the foreman eventually taught them, or not. Another White told me of his dire experience in a local meat-packing plant in which the Mexicans drove out all non-Mexican emloyees by violence. One White was killed & he was maimed so badly that he is now on a full-disability pension, which doesn’t stretch very far to support his family. This is war. The Mexicans are foot soldiers & our race-traitor bosses are the generals. This is why they want the borders open. The USA was founded by criminals who sought to deny their ‘equals’ a living wage, just as in colonial days. Now these scum will deny us a country, under the Globalist Jew World Ordure.

No Mexicans took my last job, because it went to India. But, don’t worry, the Indians are also coming here to take over clerical & professional jobs, wtih often phony credentials. If you’re non-White, the USA is up for grabs. Come on & take a piece! Meanwhile, Whites sleep on, lulled by the jungle beat of the jewsmedia.

When I returned to the USA in 1992, jobs were hard to find. I thought it was possible in Louisville, KY, because its economy was one of the large estates & service jobs, much as in England’s upperclass districts. As a typical Goy, I had to commute a fair distance by car from where I could afford to live, to my work in the upperclass district, where I was a groundskeeper on a beautiful 30-acre estate. It was sure beautiful, but it was very expensive for me to work there. The job was seasonal, so in November 1993, I foolishly drove my car to Yakima, WA. If I’d had a crystal ball, I’d have taken a bus, since jobs were just as scarce in Yakima, after my correspondent’s tip failed to pan out. Once again, my employment was on a word-of-mouth basis. As in Louisville, KY, where I answered all the ads for employment, I received nary a reply. I could not do groundskeeping, for the Mexicans had those jobs sewed up tight. So much for my 2 B.A.s + M.A.! I also contacted colleges in KY & WA, where I was told that their faculties were running scared for job tenure. I saw lots of jews & other non-White faculty members, but very few Ostensible Whites. Every job application required the applicant to fill out his racial/ethnic status, although there was supposedly no preferential hiring, except for “affirmative-action” in favor of non-Whites. That struck me as most Orwellian. Had I been a young parent, I’d have been truly desperate. I wonder what happened to those desperate minimum wage-earning parents who had worked so efficiently at the job which went to India. Some of them were trying to hold down two or 3 part-time, mimimum-wage jobs, which required rat-race style commuting, which included leaving their children at daycare centres /or schools, plus picking them up. I concluded that their lives were endless nightmares derived from Mission Impossible. No one could afford to get sick, nor to oversleep even half an hour! A few told me that they had to move back to live wtih their parents. Somehow, the Mexican invaders seem much better organized than these White rat-racers: they seem to have infinite numbers of spicklettes, & can afford to drive around in expensive, fancy cars, which are also customized. Of course, those may just be the successful local druglords, but there must be lots of them!

As you say, the USA was never a nation, but always an empire. As revealed by “The Organization Man,” whose loyalty to his company broke up American communities by requiring frequent moves, even local solidarity was destroyed, so we now see parents who both work, suffering family crises when one spouse must move away to retain his or her job. So now, our bankster-masters have contrived to destroy the family, with our enthusiastic participation, of course. Meanwhile, jews & other non-Whites form communities of their own & extend their nations’ control of our former livingspace. If the Chineses military strategist, Sun Tzu, could speak English, he’d say to us: “You invaded & occupied under traitor regime. Why you no fightee?” Then he’d
probably sigh & think, “What else can one expect from round-eyed devils?”

Others have noted that military establishments are extremely conservative, usually preparing to refight the last war. The U.S. military-industrial complex appears to be commanded by industry, rather than military strategy, which must be subordinate to political strategy. To make matters worse, our political, military & industrial strategies are subordinate to Israel & the Jew World Ordure, so we have been defeated before we got into our present Middle East Morass, while Whitey sleeps on.

Best wishes for success on The Economic Front! DOWZ! & ORION! —

P.S. Does that newspaper story indicate that monkeys may replace jew paint-daubers like Picasso? The quest for “cheap labor” never seems to end!

