20 December, 2006

Jews Harvesting Ukrainians?

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Remember: any competent rabbi will confirm that goyim exist ONLY to serve jews, and may be used and discarded as the need arises.

Rich Israelis Seeking ‘

Rejuvenation’ Linked To

Horrifically Murdered Ukrainian


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

In a World gone completely insane, there are very few reports we research that truly shock us on all levels as human beings, today one such report has shaken us all due to its sheer horrific brutality, the murdering and butchery of new-born babies for their stem cells and internal organs so that rich Westerners are able to have what are called ‘Rejuvenation’ treatments.

From today’s FSB reports there is apparent confirmation supporting the allegations made by one of Ukraine’s top prosecutors, Irina Bogomolova, who was dismissed from her investigation involving the murdering of newborn babies for their stem cells and organs, and as also confirmed by Western media sources, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s Telegraph News Service in their article titled “Stem cell baby deaths probe ‘too close to the truth’, claims investigator“, and which says:

“A Ukrainian investigator looking into claims that new-born babies were killed to harvest their stem cells and internal organs says she was removed from the case after demanding that the inquiry be extended to all Ukraine’s maternity hospitals. Irina Bogomolova, who works in the chief prosecutor’s office in the capital, Kiev, claims she was taken off the case because she came too close to the truth while investigating allegations made by women who claim their babies were taken away from them immediately after birth.

She said: “I was sacked for political reasons. I demanded an investigation into all maternity wings in hospitals across Ukraine and I was relieved of duty after making that demand. “A trade in stem cells exists here… I suspect there is a lot of bribery going on, right up to highest levels.” Pregnant women, especially from rural areas, are very vulnerable targets as they will obviously believe whatever the doctors tell them. It’s easy to take their babies from them and tell them they died or were born dead due to complications.”

The Council of Europe is to investigate allegations that newborn babies, and foetuses, have been killed to provide stem cells and internal organs for controversial medical and cosmetic treatments. Officials of the Strasbourg-based human rights organisation are to travel to Ukraine in February to investigate the role played by some of the country’s research centres and maternity hospitals in the international trade.”

Even more disturbing about these reports are the ‘links’ provided between numerous Ukrainian Maternity Hospitals and Israel’s pharmaceutical giant Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., who are alleged to be the purchasers of these murdered babies stem cells, and organs, through its alliance with Jerusalem-based Gamida Cell. The Gamida Cell Company’s research is described as:

Gamida Cell is developing drugs based on stem-cell research. Stem cells are primordial cells, early in development and non-differentiated. In response to biochemical stimuli (that are not well understood), the stem cells differentiate into specific ones, such as heart, nerve, muscle, epidermis and so on.”

To the actual process of older humans being able to be rejuvenated by the stem cells of babies we can read:

“According to modern science, there are no natural laws preventing successful rejuvenation. Aging is an accumulation of damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs. If any of that damage can be repaired, the result is rejuvenation.

There have been many experiments which have been shown to increase the maximum life span of laboratory animals, thereby achieving life extension. A few experimental methods such as replacing hormones to youthful levels have had considerable success in partially rejuvenating laboratory animals and humans. There are at least eight important hormones that decline with age: 1. human growth hormone (HGH); 2. the sexual hormones: testosterone or estrogen/progesterone; 3. erithropoietin EPO; 4. insulin; 5. DHEA; 6. melatonin; 7. thyroid; 8. pregnenolone. In theory, if all or some of these hormones are replaced, the body will respond to them as it did when it was younger, thus repairing and restoring many body functions. This seems to be borne out in hundreds of thousands of persons who have replaced hormones for many years, especially human growth hormone (HGH, a.k.a. GH).

Most attempts at genetic repair have traditionally involved the use of a retrovirus to insert a new gene into a random position on a chromosome. But by attaching zinc fingers (which determine where transcription factors bind) to endonucleases (which break DNA strands) homologous recombination can be induced to correct and replace defective (or undesired) DNA sequences. The first applications of this technology are to isolate stem cells from the bone marrow of patients having blood disease mutations, to correct those mutations in laboratory dishes using zinc finger endonucleases and to transplant the stem cells back into the patients.

Regenerative medicine uses three different strategies:

Implantation of stem cells from culture into an existing tissue structure

Implantation of stem cells into a tissue scaffold that guides restoration or

Induction of residual cells of a tissue structure to regenerate the necessary body part.

To the moral implications of the World’s rich being able to extend their lives via the murdering of new-born babies there are no historical counterparts, but does serve as yet another horrific example of how degenerate of Mind and Soul the Western peoples have truly become.

It should also be noted that these FSB reports linking the Israelis, and the Western peoples, to these Ukrainian baby murders could also be a part of the ongoing, and increasing, propaganda war currently underway between Russia and the Western Powers over Russia’s refusal to accept new United Nations laws over the Serbian breakaway region of Kosovo, and which the United States is preparing to us on its own territory for the establishment of their North American Union comprising the Nations of the United States, Mexico and

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  7. 19 Responses to “Jews Harvesting Ukrainians?”

