4 December, 2006

Update: Duke Rape Hoax

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Latest from Anderson, a race-traitor (nigger adoptees) libertarian…

Why I Write on the Duke

Lacrosse Case

by William L. Anderson
by William L. Anderson

In mid-April, I wrote my first article on the Duke lacrosse situation, never thinking that eight months later, I would be writing article #21 on this same case, with more surely to come. Since then, I have come to conclude even more that this case is a sham, and a criminal sham at that.

Soon after I started writing on it, I began to receive emails taunting me for paying attention to something as unimportant as some rich preppie jocks being charged with rape. “What’s the big deal?” the emailers wanted to know. After all, there is the war in Iraq, the sham “War on Terror” that really is nothing more than a war that the government is waging against innocent people at home and abroad.

Other emailers insisted that the Duke lacrosse players had engaged in gang rape, while some called me a racist, and others insisted that the entire thing was an International Jewish Conspiracy. (I’m serious about the last one.) Yet, despite the negative emails I was receiving, it was clear that I was reaching a large number of people who already had concluded, as I, that the government court system in the United States is unjust at best and a fraud at worst.

Perhaps the most surprised emailers were parents of Duke University lacrosse players (who were not indicted). To a person, they have said that before this case began, they had believed that the players in the criminal justice system basically were honest and above board. I suspect that had I told them before their sons had become “suspects” in a rape case, they would have doubted anything I might have said about criminal justice in this country.

No more. What is important here is that white, middle and upper-class people have come to understand what many other people already knew: prosecutors and the police are more likely to lie than to tell the truth. After seeing a prosecutor lie to them – and watching the Duke University administration de facto side with the prosecution – they are beginning to understand the rottenness of American criminal justice. (That there are a gaggle of prosecutors, journalists, and others willing to support Michael Nifong’s illegitimate case tells us that it is not only Durham, North Carolina, that supports legal corruption.)

Yet none of this explains why I have concentrated nearly all of my efforts on this case since this past summer. In fact, I have put a number of academic projects and papers on hold, and much of my other work has suffered as well. (As some readers might have noticed, I have written only a few articles on economics. Most of my writing efforts have been aimed at the Duke case.)

If one wishes to know why I write as I do on this case, perhaps one first should go back to the Little Rascals case in Edenton, North Carolina, in the early 1990s. Prosecutors were claiming that seven people (some, but not all, associated with a day care center there) had engaged in massive amounts of child molestation, and had whipped the town into a near-frenzy. However, even a casual observer could tell that the charges were nonsense, as they tended to demand that one suspend logic, time, and laws of mathematics. The charges ranged from cooking babies in microwave ovens (no proof needed, just charges) to throwing children to sharks swimming in a nearby bay.

As I began to follow the case, which was highlighted in a series of excellent “Frontline” reports on the Public Broadcasting System (something a government network actually did well), I realized that I was observing a massive travesty of justice. Parents were thrown into prison and separated from their young children, unable to make the million-dollar bond that prosecutors imposed. (Inmates imposed their own “justice” upon these accused “child molesters.” No doubt, prosecutors approved of the physical attacks on these people.)

At the time, I did freelance writing for World Magazine, which is a well-known evangelical Christian news magazine headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. I begged the publisher to let me go to Edenton to write some stories on this travesty; he replied that he did not want World’s readers to think that the magazine somehow “condoned” child molestation. In other words, the charges themselves were enough to convince the publisher that these people were not worth defending, despite the fact that some of the accused were confessing Christians.

(To World’s credit, the magazine did do a devastating story on the bogus child molestation charges against a Pentecostal minister and others in Wenatchee, Washington. The Wenatchee case was the last of series of child molestation witch hunts that began in the early 1980s. Most convictions were overturned, but there still are innocent people convicted in Florida and elsewhere serving life sentences.)