2 NOV 06. Hail [ ]! […]

So welcome to the world of theory, hypothesis & b.s. We used to say in college chemistry that b.s. baffles brains. Philosophy is a great field in which to encounter b.s., as are sociology, economics, anthropology, & other schools of bafflegab stemming from the kosher commie “Frankfurt School” of the 1930s, which infests most branches of ‘learning’ in the USA. A real master of bafflegab was Herbert Marcuse, who lectured at San Francisco State college, now ‘University,’ for an hour. Marcuse was a member of The Frankfurt School, was a bona fide jew commie, & worked for the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) against Whites in World War II. My colleagues who worked for FEDZOGUSA in that war referred to the Office of Special Services as “the Office of Soviet Stooges.” Unfortunately, they were correct. Dr. Revilo P. Oliver was a good friend of mine. he helped crack the Japanese codes, so Pearl Harbor was no surprise to FDR, nor his commie buddy, George Catlett Marshall. They had all Japanese radio transmissions monitored from Corregidor, Midway & Hawaii. That meant the USA knew not only what the Japanese were saying, but where their fleet was located en route to the take off point for attacking Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a secret only to the U.S. commanders on site & the U.S. sheeple. The zoggies in The District of Corruption knew all about it, long beforehand. This was the attack which FDR wanted, so the USA would go to war on behalf of the Soviet Jewnion. The fact that Germany & Japan were not allies was of no concern to FDR. The Anti-Comintern Pact between Germany & Japan was abrogated by the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939, so the military alliance between Japan & Germany only occurred on 18 JAN 1942. FDR said that we were fighting “The Axis Powers.” At the time he spoke, only Germany & Italy were members of The Axis, not Japan! The USSR did not declare war on Japan until Germany’s surrender on 8 MAY 1945. Hence, the USA really should have declared war on Japan, only, but a patriotic U.S. government would have tried FDR et al. for treason before Pearl Harbor. The trigger for that attack was FDR’s oil embargo against Japan, whose fleet had converted to oil, from the previous coal it had used. According to a U.S. history prof., Japan had 2 weeks’ supply of fuel for its fleet. Japan, like Britain, was totally dependent on the sea lanes for its commerce & survival. In these days of air-travel, we can imagine how the USA would treat a situation in which it had only 2 weeks’ supply of aviation fuel! Japan decided to seize the rich oilfields of Dutch-ruled Indonesia, but the U.S. Pacific Fleet was a major threat to that strategy, so Japan decided to knock out the U.S. Fleet, which FDR had contrived to concentrate at Pearl Harbor, so as to tempt the Japs. Since FDR knew in advance about th eoncoming Jap attack, he pulled a fine bit of jew-jitsu by sending all the best ships out to sea, including the battleship USS Washington, leaving only obsolete battleships, including the decommissioned target battleship UTAH as bait, which the Nips bit. Whent he first bombs hit Pearl Harbor, FDR reacted to the information in an outburst of talmudic ecstasy, according to his biographer: he darted this way and that in his wheelchair, shouting, “This is it! This is it! This is it!” One woman observed that FDR hated all men who could walk & Churchill hated all men who were sober. My jew history prof. said that “The U.S. Pacific Fleet was utterly destroyed.” In fact, it appears that 2 destroyers in drydock were destroyed, & one battleship, the USS Arizona. The Utah was already a target ship for the U.S. Navy, but FDR said it had been destroyed, as if it had been on active duty. The loss of U.S. personnel was several thousand, since they were caught by surprise, as FDR intended. U.S. losses had to be sufficient to goad the U.S. sheeple into war, to make the world safe for Soviet communism. My jew-prof., Rappaport, warned us that any student who thought that FDR had prior knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack would receive an “F” in his course. I therefore steered clear of addressing that topic & anything else to do with WW II. I wrote a paper on The Progressive Movement instead, & got an “A” in the course. I am not one to rush onto the fixed bayonets of the enemy, so I made a mental note of the jew’s hysterical outburst. It took me several decades to learn the truth about Pearl Harbor. In those days, there was no Internet! On 7 DEC 1941, the jewsmedia were in absolute control of our news. Had I been informed, prior to Pearl Harbor, I could have, perhaps, sent a telegram to someone, or, if I had a shortwave transmitter, I could have told other listeners what I knew. I could have telephoned someone like Charles Lindbergh, Jr. & Sr. & others of The America First Committee. As for commercial, kosher, radio & print media, that would be out, & I’d probably find the FBI knocking on my door! Nowadays, 9-11 has been largely unmasked by the Internet, which is worldwide & fast. Fifty years is a long time to wait for the truth. Of course, truth cannot make us free if we do not heed it, which is what we are doing when truth appears online. We are presently CONSUMERS. For us, news is entertainment, & sheeple don’t care if it consists of lies, if it helps us kill time.

