3 December, 2006

FORREST: Burnt Toast

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[Will appear in coming issue of White Patriot Leader.]

Burnt Toast: How Media Jews Blackened White Entertainment


N.B. Forrest

When I was a kid, my parents and I looked forward to watching syndicated country music programs every weekend: Hee Haw, Pop Goes the Country, The Porter Waggoner Show, and others. In the ’80s, the late, lamented Nashville Network continued the theme with daily programming. The music was good – and the performers were almost 100% White.

That was before notorious jew Murray Rothstein’s Viacom media empire bought them out and immediately set about destroying everything. Turn on CMT now and what do you see? Skilled, normal-looking White musicians playing and singing authentic country music with conviction? My ass you do. Now, just like Murray’s other “music” channels MTV and VH-1, it’s little more than a non-stop parade of hipster creeps. Prefab “country” “bands” made up of gaggles of talentless-but-attractive punks sporting “white trash chic” costumes concocted by fashion jewfags; loathsome rap whigger Kid Rock sharing the stage with a pathetically desperate Hank Williams Jr. – and for me the lowest of all: the abomination known as Big & Rich (or as I prefer, Dick ‘n’ Bitch), with their travelling troupe of sideshow freaks including the ridiculous nigger “Cowboy Troy” and their nauseating “Love Everybody” multicultural bullshit…..

And it’s certainly not just country music that’s been browned by kikes like Rothstein, oh no: They’ve used their media control to apply intense pressure to the owners of NASCAR to put Da Bruthaman behind the wheel forthwith. All too predictably, the owners farted in their haste to comply with the diktat from on high, having Bahble-thumpin’ racing team owner/football coach/negrophile Joe Gibbs get to work on brillo recruitment and trotting out that rotten little race traitor bastard Dale Earnhardt Jr. to give interviews in which he drools over nigresses and pisses on the Confederate flag cherished by NASCAR’s overwhelmingly White fan base.

So look for helmeted chimps to be poppin’ caps in the asses of recalcitrant Rebel flag-wavers in 200 M.P.H. drive-bys.

All of this is about one thing and one thing only: Big Jew has decided that Whitey is no longer to have ANY space all to himself; that jiggaboos, spics, queers and all other forms of subhuman flotsam are going to be shoehorned into the last remaining White entertainment and cultural bastions – just as they’ve crammed them against our will into our formerly clean, quiet, safe neighborhoods.

Which prompts the obvious question: When do we save our culture – our very selves – by cramming THEM into quicklime pits?

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  7. 29 Responses to “FORREST: Burnt Toast”

    1. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Some lyrics from Montgomery Gentry, a couple of washed-up cuntry music stars. I guess when the ubiquitous black cowboy hat fails to draw in the crowds, it’s time to strap on the knee pads to try to hustle a few of those diversity dollars. Here:

      Some People Change – Montgomery Gentry

      His old man was a rebel yeller
      Bad boy to the bone
      He’d say “Can’t trust that other fella,”
      He’d judge ’em by the tone of their skin
      He was raised to think like his Dad
      Narrow mind full of hate
      On the road to no-where fast,
      Till the Grace of God got in the way
      Then he saw the Light an’ hit his knees an’ cried an’ said a prayer
      Rose up a brand new man left the old one right there


      These insects would soil themselves if their tour bus ever broke down in a ghetto somewhere. They are beneath contempt.

    2. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      “Which prompts the obvious question…”

      That question being: “Why do you still own a television and thus support the genocidal media cartels?”

      You pay the Jews to do you in the ass. The Jews are doing you in the ass. So, what are you complaining about “Forrest”?

    3. White music Says:

      Yeah, they’ve gone very far doing this in music and tv/film. They slowly crank down the number of white ‘choices’ and make black/brown crap more and more of what’s available ’til it’s the only thing left. The only thing left for us to do is get rid of them.

    4. will Says:

      Those who love niggers should be forced to live with them.

    5. Wade Thalweg Says:

      Pre-fab bands

      Like they did with the Monkeys(tm) back in the late sixties.

      Just this time they are using real Monkeys.

