31 December, 2006

Movie Review: ‘Idiocracy’

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By Theseus

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A movie review: Idiocracy

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Although it’s a semitically-correct rendering of some fundamental truths about mankind’s future, Idiocracy is just too dangerous. Being that there is something horribly wrong in the U.S., and whatever it is ties in with an overbearing, controlled media, the fact alone that it needed to be spiked makes it a must-see, ignoring for a moment that it is an outstanding film in its own right.

In his sardonic interpretation of a dumbed-down future, Mike Judge has proven his mettle as an artist and social satirist. It’s nice to know others have noticed that the stupids are having more children than the able. At the beginning of the movie, this is illustrated through a comparison between a married couple of intelligent city-dwellers who choose to wait and never have children with fecund boondocks rednecks. It would be ‘loxism at itz finest’ were it not for the more-important overall message that Judeo-Christian culture’s ultimate expression is a eugenics experiment in reverse. Indeed, Idiocracy is an apt criticism of nearly everything that makes Amerikwa so deserving of all that observers are willing heap upon it.

Mike Judge uses the plot device of an experimentally-hibernated Joe Everyman to bring an average ‘Kwan into the world of his descendants 500 years hence, where nurses (and all but a few others) do their work by pushing large colorful buttons as with fast-food counter terminals. In “2505,” there are advertisements on everything and the cities are buried under trash. In this future, that which passes for crude sexual titillation prevails, as does the fascination with bodily functions, lust for money, and laughter much like a slack-jawed retard who’s huffed carpet cleaner.

It is too bad that nearly everything that could’ve been rendered with a Jew-friendly gloss, was. Although it could have been worse, the racial angle was very “P.C.” I would hope all budding film makers take note that even with all the appeasement, his film was all but spiked by the financiers and distributers of the project. There are still some interesting, even if unintentional, messages in the film. The first is when the main character is replaced at his job by a Latino. Another is an in-film Disneyfied history lesson on WWII:

“. . . the year 1939, when (Jew/Commie-ed) Charlie Chaplin and his evil Nazi regime enslaved
Europe and tried to take over the world.”

[Model of Charlie Chaplain as Hitler giving salute, then a scene with two model dinosaurs fighting in a city, one draped with a Stars and Stripes, the other with a Nazi Flag and accompanying armband.]

“But then an even greater force emerged, “the un,” and “the un” de-Nazi’d the world, forever.”

[Cut to scene of another model dinosaur in front of U.N. building. It is wearing a powder-blue helmet.]

That happens at the end of the film, as if to explain how things went so horribly stupid. I wouldn’t think too much of it, except the film implies an argument for eugenics, something for which, oddly, Nazis are especially known. It’s not too far off to think he may have meant to send that message without reading too much into things. It is true that Idiocracy could be called a live action Beavis and Butthead set in the future, but it makes for a film that is thought-provoking and even more enjoyable to watch than Judge’s other modern classic for those of my generation; Office Space. There isn’t a cubicle-dweller/tech geek alive who can’t quote that movie. For every meme handed down by that film, (“I believe you have my stapler,” ”Federal PMIA”), Idiocracy has a useful and enduring criticism for contemporary Amerikwa while providing a strong argument for eugenics.

Politically, it is important to know that our dumbing-down is not by accident. Greed and cowardice cause the elites in our society to prefer dull and “politically reliable” cogs over actual human beings, when everything is broken down to the only things a multicult society has in common with itself—sex, obnoxious consumerism, and amusement at watching men having their testicles harmed. How’s that for neurodivershitty? Their brand of forced eKwality is imposed by media masters, war-mongering “Zionists,” and defective foot-soldiers like Dick Warman.

I give the film a 4/5 with a caution that it is a must-see for anyone who enjoyed Office Space, and anyone who is in any way politically aware.

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  7. 21 Responses to “Movie Review: ‘Idiocracy’”

    1. jackumup Says:

      if its jew frendly than it need not be watched at all!

    2. Ryan Says:

      Uhh.. Mike Judge like….rules or something. heh heh YEAH! he rules! HE RULES! heh heh…. Ok Bevis settle down. But seriously i need to see this film.

    3. Ahnenerbe101 Says:

      Will movie reviews play a large role in saving the White race?

    4. ovidio Says:

      happy new years and when tyhe fuck am i going to get reinstated on vnn i am durendal

    5. Dudeman Says:

      wrong. we need to hold the enemy close, as caesar used to say. if you want to crawl into a cave then don’t post. we need to infiltrate the enemy to understand and plan against them. there are ways to watch movies without giving the jew your money (if that is your concern – it’s called bitcomet).