But now onto current topics: Kuhn wrote in his little book, “The Theory of Scientific Revolutions,” that science is not cumulative in terms of theory, for the rigorous application of a theory, he says, practically guarantees that the theory will be dropped in favor of a new theory. One professor likened a theory as a type of coatrack, upon which we hang facts. But what happens if our theory cannot accommodate a fact or set of facts? We can ignore the facts, as ZOG does with race, & we can carry on, pretending that such facts do not exist, or are not important. However, if we are really scientists, rather than kosher commissars, we need to work with the new facts. The previous atomic theory did not account for X-rays, but there was no doubt that X-rays existed, as proved by repeated experiments. Thus, a new atomic theory came about which explained the existence of sub-atomic waves & partciles. The idea that the Earth was the center of our solar system was long assumed, until sufficient facts were discovered which proved that Earth revolved around the Sun, rather than vice versa. Of course, the Earth-centered universe was an official church doctrine, so those who believed in the Sun Centered Solar System were apt to be tortured & burnt at the stake by the holy-hokum hucksters. So it is today, that the more we learn of racial differences & of the importance of genetics, the less we are allowed to change our behavior in accordance with this knowledge. It used to be that all blood was considered ‘equal.’ Even animal blood was used initially, for transfusion into humans; then all human blood was used. Hence, our discovery of blood-typing came at a price in human lives. Now, we’d say such a practice is ‘dumb’, but zoggies still insist that racial differences do not merit recognition, as more & more facts appear that different races react differently to medications, & different races are associated with different medical conditions. I am not Black, so I have no sickle-cell anemia; I am not jewish, so I have no Tay-Sachs disease. I am not Finnish, so I have no surplus iron in my blood, &c. An interesting finding on general health in Britain & the USA reveals that the Brits, whose diet is at least as bad as that in the USA, do not suffer the same degree of diseases like diabetes & coronary problems which USA denizens suffer. The key has been suggested that Brits walk & Americans don’t. But, there is a genetic factor: Brits are not usually part Asian, whereas many, if not most, so-called Whites in America are part-Asian, via adultery with Amer-Asians alias Indians. Apparently, real Whites are less prone to such ailments than are Asians & mixtures thereof. This discovery underlines my early suspicions that most ostensible Whites in North America are mestizos, so DNA-testing should be done as a matter of course for proper medical treatments, just as blood-tests are now the norm. The problem is that we cannot be sure that our lab reports are correct, nor that the report is even our own! I hear numerous complaints from neighbor-geezers that their wog-docs from Asia don’t even examine them when they show up for appointments, but they make sure to collect their fees from Medicaid/Medicare et al. In medicine the rule is: let the patient beware. Over 100,000 American patients die every year from mis-prescribed medicines & improper dosages. I suspect that we are in the midst of a medical holocaust designed to kill the elderly & unfit in the USA. As FDR said: “Things are MADE to happen as they do!” FDR was a 33 degree Freemason, as was Satanist-in-Chief Crowley, so it’s a small world, indeed. One writer reported that medicines are designed for “180 lb. White males,” so they are not designed for females, nor for other races. Well, duh! I recall a 19th century prescription on a patent medicine bottle which said: “One teaspoon for adults & large animals. Three drops for children & small animals.” The label touted that the medication was “A General & Specific Homeopathic Remedy for Spavins, Gleets & Blind-Staggers.” I noted that it contained, aside from herbs for flavor, 52% alcohol! Hey, if it doesn’t cure you, you’ll be too drunk to care! The abovementioned ailments are those of horses, not humans, but I understand that gleets describes a nasal discharge in horses, so a human could take it for a cold. Such a deal! An overdose of the medication could result in blind-staggers.

Of course, that which is neither proven nor disproven, like String Theory, remains a matter of scientific conjecture & recreation for mathematicians, like non-Euclidean Geometry, in which parallel lines intersect! I suppose such topics are the equivalent of ‘Politically-Correct’ jew-speak, in which homosexuals are now “gay” & “marriage” may be defined as any relationship between more than one organism. It may be hopeless, but it’s sure not serious. The Frankfurt School also used the tactic of “cognitive dissonance,” that is, bafflegab of the sort used in the late “Victim Awareness Education Program” at your ZOG-gulag.

