18 December, 2006

Settling the Score with the Goldsteins

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Stefania Glenn
December 17, 2006

Yes, I know, Mr. Goldstein, I’ve heard all about it. I’ve heard all
about the Holocaust, when 6 million or 6 billion or 6 trillion or 6
gazillion–or however many Jews you want–were murdered by mean old Hitler. I’ve heard all about the diary of Anne Frank, the Jewish
girl who died in a German concentration camp during World War II.
I’ve heard all about your people’s persecution in Russia. I’ve heard
all about how your people have been despised and oppressed all over
the world. Yes, I know, I know! You don’t need to remind me AGAIN
that for nearly two thousand years you have been without a country.
How could I possibly forget these things? You and your paid liars
never get tired of screaming insensibly about all the inhuman crimes
that have been committed against the Jews. About the only thing we
ever hear these days is that your people, the Jews, have suffered
horribly throughout history and that we (the non-Jews) must make
amends with you in every way possible.

Well, Mr. Goldstein, here in the United States of America, we have
done everything within our power to pay you back. I don’t know what
else you could possibly want. We helped you acquire your own
country. We stood by silently while you murdered hundreds of
innocent Palestinian civilians at Deir Yassin, so that your desire
to have a country of your own could be fulfilled. We send ten
billion dollars of American tax money to Israel every year, even
though America is already in debt up to her eyebrows. We are
constantly hiring some blabbermouth to rant and rave to America
about “God’s chosen people” and how they have always been “under
attack” and how we must rescue them from “all the Hitlers of the
world”. We are never finished hearing about your precious Holocaust,
since it seems that you would never be able to exist without it. You
are the kings of this country. We have licked your boots for so long
that you don’t have any boots left…

…So now, Mr. Goldstein, please tell me, because I am dying of
curiosity to know what it is that you want. What more can we
possibly do for you? How can you still be unhappy with the way you
are treated?

Do you think you are the only group of people that has ever
suffered? That is one of the most conceited things I have ever
heard. Very typical of you, though. I cannot pretend to be shocked
or even mildly surprised at this idea. It is just too typical. After
all, don’t you also view yourselves as a superior race? Don’t you
call the rest of us non-Jews “goyim” or “cattle”? You really are the
most self-centered group of people there has ever been. Therefore, I
really can’t be surprised that you would entertain the absurd idea
that the Jewish people are the only sufferers in the world. Or at
least, that their suffering is the only suffering that truly counts.
66 million Russians died during and after the Bolshevik Revolution.
However, nobody seems to feel any sort of special obligation to the
Russians the way they do for your 6 million. I have always been
horrible at math, but it is unquestionable even in my mind that
Russia’s 66 million greatly overshadows your 6 million. But never
mind that, Mr. Goldstein. The Russians really don’t matter that
much. What we need to concentrate on is how many other things we
should be doing for you.

Now come on, just tell me. What do you want? What can we do that
will make you happy? If there is anything that we have not already
done for you, tell me what it is, and we’ll be sure to do it right
away. If you were anyone else, I would encourage you not to be shy
in making your demand, but as I have never known you to be short on
boldness or nerve, I see no point in warning you against what you
yourself would never even think of doing. So go ahead, shoot. Tell
me what we have not yet done for you. Go ahead, I’m listening.

Oh, my goodness, Mr. Goldstein, you make me laugh! No, no! I heard
you perfectly! You don’t need to keep screaming it over and over
again. I heard you. You said that the thing you want is for us to
submit our very beings to you. In short, become your slaves. (You
see? I KNEW I didn’t need to worry about any shyness on your part!)
You say we have not become your slaves? Who do you think you are
trying to fool? We are your slaves. We have been for years! Only
slaves would bow to your every wish the way we have. Was I not clear
when I said earlier that we have been licking your boots for so long
that you don’t even have any boots left? Yeah, okay then. We’ll buy
you a new pair of boots since we have apparently wronged you by
licking them off. What?! You want them made out of solid diamond?!
We can’t afford that! How about we just get a pair of sneakers from
the thrift store? Oh, okay, never mind, never mind! We’ll get you
the diamond. Your wish is our command. But boy, oh, BOY! I just
can’t get over what you said about us not being your slaves! In
fact, I can’t stop laughing. Now, please, Mr. Goldstein, PLEASE,
will you stop screaming like that? You are a somewhat disturbing
spectacle with that blood vessel popping out of your neck, your
mouth covered in froth and your eyes bulging two inches out of your
head. Calm down! It really isn’t good for your health to throw these
violent temper tantrums.

All right. Now that you have finally gotten yourself under control,
perhaps you can rationally answer the question that I am about to
ask you. Ready? Okay, then; is it possible (in your mind, at least)
that the Jews have suffered so much that we gentiles will never be
able to repay you? Will we never be able to refill the great hole of
your suffering? Will you never be satisfied with our efforts to
appease you?

