26 December, 2006

Canada: Jews Are at it Again

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Jews “pressure” shutdown of Rachel Corrie. We can’t have anything on stage or screen that would offend the redneck-hating, South-mocking, priest-murdering beanie babies. A White’s right to life pales beside a jew’s right not to be offended.

Why, again, do we tolerate jews among us?

‘Corrie’ canceled in Canada

Play has potential to offend Jewish community


It’s curtains for “My Name Is Rachel Corrie” in Canada. [flippant] CanStage, the country’s largest not-for-profit theater, has changed its opinion and decided not to present the show as part of its 2007-2008 season.

Play, about the 23-year-old American activist who died under the wheels of an Israeli bulldozer in 2003 [passive voice – as opposed “…was murdered by a jewish soldier], was originally produced at London’s Royal Court Theatre in 2005.

When James Nicola programmed it this year for the N.Y. Theatre Workshop, pressure from Jewish board members caused him to cancel the show. It was eventually produced Off-Broadway, where it ran from Oct. 15 to Dec. 17.

“It didn’t seem as powerful on the stage as it did on the page,” said artistic producer Martin Bragg after seeing the production at Gotham’s Minetta Lane Theater.

But in a situation eerily similar to the one that faced Nicola, it appears that pressure has been brought upon Bragg from some of his board members not to alienate the Toronto Jewish community.

Jack Rose, from the CanStage board — while admitting he has neither read nor seen the script — said that “my view was it would provoke a negative reaction in the Jewish community.”

And philanthropist Bluma Appel, after whom CanStage’s flagship theater is named, concurred. “I told them I would react very badly to a play that was offensive to Jews.” [We must never offend jews. They can murder our daughters at will, but it is anti-semitic for us to complain about it.]

Bragg denies he was lobbied by the board in any way and insisted that “I pick the plays. No one on our board has ever told me what we can and can’t do.”

CanStage posted a $700,000 loss last season and is currently facing a struggle after producing 10 plays in 2006, none of which met with critical or audience approval.


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  7. 11 Responses to “Canada: Jews Are at it Again”

    1. alex Says:



    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      This is another reconfirmation that jews are committing Holocaust against all non-jew Whites, not the other way around. We have seen their continuous apathy toward anything, anyone, and any nation except where it benefits them to rise in power, only to later ruin lives. We have seen their support for their so-called Holocaust that never happend. We have seen people jailed for speaking the truth with much evidence against the jewish Holocaust. We have seen their undying support for multi-culturism and open borders. We have seen their unwavering support for illegal alliens who not only actively kill White Americans, but also contaminate our food supply and ruin our economy on many levels. Yet, they rebel against a play/movie that will tell the truth how Rachel was killed. In a way this could be a good sign. As the jews rebel more and more of this sort, the truth, the world will know more and more that a Holocaust did exist all right. It existed and still exists against non-jew Whites.

      What the jews have lied today, they have lied decades ago. What the jews preserve about themselves, they keep the truth from being told.

    3. Marcus Says:

      DemocracyNow.org did a 48 minute interview with Nicola, some jewess(?) named Moffitt associated with the theatre’s board, and one of the editor’s of the play. I havn’t had a chance to see it all yet but the little I watched had Nicola doing a lot of diplomatic tap dancing. See it here.

      DemocracyNow.org is doing a segment about Canada’s cancellation of the show today. It should be available for free download tomorrow if anybody’s interested.

      Notice how a left-wing outfit like DemocracyNow.org is starting to be critical of Israel? Anybody have any thoughts of what to make of that?

    4. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      The left is critical of Israel because they see Jews as ‘white’ and the Palestinians as the brown, oppressed underdogs. I guess as long as you get to the point where you’re critcal of Israel, it doesn’t matter if you take the long, misguided route …

    5. Billy Bob Says:

      “Play, about the 23-year-old American activist who died under the wheels of an Israeli bulldozer in 2003”


      Why not just tell the Truth that Rachel Corrie







    6. Billy Bob Says:

      Since we’ve failed in our attempts to negotiate Justice for Rachel Corrie,

      Perhaps it’s time to listen to “The King!”

      The King of Jordan that is.

      Jordanian King tells Japanese newspaper:

      “…the only way to get Israel to listen is through FORCE and not negotiations”

      Force against Israel, the sound advice of ” THE KING”

    7. Sevenfatcow seven = sacred. so does fat. Says:

      […] Of course Vanguard has the story, and the great image above. […]

    8. jewsif jewson Says:

      You guys rule!!! I sure hate Jews! Why do they steal everthing? Good job we have an honest gang of (unbelievabley) stupid rednecks to rule the world! those hebrew types would make a pigs ear out of that. And, yes. ALL Jews are murderers. Every Jew has killed at least 1 person. Even a new born Jew will try to kill its own mother. My jewish gran is a genocidal maniac. I cant count how many lives she’s taken simply because she is Jewish. anyways u guys rule – laters

    9. Carpenter Says:

      Note how the White-hater poster works – by distorting opinions. We say Israel and Jewish groups commit crimes against Gentiles and get away with it. The White-hater pretends we say that every single Jew has killed someone. They work that way, because they have nothing else but lies to use in a debate. All White-haters must lie, because they can’t win if they have to deal with reality.

    10. Billy Bob Says:

      Ooooh, the Jews don’t like to hear the truth that they are all MURDERERS. Tough shit KIKE!

      When you think of a Filthy Hook-Nosed Kike

      or a Dirty Rat Jew, ask yourself this question:

      What makes them Jews?

      If you answered the Jewish tribal religion that binds and defines them, then you are correct.

      Is there is any evidence that Jewish Ritual Murder is practiced as a part of their unifying religion?

      Why yes there is.

      Blood sacrafice, Blood Atonement, and Ritual Murder are all tenets of the Jewish religion.

      Their Religion doesn’t just call for the slaughter of innocent animals either.

      Just read their holy scriptures and you will see how they, as a unified tribal group, slaughtered the men, woman, and children of the people who’s land they wanted to steal and use for themselves. They have done this repeatedly through history.

      History demonstrates that the Jews, as a group,
      are murderers.

      They are also filthy, sick, lying, whoring, greedy, self-serving Parasites, who hate it when the truth about them is declared to the unknowing populace.


      Itz coming Kikes!

      The whole world is finally seeing you for what your truly are.


    11. Jewbeius Jewsteine Says:

      Yeh Carpy, his opinions are like well distorted maaan!!! ever noticed that every white hater thinks like that??!! His lies are as transparent as his watery jewy spunk. I could tell them a bit a bout reality!! like how most popular animals are of Jewish decendance. laters duuuudes.