12 December, 2006

Hoffman on Holohoax Conference

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Iran Upholds Enlightenment Principles with Revisionist Conference

by Michael A. Hoffman II

RevisionistHistory.org | December 11, 2006

Iran’s “Holocaust” conference opens today and in spite of some imperfections, it marks an historic event, the first time any government in the world has sought to examine the Allied claims about mass execution gas chambers allegedly used by the Germans at Auschwitz.

Of course the conference is not presented in these terms by “our” media. The corporate media reports don’t refer to “gas chamber denial” but rather to that Orwellian neologism, “Holocaust’ denial.” The allusion to “denying” a “Holocaust” begs the question by confusing skepticism toward gas chambers as a weapon of mass murder, with the notion that revisionists are questioning the existence of concentrations camps and persecution of Judaics, which they are not. The resulting confusion is exploited by the Western media to further obscure the truth, as a service to Israeli mythology.

One of the leading experts on the Auschwitz homicidal gas chamber claims cannot attend the conference in Iran. He’s been in jail in Germany for several months. Former Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf has written scientifically rigorous books on the Auschwitz facilities and for that “crime” he is presently on trial in Mannheim, facing five years in prison. Almost all news of his trial has been suppressed by “our free world media.”

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called the Iran conference “stupid.” But anyone with an Internet connection and comprehension of English can read Germar’s brilliant revisionist book online and quickly determine that the execution gas chamber claims are anything but the undeniable Holy Writ that the British Prime Minister proclaims them to be. Read Germar’s book here: http://www.vho.org/dl/ENG/trr.pdf

The homicidal gas chamber imposture is mainly the product of a media protection racket, backed by the state and certain corporations. Revisionist investigators are ridiculed, blacklisted and boycotted in the US and their professional careers hindered and harmed. Google, an Internet enterprise that has reaped billions of dollars from the freedom and openness of the Internet, has this year implemented a policy of banning gas chamber revisionism from its Google Video site.

Paypal, the Internet banking arm of the online auction house, Ebay, which also got rich off the open nature of the pioneer Internet, bans payments for revisionist books if the books are advertised on a web page. Companies that have made vast fortunes off the freedom the Internet offered, are crafting a restricted Internet which hinders free expression and inquiry.

In Canada, Europe and Australia, the establishment is so fearful of the findings of revisionist researchers that they are silenced through prosecution and in some cases, jail sentences. Others have been fired from their jobs and beaten by Zionist terrorists. One revisionist school teacher, Francois Duprat, was murdered.

If the questions revisionists ask about the killing operation in Auschwitz really were as absurd as the Judaics claim, revisionist skeptics would be left unmolested. It is because the establishment has something to hide that it uses a blacklist in the US and dungeons in Europe to suppress revisionist scholars, even while hypocritically lecturing Muslims on democracy and an open society.

At the crux of the debate is the murder weapon. If NASA claimed to have sent astronauts to the moon but couldn’t produce the rocket that carried them there, anyone would rightly question NASA’s claims. Yet the Judaic establishment has never produced anything approaching a credible prototype of an Auschwitz execution gas chamber. This is what the leading forensic revisionist sleuths such as Carlo Mattogno, Ditlieb Felderer, Brian Renk, Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson and Germar Rudolf have highlighted. Those who have toured the gas chamber at San Quentin and compared it with early depictions and representations of Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers will spot the enormous difference between the two. The authentic gas chamber in San Quentin resembles a space capsule decompression chamber. The fakes in Auschwitz are by comparison, a jury-rigged joke. But don’t laugh because that would be “denial.”

It is often said that the execution gas chambers existed because eyewitnesses testify to their existence. What should be said is that fantasists have spun tales that appear unimpeachable because they have never been cross-examined, since in the Wonderland logic of Holocaustianity, to question is to commit the sin of denial. The theological dimension is paramount. One may deny the Virgin birth of Mary or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ without penalty or prosecution, but it is quite another matter in the West to deny the central tenets of the “Shoah” (the rabbinic term for the myth of the Six Million). By that criterion it can be seen that the vaunted agnostics and secularists of Europe are upholders of Holocaustianity, the last European fundamentalism still commanding blind faith and a divine mandate to punish heretics.

