11 December, 2006

In Memoriam Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (1915-2006)

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By George Lenz

The life and death of White Man: In Memoriam Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (1915-2006)

Yesterday was a very sad day indeed. It was raining, as if Nature was morning over the passing out one of its beloved sons. I looked at the news monitor, read on and remain in suspense for a while. One of the Great White Men and Great Republican Augusto Pinochet Ugarte has died overnight. It was inconceivable: I still remembered his healthy joyful voice from a week-long interview. Yet it did happen: the heart of the Great White Man has stopped forever, manifesting the passing over of the whole epoch.

Augusto Pinochet Ugarte was born in 1915 in a well-off Catholic family of French and Spanish extraction. His father was a customs official, his mother – a housewife. He was the first out of six children born; and the ablest one according to parents and friends. The young Augusto was a leader in children’ games, the local priest always praised his reading and mathematical abilities to his parents. He was offered to enter university: but he wanted to serve his country, so he joined the military in the age of 18. His abilities were immediately recognized: he was advanced first to officer, than was send consequently to officer’s courses and military academy, where he stayed as a professor after completion. Pinochet was a talented scientist, publishing many works on military theory and history and geopolitics. He was advanced to brigade general and chief-of-staff in 1965, and to army commander-in-chief in 1973 – the peak of the military career in Chile. However the Fate has in store for him a more difficult task.

Chile of 1973 was in disarray. The socialist president Aliende had invited into the country 1000s of Cuban “advisors”, who were preparing soviet-style revolution and genocide. Only for one month of 1973 24 Catholic priests were murdered by socialists, alongside hundreds of Catholic peasantry and government officials. The economy was nearly destroyed by nationalization and mismanagement; the workers and peasants were less and less content. The armed forces were left at a simple choice: either to tolerate a communist takeover, bloodshed and becoming a soviet satellite or to overthrow the criminal socialist regime. Augusto Pinochet, as a true son of his People has decided on the second option.

In September of 1973 he and his trusted officer and soldiers, attacked the Presidential palace, La Moneda, which has become a communist citadel as well as other known communist locations around Santiago. A short but violent struggle ensured: Aliende and his fellow communists lost, and Aliende, afraid of military justice, that awaited him, short himself. Other captured communists were transported to the local stadium, where they were interrogated, judged by military court and punished. Around 2000 communists were condemned to death, and their sentences were carried out the same day. The communist hordes, seeing the resolve which the army restored law and order in Santiago, leaved the country en masse, settling for easy life in communist countries of Eastern Europe and soviet union. Augusto Pinochet has won the day. Yet his work was just beginning.

The first task was to restore economic foundations of the country. Here Pinochet asked for advice of the anti-Keynesian and free-market economists of Chicago school, who were shunned by economic establishment of the United States. Their advice was simple: return of property to its just American owners, establishment of sound currency, freeing of trade and labor markets, as well as promoting exports and attracting foreign investors. The advice was carried out to its fullest, and though Chile did not escape a number of economic crises, the results were excellent and even outstanding, if compared to performance of other Latin American nations: gross national product was increased by more than four times, mass unemployment has gone away, pension and currency reforms have created a strong foundation for growing prosperity of the Chileans.

The second task was to establish order in the chaotic thinking of his countrymen. Political parties were banned; the clowns who led them were exiled. Most of newspapers, communist as they were, were closed too, yet those of the Catholic and conservative orientation were promoted. An important task was completed in schools were socialists were fired en masse, and in universities which were cleared of humanistic and socialist profs: the most politically active of them were tried as communist spies they were, most others left the country. They were replaced by classical teachers and professors, often of humble origin, who were prevented by socialist and humanistic profs from teaching and academic career. This was one of the greatest services Augusto Pinochet did to his People.

The people were elated. Their living standards have steadily improved; many honored El General as they called him as a savior and a saint: some local priests started talk of his canonization. Yet the communist guerillas were not fully subdued, and started to be active in the country, where they murdered scores of Chilean families in the most brutal ways. In response El General undertook Operation Condor, in which guerillas were smashed by regular army, and they inspirers, who often lived abroad, were for the most part neutralized.

It was 1978, and Augusto Pinochet, who was a republican by his political view, and a dictator only insofar it was required to save his Nation, as the noble Roman dictators of the Past were, decided to gradually return power to his People. First a new republican constitution was adopted in referendum, and El General Pinochet confirmed as President for 8 years term. He lost his second referendum for confirmation of his powers, and free elections were held for his successor. He remained a commander in chief up to 1996 and life senator. His last years were marred by a communist witch-hunt, started by a Spanish socialist judge garson and then by Chilean socialist judges, who froze his property and put him under a house arrest. Yet despite re-activated socialist propaganda Chilean people continue to love him and praise as their savior and hero.

I added a black ribbon to a portrait of El General, which hang on the wall above my work-desk, near the portraits of El Caudillio Francisco Franco and Marshall Joseph Pilsudski. Three Great White Catholic leaders, and three epochs, which were ended with their death, and which led to their countries being taken over by communist and socialists. I looked in El General’s eyes, thinking of his feelings in the moment, when his was leading his men against the much more numerous communist hordes. I was confident there was no fear in them, only the sense of duty; and I thought will I be able to be as strong and resolute when the day comes.

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  7. 42 Responses to “In Memoriam Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (1915-2006)”

    1. alex Says:

      Pinochet was more hated than any man this side of Hitler, perhaps because he mucked the stables of academia, which in Chile as most places were coated with Marxist dung.

      RIP General

    2. New America Says:

      The “German Cross” website has this bit of insight into the education system into which this man was born, and groomed for greatness:

      “Toward the end of the 19th. century Chile imported 3000 German teachers. The result was the best educated population in South America. They didn’t import English or French teachers. They didn’t import Spanish teachers, even though belonging to the Spanish sphere of influence. They imported GERMAN teachers, even though they had to teach them Spanish first, at their expense, while paying them a good wage and all costs! Why? Because the German system of education was acknowledged word-wide to be by far the best. This system was scrapped in Chile in the early 1960 to the detriment of the Chilean population which ‘boasts’ American inner-cities standards these days.”