I heard you answer in the affirmative. Well, I must admit that I am
glad to know that. Since we now know that you can never be happy–
that despite the whole world’s concentrated efforts, it is
impossible to ever repay you, and that making you happy is a flat
impossibility, maybe we can turn our attention over to another
subject. Maybe since what we have been trying to accomplish all
these years is utterly impossible, we can just forget it and focus
on what is possible. I am only being reasonable, Mr. Goldstein, when
I ask `what are you going to do to repay us for all the suffering
that you have caused?’

How are you going to repay all the Palestinians whose land you stole
and whose children you have been murdering for over half a century?
How are you going to repay the millions of babies that you have
murdered in abortion clinics? How are you going to repay the
families of the thousands of Americans who died on September 11th?
How are you going to repay the Iraqis for destroying their country?
How are you going to repay the families of the American soldiers who
have died in Iraq? How are you going to repay the Lebanese for
ruining their country? How are you going to repay all those who
suffer under communism, which is another invention of yours? How are
you going to repay the Muslims for all the lies that you have told
about them? How are you going to repay all the Christians that you
martyred when Christianity was still new?

You’re speechless, Mr. Goldstein, but I can read your answer in the
hatred of your eyes. You will never try to repay us for the
suffering that you have caused. You will never even apologize. And
what is more you will continue to treat us Gentiles in this inhuman
and merciless manner. You will never voluntarily stop. You will
never attempt in any manner to repay us…

…but that’s alright, don’t worry, we’ll repay you…

We will repay you for every injustice that you have caused. We will
repay you for every drop of innocent blood that you have spilled,
and it is possible to do so. Just wait and see, you will be served
justice one day.

A very wise, just, merciful man from Nazareth whom you also killed
once said to your leaders `Upon you will come all the righteous
blood that has been shed on Earth, from the blood of righteous Abel
to the blood of Zachariah.’ I have never doubted His words…He always
knew what He was talking about.

I will not try to convert you, Mr. Goldstein because I know that it
is impossible. Remember, that we are now focusing on possibilities.
So, since you refuse to become a human being by leaving your
primitive, savage way of thinking, I will only warn you. Of course,
you will not listen to me, but I will do it anyway. I warn you that
things are going to be changing. You will be experiencing justice
for the 1st time in your life. There is a day coming when humanity
will get sick of being treated like animals. They are going to find
out why they have suffered so much. They are going to be angry. And
guess what? You are going to be the object of their rage. You are
going to get a triple-dose of your own medicine, which ought to
please you, since you always want more of anything than anyone else
has. You are going to discover how human beings act when they see a
glimmer of hope after being beaten down all their lives.

There, I have now told you what to expect one day. Now when it
happens, you won’t be able to rant, rave, scream, kick, holler, howl
and screech about how `it isn’t fair’ because nobody every warned

Well, Mr. Goldstein, I am sure that you do not like my tone. I can
see that by the blood vessel in your neck that has finally burst
that you do not like what I am saying at all. But considering every
injustice that you have caused, every suffering that you have aided,
all the innocent blood that you have spilled, I would say that this
is merely a feeble attempt of mine to settle the score between us. I
don’t see why you are so furious with me. After all, I am only
trying to pay you back. isn’t that the very thing that you have
wanted for so many years?

sglenn @ crescentandcross.com


  • 8 Responses to “Settling the Score with the Goldsteins”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Great article. The day of righteous Aryan wrath….it’s coming.

    2. Itz a big mess, itz. Says:

      They ‘killed’ the page – but the original is actually still up: http://stefaniaglenn.wordpress.com/2006/12/17/settling-the-score-with-the-goldsteins/#more-3

      One wonders how much longer things will hold together for the tribe. Their genetcially based hatred and jealousy of others is nothing short of astonishing, only rivaled by their self-deception, by their belief in some of their own propaganda.

    3. owen Says:

      I think you sugar coated that a little too much. Personally, I’m a little more of a hard liner.

    4. Drin Shtino Says:

      lets do it now.

    5. Curt Says:

      Notably, Stefania Glenn is 14 or 15 years old and the daughter of Mark Glenn. She obviously is coming along nicely – she’ll be a major asset in the future.

    6. Angle Says:

      Clever girl.

    7. H.Schneider Says:

      good to see the young ones seeing the larger picture too , Merry Christmas Stefania !

    8. J.C. Goldstein Says:

      Super-Yenta. Reminds me of Woody Allens mother lecturing her next-door neighboor about the curbside trash placement…

      I wonder how anyone can live for 2000 yrs. I guess the bogeyman, I mean, the Eternal Jew, his name is Goldstein.

      Funny how thats just like the book 1984- the ‘bad guy’ was Goldstein. He’s everywhere!

      Here is the cure for gentileism- get a sense of time. Everything does not happen all at once and cartoon characters do not stalk the earth. Things actually happen.

      Funny how she is an “aryan asset” yet lives in exactly the same ghostly world of primitives in the jungle- EVERYTHING is collective and imagery. She sounds like she is in some kind of trance.

      Jesus C. Goldstein