19 December, 2006

Monday: Free Talk Live – 2006 Finale

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Update: thanks to everyone that made the show – Yankee Jim, Alex, KikeHerder, Vic, Robert, and BattleCry !

A New Years show? Yes, let us give it a try!

Archive up:
ftl_12-18-06_p1.mp3 (20 MB)
ftl_12-18-06_p2.mp3 (15 MB)
ftl_12-18-06_p3.mp3 (36 MB)

Past shows, Podcast, Shownotes: here.

Special note: This Monday, the 18th, is the final show of 2006. This is your last chance to speak with Alex and make your comments and opinions known to VNN audience in 2006. There may be a Christmas or New Years show but nothing planned.

Show Time: 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST / 23:00 GMT.

Preshow Warmup and Music Play: 5:30 PM CST


1) Send a chat message to vnnfreetalklive with skype.

2) The host will accept your chat message, tell you approximately when you’ll be coming on, and will call you back.

3) When skype rings turn off the live feed, since there is a delay.

Note: to use skype you’ll need a headset and PC.


You’ll need winamp, itunes or any other type of software that can load .pls.

This Monday at 7 PM CST / 8 EST / 23:00 GMT click this icon:

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  7. 6 Responses to “Monday: Free Talk Live – 2006 Finale”

    1. Geoff Beck Says:

      We’ve got a full lineup and lots to talk about:

      Yankee Jim gives us the scoop on VNN’s Goyfire and Alan Colmes
      Alex Linder returns to the studio

      and special guests: BattleCry !


      Don’t miss it.

    2. America First Says:

      Banning has a been an issue since the begining of the of any W.N. forum.

      Question is this, does it do us any good taking our energy to reply to their hate insanity posting, rather than sharing an infomative dialoge?

      Perhaps the work of members who do reply to the trools is a good show for waking up new vistor’s etc.

      Wolfe Blitzer wrote a book on the Spy Jonathan Pollard back in the early 1990’s.

    3. America First Says:

      Anything before 9 PM East coast time, all but eliminate’s West coast listener’s. Peter Shank could get troll’s and retired with a show that starts at 2 PM West coast time. So be it.

    4. Will Stuteley Says:

      Hahaha–that clip of Yankee Jim on Alan Colmes is classic–solid gold! Hats off to you, Jim, and everyone involved. Talk about free advertising: Colmes repeated the VNN/Goyfire slogans at least three times! “Hammering out the Jew? Oh no, what is this?”

    5. Robert Says:

      Here’s the Excellent Immigration Video mentioned on the Broadcast.

      Immigration Gumballs (Thanks Banjo Billy)

      Also the link to the post on Alex’s latest Appeasers project.

      Seeking Nomination: America’s Top Fifty Jew-Appeasers

    6. Marcus Says:

      Regarding jews in Iran, it’s my understanding that, by law, both jews and christians are included in the Iranian parliment to assure their voice is heard.