    6. Thoughtcrime Says:

      It’s why I’m glad I just stopped watching television period. I’ve been television-free now for about two years and it feels great.

      I did however interact with some friends the other night who by my misfortune had the boob tube on and there was nothing but ‘nigger-sitcoms’ on the big three network stations, all at the same time mind you.

      It was absolutely nauseating and I kid you not, the topics ran the gamut from societal affirmation of black lesbians and their desire to have a ‘kid’ to blacks ‘teaching’ dunce cap wearing whites about ‘morals’ and ‘values’ and ‘doing the right thing’.

    7. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “Which prompts the obvious question…”

      That question being: “Why do you still own a television and thus support the genocidal media cartels?”

      You pay the Jews to do you in the ass. The Jews are doing you in the ass. So, what are you complaining about “Forrest”?

      I comment on specific examples of televitz kiking in order to show pissed conservative Whites just who is responsible for the cultural filth they hate. The fact that this doesn’t meet your demanding standards of “Aryan” purity has left me crushed – just crushed.

      Here’s a li’l friendly advice for you, pantload: Take your crusty lips off your overused crack pipe, go dig up Ernst Rohm and suck whatever remains of his dick.

    8. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali-Yuga Says:

      We perceive the phenomenal world by our senses. Everything is composed of energy which our senses translate into visual images, smell, or sounds. The old question, If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it–does it make a sound? No, it does not. It makes vibrations. An ear has to be there to receive those vibrations, and then the mind categorizes and interprets.

      The media has put false sounds (degenerate music) and false images (TV) into the heads of the indiscriminate. These false vibrations are coupled with emotion to make the subconscious accept them more readily. The subconscious mind accepts anything coupled with emotion as “real” and acts accordingly.

      We now have a middle man between us and the natural world, a natural world that our senses should perceive without interference. That middle man controls TV, movies, and music. He controls the very way many perceive reality.

      That middle man, has, in a sense always been with our people, in the form of ministers, painters, scupltors, storytellers. But he has been one of us, and now the middle man has become gigantic, alien, and all-pervasive and has deceived the whole world.

      I think that our subconcious minds, given the proper activation, can save us. It may not be too late, especially, as I suspect, if we have a genetic “race memory” which can be given expression. As a student of art, I have noticed that people “know” (although they may not be able to put it into words) when a picture is “not right.” Their subconscious minds tell them. In the same way, people “know” that the media is “not right” and that they are being indoctinated with an alien agenda, even though they may not be able to put it into words.

      For example, have you seen the movie, “V”? Did you not notice a big disconnect when it got to the part about how the lesbians were being persecuted for being “different?” That big disconnect is your subconscious shouting, “Alien Agenda!”

      Karl Jung thought that Hitler tapped into this race memory of the Germans. Jung considered Hitler to be like a shaman. Another Aryan shaman will come, and soon, and he will learn from the mistakes of the previous one.

    9. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      To: “Forrest”

      Are you just now figuring out that the Jews have hijacked and weaponized media?

      The “obvious question” that needs prompting is: “What do we do about it?”

      A good preliminary answer to *any* Jew problem is: “Turn off the money. Stop fueling the enemy’s war machine.”

      One successful nationalist noted that one must become the change they wish to see in the world. White Nationalists still have yet to become that change – to a personal lifestyle (and collective culture) that doesn’t subsidize the Jew and his predations.

      To quote one UberKike: “It doesn’t matter what Gentiles say, it only matters what Jews do.” You can bluster all day behind your keyboard about how “bad” you are and what you’re going to do when you get your hands on a kike. But the fact is they’ve presently got you surrounded and over a barrel and they’re continuing to do it using *your* consumer dollar (and your political apathy).

      It is you who is enabling the Jew assault, so quit whining.

    10. Dudeman Says:

      Turning off the TV is not the answer. Hiding in a cave like a hermit will change nothing. But make you bitter at a world that is getting destroyed before your very eyes. Get one of these :
      http://www.snipercentral.com/m25.htm (cost effective)
      And take action. But do the math first. Media Moguls are worth the most points.