In the 1985 trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto on charges of denying that the kabbalistic “Six Million” dead Judaics statistic was accurate, this reporter sat in the press gallery and observed as the Crown prosecutor paraded several of these supposed infallible “Holocaust’ Survivors” on the witness stand, including Rudolf Vrba, whose WWII-era report of mass gassings in Auschwitz led the future Pope John XXIII to lead a secret campaign against Pope Pius XII for having failed to believe the “eyewitness testimony” of Vrba. But the Zundel trial proved that Pius had been prudent to doubt Vrba who, under the withering cross-examination of Zundel’s defense attorney Doug Christie, admitted that his report was only “an artistic picture” and “not a document for a court.”

These are the truths elicited when we are permitted the basic human right to doubt and question. Lies can only survive and prosper in a vacuum where all counter-claims and challenges are suppressed.

When Steven Spielberg filmed “Schindler’s List” he dared not depict homicidal gas chambers in operation for fear that revisionists would pick his portrayal to pieces. When Eisenhower, Churchill and De Gaulle wrote their multi-volume World War II memoirs they published not one word about the execution gas chambers which, in our time, have become the central pillar upon which the history of the war in the Atlantic theatre is based.

Were there gas chambers in Auschwitz? Most assuredly and that’s why this writer qualifies the term by preceding it with the words “execution” or “homicidal.” The concentration camps were plagued by the typhus louse and the Germans had facilities, i.e. “gas chambers” for fumigating bedding and clothing as a prophylactic against this dreaded disease that killed Ann Frank and tens of thousands of others. These fumigaton chambers could not accommodate humans, as Ditlieb Felderer (himself of Judaic ethnicity) documented in his photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau which he took in the late 1970s.

Did Hitler harbor a racist hatred for Judaic people? Most assuredly, and out of that hatred came his toleration for mass shootings of Judaic civilians by some SS units on the Eastern Front. Hitler was just as evil as Churchill and Roosevelt, who ordered the mass murder of German and Japanese civilians. But then as now, when the terror bombs are delivered by airplanes, the crime somehow is exculpated in the eyes of the sleepwalkers of Europe and America. But there is no order extant from Hitler or his underlings commanding the mass murder of Judaics in gas chambers and the weapon itself is missing, so it’s normal for thinking persons to harbor a healthy skepticism about “gassings.” The abnormality is found among those who believe blindly and denounce those who have the courage to dissent.

Amid all the editorial page huffing and puffing against Iran and revisionism that will appear like smog in the next few days, the finger-wagging bromides and platitudes, the narrow-minded ridicule by bigots who have never read a single revisionist book, people should not lose sight of the human right to think independently and ask difficult and seemingly sacrilegious questions.

For some of us, the word of “The Holy People” about “The Holocaust” is not enough. It has been a truism since at least the Enlightenment that without the right to question a holy dogma, even one alleged to have been proclaimed by heaven or Christ’s “vicar on earth,” or Calvin in the “holy citadel of Geneva,” knowledge and human advancement are not possible.

When James Macpherson, a Scottish Nationalist, purported in the 18th century to have discovered epics and sagas in Gaelic, these were rapturously received by the British public. However, “mean-spirited” intellectuals such as Samuel Johnson challenged Macpherson to provide the original documents upon which he based his claims. Johnson told Macpherson, “I thought your book an imposture from the beginning and what I have heard of your morals disposes me to pay regard not to what you shall say, but to what you can prove.” Macpherson blustered but never produced the evidence.