      Note that this system was “scrapped” in 1960.

      Come to think of it, that was the time of the beginning of the end of our public educational system, too.

      The guy who covered this hemisphere for the CIA wrote a book on his experiences called “Night Watch,” or something like that. His attempts to explain his side of the story on the American college campus of the Seventies were like casting figurative pearls, before all too real swine.

      The General was a better man, on his worst day, than his detractors, on their best day.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      Pinochet was a jew stooge put in power by that child of the devil Henry Kissinger. When the jews were done with Pinochet they discarded him.

      Really this blight wing propaganda is getting tedious.

    4. Socrates Says:

      Yes, Pinochet was hated all over the West, because he had the nerve to topple a Marxist leader and get tough with that Marxist leader’s followers. That was Pinochet’s “crime.”

      I find it odd that, when the Western media mentions that Marxist leader, Salvador Allende, they refer to Allende as having been “democratically elected.” Yes, that’s true, Allende won a 1970 election by a slim margin. But who knew that Allende would become a full-fledged Marxist and wreck Chile’s economy? And who knew that he would forge close ties to the Soviet Union and Cuba? As for the claim that Pinochet killed people, I wonder how many people in Chile committed suicide after having lost their financial savings due to Allende’s wrecking of Chile’s economy? Hundreds? Thousands?

      [Furthermore, the 1973 coup that toppled Allende was not “bloody” as the media says. In fact, the fighting only lasted about 5 hours and was largely bloodless – except for Allende killing himself with an AK-47 when he realized that the game was over].

      Rest In Peace, General Pinochet.

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex: In Latin America, Allende was/is considered by many to be a racist, an anti-semite & a homophobe. Maybe this is why Kissinger arranged for his murder.

      Btw, let’s not forget that the Chilean general of German ancestry was murdered by Kissinger/CIA. Making way for the frog Pinochet

      “General René Schneider, Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army, was shot resisting a kidnap attempt by a group led by Roberto Viaux; hospitalized, he died of his wounds three days later. Viaux’s kidnapping plan had been supported by the CIA, although it seems Kissinger ordered the plans turned off.[5] Schneider was a known defender of the “constitutionalist” doctrine that the army’s role is exclusively professional, its mission being to protect the country’s sovereignty and not to interfere in politics.


      “‘The Hebrews are characterised by certain types of crime: fraud, deceit, slander and above all usury. These facts permits the supposition that race plays a role in crime.’ Among the Arabs, he wrote, were some industrious tribes but ‘most are adventurers, thoughtless and lazy with a tendency to theft” —-Salvador Allende

    6. jimbo Says:

      i remember seeing a couple of good ‘doccos’ abt the Allende over-throw just after i finished high school…..early 1980s……
      i think one was called ‘The Spiral’ and there was another one in b/w but i forget the name of it…….i think: ‘Chile’…sumthin’ or t’other…they were done from the leftie/Marxist perspective but there was some good stuff in them….including footage of large neo-Nazi-type groups who supported Pinochet…their flag was that diamond-type symbol with two legs….if youse know the one i mean….white flag displaying black symbol!……(the symbol was very similar to this!)

    7. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      The ultimate Nationalist criterion for judging leaders is “do they serve their own Folk, or hostile foreign interests?” Pinochet served the latter. Allende was driven to seek support for his populist policies from the Soviet-bloc after being cold-shouldered by Big Jew Money in Jew York. So it has been for many a well meaning Latin American revolutionist.

      The best example of successful Catholic influence in combatting jew plutocracy is in their Liberation Theology, NOT in old fried turd kahnservatoids like General “Pussy” (pun on slang mexican spoken here.)

      Hugo Chavez is driving the kikes into paroxyms of fury now far greater than anything they’ve ever felt over their stupid hirelings like Pinochet or Franco for that matter. While I find it slightly heart-warming that more effective anti-jew leaders around the world both past and present have been Roman Catholics than protestants within the context of christiandom, I caution all against knee-jerk support for some leader just because they’re so inclined.

      The vast majority of people in Latin America happen to be Roman Catholic, with a far more accurate, healthier understanding of toxic jewry than these rootless, spineless, brainless creatures of “The Great Melting (read CHAMBER!) Pot” here. The worst pro-jew suckbutt “lacayos” have been compradore bourgeoisie like Pinochet in Chile or Duhbyuh Bush here and now. True Nationalism more often has marched under the Red banner in most of the former “Third World” which the Jewnited States now qualifies to enter; for to seize the infrastructure out of the hands of collabo lickspittle jewlovers for the benifit of one’s own folk is at once both Good Nationalism AND Good Socialism!

      Likewise, the far more serious handicap of reflexive anti-hispanicism maintained by the jews and the vast majority of their pet WASPs here in the Jewnited States continues to cripple any meaningful effort at anti-jew/pro-Human revolutionary politics within amerikwan territory, as intended. Here in Jewson Arizona, the neo-kahnservative alliance of the Know-Nothing Right with Likudniks as personified in Mayor Bob Suckup should demonstrate to some folks the direction we should take, which jews dread for good reason, namely, enlisting the “Reconquistadores” as ALLIES, rather than wasting our effort playing the same games here that jews play on Palestinians! We ALL KNOW why the “Minutemen” are called minutemen now, don’t we?

      The United States of America is DEAD! Face it and Celebrate it! Dance on amerikwa’s grave! Greedy, unrestrained kikes once again have killed the goose which was laying golden eggs for them. Let us prepare a few plutonium eggs for them now instead. America never was anything but a disgusting jew theo-plutocracy to start with: let all REAL Aryans take part to chop it up into fine bits, along with the jew-masonic perverts who have pushed us to the brink of extinction. Yes, Roman Catholicism, like Latin America has a very bright future now, because psychotic religio-gangsters inevitably fuck-up, as these shitty pervert amerikwanz have. For one thing, Catholics remember what sex really is for, namely, to BREED! All else is just masturbation and a waste of effort, not to mention undergarments…..