    11. JewAlert Says:

      Another jew bastard Mayor Bloomfuck trying to go independent to get it all and fuck up the system like jew bastard Lieberfuck succeeded in doing.

      December 04, 2006
      Bloomberg Seriously Contemplating Presidential Bid
      A New York magazine cover story makes clear that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously testing the waters for a presidential run in 2008 as an independent. However, he would delay until early 2008 any announcement.

      Said GOP strategist Mark McKinnon: “In any third-party effort, you want to start late. You gotta catch lightning in a bottle, not let yourself get stale. If Perot had waited to start his campaign until after his daughter’s wedding, he would probably have been president.”

      “The biggest downside to starting late is that it makes it harder to get on the ballot in all 50 states. But here the putative Bloomberg campaign has been blessed by fate with a ready-made solution: Unity08, a grassroots outfit in Washington that intends to field a centrist presidential ticket (selected via an online convention in June 2008) and handle the ballot-access hassles. Though the group may sound a little sketchy, two of its prime movers are Doug Bailey, the Republican consultant who nearly engineered an upset win for Gerald Ford in 1976, and Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter’s White House chief of staff.”

    12. Dogma Says:

      To: “Elite Aryan Crack Smoker”

      The OBVIOUS question to you is…

      Who the fuck are you?
      Why the fuck are you still breathing?
      What kind of piece of shit gives himself a name like “Elite Aryan Crack Smoker” and then professes to have great insights about “fueling the machine” and other bullshit nonsense?

      One or any or all of us just not watching TV doesn’t deprive the Jew of one damned cent.

      If you seriously believe that turning off your tube is of any fucking consequence to anybody, you are naiive in the extreme and should just off yourself now and save us and everyone else the agony of having to listen to you.

      We will never boycott the Jew out of existence, the pull of television is too strong for most, and its nearly impossible to have a nation or planet organize to boycott one specific and convenient form of entertainment.

      Forrest has more useful information in one hair on his ass than you could probably spout out in your entire fucking lifetime.

      Kill yourself.

    13. Carpenter Says:

      N.B. Forrest makes good points with good information. Not much to add; he is right.

      Once again, “Elite Cracksmoker” is allowed to disrupt and piss over a thread. How about kicking out shitty trolls like this one, Alex? Or would it cause free speech, the only thing that matters in the world, irreparable damage?

    14. alex Says:

      Disruption, so what. The Smoker is right to focus on denying the jew money, but he’s wrong to imply this will solve problem, or even make a small dent.

      Crackie’s just another anonymous know it all who refused to respond when asked how much he has. I bet he has less money than 95% of the cable subscribers reading this thread.

      You should dump tv because it’s bad for you and your children, not because it will hurt jews. It won’t make much of a difference to their finances, but it could make a great difference to yours.

      I do subscribe to cable. I get more value out of it than it costs. Paying for cable is the one way I feed the jew machine, apart from unavoidable taxes. I use tv as NBF does, to find where people are and bring them back in, using known referents.

      But, the main point is that all Aryans should reorder your life to ensure that all processes increase your money, blood, and power over time. For average people, that means avoiding debt and tv and eating out all the time and buying new cars. These are the things that prevent the savings that alone bring Whites lawful power.

    15. laughing at limey Says:

      Elite Aryan Crack Smoker is the man. His humor and viewpoint are beyond “y’all”.

    16. tbolt58 Says:

      First, I agree with N.B. Forrest. The schmuels have wrecked NASCAR and taken it from the culture that created it. Nothing wrong with pointing out another enemy operation, especially if it reaches some first time reader. It’s always about education. Sometimes I watch T.V. I like to call it “studying the enemy”. It can’t hurt you if you know the score. It’s only dangerous to highly impressionable children and the “unaware”, who think they’re hearing reality. To me, it’s mainly just highly offensive to white people and their culture. Second, I know this is a forum and free speech among peers to disagree is paramount in our culture. However, we need to stick together better in our common cause, which should be IMO the survival of our race and culture. The fuckin’ jews sure do! So do niggers and the rest of the mudpuppies. Our culture’s own sense of personal independence that’s made us great and so different than other races also serves to harm us. So much infighting in the movement forever. This we need to learn from our mortal enemy. Jews always present a united front to the outsider. That’s how they achieve as a race and very well may be their only positive quality, no matter how galling it is for me to say it. WNs need to learn to stick together tighter than the jew. It won’t change the way we think, sense of self and independence are in our genetics. As Edgar Steele is wont to say,”Genetics is culture gone to seed.” 88

