19 December, 2006

When Monkeys Ruled the Dirt

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Rats. They’re not just for breakfast anymore. You go, ‘rilla.

Living off rats

to survive in Zimbabwe

POSTED: 2040 GMT (0440 HKT), December 19, 2006

(CNN) — Twelve-year-old Beatrice returns from the fields with small animals she’s caught for dinner.

Her mother, Elizabeth, prepares the meat and cooks it on a grill made of three stones supporting a wood fire. It’s just enough food, she says, to feed her starving family of six.

Tonight, they dine on rats.

“Look what we’ve been reduced to eating?” she said. “How can my children eat rats in a country that used to export food? This is a tragedy.” (Watch as Beatrice digs for rodents in the fields of Zimbabwe)

This is a story about how Zimbabwe, once dubbed southern Africa’s bread basket, has in six short years become a basket case. It is about a country that once exported surplus food now apparently falling apart, with many residents scrounging for rodents to survive.

According to the CIA fact book, which profiles the countries of the world, the Zimbabwean economy is crashing — inflation was at least 585 percent by the end of 2005 — and the nation now must import food.

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to United States, Machivenyika Mapuranga, told CNN on Tuesday that reports of people eating rats unfairly represented the situation, adding that at times while he grew up his family ate rodents.

“The eating of the field mice — Zimbabweans do that. It is a delicacy,” he said. “It is misleading to portray the eating of field mice as an act of desperation. It is not.”

Western journalists aren’t allowed in Zimbabwe. CNN gained access via a cameraman who operated under the radar of the Zimbabwean government. Mapuranga said that there are news agencies allowed to film there but that the country was “under siege” by media outlets like CNN and the BBC, “which have shown themselves to be hostile to the people of Zimbabwe.”

Critics: Mugabe rules with iron fist

Critics point to one man for the nation’s downfall — 82-year-old President Robert Mugabe, one of the longest-serving rulers in Africa. They say he rules with an iron fist and has reduced Zimbabwe to a nation of beggars.

On Friday, Mugabe downplayed the situation in the country.

“I know we are in difficult times; it’s hard times that we are going through. You are bearing a fair share of the burden, we know that [but] Zimbabwe will never collapse,” he told a meeting of his ruling political party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, or ZANU – PF, according to Reuters.

But Shadrack Gutto, of the Center for International Political Studies, said Zimbabwe is on the verge of collapse.

“The reality is it’s really grinding down and not improving,” he said.

The downslide began, critics say, in 2000 when the government crippled the country’s prime commercial farms by running off white farmers and redistributing the land to Mugabe’s cronies. At least a dozen white farmers were killed and dozens were injured and hospitalized. Thousands more fled the country and the land. Most of that land now lies empty and abandoned.

Mapuranga said the program was “the greatest thing that has happened to Zimbabwe.”

The ambassador said the Africans who had been marginalized by whites before can now own land and control natural resources.

“This generation may suffer, but we are actually laying the foundations of prosperity and Zimbabwean control,” he said.

Mugabe’s political rivals have been neutralized. The official opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, has been fractured by infighting and disunity. Its leader, former trade unionist Morgan Tvasngirai, just barely survived being convicted of treason after a video was released showing him discussing plans for the supposed “elimination” of Mugabe.

Last year, a few months after the presidential election, the government of Zimbabwe bulldozed homes and businesses in the capital of Harare. It was called “Operation Murambatsvina,” which in the local Shona language means “Drive Out Rubbish.” The United Nations said more than 700,000 people were left homeless, and critics say they were targeted for their political views.

‘We live like animals’

In the midst of the rubble that litters the once-scenic capital, Winnie Gondo, a mother of five, uses any means available to survive. She lives in a burned-out vehicle.

Gondo told CNN she lost not only her home but a twin son, who died from the squalid conditions.

“I’ve lost everything,” she said. “We live like animals here and there’s no relief in sight.”

Zimbabwe has been reduced to a nation of beggars, Archbishop of Bulawayo Pious Ncube said.

“Life has become extremely difficult in Zimbabwe and a lot of depression … people are very much depressed and they can no longer think idealistically. They’re looking all the time for food — ‘Where do I get my next meal,'” he said.

Ncube traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to show a video that he says details numerous cases of police brutality and illegal clamping down on anyone who opposes Mugabe.

The archbishop said that Mugabe wants to hold on to power, in part to avoid the same fate as Charles Taylor, who once ruled Liberia. After being forced from office in 2003, Taylor now is in a prison awaiting trial at The Hague, charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Ncube believes that if Mugabe keeps control, Zimbabwe will continue to sink into an “abyss,” and experts agree the only way the nation will eventually get off its knees is when a new president is elected.