Thus, while I followed the Edenton case, depending upon one-sided mainstream journalism (other than PBS), I realized I could do nothing at all. I knew the case was a fraud, but I had no forum from which to voice an opinion. Not surprisingly, a number of people were convicted and spent many years in prison before the North Carolina appellate courts overturned the convictions.

At the time, I told myself that if I ever were in such a position again and had a forum from which to write, I would not be silent. Fortunately for me, Lew Rockwell, who I had come to know through my association with the Mises Institute during my graduate school studies at Auburn University, began his own libertarian website in 1999. While I am not surprised at the website’s success, I am surprised that I was able to carve out a niche myself on that site, given the very good writers who are regulars there. (I certainly do not claim equality with people like Lew and the others, and am grateful that Lew permits any of my pieces to appear.)

After I had started writing for LRC, I read The Tyranny of Good Intentions by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence Stratton published in 2000. It was the first time I ever understood the Anglo-Saxon law we had inherited from England, and it also was the first time I really came to understand the systematic corruption that rules American courts. If the prosecutor ever was a “hero” in my eyes, after reading Tyranny, I knew differently.

As LRC readers know, I have used my small bully pulpit to attack the federal criminal justice system, dealing with the likes of former Attorney General John Ashcroft, and also condemning the prosecution of Martha Stewart. But although I have concentrated on the federal system, that did not mean I was giving state courts a free pass. And when the Duke case broke, I already had become enough of a skeptic to see through the lies coming from Nifong the prosecutor and the Durham police.

So here I am. The Duke case is nearly nine months old, Nifong’s “evidence” has been shredded by attorneys and the blogs, yet the case continues toward trial because government courts are not about truth or justice, but rather are a plaything for prosecutors. It is obvious that truth does not matter either to the prosecutors or the judges, but I also know that truth serves as sunlight. I think of what I am doing as shining a light on cockroaches, something that makes them scatter.

I do not know how this fiasco will turn out. My hope is that a judge drops the charges, given the massive procedural corruption that occurred during the alleged ID process. But whatever happens, I will be writing about this injustice until the book finally is closed. Should there be a conviction (it would require a reverse jury nullification, but the potential jury pool in Durham seems up to the task, given what I have heard in public comments), then I will be beating the drums for the appeals process. But I will be beating the drums.

Thank goodness, I will have lots of company. Unfortunately, the falsely accused people in Edenton had to depend upon whatever their attorneys could say to reporters, but the mainstream news coverage clearly was slanted toward the prosecution, and the press did not take the defense seriously. Likewise, the coverage in the Duke case, and especially at the beginning, has favored the prosecution. However, there is a new twist in the information game, that being the blogs. From K.C. Johnson’s devastating Durham-in-Wonderland to Liestoppers to John in Carolina, and others, the prosecution has found itself being pummeled daily by researchers, writers, and extremely motivated people.

As I pointed out last summer, the blogs are fighting valiantly against the mainstream media, and they seem to signal a new era in news. Whereas the pro-Nifong Durham Herald-Sun has loaded its editorial pages with letters and columns condemning the Duke lacrosse players and praising Nifong, the blogs are able to counter with parodies of the H-S operations, calling them the “Snooze Room.”

I am very happy to be part of this motley crew of bloggers, and in the end, I think our efforts will help balance what not long ago would have been a pure railroad job against the Duke 3. As I see it, we are in the right, and as long as this case lasts, I plan to be on the front lines.

December 4, 2006

William L. Anderson, Ph.D. [send him mail], teaches economics at Frostburg State University in Maryland, and is an adjunct scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Copyright © 2006 LewRockwell.com

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  7. 18 Responses to “Update: Duke Rape Hoax”

    1. alex Says:

      You see the way this dumb Christian says International Jewish Conspiracy. I swear, the christian skull has an extra two inches of bone, just to make sure nothing gets through.

      The jew has created the context that makes the persecution he describes possible. If jews had not given blacks superior rights to whites in the sixties, and if they did not use their media organs to support black liars, there’s no way this sort of hoax could be carried off.