    17. Dudeman Says:

      Disruption, so what. The Smoker is right to focus on denying the jew money, but he’s wrong to imply this will solve problem, or even make a small dent.

      You should dump tv because it’s bad for you and your children, not because it will hurt jews. It won’t make much of a difference to their finances, but it could make a great difference to yours.

      I do subscribe to cable. I get more value out of it than it costs. Paying for cable is the one way I feed the jew machine, apart from unavoidable taxes. I use tv as NBF does, to find where people are and bring them back in, using known referents.

      But, the main point is that all Aryans should reorder your life to ensure that all processes increase your money, blood, and power over time. For average people, that means avoiding debt and tv and eating out all the time and buying new cars. These are the things that prevent the savings that alone bring Whites lawful power.

      Alex is right, deny the jew, but in other ways. Pirate from him. Use bitcomet where necessary. And keeping your children from the “source” will only solve half the problem. You have to send them to nigger integrated schools right? If you hold down a full time job with your wife working, home schooling is not an option. And that is the way things are going. If it hasn’t hit you yet, it will your children, when they are forced to compete with China. Believe me when I say that, I was there 2 weeks ago.

      referents=references? I hack everything, at every opportunity. I even work for jews. I’ve learned how to weasel from them (as they have done to us for so, so long). It’s the only way to beat an enemy my friend.

      Wasn’t it Julius Ceasar that said hold your enemies close? Go and climb into a walrus’ igloo if you want. Fuck that shit. I laugh at my enemies and plot against them in ways you could only dream.

      I would at least agree that that is where you need to put your little ones (in the igloo) until they can fathom the war that is going on around them. But for you? You should (and need) to be in the heat of the battle. Don’t run from it. Your family, fine, shelter them.

      But, we need all strong white men to stand up against the apes and their jew masters. Together we are strong. Together we are one. If you cast aspersions against your brothers (as I have seen on this post alone), I suspect jewish infiltration.

      Alex is right about saving money, for you and yours. But you are part of a collective. One that can only work when we have regular meetings in person. We need to setup groups as Kevin Strom’s group has done. We need to meet one another (selectively, avoiding infiltration) to help build a solid future.

      “Thor grabbed for his hammer in anger, ready to smite the giant. But as he turned around, all the castle had disappeared, as well as had Utgard-Loki, and nothing remained but the open plain, and the blue sky overhead…”

      – Ironically, the “Star of David” is the “Star of Rephaim”. The Rephaim were repuded to be giants. Again, our mortal enemies…

    18. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Or would it cause free speech, the only thing that matters in the world, irreparable damage?”

      Big, big mistake- confusing private action with governmental action. Private stifling of speech is not censorship. Censorship pertains to governmental force.

      A free press implies the right to publish, and it also includes the right to not publish. Not publishing is free choice, or editing. Not publishing does not violate free speech- government does.

    19. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Turning off the television was, for me at least, a big step in waking up to the Jewish Agenda and more importantly, deprogramming myself. I existed in a thoughtless trance prior to shutting the boob tube down.

      I also don’t consider myself ‘in a cave’ or ‘out of the loop’ just because I abandoned Jewish Programming years ago.