    8. jimbo Says:

      a timely contribution from Mr Gerald E Morris……the deluded WASP jd-xtians of the ‘Kwan & the JewK (manifesting in various guises: including the particularly odious spectre of ‘free-masonry’) are the main-stay and foundational support of ZOG: the Turd Worlders(in particular: the Arabs, Latins & Asians), while being ‘@ WAR’ with the White Race are also cognizant of ‘the jewish problem’……the notable absence of judaised free-masonry in vrs Turd World locales(and the wide availability of tomes like ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’) could well be the explanation!

      actually: i’m getting some-what irritated with various WNs or various ppl professing to BE ‘WN’ continually castigating Arabs and Iranians as ‘mud people’?: while this may be true genetically:
      these ‘mud people’ clearly possess the moral high ground: WRT: frequent & detailed exposes of the jewish menace in their main-stream media: i’v yet to see any media out-let in the JewSA or the JewK screen any-thing even REMOTELY resembling the Egyptian ‘Horse without a Rider’ or hold a ‘Holocaust Revisionist Conference’ : what we DO SEE: how-ever: is continual patriotardism re: Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, ‘war on terror’ balderdash and ‘support our troops’ baloney
      (they’re not our troops: they’re ZOG’s!)…..the reductio ad absurdum of this farcical jew boot-licking was the pathetic scene of Ulster ‘Loyalists’ flying KIKE FLAGS during the recent Israeli aggression against Lebanon and the much-touted BNP(British National Party) issuing statements of support for these sub-human fiends!

      thnx BUT no thnx!

      i’d much rather have a tea-towel wearing ‘mud’ present the ‘nightly news’ and tell the truth abt the Talmudists than some photogenic bimbo lying her silicone-implanted tits off!

      i find Mr Gerald E Morris is always a ‘good read’ and informative to boot.

      regular VNNF posts would be even more edifying……..?……….

    9. John Says:

      Olde Dutch Says:

      11 December, 2006 at 8:05 pm

      Pinochet was a jew stooge put in power by that child of the devil Henry Kissinger. When the jews were done with Pinochet they discarded him.

      Really this blight wing propaganda is getting tedious.

      I agree, some people are falling for the so called ‘anti communism’. Pinochet was nothing but a Z.O.G. installed puppet.

    10. fdtwainth Says:

      2 Olde Dutch

      “Pinochet was a jew stooge”

      No he was not. Actually, the power of the jews in Chile was significantly curbed under his rule: more than half of the communists condemned to death were jews, and numerous other jews lft the country. I remeber reading an interview with socialist jewish “actress”, who was arrested, interrogated, put to jail, and on completion of her sentense left Chile: she was wining about “rabid anti-semitism” there

      “put in power by that child of the devil Henry Kissinger”.

      That’s not correct too. While ITT and Banana Fruit Co helped monetary, the work was done primarily by Pinochet and his boys, CIA playing only limited advisory role.

      “When the jews were done with Pinochet they discarded him”.

      And that’s unfortunately correct: the U. S. foreing policy constantly undermined General Pinochet’s rule. It was U. S. involvement in form of trade sanctions that largely forced El General out of power in 1988. Otherwise he would have ruled Chile up to the end of his life.

    11. fdtwainth Says:

      2 Gerald Morris

      “The ultimate Nationalist criterion for judging leaders is “do they serve their own Folk, or hostile foreign interests?”

      Indeed, and El General served his People; his saved his People from the communst terror, and made the country richest and most prosperous in Latin America. There is also a racial angle to all this: it’s the Whites who supported and still support El General, and it’s coloreds, who hate and protest General’s Pinochet policies: look at the demonstrations. Pinochet destroyed socialism in Chile so well, that the newcoming socilialists can’t do much because of the protest of aristocracy and the wiser part of the Volk.

    12. fdtwainth Says:

      2 jimbo

      “…the notable absence of judaised free-masonry in vrs Turd World locales”

      And here you would be mistaken, at least in relation to Latin America: it is awash in free-masonry, and most of masons are socialists and communists. I studied the works of Latin American bishops, who call it a “scourge” which invented the whole “liberation theology” and penetrated the Church. Pinochet is so hated all over the world, because he cleaned the academy off the socialist and humanist professors, most of whom were masons, punished the most active and exiled the rest, thus putting the heads of his People in order.

    13. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      At this late stage terms like Communist or Right Winger, Catholic or Protestant, Nationalist or Internationalist have all become confused in what they stand for. The way we should judge a man now is by whether his actions helped the kike or resisted it. Whether he is a nordic-looking Nazi or an arab or a mestizo or a chink doesn’t matter. The kike is the enemy of us all.
      By this standard Pinochet helped the kike. Therefore he stands on the same side as Bush, Blair, De Klerk and all the other traitors who sold out to the jew world order. By this standard unlikely characters like Chavez and the President of Iran are our allies. The white race is the most brainwashed on the planet and almost all white governments support, at least tacitly, the kike system. This while the vampires work night and day to destroy those nations. It doesn’t speak well of us. Saddam Hussain and the Iraqi people would have been much better friends to America than the monstrous parasites in occupied Palestine. Yet, what did the stupid yankees do?
      In this struggle anyone who fights against the kike is our friend, whether he is an aryan ideal or a half ape with an AK. We can all go our own ways when the jew problem has been finally solved.

    14. MIKE CROCKETT Says:

      the jew has never let off of this man since he eradicated low-grade Marxist-Allende. The jew is still attacking him today as if he had just took Chile away from Jew-Marxism just yesterday.

      he died a king and no matter what the Jew did, he will always be a hero to the world, against Jewism

    15. A. Says:

      Post- World War II

      With the increase in Jewish immigration, anti-Semitism reappeared. In 1940 a new committee called the Comite Representivo was created to deal with anti-Semitic behavior. This committee is a member of the World Jewish Congress, and in 1943 the committee granted responsibility for all Zionist activities to the Zionist Federation.

      At the beginning of World War II, 879 Jewish refugees were told that they could only live in southern Chile, a region known for its harsh climate. Fifteen families lived in these difficult living situations for several years and subsequently found homes in more populated cities.