    2. alex Says:

      Anderson ought to look into the jewish domination of law schools. That’s a way to give broader context to all these innocent numb-nuts waking to the fact that the justice system aint on the up-and-up. Conspiracy? Who cares. Same effect either way. No justice for Whites, nowhere to petitition for redress, since the brothers of the cut control the papers as well as the courts.

      And in 2007, they’ll attempt to shut down the First Amendment, so that nobody, anywhere, can have any idea of what they’re up to, let alone complain about it.

      Is it time to start killing the jews wrecking our nation?

    3. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      You know the answer to that question. It’s been time for three thousand years. There’s no escaping it. The vampires will not change and will continue to feed and corrupt until the stake is hammered home. You are rapidly approaching a totalitarian condition. America and all it traditionally stood for (largely bullshit in my opinion) is now jew through and through; which is very bad news if you are white. The kikes in the US are every bit as merciless and evil as Lenin and his Bolshevik killers. Once the First and Second Ammendments are done for you will be heading for a similar fate to the Russians unless you start to exterminate the top kikes.
      Solzhenitsyn sorrowfully wondered why the Russian people never resisted the kike killers. Only a few thousand of them needed to have been killed and the lives of tens of millions would have been spared. The kikes themselves were amazed at how easily they repeatedly got away with their vast crimes. They are not amazed any more. They expect to get away with them again. Will they?

    4. alex Says:

      Herr Anderson –

      The real value of reporting on Duke shenanigans lies in teaching awakening Whites about the utter jewish domination of law schools, which is what sustains outrages like this rape hoax, indeed makes them possible in the first place. (In conjunction with the mass media control exercised by the same crew, of course. Unless the NYT and others you upbraid are owned by Mormons or Baptists.)

      Seriously – my buddies and I have investigated. You needn’t rely on us, do the spadework yourself. Look up the top ten law schools in the U.S.


      Google up the faculties of these law schools and note the percentage of profs that are jews. You’ll be amazed. You’ll find that literally half the top law school professors are jews. That is a CONSERVATIVE estimate. The top law schools set the precedents the others follow, of course, and, of course, jews are by no means anything less than hugely overrepresented in the lower law schools. If you think this came about by accident, or that it has no greater meaning, then you disagree with the jews themselves. Your own ideology of libertarianism was set up by jews. They work as a team, they encourage you to be an individual. That’s why they always win, and you libertarians always lose. That’s the reason “Nazis” are hated – they figured out what the jews were doing, and how to fight back successfully.

      Jews very definitely work together to create a system just like Weimar: whatever sustains White normalcy, including your own Christianity, is undermined, whoever fights back is persecuted. You know very well that the jews will introduce bills aimed at shutting down the First Amendment next session. Articles like yours (and mine) will be illegal as “hate” speech. ‘Minorities’ don’t like criticism, and where they can, they forbid it. There are literally thousands of honest White men in jail in Canada and Europe for stating facts jews want known, but you and your freedom-defending libertarians never mention Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Tomasz Winnicki, Simon Sheppard, Luke O’Farrell or any of the others. This is why you aren’t respected, but are regarded by serious men as intelligent but impotent typists. Well, a man can change, hence this letter encouraging you to be bolder. You’re circling the problem. Why not penetrate to the heart?

      The jews created the NAACP and the whole “civil rights” movement out of whole cloth, through their media and their lawyers. You have the facts right, and have done a great service to your readers, but you need to pull back from the bark and let them see the forest.

      Alex Linder
      Vanguard News Network (govnn.com)
      Kirksville Today (.com)

    5. alex Says:

      How in the world did we go from an environment in which niggers couldnt whistle at a white woman to one in which innocent whites may safely be accused of rape? That is the story here.

    6. New America Says:

      In his mp3 of 26 july 05, “Let’s Get Small,” attorney Edgar J. Steele http://www.conspiracypenpal.com – said, based on his painfully gained experience that the “legal” System has been rigged, and it is has now been made into a mockery through “hate crimes,” and “soon, they will be able to drop the pretense.”