    1. fdtwainth Says:

      Unfortunately, the material in question is likely to be true: we have credible reports from Ukranians for a few years already that this gruesome trade is going on, and many so called Ukrainian “oligarcs” made huge sums of money out of the trade.

    2. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Of course the kike is capable of this. What are a few white babies to monsters with the blood of hundreds of millions on their claws. They have been using organs from murdered Palestinian civilians for years. Just a little more evidence for the huge book of kike crimes to be used when the time of reckoning finally comes. It is difficult for normal white people to get into their heads that kikes really are evil monsters, but we are slowly getting there.

    3. Fissile Says:

      The jews harvest the Ukrainians, because the Ukrainians allow themselves to be harvested.

      Consider all the problems in the Ukraine:

      The GDP has dropped to 40% of what it was during Soviet times.

      The birth rate is one of the lowest in the world. Abortion is sky-high.

      The average lifespan for males is dropping like a stone. The AIDS rate is one of the highest in the world. It is common for Ukrainian males to die in their 40’s and 50’s from drug addiction, alcoholism, lung cancer and suicide.

      Ukrainian prostitutes infest Western Europe, and the Mideast. I’ll bet money that the majority of Ukrainian women, between the ages of 18 and 30, living outside the Ukraine, are employed as prostitutes.

      Not everything can be blamed on the jews. If you act like a nigger, you are a nigger. The only non-nigger trait the Ukrainians seem to have is a low birth rate. It’s true that the jews are predators, but the Ukrainians make themselves easy meat.

      Let this be a lesson; the price of indiscipline is death.

    4. Drin Shtino Says:

      Though horrible if true one has to consider the astoundingly great propaganda value in our struggle with the jews if this gets out.

    5. jimbo Says:

      i saw this on another ‘site’ & more or less ‘skimmed it’…..
      the reason being: ‘Sorcha Faal’ is basically anti-Nazi and, to a certain extent, pro-kike!

      how-ever: a dark suspicion did arise in ‘the back of my mind’ that the kikes were some-how involved in this: especially: since the kike-sponsored so-called ‘Orange Revolution’: how-ever: thnx to youse blokes & reading yr ‘comments’: i re-read the stuff and: wouldn’t ya know it?
      “Even more disturbing about these reports are the ‘links’ provided between numerous Ukrainian Maternity Hospitals and Israel’s pharmaceutical giant Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., who are alleged to be the purchasers of these murdered babies stem cells and organs, through its alliance with Jerusalem-based Gamida Cell”

      this l8st out-rage against the White Race can be added to the long litany of jew crimes: topping the list is: of course: the brutal murder of almost 50million white babies in the last 30yrs by the jew-controlled abortion pschyopaths!

      interestingly: an ’embroynic stem cell research’ Bill has just been passed by the Oz parliament: despite the Oz PM (Howard) ostensibly making voiciferous protestations against this and against abortion &c, one wonders how much of this is simply ‘window dressing’ to appeal the jd-xtian/fundie lobby in Oz? (they also approved the ‘white man pesticide’ pill: RU486….so much for their excessive ‘protestations’: their actions speak louder!)

      it wouldn’t be straining the imagination too much to now expect a similar situation developing here: after all: most senior Oz politicians (including Howard: The Great Gun-Grabber) are little better than Talmudic stooges: the majority of them are also notorious paedophiles: hence: easily controlled by the jews!

      DEATH to the KIKEz!

    6. whitefight Says:

      See the movie The Island; same type of deal.

    7. Nxhiku Says:

      In regard to harvesting of human organs from children and babies, I submit the following: I read about this being practised in what was at the time called Deutsches Demokratisches Republik (German Democratic Republic). In this case it was usually late teens and young adults who were ‘disappeared’ by way of the Stasi (DDR secret police). The organs of the victims were harvested for aging or ill Communist Party officials. It could be that we are only just now hearing about this kind of thing because of internet, etc; Maybe it has been going on for years or even decades. I have been told that much of the corruption in countries like Ukraine is a hold-over from Soviet era. It made me shiver a bit when I read the name Teva in that report. The name is familiar to me from visiting Israeli news sites that carry ads. Buying Teva is a common way for the ‘Israel Firsters’ to show their support for that gated community in the Levant, Talmudistan. On another note, does anyone else wonder exactly what happens to all of those severed foreskins from hospitals in USA? Could those be being used for something similar? Please pardon my ignorance as my knowledge of medicine is next to nil.

    8. Bolg Says:

      Ei, Fissile. Did you pull those statistics out of your ass? Stop getting your “knowledge” from the jew-box, it’s lies. Periodically you’ll see that Germany has the highest AIDS rates. Which one is it then?

    9. Fissile Says:


      I didn’t pull anything out of my ass, but it is clear to me that you have your head stuffed squarely up your own ass.