      The Jews continued to prosper even with the increase in anti-Semitism. A number of Hungarians entered the country following the Hungarian Revolution.

      Under the Allende government (1970-1973) a number of Jewish individuals achieved high status. Among them were: Jacques Chonchol, minister of agriculture; Jacobe Shaulson, a Radical party Parliament member; Volodia Teitelbaum, senator and leader of the Communist Party; Oscar Weiss, editor of the government newspaper; Enrique Testa, professor commercial law at the University of Chile and later the president of the State Defense Council.

      Even with these influential individuals in the government, one-third of the Jewish community left under the Allende government and asserted a more capitalist outlook than before.
      Pinochet’s Rule

      Jewish individuals were successful under Pinochet’s rule from 1973-1988 also. Many returned to Chile after Allende’s demise and became active in the government.

      Some had been active all along in the political opposition. Marcos Chamudes owned the opposition paper P.E.C. and Angel Faivovich was a former senator. Brigadier General Jose Berdichevsky Scher was one of the Air Force officials responsible for the bombing of the presidential palace where Allende died.

      Others Jewish individuals and their families were exiled, as is common among Communist governments in their branding of the enemy.

      Pinochet won some favor among the Jewish community (among those not exiled) because of his views on Israel. Pinochet was a strong supporter of Israel despite the 350,000 Palestinians in the country, the largest group of Palestinians outside of the Middle East.


      Jews leave when Allende is in and come back when Pinochet replaces him. That tells me all I need to know.

    16. jimbo Says:

      ‘fdtwainth’ says: “….And here you would be mistaken, at least in relation to Latin America: it is awash in free-masonry, and most of masons are socialists and communists….”

      OK: i stand corrected…….BUT: are we actually talking abt ‘the run-of-the-mill’ mud or the small ‘white elite’ that occupies positions of power & influence in those ‘Latin’ countries?

      some-how: politicians like Chavez or that Brasilian fellow (wotsisname?….’Lulu’ or sumthin’?) don’t strike me as too
      ‘masonic’….the professariat of those countries would probably be white (or jew/white) too if i’m not too mistaken (?)

      i know it was rumoured that some of the old Chinese commies were ‘masons’: people like Chou En Lai and perhaps even Dun Xiao Ping or wht-ever his name was; i can’t recollect Mao being ‘outed’ as one: although: it’s possible i suppose…..nevertheless: ‘masonry’ seems to be a disease specifically vectored @ the White Race and is, as such, seemingly more effective because of its arcane jd-xtian mumbo-jumbo rituals….indeed: ‘the international Masonic sign of distress’ is derived from the hand motions that the lodge master makes over the lodge Bible whilst inducting an ‘entered apprentice’…..albeit the ‘oaths’ seem to be more cabbalistic than ‘xtian’….what-ever: it seems hard to envisage how such residual white ‘xtian’ trappings could dove-tail with mud ‘masons’?

    17. alex Says:

      All the jews I’ve ever heard talk or write about Pinochet hated him and supported Allende.

      It’s open and shut that Pinochet was better for Chile than Allende would have been.

    18. A. Says:

      You must be talking to or listening to American jews who say what ever suits them in what ever environment they find themselves in.

      Jewish Experience in Chile:

      When the junta in Chile successfully overthrew the communist government on September 11, 1973 there was a sense of relief among the majority of the Jewish communities. My father, Rabbi Uri Goren, who lived during the coup, felt that “the junta gave me back a feeling of security at the time and in many ways a feeling of being liberated. We had an army that was defending freedom, even if freedom happened at a price.”[13] Since he was a member of the upper middle class, the removal of Allende’s government affirmed that his family’s possessions and apartment would no longer be danger of being confiscated. As a Jew, Rabbi Goren was at ease with the new government. He was even thankful that the golpe had occurred because it would ameliorate his standard of living. [14] My mother, Peppy Goren, who also experienced the political changes that occurred, agrees with Rabbi Goren that Pinochet was beneficiary for Chile and the Jews.[15] Her family had moved to Argentina in 1972 due to the lack of available food and the threat that the communist party posed to those who were not affiliated with the Left. Peppy distinctly remembers one night when trucks of people came to her neighborhood seizing their homes. Eventually her family returned to Chile in December 1973 when her father believed it was safe to return under the new military government. She can clearly remember being overjoyed that she could once again be in Chile, living the way she had prior to 1970.[16] As happy as Peppy and Uri Goren may have been under Pinochet due to their social-economic status, there were Jews in Chile who did not fare so well under the Pinochet regime.

      Being Jewish in Chile did not warrant the secret police to suspect that one was involved in actions against the government. However, not all Jews in Chile were from the middle class, nor did the lives of all Jews improve once the right-wing government took over. There were Jews who were active in the communist movement such as Volodia Teitelbaum (distinct relative of mine) who was leader of the Chilean Communist Party and Senator, and Oscar Weiss who was editor of the communist government newspaper. Both men, along with other Jews endured kidnapping and torturing by Pinochet due to their Leftist ideologies. When interviewing close family friend Nurith Yelenkiviez, I asked her if being Jewish impacted her experience under the military regime, she responded by stating that the regime “produced many negative changes in my life, but it was not because I was Jewish, but rather because I had distinct ideas.”[17] Throughout our conversation via email, she stressed the point that the persecutions carried out by the secret police were for one’s political ideas, and were not based on someone’s religious beliefs.

      Another example of a Jewish Chilean whose life was worsened by military regime is seen by Marjorie Agosín’s accounts in Always from Somewhere Else.[18] In this book she goes into detail about her life growing up in Chile and America and the hardships her family had to endure. In a section of her book, Agosín describes the distress she experienced under Pinochet. She writes that “[T]he years of the military dictatorship robbed us speech and the possibility of wonder.”[19] It is interesting to observe the contrasting experiences and ideas shared by my parents and Agosín. She goes on to state that the dictatorship forced her to flee the country and to grow up far away from her family and friends. In contrast with my family who felt safe in Chile only when Pinochet had gained power, people like Agosín and Yelenkiviez revealed a feeling of despair once the military regime had taken over and many of their rights were revoked and limited.