    6. Mark Says:

      Everyone should see it. It’s a crude, but funny and somewhat truthful satire about modern degeneracy that eventually leads to the future he describes. What I liked about it most of all is that it crystallizes what is talked about on VNN.

      After watching it you can really see the parallels of that movie with so much of the media today. That’s why the Jews canned it. It spoke too much truth, uncomfortable truths. It brings to the attention issues on IQ, dysgenics, moral and spiritual degeneracy, mindless consumerism, and other Jewy things.

      It shows how stupid nigger pimps are, how in the degenerate future a black man is the president, and most of the people are Hispanic, blacks and other mongrel mixes. Of course, more realistic would have been the complete absence of white people, as after 500 years of multicultural insanity, there would doubtful be any whites left unless they practiced extreme racism.

      It ends appropriately with the smartest white man alive (just an average man of today) siring mulatto children with a black prostitute. It makes full-scale nuclear war look desirable.

    7. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Great review Theseus.

      My wife and I watched it the other night. I haven’t been the same since. Sure, Judge doesn’t cross the kosher-line but last I heard he wasn’t a White Nationalist. But what he does do is describe the state of our world/country perfectly. All the muds inhabiting the wasteland that is the Kwa in 2505 was the first thing I noticed. Of course the nigger/wrestler-like prezident, and the dumb-speak stood out.

      The day after I watched the movie it was so hard to even go out the door to go to the store for some needed things. Everywhere I looked I saw little things from the movie. Corporate logos on everything, stupid slack jawed morons going about their lives in a daze. I even shut off the radio in the truck because everything that came out of it just hit my ear with a sound of stupidity.

      I recommend that every aware White see this movie however they can get it. You will never look at anything outside your door the same way again.

    8. alex Says:

      I can’t wait to see this movie. Great review, Theseus!

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Christianity–” a eugenics experiement in reverse”– I like that.

    10. Brian Gareth Mativale Says:

      The DVD comes out January 8 … unless it mysteriously gets delayed …

    11. Theseus Says:

      Understandably, the methods for downloading the movie were left out. Hit the link to the ‘blog and check the bottom of the post for a download link.

      Thanks for the kudos. I wanted to do a quick write-up on it because I wanted to encourage people to see it. Stan’s reaction is quite apt. Actually, it was Stan in the forum who finally alerted me to the fact that it was on bittorrent.

      I don’t quite mind that things had to be couched in semitically-correct terms, as I am sure Judge was trying to make it through the filters with his overall message. Too bad he didn’t. It’s easy to see why it didn’t get distribution–the whole thing is pervaded with the feeling that the movie “hit too close to home.” Jews never have a problem hurting White sensibilities in their work, so it would have to be that this film was censored because the message of a stupid, Mexicanized future is too dangerous for us to know about. In other words, if it were less accurate, it probably would have gotten through.

      Another thing I noticed was that the Mulatto whore picked right up where she left off in the “future” with little trouble while the White man was treated like an alien who had just landed.

      Overall, my biggest complaint–besides the lack of an understandable racial angle–was that the film was set in 2505, when it will only take until 2070-2100 to get that dumb. Looking at the former colonies in Africa, one notices that things go downhill amazingly fast once Whites aren’t a majority.

    12. America First Says:

      Dudeman Says:

      31 December, 2006 at 11:51 pm

      wrong. we need to hold the enemy close, as caesar used to say. if you want to crawl into a cave then don’t post. we need to infiltrate the enemy to understand and plan against them. there are ways to watch movies without giving the jew your money (if that is your concern – it’s called bitcomet).

      I will not buy a DVD or give jews movie makers any money except except a tiny few cases. Let’s remember there are movies that were 100% made with White money and know how, such as these examples, The Queit Man 1952, Monty Walsh, 2001, The Long Rider’s 1981, Excaliber 1981, Lord Of The Dance, 1998, but still all these men who made those movies had to pay jews to get the movies distributed. So maybe I am beating a dead horse, but had read that it was Whites buying Monty Walsh DVD’s that saved Tom Selleck’s bank accoung because he was screwed on the distribution, so yes we can make the difference.

      The Southerner, and The Intruder “40th anniversary edition is eye opening not only because this was a blantant anti White 1961 criminally made movie, but at the end Willam Shatner and Korman sit in a studio talking about making of it and how proud they were of what they did, you will hear some real White hating jews talking.

    13. Actually saw the movie Says:

      It’s too dangerous because of what Judge was able to slip into the film. If you’ve actually seen it, MOST of the people shown in the future US are black and brown. In fact, it’s mexis who go after Luke Wilson when he first emerges from Hibernation. Wilson deals with whites for the most part, but watch the majority of the ‘population’. Judge has to know what’s going on.