      When LA’s Police Chief Lee Bacca called for a system of tracking political dissidents – because “we keep pointing to the real cause of our problems, JEWS.”

      Can you imagine what would have happened if he had called for such for the Coloreds, and their JEWISH masters?

      He advises to stay out of the legal system as quickly as possible, his advice, given about 15 min 40 sec into the speech, deals with his painfully gained experience with the Child Protection Services. It is compelling in its poignancy.

      His message is simple – stay calm, stay in your car, keep your hands visible on top of the steering wheel until the policemen, and more good advice – all of those damned IDIOTS from the “Patriot Movement” who talk about their power as “Sovereign Citizens,” and their right to drive without a driver’s license, and license plates.

      Frankly, I regard them as little more than unwitting agents provocatuers, making it very easy to build lists of similarly inclined fools.

      His examples go well beyond this; but the basic principle is simple:

      Fools fail.

      We can no longer afford to be fools, or to associate with them.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. C Maynard Says:

      Anderson’s email address is here [email protected]

    8. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Remember, libertarianism in the nineteenth century meant VOLUNTARY COMMUNISM.

    9. Carpenter Says:

      While I am not surprised at the website’s success, I am surprised that I was able to carve out a niche myself on that site, given the very good writers who are regulars there. (I certainly do not claim equality with people like Lew and the others, and am grateful that Lew permits any of my pieces to appear.)

      Aww, what a little lapdog! Does he lick Lewpus’ fingers too? I bet he does. What a sycophant, hoping for a pat on his head.

      and others insisted that the entire thing was an International Jewish Conspiracy. (I’m serious about the last one.)

      No, the sycophant is not serious, it is lying. I bet you 100 to one the writer did not write “International Jewish Conspiracy,” but the race traitor distorts what he said to make it sound worse. Misrepresenting your opponent is what Christian race traitors are wont to do. What the writer said was no doubt that the media are dominated by Jews, who are overwhelmingly in favor of immigration and quotas and the like. Jews themselves admit both of these points. Yet the sycophant can’t deal with it.

    10. New America Says:

      Apologies for the quickly jotted, and not read, reply above. It simply reflects my total exasperation with people I know who give me long lectures on why they are Sovereign Citizens, they do not need a license to drive, they do not to pay income tax – people I just do not have time to talk with anymore. As I told one, “Congratulations. Traffic cops are now looking at the quality of the ticket – does this person in such a situation that we KNOW they must come to court, and pay the ticket, or is it so impossible to get them to show up, we just ignore them as no value, high cost? Thus, illegals drive without a valid license, current tags, and don’t even ask about insurance. They don’t get ticketed – no money there. You and I? Well, that’s another story, isn’t it?”

      The Duke Rape Hoax has two compelling messages:

      One, WE are now the victims of the functional equivalent of legal apartheid in our own nation.

      The Duke lacrosse guys have the facts on their side, the law on their side, all of the remotely credible testimony of the witnesses on their side, and some of the best lawyers in America – there is no hyperbole in that last statement – including Robert Bennett, the man the Clintons go to.

      So far, all of this has done them no good whatsoever, in the actions of the legal system in which they are trapped.

      IMAGINE, for a moment, if YOU were in their situation, WITHOUT their considerable family resources…

      There is a substantial warning for all of us in this situation.

      In his excellent mp3 of 25 july 06, entitled “Let’s Get Small,” Edgar Steele gives excellent advice for dealing with the law enforcement community. His poignant advice, at about 15 min 40 sec, about dealing with the Child Support Enforcement people, reminds us that, in the current legal climate, WE, of all people, are GUILTY until PROVEN innocent – and, as George Carlin said, “The table is tilted, the game is rigged.”