    20. BillCrystal Says:

      HeeHaw was a fucking joke filled with Hollywood jew created cartoon like bumpkins and idiots trying to be funny and just the spin off of Gomer Pyle or Green Acres. Southerners even laughed at that bullshit made in Hollywood that intentionally tried to stereotype and mock rural whites and country western music that has been perpetuated by Springer. There were older country western shows done in Nashville in the 50s and early 60s that presented the music with integrity before the jews took off with that HeeHaw goofy bullshit. It was just part of the dumbing down process by the jew bosses in Burbank.
      Fact is the only thing whites have left is country and racing and this is why whites from all over have made these 2 mainstream and not just southern. This is why the jew bosses are trying like hell to get in and fuck it up because they know all this.
      Whites have no more sports because niggers have taken over everything with the jews running the show as commish. Hockey is white but Canadian.
      Whites have turned to racing as their last resort where whites run everything and are the main players. Jews hate this. If you got rid of all the niggers and jews and spics, whites would return to their former creations and leave racing and country but that wont happen so they have no choice.
      Whites have turned to country because niggers have whiggers have fucked everything up and this is their last resort. Jews are in the process of fucking all this up now buying out the music cable channels and trying to get niggers into racing.

      Forrest being stuck on the HeeHaw bullshit proves the jew brainwash works. He must like Springer too. Remember they made fun of the Germans too just like they did the south. In the HeeHaw days whites could actually laugh at this only because there were many other entities that were still white in sports and music. Today HeeHaw would never go over because whites realize they have been fucked up the ass and mocked by the jew bosses so jews move on to trying to slant country to a more jewniggerized bullshit.

    21. alex Says:

      Some lyrics from Montgomery Gentry,

      yeah, i heard this song the other day. wonder if the two wrote it, or whether it was writ by failed alt rocker from portland, ha. this shit is paint-by-numbers political correctness.

    22. alex Says:

      Looks like “Some People Change” is a recycled Kenny Chesney song. It’s also the title cut from latest Montgomery Gentry.

      Southern liberals are the lowest form of life on earth. Even college professors, mexicans, and cockroaches spit on them.


    23. America First Says:

      Poster’s like N.B.Forrest, are long known to real Patriot W.N.’s, and When real W.N. watches the filthy pogrom’s that are put on the White INVENTED Cathode ray tube and writes about the how and why’s of the perverison of it, you should thank him, not give him your b.s. punk put down. I do not own a TV, and have not had one for years and won’t watch it in a HOTEL room either.

      I do remember Hee Haw in 1964 or 1965, and it was a relief for a city White child to watch.

      Thanks N.B.F.


    24. America First Says:

      Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      3 December, 2006 at 7:51 pm

      I have never got in to flamming etc. Poster’s at VNNF Etc., that have sophomoric handles like that should be banned as being anti’s.

    25. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “Forrest being stuck on the HeeHaw bullshit proves the jew brainwash works. He must like Springer too.”

      I was referring to the top White country musicians that appeared on Hee Haw, not the cornpone. That overalls-‘n’-hay bales crap has unfortunately been an integral part of the marketing of country music to non-Southerners since at least the beginning of the Grand Ole Opry. Ever heard of Minnie Pearl? And why do you think they used to call it “hillbilly” music, fool?

      Next time try doing your homework before opening your goddam yap. Fuck you very much.

    26. Steve Says:

      Whenever you get an audience in the millions, you can make serious money renting out your audience to companies who pay the audience-creator (media jews) to air product ads to increase revenue. The jews have learned this easy money making method of introducing consumers to producers. If you’re not a mass consumer and unaffected by ads, why pay the inflated surcharge for ads? Jewish money doesn’t come out of thin air. Everytime you pay retail for a jewish fashion designer piece of wearable stitched cloth, you’re putting money right in their hands. Jobs are being lost overseas simply b/c most people don’t know how to get the lowest prices. Anything China-made costs much less than retail. Without the increased profit margin, companies would have less incentive to ship jobs overseas for the cheap labor. There are plenty of rebates/coupond codes for high-tech devices, shoes, pretty much everything. Sites like slickdeals.net and fatwallet.com can save you literally $1000s a year. Jewish power begins largely from whites paying retail. If consumers bought for durability/quality rather than what is advertised/popularized, that’s one step closer to shutting down their income. Take advantage of credit cards like BP visa that give you 10% back on their gas for first 2 months (in addition to $75 free gas cards/check if you charge more than $1k the first month), 4% back on stores/restaurants (as long as you pay it off each month). Retaining our wealth means more for us, less for them.