      It is important to realize that although Pinochet may have viewed the Jews in a favorable light, it is not accurate to state that he was advantageous for all the Jews. As seen with people like Nurith Yelenkiviez and Marjorie Agosín not all Jews were thriving under Pinochet. Many opposed his rule, especially those with Leftist ideas. It was only those Jews who were part of the middle class who were pro-Pinochet. Nonetheless it is crucial to recognize that most Jews in Chile were an integral part of the middle-upper class. By interviewing and reading about Chilean Jews who prospered and suffered one is able to understand that Pinochet and his government were by no means anti-Semitic, but rather opposed anyone who threatened his rule.

      When discussing what ordinary life was like for the majority of Jews during the reign of Pinochet I found that very little seemed to have changed in their daily Jewish lives. Peppy Goren poke of returning to the Jewish country club, going to synagogue, and celebrating all Jewish holidays as if there had never been a coup.[20] Rabbi Goren, who was very active in the Jewish community, told me that “as a Jew my life truly changed nothing since the junta and Pinochet.”[21] Even Nurith Yelenkiviez asserts that as far as being Jewish, her life was not altered either. When comparing the social differences and fears that existed between the Jews of Chile and Argentina one must realize that in Argentina Jews had a different experience strictly due to their religion and alleged political alliances. In Chile, Jews were not suspected of communist ties simply because they were Jewish. This is evident by the efforts made by Pinochet to not only show his support for the Jewish communities, but placing several Jews with high governmental positions.

      An interesting and important aspect Pinochet’s relationship with the Jews is that during the Jewish High Holidays he would make sure to pay a visit to all the synagogues in Santiago.[22] Peppy Goren remembers clearly that during the Yom Kippur services the leaders of the junta would come for about twenty to thirty minutes and stay for a special service prepared just for them. Jewish communities arranged for a special service for the dictator so that any fears Jews may have had about Pinochet’s intentions would be eradicated. It was also a public demonstration supporting for his government. When speaking to her more extensively about the synagogue visits she explained that “it was really a very nice gesture from them, and as well as to assure us that have nothing against Jews.”[23] Rabbi Goren reaffirms the idea that Pinochet visited the synagogues as a sign of his respect for Judaism and the Jewish people.[24] His reverence to the Jewish communities did not only stop at the synagogues.

      Within the Chilean government and army Jews took on numerous prestigious occupations. Luis Fleishman writes about Sergio Melnick who was an Orthodox Jew and an important consultant of Pinochet on economic issues.[25] Also, along with leading American Jewish economist Miltan Friedman, their ideas and innovations led to a prospering Chilean economy, even so to this day. Also, the Minster of Justice and close friend of Pinochet was a Jew named Miguel Schweitzer Speisky. His son, Miguel Schweitzer Walters, also achieved prominence within the government when he was appointed ambassador to England as well as Minister of External Affairs.[26] Then there was General José Berdichewsky Scher, who also happened to speak fluent Yiddish, was a key participant in the bombing of the capital that helped pave the way for Pinochet’s government. In the mid 1970s Genergal Berdichewsky Scher was given the diplomatic responsibility of ambassador to Israel. This was a position that Pinochet viewed as very important. Not only did the Israel and Chile have good relations due to their military arrangements and exchange of weapons, but both countries were very reliant on the American government for finical support, addition aid, and steady trading partners.


    19. Olde Dutch Says:

      “Jews leave when Allende is in and come back when Pinochet replaces him. That tells me all I need to know.”

      That sums it up. :)

      Alex: Considering that jew Kissinger and our government did everything they could to hurt Allende, and then did everything to support Pinochet, you find the outcome surprising.

      Pinochet was good for jews. ;)

    20. fdtwainth Says:

      2 A.

      “Jews leave when Allende isin”

      Because of political turmoil

      “and come back when Pinochet replaces him”.

      Because of economic successes. The facts are however, that aside from American economic advisors, there were no high profile jews in the Pinochet government, and communist and socialist jews, which were many were either shot, jailed and exiled.

    21. fdtwainth Says:

      2 jimbo

      The masons in Latin America are mainly jews and creoles (mestizos with less than 1/4 of non-White blood): a classica example is Gabriel Garcia Marques, Brazilian creol, socialist and mason, whose books are written in exellent Spanish yet contain miriads of misconceptions. The non-Hispanic Whites that come in 19-20 century tend to form the bulwark of support for republican (=”authroitarian”) governments, that swept the continent in the middle of the 20th century.

    22. A. Says:

      fdtwainth, my last post proves your contention that, “there were no high profile jews in the Pinochet government” is wrong. I have come across some rumors that Allende’s mother was jewish, but with no hard evidence it must remain an unsubstanciated rumour. Either way, it’s a maybe jew, or a very real suck poop to the jews. Not my definition of a White Man.

      As for the economy, with jewish financial advisers how could he go wrong? Maybe we should all just submit to the right arm of the jews and bask in our pyramid scheme prosperity. After all, look at what its done for America!

    23. A. Says:

      Yeah, the economy—

      Beneath this radical tendency to privatization another remarkable process took place. At the end of the eighties six economic groups controlled between one half and two-thirds (believing Imbusch or Nohlen/Nolte)of the 250 biggest companies capital shares. This meant a conglomeration of economic power for the so-called grupos. In 1978 the most important grupos in Chile were: Cruzat-Larraín (37 companies, 14.8% share of the market, 936.9 million US-$ capital), J. Vial (25, 10.0%, 477.3 million US-$), E. Matte (12, 4.8%, 325.3 mil. US-$), A. Luksic (9, 3.6%, 161.4 mil. US-$), A. Angelini (8, 3.2%, 141.8 mil. US-$), A. Edwards (9, 3.6%, 95.9 mil. US-$) (Imbusch: 184).


      After the economic crisis of 1982, Hernan Buchi became Minister of Finance from 1985 to 1989. He allowed the peso to float and reinstated restrictions on the movement of capital in and out of the country. He introduced banking legislation, simplified and reduced the corporate tax. Chile pressed ahead with privatizations, including public utilities plus the re-privatization of companies that had returned to the government during the 1982–1983 crisis.