      America has been effectively Balkanized; the tolerance we made in our false assumption of Universality has been used against us, and this is simply the visible tip of a large and growing invisible iceberg of enmity against us, solely – I repeat – SOLELY – for being White People…

      This is all the more reason for us to think CREATIVELY, in terms of DEFENSIVE RACISM, to use the title of Mr. Steele’s excellent book, as to how we can begin, where we are, to build the intellectual and cultural foundations for OUR HOMELAND.

      Covington’s Northwest Trilogy offers a number of excellent ideas, and is well worth purchasing, reading, and rereading, outlining his best ideas as you go along… while you can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    11. Theseus Says:


      . . . and if Jews had not enforced “political correctness,” the footsoldiers he criticizes (“prosecuters journalists and others”) would not share the notion of “liberating speech” which is a leftist’s (Marcuse) way of coming right out and saying “certain opinions are worth oppressing.”

    12. alex Says:

      Yes – Marcuse, the theoretician behind leftist praxis, said that leftists should insinuate themselves into positions of power, and use that power to shut down rightists. Tolerance means jew-leftists only. The Marcusians are in power. The workaday example is my trying to post a polite, factual letter in response to TSU’s paper’s celebration of a Mexican invader. The judeo-left maintains the forms — free speech, voting, diversity of opinion — but it is an illusion. No non-niggling, no substantial, criticism is allowed.

    13. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      Oddly, the Durham cops involved both have Jewish surnames: Himan and Gottlieb. Most curious.

    14. just a post Says:

      what do you think of this libertarian prick?
      completely obsessed about the swastika!
      off course he doesn’t mention the magen david (star of david)


      I send him this email:

      the original meaning of the word NAZI

      to: [email protected]

      On your site it says:

      A) =>


      Many people forget that “Nazi” meant “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.”

      B) =>


      4. “Nazi” means “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” A mnemonic device is the swastika. Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, Professor Curry discovered that it was also used sometimes by German National Socialists as alphabetic symbolism, including meshed “S” letters for their “socialism.” Curry changed the way that people view the symbol of the horrid National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Hitler altered his own signature to use the same stylised “S” letter for “socialist” and similar alphabetic symbolism still shows on Volkswagens.

      If you want to keep it academic then please stick to facts. Here are the facts about the origin of the word NAZI.

      What you are saying is wrong. Nazi doesn’t mean -National Socialist German Workers – Party.
      This was something that American Jews wrongly dropped into the (their) mainstream media.


      Some one just started with and then the ball kept rolling. Some one used it to point out an German. Properly heard it that a German (a German Jew) was called Nazi. It then was replaced as short for National Socialist. Because the origin was not to be found.
      Then as it always goes everyone used it (and still do even neo-nazi’s themselves).
      As one can obviously see the word has nothing to do with National Socialist. If it would it would be: NASO. But is t isn’t. It is NAZI!

      Because Nazi means Leader mend ‘leader’ in the Jewish community (obvious it’s not used anymore much).

      Also the word was used by jews from OUTSIDE Germany TO POINT OUT AN GERMAN JEW!!!.

      Because German Jews were from Polish origin (Ashkenazi -Khazar– so often simply called nazi). And the other branche is ‘Sephardic’ jews who make up 10 to 15% of Judaism. They came into Europe trough Spain and Portugal when they left there after being expelled (they helped the Moors try to conquer Spain).

      The Ashkenazi (READ good here: AshkeNAZI) jews who lived in Poland and then from there migrated to Russia and Germany make up 80 to 85 % of Judaism. They are originated from Mongol Seldjoek (Turkish) decent and CONVERTED to Judaism. There ancestors had a kingdom in the Ukraine region. It was called Khazaria. when it fell in the Middle Ages the Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews migrated to Poland.