We have the right to declare to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Yad Vashem museum, the US State Department and Congress, Tony Blair, Koffi Annan, the governments of Germany and Israel and Zionists everywhere, your morals dispose us to pay regard not to what you shall say, but to what you can prove. According to revisionist “heretics,” about the execution gas chambers, the Judaics and their allies have thus far proved nothing.

It’s remarkable that it is the Iranians with their revisionist conference in Tehran who are the contemporary guarantors of Enlightenment principles, while the post-modern West lies submerged in the darkness, superstition and self-protective inertia of the religious fundamentalism that is Holocaustianity.

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  • 11 Responses to “Hoffman on Holohoax Conference”

    1. jimbo Says:

      “Did Hitler harbour a racist hatred for Judaic people? Most assuredly and out of that hatred came his toleration for mass shootings of Judaic civilians by some SS units on the Eastern Front. Hitler was just as evil as Churchill and Roosevelt, who ordered the mass murder of German and Japanese civilians”

      i/weren’t the ‘mass shootings’ of ‘judaics’ on the Eastern Front confined primarily to either commisars or jewish partisans?
      (the latter perfectly justifiable under current International Law!)

      ii/how does any-thing Hitler ever did compare to the terror-bombing atrocities of Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden? or, dare one say it, Hiroshima & Nagasaki?….didn’t Hitler stymie the German Atomic Programme because he was repulsed by the capabilities of atomic weapons?;

      iii/how does any-thing Hitler ever did compare to the mass-murder of over 10million ethnic Germans post-WWII?

      iv/did Hitler ever maliciously & wilfully mis-treat AlLied POWs like the AlLies mis-treated literally millions of German POWs post-WWII; a la James Bacque?

    2. Whitepride Says:

      When I’m debating people on racial issues, I don’t go on defense and try to argue points with these people, I go on the offense. My goal is to kick in the door of their minds and plant a seed. Here’s an example of one of my posts that I’ve left on many different message boards. I’ll usually leave links to JEWWATCH, VNN, and other sites under my post. Remember, stop being on defense, kick their f’ing teeth in with your opinion.

      One of my posts:
      Should our politician’s DNA be tested for Jewish blood?

      In the last 100 years, many secret Jews have risen to power in Gentile nations and they have ended up murdering tens of millions of Gentiles. The most egregious case was that of Jewish Bolshevism, a.k.a. Communism. Communism was the creation of radical, leftist Jews like Karl Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin, to name a few. In this case, the Jews murdered 60 million Christians from 1917 to 1953.

      The second most horrific case was WWII. Many secret Jews came to power including FDR, Churchill, Stalin, Eisenhower, and Hitler. In this case, 50 million Christians ended up dead.

      Another recent case is the rise of the neo-cons in America in which secret Jew, G.W.Bush, sends American boys to die in the Middle-East to defend Israel. Jewish neo-cons by the names of Wolfowitz, Pearl, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith, and G.W.Bush, set up the 9-11 attacks on America and blame the Arabs to turn American public opinion against the Arab States and allow G.W.Bush’s attack on Israel’s enemy, Iraq.

      In my opinion, all politicians should be DNA tested to ensure that they’re not of the Jewish race. If we don’t test, we could end up with another Holocaust of Gentiles at the hands of the Jews.


      Yeah, it’s great they’re debating the Hoaxacaust, but let’s also put them on the defensive; besides, it’s a lot of fun and it feels good to do the kicking for a change.

      It’s time we started talking about the Holocausts that have happened to our people at the hands of the Jews.

      Believe me, the shit’s gonna hit the fan when you post this stuff on popular message boards. I usually respond to my attackers with more links to various sites, then kick their teeth in with more facts.

      Oh, please don’t respond to my above post with how many “Christians” were really killed by Jewish Communists, or that Jews are not a “race.” The point of the post is to shock the reader and plant the seed. Get him riled up enough to click on the links. Once I’ve planted the seed, that person will remember what I posted and when someone like Mel Gibson says that the “Jews start all the wars,” a bell may go off in his head and he might start connecting the dots.