      Pinochet’s policies led to substantial GDP growth, in contrast to the negative growth seen in the final year of the Allende administation. The upper 20% of income earners ultimately benefitted the most from such growth, receiving 85% of the increase [3]. Foreign debt also grew substantially under Pinochet, rising 300% between 1974 and 1988.

      Under these new policies, the rate of inflation dropped from about 1,000% per year to about 10% per year. While this was still a high rate of inflation, it allowed the economy to start recovering. From 1984 to 1990, Chile’s gross domestic product grew by an annual average of 5.9%, the fastest on the continent. Chile developed a good export economy, including the export of fruits and vegetables to the northern hemisphere when they were out of season, and commanded high prices.

      Social costs

      The economic policies espoused by the Chicago Boys and implemented by the junta initially caused severe damage to the poorest sectors of Chilean society. Between 1970 and 1989, there were large cuts to incomes and social services. Wages decreased by 8%. Family allowances in 1989 were 28% of what they had been in 1970 and the budgets for education, health and housing had dropped by over 20% on average [4]. The massive increases in military spending and cuts in funding to public services coincided with falling wages and steady rises in unemployment, which averaged 26% in the years 1982–1985 [5] and eventually peaked at 30%.

      The economy grew rapidly from 1976 to 1981, fueled by the influx of private foreign loans until the debt crisis of the early 1980s. But despite high growth in the late 1970s, income distribution became more regressive. While the upper 5% of the population received 25% of the total national income in 1972, it received 50% in 1975. Wage and salary earners got 64% of the national income in 1972 but only 38% at the beginning of 1977. Malnutrition affected half of the nation’s children, and 60% of the population could not afford the minimum protein and food energy per day. Infant mortality increased sharply. Beggars flooded the streets.

      The junta’s economics also ruined the Chilean small business class. Decreased demand, lack of credit, and monopolies engendered by the regime pushed many small and medium size enterprises into bankruptcy. The curtailment of government expenditures created widespread white-collar and professional unemployment. The middle class began to rue its early support of the junta, but appeared reluctant to join the working class in resistance to the regime.

      The junta relied on force, the oligarchy, huge foreign corporations, and foreign loans to maintain itself. Under Pinochet, funding of military and internal defence spending rose 120% from 1974 to 1979. Due to the reduction in public spending, tens of thousands of employees were fired from other state-sector jobs. [6] The oligarchy recovered most of its lost industrial and agricultural holdings, for the junta sold to private buyers most of the industries expropriated by Allende’s Popular Unity government. This period saw the expansion of monopolies and widespread speculation.

      Financial conglomerates became major beneficiaries of the liberalized economy and the flood of foreign bank loans. Large foreign banks received large sums in repayments of interest and principal from the junta; in return, they lent the government millions more. International lending organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, and the Inter-American Development Bank lent vast sums. Foreign multinational corporations such as International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), Dow Chemical, and Firestone, all expropriated by Allende, returned to Chile.

      “On Wall Street, they still say, `Oh, Pinochet, how fantastic he was, what a miracle he made’ — but those guys are wrong,” said Genaro Arriagada, a longtime leader of the powerful Christian Democratic Party and author of one of four books on Pinochet being published this year. “If you look at the economic record, it’s not really such a miracle at all.”

      Last week, Pinochet stepped down as Chile’s military chief and assumed the post of senator-for-life, which was created for him in the constitution that ended his dictatorship. Some opposition lawmakers are trying — without much success — to have him removed from the Senate.

      In conservative circles around the world, it is heresy to find fault with the economic revolution in this sliver of a South American nation reborn as an emerging market long before the term was trendy.

      The changes began in earnest a couple of years after Pinochet seized power in a violent 1973 coup and continued while he remained president until 1990. Unproductive state-owned firms were auctioned off, tariffs were slashed from 94 percent to 10 percent, triple-digit inflation was reduced to double digits and the country positioned itself for a new era of growth.

      It was all daring and novel for a region in which state intervention was an article of faith. Pinochet’s team of economists — christened the “Chicago boys” because most had earned doctorates from the University of Chicago business school — became overnight heroes and well-paid international consultants.

      But critics contend that a controlled press and repressive climate exaggerated the glitter of Pinochet’s regime and glossed over the rough spots. By government count, nearly 3,200 Chileans were killed by security services or disappeared under Pinochet’s reign.

      Some of the victims were labor leaders protesting the social costs of the transition, including mass unemployment and rock-bottom wages. Yet the same economic overhaul transferred wealth to a small, articulate and well-traveled group of Chileans, who effectively sang its praises.

      In the 1980s, several of Chile’s neighbors rushed to follow its example, often to their regret.

      In a backlash from Mexico City to Buenos Aires, the so-called neo-liberal model has been blamed for impulsive, sometimes corrupt and sloppy privatization, and for record levels of unemployment. In Brazil, which plans to privatize tens of billions of dollars in state assets over the next two years, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso often cites Chile as an example to be avoided.

      Arriagada, the author, notes that growth under Pinochet averaged less than 3.5 percent annually — half of what it has been in the eight years of democratic government.

      Pinochet’s backers contend that he did the hard, essential work, laying the foundation for Chile’s record growth in the 1990s. But economists with the ruling center-left Concertacion alliance say that foundation was unstable at best.

      The general’s most famous mistake was his alleged mishandling of the privatized banking sector, which suffered such a crisis in 1982 that the government again had to take it over, only to reprivatize the banks a few years later.

      “The banking bailout cost 20 percent of the gross national product, a truly amazing amount of money,” said a United Nations regional economist, Ricardo Ffrench, a University of Chicago graduate who worked for Pinochet’s elected successor, President Patricio Aylwin.

      “And where did the government get that money? From keeping teachers’ wages low, from keeping nurses’ wages low, from having lower pensions for poor people. Pinochet did not believe in taking money from the rich.”