      Let me remind you that they Jewish bankersfamily Rotschild financed National Socialism as they also financed (and organised Communism into power – from out of New York). Had the Romanovs killed in Russia because tsar Romanov didn’t want a United Nations and frustrated it. A United Nations was necessary to get Zionism into Israel after the war ended and Germany was destroyed. Hitler was ¼ Jewish. His grandmother got pregnant while working in Vienna for baron Rothschild. The Rothschild’s moved Hitler into power. Just before the war Hitler was betrayed by the international Jewish world masters (tikkun olam -> reshaping the world to serve Jewish interest only!). Also then they told him of his partly jewish ‘Rothschild’ blood. Hitler eliminated an Austrian important national socialist that investigated his roots. He didn’t want the word to get out. Then the Jewish lobby staged everyone into power against Hitler. Then everything was set to destroy Germany and get it under Jewish control after WW2. A holocaust was invented to scam money out of Goyim nations and to blackmail Goyim nations to give Israel to Zionism. The Belflour declaration was addressed to Rothschild! To Gog and Magog! Knowing this facts one also knows that ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Sion’ Are not a forgery but true. The so called forgery was ‘discovered’ by someone who was also Jewish……named Joly; end of story.

      If you want to know more use Google. But I think you already know……you are a lawyer so properly Jewish. Jews control universities and campuses so no anti-semitic philosophy can thrive. This there best tool. The politics of anti-Semitism. Under this they can forbid everything that exposes there scam and forbid people to tell the truth to the masses. Luckily there’s internet. It will bring the end to this Jewish scam and Judaism as a whole. That’s why Jews want to control the internet. They can’t stand it that people communicate and get informed without Jews controlling and censuring it.

      Now international Judaism founders (divide and control tactics) of both capitalism (interest on borrowed capital) and Marxism, communism (international socialism) doesn’t want the public to know the original meaning of the word Nazi. Because then the masses of the world would also know that Jews are not from Abraham decent (but Khazars, so Mongols that is Gog and Magog according to the Old Testament).
      If the masses of the world would know then Zionism would fail and also the Jewish control over all the major elements of the world society. The Jews can’t use this they have to stay in control. If the masses know also the “Christian” support for Zionism would end. They need the Christians to there dirty work. Fight wars for them like stupid goyim (non-jews) have always did. Proof of the Jewish bigot anti-Christian & anti-white attitude is in the Talmud. A book with a Philosophy originated in Babylon….. under The Babylonians and Edomites who migrated to Jerusalem with the remnants of half mongrel Jews took over the temple and later became the Pharisees and are called today Sephardics today. There so called Mosaic law is a scam, window-dressing. They consider the Talmud the highest law. It was Jesus who protested against this and the power of the Pharisees. That’s why he had to be killed. But very typical again Europeans did the dirty work for “The Jews”. Jews are not Isaac’s children at all. Jews are lying fakers.

      Quote from the last Bible book of Revelations:

      “Those who say they are Jews but are not but the synagogue of Satan”.

      Expose the origin of the star of David which is an occult symbol for Satan (Saturn – Astarte – Star – Disaster – Hister). The mark of the beast 666. The hexagram.

    15. wow Says:

      comparing this sites commenters to another i frequent its obvious who the more intelligent crowd is, this man is fighting the good fight and alot of u only bs about him then start bickering….no white movement can be made by such a group of absolute morons (save the smart few of you) so no thank you to this dimwitted bunch of hypocrits , white salvation definatly doesnt start here. good day to u all.

    16. van helsing Says:

      well i always say that the original and biggest nazis are the ashkeNAZIS!

    17. Krystal Gale Magnum Says:

      Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      6 December, 2006 at 9:51 pm

      “Oddly, the Durham cops involved both have Jewish surnames: Himan and Gottlieb. Most curious. ”

      Wasn’t Hitler part Jewish on his mother’s side? And what does this have to do with the stripper, lets just call her Crystal, lying about being raped by three innocent white boys?

    18. Ricko, Australia Says:

      Iv’e been watching this case since it started, and how your judicial system seems to work. Well it is very clear to me that the 3 boys are innocent. A clear case of poor girl see’s an oportunity to gain millions.

      You guys over there just can’t shake the black/white thing.

      Nifong should be hung..