27 December, 2006

FLDS: Bleeding the Beast

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Reader alerts us to a trailer for a movie demonizing the FLDS, whose Warren Jeffs was captured earlier this year. Jeffs is a fundamentalist Mormon. That means he sticks to original Mormon principles, including anti-mudism and polygamy. And he encourages his flock to “bleed the beast.” Oh, how the government and its handmedia hate this. Welfare is to come out of White pockets and flow to niggers, so they can breed colonies to destroy us. It ain’t supposed to work in reverse, but among the FLDS it is!

Of course, the propagandists frame destroying FLDS as a matter of liberating women and children, but the essential meaning is clear: White men in Utah are breeding above 2.1! Red-light alert!

There is probably not a faster-breeding group of Whites on earth than the unregenerate Mormons, and their working-together has put $400 million in the bank, according to one claim. Bottom line is that FLDS have demonstrated that breeding leads to power, when practiced by white men. Even if there are problems, they pale beside the good stuff.


Hate is mentioned, Hitler is mentioned , Taliban is mentioned (none of which have anything to do with these people)


They talk about someone who drowned a deformed baby ( which has been done throughout the ages) and some fight where a man hit another man with a shovel, (big whoop, have they checked out any TNB lately? Their “horror” stories seem almost quaint ).

Sure they’re weird, but we have to give them credit for mass producing white kids. And I believe they also whine about welfare in this, but ya know, they don’t go into the fact that these kids are worth supporting and will grow up to be productive citizens unlike ghetto nonwhite children.

There is this weird parallel between this Fundamentalist Mormon sect and Negros , but only in the sense that the Negro men also usually have more than one woman , and get all kinds of women pregnant, yet they never marry, act as fathers or really maintain any connection with the mother, or stick around in any way for the kids. So one has to separate the concepts of “illegitimacy” versus “fatherlessness”, and in the ghetto, it’s not just no Daddy, but no one PERIOD who takes decent care of the kids ,unlike these compounds which are organized.

Yeah I think we get a lot more bang for the buck with the Mormons on welfare than blacks, especially when you factor in future crime, prisons, harm to society and white people. I almost want to send these white breeding farms (that’s kind of essentially what they are, a “lebensborn”, hence the Jews hate them).

And Why does ZOG hate these people so much (besides the fact they make tons more white people, unlike us)?

Here ‘s your answer : (what we talked about “bleeding the beast”) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Of course, contributions to the beast’s existence are anathema, so paying one’s taxes is a grave sin. Any FLDS member caught paying property taxes faces excommunication. This has resulted in the nonpayment of more than $1 million in property taxes of individual FLDS property owners living in Colorado City.

Haha GOOD!

Get your kids everything free off the government you can!
If you don’t , you might as well go out and take a Mexican out to dinner.

Wagging the Zog,

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  7. 18 Responses to “FLDS: Bleeding the Beast”

    1. New America Says:

      Some quick observations:

      Ironically, this community literally straddles the Utah – Arizona border. This is why you see Utah State representatives and Arizona State representatives in the film.

      One, polygamy does have a strong Scriptural foundation – Brigham Young preached and practiced it, but essentially said it was the duty of the best, and optional, for the rest.

      When the Supreme Court held that the State essentially did not have a legitimate interests in controlling marriage between consenting adults, it was used by homosexuals – they filed the case – as support for normalizing their choice of “marriage.”

      The same principle was used by the polygamists in Utah; they have filed suit to have the State recognize THEIR marriages as valid in the eyes of the State.

      They have the strongest of possible cases; indeed, Muslim immigrants have multiple wives, and the State turns a blind eye to them; the members of the LDS Church and its various offshoots – including the FLDS of Warren Jeffs – have arguments for polygamy that are no less valid.

      So, polygamy as an issue has been resolved in all but name; given the law, this is simply a matter of time, unless YOU want to be the politician who takes the Muslim community in America (all SIX MILLION of them) to court, and argue that the Koran is wrong.