      By 1990, when Aylwin’s government went to work, the decline in social services was shocking, Ffrench said. “Public hospitals didn’t have sheets and were putting two people in a bed. Public schools were a national embarrassment.”

      Most pernicious, Pinochet’s critics say, was how rapidly Chile’s gap between rich and poor widened under Pinochet. Now, the gap between rich and poor in Chile is one of the widest in Latin America, which has the widest in the world.

      “In the first years of Pinochet, two economic groups — called the piranhas — bought up all the media, insurance and finance companies and manufacturing,” Ffrench said. “Pinochet’s philosophy was that the market knows what’s best, so we didn’t have to have anti-monopoly enforcement.”

      But the abuses soon became extreme, he said. In the first years of democracy, officials discovered that at the Bank of Santiago, one of Chile’s two largest private banks, 44 percent of the loans had been granted to bank owners.

      Environmentalists say Chile’s democracy also inherited another headache: a modern tradition of environmental disregard. Under Pinochet, native forests were plundered and mighty rivers dammed, while mountain-ringed Santiago became one of the world’s smoggiest cities.

      In their first years in power after Pinochet, Chile’s democratic leaders raised taxes, boosted social spending and wooed foreign investment while keeping caps on speculative inflows, and hiked the minimum wage by 40 percent.

      More recently, under President Eduardo Frei, Chile has invested heavily in public education, adding three hours to the school day. Ffrench says the government reduced the number of Chileans living in poverty from 45 percent of the population to 25 percent.

      Improvements have been painfully slow, suggesting to some that democracy isn’t much of an improvement over authoritarianism in raising living standards.

      In a recent address last week to the Organization of American States, Jose Antonio Ocampo, executive secretary of the UN’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, called Chile’s income distribution problem “quite intractable,” despite the sweeping reductions in poverty. And it’s common these days for Chileans of all classes to complain about crime, which has increased notably since the dictatorship.

      Yep, if it smells like a jewy, it’s most probably Friedman

    24. Anti-Pinochet Says:

      The Chicago economists sent to Pinochet were adherents of kike Milton Friedman. Videla in Argentinia killed far more internationalists, 30.000, at least a third of which were kikes.

    25. fdtwainth Says:

      2 A

      As for the jews in Augusto Pinochet’s government, thank you for correction, comrade. My source indicated, that there were no high-profile jews in the Pinochet’s government, which is apparently not so.

      As for critique of Pinochet’s economic policies, with all due respect I should say that this is nothing that socilist hogwash. Facts are that Chilean GDP was growing faster than GDP of any American nation under El General, and has increased more than 300%, inflation was subdued and strong economic fundamentals put in place. The White Chileans were and still are prospering; as for coloreds, well if they are genetically unable to make it, it ois their responsibility, and no one else’s

    26. unbeirrbar Says:

      Allende was the Chavez of his times and Pinochet was nothing else than a USA-backed capitalist stooge.

      In order to prevent similar embarrassments in the future there is a simple formula to follow: “If it was a socialist it was probably good. If it was a capitalist it was bad”.

    27. JD Says:

      I think AP along with most people in Chile was mestizo rather than white.

    28. Carpenter Says:

      We have the luxury today of being free to call communism peachy, because the communist nations don’t exist anymore, except for a handful. We have the luxury of saying that a man who resisted the Soviet Union but didn’t have a policy on Jews was a bad man – because we don’t have to worry about the Soviet Union today.

      But we don’t have to worry about the Soviet Union today because of men like Pinochet, who resisted it across the globe. The communists really did intend to take over the world, and worked for many decades on achieving that goal. I would not want to live in a communist world, Jews or no Jews. Yes, shocking as it may seem, there are other dangers in the world than Jews.

      And no, Pinochet was not a Jew stooge just because Kissinger liked him. He did not give them any special favors – almost all Jews hate him with a passion, for crushing communism. They came in again after Allende? Only because the economy was restored. Oh no, Pinochet restored the economy! Clearly Allende was better – he hurt the economy so the Jews left!

      Pinochet saw how shop owners and priests were harrassed and killed. Cuban agents and also Cuban guns and ammunition were smuggled in. He knew that when the communists had taken over, hundreds of thousands of good Chileans, the elite of the country, the best of the people, would be murdered. He stopped that. He was supported by the majority of the Senate, and a majority of the people. He provided a blueprint for how to restore a country from socialism, even down to cleaning up the education system.

      So forgive him for not carrying the swastika on his arm.

    29. fdtwainth Says:

      2 JD

      Pinochet was no mestiso, but 100% White, of Prench and Spanish (Basconian) extraction.

    30. Olde Dutch Says:

      “The Chicago economists sent to Pinochet were adherents of kike Milton Friedman.”

      Naturally, jew Henry Kissinger begets the midget jew Milton Friedman. ;)

    31. A. Says:

      I don’t remember seeing a memoriam to that “Great White Man” Ronald Reagan who helped rid the world of communism, but we get one for a guy who liked to go to temple to please the jews, sought a strong relationship with Israel, turned his countries economy over to jewish ideas resulting in a fire-sale of public assets, an increase in poverty and a debt burden increased by 300% while the banking sector was riddled with corruption (a necessary collorary of jewish control of any economy). Allende might have been a complete scum bag, but I’m going to save any sorrow I might have for the passing of anyone or memorialising them as a Great White Man for some one who actually deserves the term.

      I don’t know, maybe I just have higher standards and expect too much.

    32. A. Says:

      Mario Marcel, an economist for the Christian Democratic think tank CIEPLAN, calculated that the 12 companies privatized during 1986 and 1987 were sold with an effective subsidy from the national treasury to the buyer of 27 to 69 percent, depending on which of various recognized ways of determining value was used. The economists Gustavo Marin and Patricio Rozas estimate the national treasury lost $1.4 billion from the sale of three of the largest companies in the late 1980s (CAP, Chilectra and Soquimich).