So let’s hear it for Vlad the Impaler! It is wisely noted that history is written by the victors, so all ‘bogeymen’ of history deserve our consideration in terms of what they really did, & for whom, as well as our ‘heroes.’ The question to ask in crime & in history is “Cui Bono?” “Who benefits?” This old Roman credo translates into Judeo-American as “Follow the money!”

Voting consistently for either phony political party will neither impede nor promote the oncoming revolutionary situation in the USA. Both parties are controlled by those who control the money supply & the jewsmedia of information, education & entertainment. I voted for Bush because I believed he’d go to war for Israel, just as he did. I did so because I wanted to participate in our oncoming Civil War in my lifetime, for I think I have something to contribute, on behalf of White people. ZOG knows I’ve spent most of my uneventful life learning about the conduct of revolutions, insurgencies & civil wars! I spent 11 years in countries involved in civil wars, while keeping my eyes & ears open & my brain in gear, so my knowledge is not only from books. A consistent vote for incumbents will keep our kosher neo-conmen on their present course to disaster, so, by all means, vote Republican & “stay the course!” I see that the jew, Kerry, suffers from acute foot-in-mouth disease when he said that those young people who do not go to college will go to Iraq. He sems programmed to lose, just like the hysterical Mr. Dean. Perhaps Madman Bush will declare a state of emergency & extend his term of dictatorship, er, office. In any event, the USS Titanic is steaming full speed ahead toward the fateful iceberg. Relatives of mine founded this anti-White racket, back in 1776, so it may be incumbent upon me to atone for their sins by assisting in its windup. Fate can be surprising, so my present state of retirement is by no means guaranteed. An ancient German saying applies: “The Gods bring victory or defeat, but you must bring the courage.” Terror on behalf of tyranny is indeed an ancient formula for herding sheeple to the kosher slaughterhouse, & it usually works, as we see today.

As you observed, the Asians can be good at refining White ideas, but sometimes they miss the point completely, as I discovered in Japan, where cities had no street addresses. After arriving in Hiroshima in 1966, I found that it took 5 hours to find the address we wanted to go to. House numbers on a street indicated the age of the house, for example, so #10 would be the tenth house built on the street. We asked city police, then local police, & finally a local grocer, who told us how to reach the house! Whites understand that fast trains exist to make reaching Location B from Location A much quicker, but a lack of street addresses would greatly impede our travels, just as they did in Japan, with the world’s fastest trains. Our strength is in knowing “why.” The Asians can copy, but they tend not to know that. Japs tend to pile gadgetry upon gadgetry for its own sake, regardless of function. I note increasing complexity on photocopiers which impedes the production of simple photocopies. In Asian culture, form does not necessarily follow function, & complexity usually defeats reliability, as wtih modern photocopiers, which put out great quality, as long as they decide to work, which they frequently do not. Machines now have minds of their own, so the human operator is not in complete control. My first experience with computers was in Africa, where our new diesel locomotives were frequently breaking down, because the onboard computer would decide to switch off the cooling system! I suggested they put monkeys in charge of the locomotives & save money on computers. My next experience was with microchips in my car, which would decide to shut off the fan when the engine was running, & discharge the battery when the engine was switched off. Luckily, I could push-start the car. I also dislike automatic transmissions which shift into high gear when I am trying to use 2nd gear to slow my vehicle on a long downhill stretch, to save wear on my brakes. Okay, I’m not a ‘swinger’ & I don’t play jazz. I saved my battery by disconnecting a battery cable when I parked.

Re your RIP Course: Henry David Thoreau said that “The unexamined life is not worth living.” ZOG provides you with opportunities to examine your life, as your zoggies examine you, so your participation teaches you more about yourself & also, about the ZOG. Double-plus good! as the subjects of “1984” would say in “newspeak,” which resembles jewspeak of today, to the proverbial “T.” Your fellow RIP participant seems to be engaged in a typical Communist course of self-criticism,” which is predictable, considering who is in charge of RIP. I have sufficient creative writers on the Internet who describe my character traits, so I don’t need to consider them on my own time. As I last read, I am now “a former CIA supervisor of Mossad hit teams.” So far, I’ve not been accused of stomping cigars out on my hosts’ carpets, but that may be added to my list of foibles, since I never smoked! I never considered writing my own obituary, including my eulogy. I guess I”m not sufficiently interested in myself, as I am in others & other topics. Maybe if I were jewish, I could be more concerned with myself. Oy veh! As a White, I’d like to be applauded by those of my own kind & hated by non-Whites of all persuasions, however, I’m not particularly concerned what others think of me, but only what I think of myself. When I’m alone, I’m in good company, so I’m a lucky fellow.