      The AIDS statistics came from the CIA’s World Fact Book. According to the CIA, 1.4% of Ukrainians are infected with HIV. According to the same source, .1% of Germans are infected with HIV. I’ll do the math for you, since statistics don’t seem within your grasp. The HIV infection rate is fourteen times higher in the Ukraine than in Germany.

      Like I said, the price of indiscipline is death.

    10. Bolg Says:

      I must have been ambiguous, then.
      Periodically, the media chooses one of the 3-4 Countries jews Hate the Most (TM) for it’s “highest percentage of HIV infections per capita” award. I have seen Germany get it, Russia get it, and now – Ukraine. It is impossible all of them have the “highest rate of AIDS”, follow? Hense, what you say is bullshit.
      If you believe that much the facts in the CIA fact-book to be that factual, good for you. I don’t. They get their information from paid NGO’s that procure the statistics needed. Whether they are true, is immaterial.
      You don’t know squat about Ukraine, that much is obvious. But you enjoy demeaning the Ukrainians, which is irritating and very gefilte of you. Ta.

    11. Fissile Says:


      I don’t know anything about the Ukraine? Perhaps all those Ukrainian prostitutes standing on street corners in Istanbul are a mirage? Same with the plane loads or Ukrainian whores who are flown in fresh daily to all the Arab oil producing countries? Is this all just a jewish conspiracy, or do large numbers of Ukrainians act just like niggers?

    12. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      No. Jews destroy an area’s economy, then force the women into sexual slavery. That’s what happened in the Ukraine.

    13. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Fissile is a jewish troll or a paid zogling. When a hot topic comes up, he shows up to spin it a bit. Check out at the forum what he did when genuine WNs got a clue (after four years or so!) that jews were behind 911!). That VNN is unable to clean its own house is a shame. Yes, I am an advocat of a rigid banning policy. That it is not popular now is the fault of the moderator AM who banned the wrong people, what makes him suspicious also.

      Sorcha Faal is almost certainly a disinformation agent, trying to confuse people and giving “conspiracy theorists” a bad name. None of here articles, however juicy they might seem, should show up on the mainpage.

      Just my unsolicited advice.

      The jews have a special “interest” in the Ukraine, probably because of some experiences in the remote past (never forget, never forgive, you know).

      A must read of an Ukrainian insider is Eduard Hodos´ The Jewish Syndrome, excerps are here: http://eairc.boom.ru/library/hodos/

    14. Bolg Says:

      Fissile, you twat. How could you be so dishonest? What you are actually saying is those Ukrainian girls aspire to be whores. That they do it by their own volition.
      You are blaming the victim, do you understand this, you slimy mohel, you?

      Jews create problems for others, then exploit them because of these same problems. If Ukraine wasn’t ruined by the jews during it’s “passage” to “democracy”, there wouldn’t be so many Ukrainian girls on the streets. They get lured abroad with promisses for real jobs, then they get forced to prostitute themselves. And this is done by the jews.
      Where the jews didn’t succeed in stealing the national wealth of Eastern Europeans, none of this occured. How about Belorussians? Theye are blood relatives to the Ukrainians. If what you say is true, there must be countless Belorussian girls prostituting themselves. Well? Where are they?
      But why should I try to convince you? You know you are lying. And you are lying for a reason. And deliberately.

      Yids will get their just dessert, eventually.

    15. Fissile Says:

      Bolg, I’m not a twat, but I know where I can get plenty of 17 year old Ukrainian twat for Turkish Lira, Qatari Riyal, Israeli New Shekel, Saudi Riyal, US Dollars or Euros.

      Actually, you are making my case for me. It’s true that the Ukrainians are blood relatives of the Belorussians, they are also “blood relatives” of all the other Slavic groups. So why doesn’t this kind of thing go on in Serbia or Croatia? Answer: because anyone attempting to pimp out the local girls, on such a large scale, would get his balls cut off and stuffed in his mouth. What is wrong with the Ukrainian national character that allows this type of nigger behavior to flourish?

      Your argument about how Ukrainian girls are “tricked” into prostitution also doesn’t wash. I could believe such stories if it involved hundreds or even a few thousand girls. In reality, it involves tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of girls. Were they all tricked? If so, using your own “logic”, Ukrainian girls are not whores, but are mentally retarded. I believe you when you claim that trickery is involved, it’s the Ukrainian girls who are turning the tricks.

      Where are the fathers, brothers, grandfathers and uncles of these girls? Why don’t they protect their women? Is it because they are too preoccupied with the vodka bottle and the syringe?

      If you act like a nigger, you are a nigger.

    16. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      They will get a just dessert on a dessert island, to which they have been exiled. The dessert, which will also be the desert, will be a huge chocolate Ki- I mean Cake, made from Jewish Bullshit.


    17. Beast Says:

      What a wretched, evil world. Full of wretched, evil humans.

    18. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      They ain’t human.

    19. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      Yes indeed the Jewish thugs, and rotten no good murdering dogs, days are numbered. I cannot wait to see it.