      Audits of CORFO privatizations done by a separate government accounting office are damning. IANSA, the sugar refining company, was sold for $34 million, though its book value was $81 million. IANSA profits for the years 1986 to 1988 alone were $52 million, far exceeding the purchase price. Soquimich, the nitrate and fertilizer company, was sold for $120 million, an amount which, given the dividend levels of 1988, investors would recuperate in less than three years. In the case of ENDESA, the huge electric company whose privatization was completed after the plebiscite, internal auditors of CORFO estimated a total loss of almost $1 billion. An official in CORFO conservatively estimates that losses to the national treasury resulting from undervalued sales and lost earnings during the years 1985 to 1989 surpassed $2 billion–in an economy whose GNP in 1987 was less than $20 billion.

      Privatization scandals abound. With no free press, no public discussion of policies and frequent changes in whatever goals and procedures the government did announce, it was easy for insiders to maneuver in their own interests as well as those of family members and friends. Commonly, the administrator of the privatization of a public holding wound up occupying the top post in the privatized company. Julio Ponce Lerou, Pinochet’s son-in-law, was director of Soquimich and emerged as president of the privatized nitrate company in 1987, with several of his relatives sitting on the board or having become major stockholders. Notorious Pinochet labor minister Jose Pinera became the vice-president of ENDESA, the privatized national electric company. When Pinochet surrendered the presidential sash in March 1991, many key figures from his long dictatorship were firmly ensconced at the top of Chile’s privatized banks and manufacturing and service companies, creating a de facto continuity in positions of power for some of the regime’s most ideologically extreme defenders.


      Read the whole thing, it is interesting. A “Great White Man”? No. I don’t think so.

    33. stu Says:

      Why must every one fight satan with satan?
      My God was born of the tribe of Judah.
      He acknowledged the jew religous leaders were infiltraited by the serpent seedof the first murderer Cain(son of the serpent) Kenites
      Not all jews are bad.
      Pinochet was a Christian and apparently very blessed in His life.
      This nation is in a world of shit because we do not Love God and his laws.
      Of all race the whites should know better, so God allows these satanist to prosper. Your an atheist? You have not a prayer.
      Your an evolutionist? what was Darwin?

    34. fdtwainth Says:

      2 A

      Then we would have to respectfully disagree on this. Yet, thank you once again for your information of prominent jews in Pinochet government – it is indeed an important correction.

    35. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Miguel Serrano, an adherent of a very strange (to say the least) variety of “esoteric Hitlerism” (I enjoy his books although they are full of kooky nonsense) was a Chilean diplomat, even ambassador in Austria (it never ceases to amaze me that he was able to get such a post). In his book “Hitler, the last avatar”, he tells his memories of Allende and Pinochet. He states that Allende was a jew and Pinochet a freemason who sold Chile out. For Serrano Milton Freedman was the liaison of Wall Street for Chile. His economic advices resulted in huge debt, ergo in slavery.

      Carpenter, the cold war was a hoax, communism never a threat, because it was installed by the same people, who were commonly believed to be the targets of Communism, namely the Wall Street jews. Read Sutton in order to get familiar with the details.

      A. is correct to link Pinochet to the great traitor Ronald Reagan. He was also a false hope for the deluded white middle class, which was befuddled by the cold war hoax and juped in one prison cell in order to avoid the other prison cell. I would link Pinochet as well to the great jew-loving traitress Magaret Thatcher, who was a personal friend of Pinochet and supported him, when he was arrested in the JewK.

      For WNs the change from Allende to Pinochet should be of no great interest, although I would be interested to know why Allende was replaced and why Pinochet finally fell in disgrace. Perhaps the jews have to sacrifice some of their own in order to maintain their charades.

      Unbeirrbar, you are dead wrong. It is of primary importance who runs the political show. All debates about jew invented Isms are pointless as long as one overlooks the racial struggle which is the real backgroung of history. Since we live in a world of change there can never be a final political structure anyway, prudent adapting seems alwas better than following blindly an ideology. So called “intellectuals” always think they are superior when they throw in some Isms into the debate, but all they do is muddy the water.”Socialism” with jews on the top = bad. “Socialism” with Aryans on the top = good. It is as simple as that, at least for now. You could fill in other Isms, of course.

    36. jimbo Says:

      didn’t Pinochet get ‘bailed out’ of that aggro’ with the Spanish subpoaena/warrant by Thatcher?

      we all know what a ZOG toady SHE was!
      (she finished the process of turning the UK into the JewK!)

      Mr Hawthorne will confirm that, i’m sure!

      as such: her ‘going into bat’ for Pinochet is pretty ‘suss’ in my book!

      how likely would a ZOG toady be to ‘go into bat’ for some-one like Irving, Rudolf or Zundel?

    37. America First Says:

      Mr. A, thank you for adding to VNN as a excellent reading source for thruth for our Media brain washed folk.

      As for Reagan, he and his crew Un-leashed the pigs on Wall Street, Junk Bonds bought out our die and tool industry that was 71% of the Worlds production, and brought billions of income to our Nation, and paid very good wages to highly skilled men.

      This was a matter of National Security the sellling off this asset’s with their junk bonds buying up all the stock at triple prices to ship them out of the country at the time, and at the time I was very concerned, but could do nothing, but write puppet’s in in the district of criminals, wasting paper.

    38. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “So called “intellectuals” always think they are superior when they throw in some Isms into the debate

      “Socialism” with Aryans on the top = good.”

    39. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      “You could fill in other Isms, of course”.

    40. America First Says:

      If the English had a government they would have broke all relations with Austria for jailling David Irving, and the U.S. for allowing the kidnapping of peaceful resident married to a U.S. citizen and held under disrespectful conditions till being flown to Germany for a alien nut trial. Point is England Has not had a goverment that cared for them since before Cromewell.

    41. Celtic Warrior Says:

      An interesting thread.
      I read an article in the ’80’s that Allende was a freemason. How this ‘fact’, if it is genuine, affects our opinion of him is problematical.

      Although if Leon de Poncin’s books are anything to go by; kike-ism = freemasonry + communism.

    42. Celtic Warrior Says:

      I don’t wish to deviate from the thread too much, but America First has a made a good point. I suspect that a high % of ‘leaders’ & ‘statesmen’ revered by the populace of the jewK will on close examination be found to have been stinking of the talmud.