      Two, if memory serves, the Utah AG spoke a couple of years ago about how he was going after all of the polygamists, basing his stand on the example of Jeffs and his Colorado City based FLDS. He was overwhelmingly defeated in the subsequent election. This is because Brigham Young developed an explicitly RACE BASED theological system, based on RACE as the living bridge between FAMILY and CULTURE. This dynamic, organic, living system remains the true foundation of Mormon greatness. The laws of the State are simply rocks in the stream of this social order, which simply flowed around them, yesterday, and wore them down, today.

      The living Truth that transcended the legal system the American government imposed on Brigham Young’s Deseret is that polygamy remained – openly, in the case of FLDA and other spin-offs from LDS, and covertly, in the case of MANY fundamentalist LDS families who have “Aunt” Eleanor living with Mom and Dad in a very close relationship. If everyone whose family in Utah more than a century does not have an “Aunt” Eleanor in their immediate family, they they don’t have to look far over the family tree to find her. As well, they ALL support the right to choose – the right to choose the plural marriage lifestyle, if not for themselves, then for the next generation of “Aunt” Eleanors.

      There is a critical message that the moviemakers missed; for all of their criticism of certain events at the margins – and I share those criticisms – they ignore the spiritual Impulses at work when Brigham Young took his followers to the Utah Territory, which was literally in the middle of Nowhere for its time, and infused them with the seeds of Greatness in the fulfillment of Destiny.

      Say what you will, it worked.

      His critics are reduced to silent rage when you ask them one question – “Given the circumstances he faced, what would YOU have done? This is the chart of LDS Church membership growth – THIS is Brigham Young University – THIS is the first temple built by Young and his associates, from nothing, oput of the Wilderness – THESE are the temples, stake centers, and ward buildings of the Church, today. Yet, all of these are of no import whatsoever compared to the greatest asset of all, the LIVING faith that sends FIFTY THOUSAND YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN into dedicated missionary work for two years, at a time in their lives when two years seems like a lifetime, going where they are told to go in selfless service, without complaint (well, some grumbling, of course!) (Incidentally, a useful dvd describing this from the LDS viewpoint is “God’s Army.”)

      It is this virtually RACIAL selflessness, in the pursuit of RACIAL greatness, that separates LDS, at its best, from all of the rest of what JUDEOChristianity has become.

      Oh, and the purpose of polygamy within LDS?

      Large, stable, mutually supportive FAMILIES.

      All of us can criticize the LDS Church as an institution, an of Mormonism, as a religious belief; I suspect most of their critics are motivated more by jealousy, of the LDS success in the fulfillment of Greatness, than of deep theological issues, much less polygamy.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Carpenter Says:

      These are the ones who throw out their teenage boys, expel them from their families and drive them out of town, so that the older men won’t have to compete with them for women? Because they believe that you need a certain amount of wives to go to heaven – and they want their sons to go to hell in their stead?

      Oh yes, sounds like a great idea for Whites. You see large families, but you don’t see the sons who are cut off from the only life and social support structure they have ever known. What becomes of them? What chances do they have of building a stable life where they can afford many children? I bet that the end result is not that many more White children after all. And is this betrayal of your own children, to slake the perverted thirst of dirty old men, a White way to live? (Don’t give me the religious or nationalist-sounding excuses.) Sounds more like niggerish behavior to me.

    3. wayne h. Says:

      I think what brought negative attention to the FLDS is they arranged marriges of young girls with much older men .Also there were accusations of sexual abuse of young girls .I don’t know what Mr. Jeffs was charged with ,but I doubt it was polygamy alone. In the media (60 minutes) Iv’e seen they show highly regimented and disciplined loyal followers of Jeffs ,who are brainwashed poorly educated religious fanatics . This is the way the media decribes anyone who doesn’t look and act the way they think they should.No one can deny they are peaceful idustrious people ,not unlike the Amish ,who refuse to be modern ,and be influenced by zionist media.The jew demands conformity of thought for ease of manipulation.

