15 December, 2006

More Video Clips for Nationalists

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By Max Hadden

Hitler speaks at the NSDAP rally in 1933 (1 of 2)

The much maligned Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, addresses (with English subtitles) two groups of party members in the 1933 Nuremberg National Socialist rally “Victory of Faith”. Note: Each rally had a name, for example, the 1934 rally was titled “Triumph of the Will”.


Hitler speaks at the NSDAP rally in 1933 (2 of 2)

Hitler addresses (with English subtitles) military and working class party members and describes the unifying principles of National Socialism embodied in the phrase “Deutschland Uber Alles” — meaning placing Germany first and destroying the artificial divisions among citizens (such as class conflict) that was fomented by Jewish Bolsheviks.


Latvia under Communism

This clip, narrated by Ronald Reagan, briefly mentions the invasion of Finland by the Jew-run Soviet Union and the fate of Latvia under Communism including the policy of making convicted criminals high-ranking police officials, and the purging of anti-Communist, or even potentially anti-Communist, elite citizens whose bodies were later found in mass graves.


Life in Palestine under Jewish Occupation

This clip shows some of the abuse the Palestinians suffer at the hands of the Israelis including beatings by police, closure of schools, and armed midnight bill collections.


The Spanish Civil War (1 of 5)

This documentary explains how the Communists created a fraudulent Spanish “republic” after deposing Alfonso of Spain, Prince of Asturias in 1931. The Communists killed Catholic priests, raped nuns and burned Christian churches and other buildings to fan the flames of revolution.


The Spanish Civil War (2 of 5)

This clip shows how the Communists created chaos in the streets of Madrid then deprived the people of property and firearms via a “Revolutionary Committee” that created laws allegedly intended to solve the violence and disorder. Unfortunately, a Communist front group, the United Popular Front, fooled the people of Spain and won elections in 1936.

The Spanish Civil War (3 of 5)

Bolshevik revolutionaries of the Popular Front began to assassinate anti-Communist political leaders and other elite, such as naval officers. They also either executed anti-Communist leaders outright or tortured them psychologically in many little-known bizarre ways.


The Spanish Civil War (4 of 5)

Anti-Communist Spanish patriots such as Franco rallied in 1936 just prior to the request by the Popular Front to make Spain a Soviet satellite. The Bolsheviks sent international brigades, such as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from America, to fight for a Red Spain.


The Spanish Civil War (5 of 5)

This clip explains how the pro-Communist mass media covered up the Bolshevik nature of the civil war in Spain. It also shows how the English, French and American governments did nothing to aid Spain and did not discourage the help provided to the Communists by their own citizens. Instead, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini — yes, those “evil fascists” — helped the Spanish by sending men and modern arms.


Pierce on America (1 of 2)

Dr William Pierce, the late physics professor who led the pro-White organization the National Alliance, describes the sad state of America and the anti-White brainwashing put in place at the end of the Second World War.


Pierce on America (2 of 2)

Dr Pierce describes the destructive influence of television and the mass media in America and some of the reasons behind it in this clip from a recruitment video.


Jewish influence in America

This is a clip from a documentary drawing most of its information from the Encyclopedia Judaica detailing the influence Jews have had in American life including the ACLU, feminism, politics, and the mass media of news and entertainment including Hollywood and television.


The Tragedy at Waco (#2)

An expert in photo analysis provides his interpretation of infrared footage from the assault on the Branch Davidians in which he concludes that the government lied regarding the FBI use of machine guns during the siege. The film also depicts some graphic damage caused by a tank.


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  7. 6 Responses to “More Video Clips for Nationalists”

    1. Mark Says:

      Well done, Hadden.

    2. Mark Says:

      This one is especially informative and so true.

      Yuri Bezmenov on demoralization

    3. Mark Says:

      Some say there are no good Jews, well Finkelstein sure is trying. :)


      Out of sync, but Finkelstein destroys Dershowitz. The interspersed Bruce Lee clips are funny.
      Part I
      Part II

      You have to admit his objective criticism of Zionism, other Jews, and the Holocaust is quite remarkably considering he’s Jewish and his parents suffered through the Holocaust.

    4. Glenn Miller Says:

      I’d never before viewed the 1933 rally video, though I’ve had the VHS of 1934 “Triump of the Will” for over 30 years, and it still plays.

      Thanks for posting the 33′ one.

      How the hell does one find WN kinda videos on youtube.com, anyhow ?? If there’s a short-cut, I’d appreciate hearing it via PM.

    5. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      One wonders what the real motivation of jews like Finkelstein, Shamir, Makow and a few others is. Remember, that the kike is a master at playing both sides. Maybe they realise that there are going to be consequences for what their tribe has done and they want to leash in the more agressive and arrogant members. Ninety nine per cent of yids support gun control in the US, ie the disarming of the people. There is, however, a group named ‘Jews For Guns’. Would you say that they are genuine supporters of gun ownership for citizens, or are they simply there to misdirect the goy sheep who might have noticed that it is the yids who are trying to disarm them? I’m not stating catagorically that they are frauds but I am eternally suspicious of this slimy tribe and I think that all whites should be. Besides that, as they are jews, they will never be aryan in spirit. They may criticize Israel and scum like Dershowitz but you’ll find that they think pornography and abortion on demand and feminism and faggotry and niggers are just fine. They will pollute whatever they touch. It is in their nature.

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “One wonders what the real motivation of jews like Finkelstein, Shamir, Makow and a few others is.”

      Don’t forget Rabbi Lapin, who quoted approvingly from Mein Kampf. Perhaps an attempt to elicit sympathy- well not ALL Jews are evil. Duke fell into this, dedicating his book to Israel Shahak, so Duke could imply- well not ALL whites are evil.

      I would assume cold calculation is involved until proven otherwise. The Jewish power structure could shut down those mentioned above- if they wanted to.