      Wilson is in an extended slumber and has his ‘awakening’.

      The ‘President’ of the future US is black with an ‘hispanic’ last name; President Camacho. He’s dumber than dog-shit, so this makes for a realistic, well crafted character. The guy playing the prez is Terry Crews, a large boolie who used to be on “Battle Dome”.

      One of the most interesting scenes to me is when Wilson is trying to get medical attention. When you see the film, pay attention to the people in the background. It’s almost as if it’s L.A. in 2007 – the majority of the crowd is low IQ mestizos. All through the film, you see turdskins as the majority, which makes Wilson really stand out. That’s what freaked out the folks in charge, more so than the insightful potshots at how the dumbing down is affecting everything in what used to be the US, top to bottom.

      Another sword in the side that should be mentioned is how dirty the future is. It’s presented as a giant version of a slum/barrio, with decrepit buildings and mountainous, I mean mountainus, piles of trash. With the browns hanging out, hustling, bothering people. This is one of the first things Wilson sees upon his ‘awakening’.

      A lawyer (white, played by Dax Shepard) is a functional retard – addicted to his 10,000 channel cable TV system, complete with the ‘masturbation channel’ etc. One look at how he is first presented in the film, hooked up to his ‘widescreen’ will give you a mental picture of a boardroom with zhids saying “…this isn’t good,” because it shows what they are on the way to accomplishing with white males in the US.

    14. Frisco Says:

      Although the premise is not used for any truly interesting developments, I take solace in the fact that I am viewing a film that our Jewish masters would rather I not see.

    15. make your own film Says:

      “Film” is one medium that is going to help tip the scales.

      As I believe Alex said, everything move “VNNward”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WrH9evnuoQ&mode=related&search=

      Things like this help wake more and more people up. Coupled with the hard doses of reality that grow larger each day, eventually the system will collapse due to a mass of angry, volitile, active whites.

    16. VLC Says:


      On Labor Day Weekend, the slackest time of the year for movie-going, the Fox Studios dumped the most interesting American comedy of the year in 130 theatres without any advertising whatsoever. Idiocracy was written and directed by the paleoconservative Mike Judge (whom I profiled in VDARE.COM last spring). Judge is the creator of the highly successful television series King of the Hill, Beavis & and Butt-Head, and the cult classic film Office Space.

      *So Fox killing Judge’s Idiocracy made little sense on financial grounds.*

      Idiocracy turned out to be Borat for smart people—profanely funny, but with a much more thought-provoking message.

    17. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I don’t think that such a scenario is likely unless the whole world goes the same way. Once the average IQ drops to nigger level then a more able people from outside will take over. There is a certain tipping point where the able and productive section of the population is overwhelmed. At present many areas in the US are approaching that point. Just take a drive through any of the Third World sink holes that most of your major cities have become. The tipping point is somewhere between that and Liberia or Zimbabwe; South Africa on a large scale, for example. Of course, there won’t be any whites in five hundred years unless they manage to segregate themselves in distinct geographical areas. If we don’t survive then it will be up to the orientals to continue civilization, which isn’t of much interest to us anyway. This film is useful if it gets some whites to start thinking about where their societies are headed, and maybe about who is responsible.

    18. Steve Says:

      Watched this movie last night. The first 10 minutes are all that’s needed to show why they sent this movie straight to DVD w/o theater showings. It carefully demonstrates the principle that when the intelligent don’t outreproduce the dumb, Idiocracy is the result. I think the UN vs. Nazi scene at the end, “the UN un-nazified the world forever” solidified the decision to send it straight to DVD. Any intelligent viewer would see that the resulting Idiocracy was because the UN un-nazified the world “forever”. Intelligent viewers can even see around the seemingly PC parts like having to mate with the nonwhite prostitute at the end. Viewers would understand that even she from the higher-IQ past was still clearly a downgrade from the ideal, but merely a mating of circumstance.

    19. Dudeman Says:

      Heh, the orientals won’t put up with nigger bullshit the way we have. Nor will they put up with the filthy jew. They have their own issues, but they are a homogenous culture. The jew cannot penetrate that (yet) – but is, as I write this, trying to.

    20. Biff Baxter Says:

      O’Driscoll – zactly. The magic trick of continuing first world civilization with third world inhabitants is a yoo fantasy akin to entrail augury and windwalking. There’s no such beast.

      We’re already approaching that special sweet spot where there just are not enough non-nigs left to keep the street lights on. Won’t be long now at all.

    21. van helsing Says:

      The jews screwed with judge during the making, the cutting and now the distribution of the film. Judge needs to be supported.