    4. 2050 Says:

      Warren Jeffs is cool

    5. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I think that whites everywhere can examine the FLDS with interest. No matter what we feel about Christianity (at least the Judeo version of today) any organisation which produces large white families is to be commended. We could use some more men like Warren Jeffs.

    6. Mati The Estonian Says:

      If a man can support and rise big bunch of kids no one should really care how many wifes he have. If woman WANTS live with this kind of arrangement let it be …
      State should keep his hands off. I personally dont think having many wifes in same time is a very good idea but if THEY like it i keep my mouth shut.
      Main point is – FATHER MUST support and RISE/EDUCATE ALL THOSE KIDS (with womans help naturally) – state/gov school is optional.

    7. Mark Says:

      FLDS has some good aspects to it, but of course suffers from egomania and corruption, as one would expect when people get uncontested power over others.

      In a healthy white country this should be opposed, but in our current disgusting multicultural country, FLDS is very positive and we should be more worried about non-whites and Jews. First things first.

    8. Briseis Says:

      I think this is the reason there’s such a big hoopla over them (I’m not god at math as far as figuring how many more kids they have, but it sure seems like a lot). They have created their own “lebensborn”.

      I think the real reason ZOG is after them is because it is not OK for white people not to pay taxes
      Check out who wrote the article at the bottom “Friedman”? She looks to be another one of those anti-white, yet I would put money on her being OK with illegals and other multi0culti crap that costs us a LOT more than 1 Million -oy vey, they’re worried about 1 crummy million in taxes when there’s millions of mexicans costing us trillions in crime, welfare, damages?
      How much can those trailers in the desert be worth after all? Good Gawd, someone do something, there’s white people out there having lots of kids and not paying taxes, the sky is falling!

      Anyway, it seems ZOG isnt worried about all the blacks and mestizos breeding like rabbits, not paying taxes, illegitimacy, welfare,living “off the grid” , getting money “under the table” its only not OK when *WHITE people* do these things.
      Why IS that? Hmmmm I dont think they give a rat’s arse (jew’s arse?) about the wives, its not only about the tax evasion either, its about the general non participation in Judeo-culture, about not feeding ZOG, & their sharing resources means less consumerism means less TV/MTV/buying stuff and maybe more importantly “buying thought” through the Jew_Venue of the TV.
      They’re not good Judeo-consumers, not good multi culturalists, they have kids rather than attend indoctrination at college, and they more than “replacement” level kids per woman, they are of their own organization rather than subscribing to a Judeo-approved one-
      therefore, “itz bad for the Jews”..
      Quote from a blog…
      “Of course, contributions to the beast’s existence are anathema, so paying one’s taxes is a grave sin. Any FLDS member caught paying property taxes faces excommunication. This has resulted in the nonpayment of more than $1 million in property taxes of individual FLDS property owners living in Colorado City.
      — taking all they can get through fraud and tax evasion — does indeed affect us all.”

      Elaine Friedman is the editor of Humanist Network News, the weekly ezine of the Institute for Humanist Studies

    9. March of the Titans Says:

      The u.s. feddle gummint is actively engaged in the destruction of the White race.

      If zionists are truly inside the government, the above statement most likely would be true.

      jew is the cancer.

    10. Roger Says:

      I agree with the poster who stated that under normal Aryan conditions, polygamy would be rightly opposed. Yet the problem is that we do not live in a normal white for white society anymore. Quite the contrary – the cuntry is totally anti-white.
      More kids please!
      I don’t think the majority of people realize how close we Whites in America are to the tipping point. Brazil North is on the way. Blacks are not 12% of the population. The real number is closer to 25%. Then, you have the millions of spics here. So many illegal ones the gub’ment has no idea of how many.
      California has been a bellweather as to what the rest of the country has to look forward traditionally.
      Not good. So FDLS can do their part to make a ton of kids. Yes, the young men get the true shit end of the stick…but some can go off and start their own clan. Expand the business so to speak. Others perhaps one day can become racial warriors to help take back Amerikwa for white peoples.