    3. JT Thomas Says:

      Where is VNNs seat at the table of this wonderful Holo-hoax conference? We see David Duke making speeches there. That guy has fucking balls of steel and no jew media can say his name without KKK on the frot of it as if KKK is a bad thing? Whether striking out the inning by baseball pitchers or striking out niggers and jews, KKK is the best thing since sliced bread. If VNN is going to any sort of formidable anti-jew media source it must attend this first ever Persian creation.

    4. Jackumup Says:

      My local paper ran a small article from the AP and it contained all the usual rhetoric “holocaust deniers, David Duke ex clans man, I suspect the only other news will be videos of Jewish sponsored protest. If God willing the lid will start to blow off and final justice administered

    5. Jackumup Says:

      i was listening to Micheal savage and he declares that there was overwhelming evidence that the holocaust happened, he was unable to name any sources so we just have to trust him. Also he questions why congress the gays even the catholic church doesn’t speak out about this meeting ( maybe they know something he doesn’t) he also believes that if this is tolerated America will suffer (from what ?)

      THE TIDE IS SLOWLY TURNING MR SAVAGE (aka what ever Jew name you had before) its time to look for a house in jew land

    6. New America Says:

      Like something out of “1984,” the mention of (Klansman) David Duke – he might as well change his full name to “Former Klansman David Duke”- is a verbal tripwire for the drones to shut out all that follows.

      And Savage Weiner should know the Goddamn JEWS who control the media are trying, desperately, to stop American awareness of the Iranian Conference.

      After all, the Iranian Conference is spoken in moderate tones, and is framed more in terms of the necessity for, and right to, the DUTY for open, honest intellectual inquiry – a practice of the West, AND Islam, at their best.

      The question then becomes, “WHO doesn’t want The Truth to come forward, and WHAT do they have to hide?”

      The Goddamn JEWS wave “the Holocaust” as a flag that grants them moral superiority, AND shuts off all discussion as to exactly WHAT “the Holocaust” is, and how it came to be.

      That is the fascinating part – getting the Goddamn JEWS to go from emotional responses to factual answers – “Are you saying that SIX MILLION JEWS were (1) put in these camps, (2) gassed to death in chambers with Zyklon B, and then (3) cremated?

      Peter Shank and Alex Linder have noted the importance of not allowing the Goddamn JEWS to define the words used to frame the argument; instead of calling us “Holocaust Deniers,’ or even “Revisionists,” we should simply say we are “Factualists,” and point out the obvious fact that Dr. Ahmadinejab used to stun interviewers into silence – “If this was a crime committed BY Germans, IN Germany, why must the people of Palestine pay? Why not give the Goddamn JEWS some piece of German soil, and leave us out of it?”

      EVEN the most indoctrinated of American lemmings understands THAT question.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .overwhelming evidence that the holocaust happened, he was unable to name any sources. . .”

      The “evidence” at Nuremberg as provided by the World Jewish Conference, and the American Jewish Conference.

      It doesn’t get any more crock solid than that.

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Whitepride

      Yes, the best form of defence is attack. The jew holocaust of our people has been going on for centuries not just since 1917. T

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The murder of 120 million White men and women during the 20th century is bad enough but it also prevented the birth of perhaps 300 million White children.

      One point of disagreement….the suspicion of Hitler having jewish ancestry; an unsubstiantiated myth!?

    10. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      re above posting: should read: American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress. Long time since I read the Dr. Butz book. . .the total testimony (if memory serves) was provided by these gooks. . .

    11. Giles Says:

      Hey, Hoffman! Wheres my bagel? Quit kvetching and get a move on!

      I support the idea of DNA testing. So much for the German Jewish Nazi Party. Or about 1/3 of the white race.

      This Saturday at Temple Beth Strechier-Goldenberg, Rabbi A Hidler-Frankenberger will be giving a seminar on the the tortured Jewish soul and self-hatred.

      There will be nosh and deli afterward from Hoffman’s.