    27. Antron Says:

      Ah0i! Just thought I would comment.

      Firstly, guys — I don’t think that kind of nasty rhetoric (“kill yourself”) should be directed at white people. Let’s stick together here. I can’t stand country music but I sure as hell would prefer anything performed by proper white people to nigger noise! I don’t like seeing these silly attacks, calling people fags and whatnot — that’s just not very effective for our mission.

      I think the Crack Smoker is generally correct about the tele-screen. When you allow this box to spew mind-rotting propoganda into your home, you take in many forms of commercial advertising that benefits the jews — Hollywood movies, pornography, political disinformation and worst of all, the damned nigger glorification programs. Children are especially vulnerable to it’s influence. Shutting off the idiot box DOES interfere with the enemy’s revenue stream, even if the effect is indirect. What are you doing sitting in front of the tele-screen when you could be doing something useful to empower yourself?

      I smashed my television with a baseball bat when Bush gave one of his post-911 speeches. I took it outside and placed it on the curb. Neighbors came to ask if I was throwing it away, and if they could have it. I smashed it to bits in full view and told everyone why I was doing it. It gives me much more time to make good use of, it removes a major source of disinformation (I still don’t know what Britney Spears is, I’ve never seen Survivor and so on).

      Entertainment and information are better obtained using more advanced technologies that allow us to circumvent the jew’s control of the data stream. I have personally inflicted tens of millions of dollars of damage to the enemy using these mechanisms (yes, honestly), as well as conducted effective attacks against the enemy’s infrastructure.

      On a side note, this summer I was jumped by two nigger savages who attempted to rob me, making like they had handguns. Early evening in a very public place with a lot of witnesses. I first pulled my pocket knife instinctively and slashed up the bigger nigger’s puffy jacket a little bit, then decided I should try something a little less likely to land me in legal trouble. So I pulled the puffy jacket over his head, bashed the nigger in the face/head a few times then handcuffed him to a telephone booth (I carry them to secure my briefcase at nigger-infested job sites). Attempting to “do the right thing” I called the cops on my cel phone before the smaller nigger knocked it out of my hand and he took off. When the pigs arrived I WAS TREATED AS THE CRIMINAL and threatened that I would be charged with unlawful confinement They set the niggers free and luckily they let me go shortly thereafter. True story boys and girls. Just to further illustrate what we’re up against. I got out OK that time, the only thing was my little finger on my left hand really hurt, where it grazed the big nigger’s tooth as I was pummeling his ugly face. I was scared I was going to get AIDS or something by coming into contact with his bodily fluids. I do own firearms but I don’t plan on a trip to jail anytime soon. It could have easily turned out much worse.

      Respect to VNN for some excellent reading material. I wish all of you the best of luck in our struggle against the filthy nigger savages and the jews who sick them on us.

    28. Joo Toob Says:

      Anti TV clips from movie Network:


    29. North 40 Says:

      “It’s only dangerous to highly impressionable children and the “unaware”, who think they’re hearing reality.”

      Wrong! TV is, among other things, hypnosis, which bypasses the conscious mind to implant deadly post-hynotic suggestions into your psyche. And it’s not only the content, but the medium itself, which slowly undermines your ability to discern the real from the unreal. Finally, it destroys human intimacy by mediating experience…and what (not who) is mediating it? Images composed of “a thousand points of light” (Lucifer) that you dummies interpret as PEOPLE. UNDERSTAND THIS: Images composed of nothing create an illusion that speaks…and YOU listen to it, often in preference to ACTUAL PEOPLE.
      Don’t turn it off, DESTROY IT! TV is the single most deadly weapon in use today…by a factor of hundreds of millions.

      No one that watches TV…or has one in their house…is free. DESTROY IT and tell everyone you know to do the same. Then get a life.

      Suggested reading: “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television,” by Jerry Mander (a jew), “The Society of the Spectacle,” by Guy Debord. Unfortunately, both those books were written over 30 years ago. It’s gotten far, far worse since.