      I’ll just bottom line it this way: Jeffs and the FDLS have a few fundmantal flaws in their approach. Yet, if the ZOG is aganist you then you must be doing something right.
      Go FDLS!

    11. Kaalkop Says:

      And what about the charges of pedophilia?

    12. Carpenter Says:

      I repeat, they throw out their teenage sons, so that the old men can have more young little wives, without having to compete.

      These teenage sons lose their families and the only life they have known. They have no means of supporting themselves. So they won’t have many children – they can barely get by.

      So again, how exactly is the FLDS giving the world more White children? They may have larger families themselves, but they are preventing all these sons from having families. So in the end, you don’t get more Whites.

      You’re not automatically a good guy just because the government is after you.

    13. furnandloathinginDFW Says:

      I was babtized and spent about five years in the mormon church, as a child when I lived in SLC. I never saw any polygamy or ‘teenage sons being thrown out’. Thats only the fundamentalists, which are rare.. most mormons consider them outsiders.. like snake handlers are to the pentecostels.
      Rather than praise the nuts, please consider the normal LDS- I saw in every family,there was one man one woman, having slews of kids that were being raised strictly and without a lot of familial conflict.
      I don’t think the polygamists ought to be used as the template for discussions on all things mormon, the modern mormon famiily is having tons of white babies, without marrying 12 year olds or excluding the young men.

    14. Derek Says:

      The FLDS church is so radically different from the LDS church that aside from a few core beliefs, the religions’ differences are night and day when you put them side by side. As someone above stated, the FLDS church has become a corrupt form of what it set out to be. It is just used to create a stable whorehouse for each of the older men who hold sway in the community. You might as well compare Christmas and Kwanzaa. I’ve known people from both religions and the LDS church, while tolerant of other races, does far more for breeding quality whites. As I’ve seen for myself (and had many people agree) some of the most beautiful and pure white women can be found in Utah. Whereas I can see the small FLDS church becoming an inbred institution (Due to ostracizing many of the young men) if they continue their practices.

    15. Andrew Says:

      Go Mormons!…
      The Real Ones!

      FLDS are just plain sickos to be totally honest.

    16. Wulf Says:

      Polygamy is a good way of increasing the number of desireable white people, many of the kids I see on these “compounds” have blonde hair and blue eyes. So forget “normal conditions” we should be doing it anyway. And having sex with a 14 year old girl is not pedophilia, the Romans started marrying girls at 12. Any female capable of reproducing is not a child.

    17. John Thomas Says:

      Someone needs to form a White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ and make it more racist than klan or NS and make it militant. David Lane is correct, original Mormon Church was exclusively for whites only. The Priesthood is for pure white Seed only. The Masons killed Joseph Smith because he had a higher true form of masonry. The Temple rites are for white race survival! The Raven will return and the White Race will not be destroyed by the diest masonic hyrid seedline bastards. To form a White Mormon Church would shock the hell out of Salt Lake and the mile square city in london. Lone Wolf White Mormons wake up and form the the church. The Raven is first symbol of Egyptian alphabet. In Dreams Your Magic Mirror of Sechrist it is symbol of Gods love to help him in times of emergency. The heaven smell of Cedar, The White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ will come again!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. John Thomas Says:

      Thank you for letting me post comments about a White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ. I have posted various comments about this on Hanging Out With White Mormons – Occidental Dissent and Nagging Little Voice – also on Occidental Dissent website. During my life time I have attended many White Organizations Meetings. To me the Whitest Family Oriented Group was the pre 1978 Mormons. I hope that White Mormon Lone Wolfs will form the White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ soon. Be aware that the Feds will try to Neutralize it like they have of almost all White Movements since WW 2. Martin Lindstedt is not liked by many but his comments on the Tribulation and 10,000 Warlords is interesting. May God Yahweh, Odin have mercy on the White Remnant. The odor of Cedar and Raven Returns—White Mormon Power!