Re La Raza: I recently received a copy of their newspaper from Chicago. It would be great if Whites were to reprint it in English, inserting “White” wherever “Latino” appears. I enclose a two-part photocopy of their front page which announces their defeat of a local measure intended to enforce U.S. immigration laws against illegal immigrants. Another headline boasts that “Latino” cooks have “talent in their blood.” It seems all races can boast of their alleged genetic virtues, but Whites cannot. Not only are we deemed racists by jews, but they claim there is “no White Race.” How come jews hate us so much, if we don’t exist? In The Talmud, they command that “The best of the Goyim should be killed.” Goyim = Gentiles. This is an incitement to murder, so why aren’t such believers hauled into court? ZOG only knows! If “jews” were substituted for “Gentiles,” ZOG’s response would likely be different.

Thanks for the report on the ZOG’s “Security Threat Group” classification which does not deem La Raza (The Race) as STG. Mexican Supremacy is kosher, but White Supremacy is not. This proves that we live in a hypocrisy, not a democracy, as I’ve said for years. Of course, Whites who love their own kind are not “supremacists,” for we have no desire to dominate nor associate with non-Whites. As usual, jewspeak is not truth, but propaganda. Zionists are jew supremacists, whether they are jews or not, 7 the tenets of Zionism include genocide against Whites, so who are the real ‘haters’? When a jew points one finger at Whites, he points three fingers back at himself.

King George Bush II lied, as usual, when he claimed recently that the USA is governed by laws, but he failed to say that many laws are not enforced, such as those on immigration & the adoption of foreign languages, like Spanish & Mandarin as officially-used languages on such things as voter information forms, &c. Sherlock Holmes would describe this practice as “the dog which did not bark in the night.” If “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” why are zoggies allowed to ignore & defy the laws of “Usrael,” as they have been doing? It is well said that “a corrupt society is known by the number of its laws,” & that a “tyranny is known by the number of laws it breaks.” In Peru, the saying is: “If you have an enemy, just apply the law.” This means that anyone may be prosecuted, no matter what he does or does not do, in terms of existing laws. I say that “selective justice is injustice.” ZOG knows!

It will be interesting to see how long our ZOG can increase its Soviet-style gulag system before it collapses from its own policies, as did the Soviet Jewnion. I note some major kosher contradictions, such as the tightening of surveillance, while leaving the country open to alien invasion. Such behavior does not compute. I also note the Babel-style confusion in regard to voting qualifications & voter I.D., as well as voting methods, which cast doubt on the validity of all previous elections. “Vote fraud” has been around a long time in Latin America, but U.S. sheeple are too dumb & trusting to suspect such things, until the possibilities are rubbed in their dumb faces. The last time I voted in Brownest Yakima, I was not required to show any I.D., nor proof of U.S. citizenship, as I was when I first voted in 1960, in California. La Raza says that asking voters for I.D. is “racism!” Does that compute? I guess some racism is more ‘equal’ than others, as any jew can say, & usually does.

My advice is to enjoy the status quo while we may, for the future looks “very interesting,” as the Chinese curse goes: “May you live in interesting times.”

The Mexicans of La Raza salute one another as they say, “Viva la Raza!” Since they rae not STG, I guess I’m entitled to salute you, & say: “Long live The Race (Our Race)!” All the best. DOWZ! ORION! & 77! — Eric

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    1. sgruber Says:

      I like this guy. Is there more?

    2. alex Says:

      Yes, check the archive, and we’ll add more in weeks to come.

    3. SHMUELY Says:

      Although Eric is sometimes trite and verbose, overall, his sense of perception and his ability to convey basic truths is simply amazing. His racial radar never fails him, and his read on the Anglo mindset is savvy, if not canny. The guy isn`t just incisive, he is absolutely brilliant in his prescient homilies!

      May he one day (soon), collect the best of his sagacious thoughts and get them published ASAP. Posterity demands it.

    4. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Re: sgruber

      You can read many letters on the site faem.com. Although I really like Thomson, I have to warn you, that his letters can be very redundant, if you read them in a row. It isn´t his fault, of course; he has to explain his world view and his experiences anew to every partner of correspondence!