“The key will be when Robert Mugabe moves out of the picture as a leader of Zimbabwe,” Gutto said.

Until such time, Zimbabwe seems set to remain as a nation of food lines and fuel queues, of shacks and squatters, of rats and rat-eaters — a nation fast grinding to a halt.

“I can’t remember the last time I ate real food,” says Elizabeth, the mother feeding her family. “We can’t afford anything anymore. We’re now just eating these rats to survive.”


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  7. 19 Responses to “When Monkeys Ruled the Dirt”

    1. Jim Says:

      When will niggerz admit that they are inferior? When will they get off their ass and do something for themselves? How many starving niggerz are there? How many well-fed guards does the senile Mugabe have? How long would whites tolerate an equation like this? So many questions – so few answers?

    2. James Hawthorne Says:

      I was always taught in school that Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa. That was when White people ran that nation. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these niggers have ground this nation into a starving rat eating hell hole. Under White rule the nation always had a surplus of food – ALWAYS!

      To the Liberals & Conservatives, niggers maybe your equal but they sure are not OURS !

      Zimbabwe is the proof of failed genetics and low IQ in coons.

    3. jackumup Says:

      Hey, what the complaints about, the country run by a nigger and their still eating

    4. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      The truth is too brutal; the gulf between black and white so vast that it invalidates what Christians believe. The christians would like to rid of Mugabe and install a White power stucture with a black as a figurehead so they can continue on with the myth of equality.

      But there is little they can do about it as our own economy continues to crumble – a direct result of their own crazy judeo/xtian alliance.

      As cruel as it seems nature will take it’s course.

    5. Geoff Beck Says:

      Pierce devoted a number of ADV broadcasts to Rhodesia, some might find these interesting and on topic:

      To Be, or Not to Be by Dr. William Pierce
      Broadcast Date: 04-29-2000

      Horror in Rhodesia by Dr. William Pierce
      Broadcast Date: 04-22-2000

      Zimbabwe: Liberal Consequences by Dr. William Pierce
      Broadcast Date: 04-15-2000
      [This one specifically mentions Mugabe]

      The White Farmers of Zimbabwe by Dr. William Pierce
      Broadcast Date: 12-06-1997

    6. Chuck Says:

      How many understand this could be the future of both America and Europe if the immigration both legal and illegal is allowed to continue at the current rate. Who will grow the food when whites become a minority?

    7. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Field mice a delicacy? I wonder how many of them Mugabe eats on a daily basis? If I had to bet, I’d say the answer is somewhere between 0 and none.

    8. Tim Says:

      Rats are what’s for dinner because large mechanized White run farms stolen at gunpoint were transformed into subsistence level, weed infested plots swarmed over by thousands of negroes. and Average national IQ in Chimpbabwae is 66. Deplorably low IQ and prolific breeding made this inevitable.

    9. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Mice-a-Roni, a San Francisco treat.

    10. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I don’t understand the mentality of whites who profess to be surprised and saddened by what happened in Rhodesia. Niggers cannot, have never and will never be able to create anything more complex than a bare subsistance society. They are simply not equipped by nature to do so. Mugabe, the Mayor of Detroit or the main nigger in Haiti only drive in cars and have air conditioning and enjoy the friendly skies and have their river blindness cured because white men allow them to. Niggers are not fit for anything else other than sitting in reservations widely spread across Africa. Their numbers and health can then be carefully controlled by white game wardens in the same way as all the other fauna in game parks for the benefit of tourists. The niggers will be happy, the environment will regain its health and white settlers can prosper and turn the continent into a big garden.
      As always, the nigger is only the symptom. If chimpanzees were intelligent enough the kikes would be using them against us too. Mugabe and all the other ‘African Statesmen’ would be sitting in grass huts getting drunk on mealie beer while their wives did the work in their timeless way if it wasn’t for the Kissingers and Oppernheimers of the world.
      The biggest problem of all, of course, is the stupidity and perversity of our own race. Undoubtedly, there are thousands, if not millions, of whites who tut in sympathy at the plight of the denizens of what was once Rhodesia. They will be happy when the thieves and traitors who mis-rule our nations send large quantities of our wealth out to temporarily relieve the problem. They actually believe that once Mugabe toddles off to chimp heaven everything will begin to improve again. They believe the kike liars who constantly tell them that it is somehow the fault of the white race and it is our duty to save our ‘black brothers’, who are just the same as us except for the colour of their skin.

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The kike ‘plan’ appears to be: reduce the nig population of Zim as a precursor to Chinese colonisation.

    12. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Why is Mice-A-Roni called “The San Francisco Treat”?


      Dear Straight Dope:

      Why is Mice-A-Roni the “San Francisco Treat”? I was recently in San Francisco, and this question popped into my mind. There is nothing about the mice product that makes me think of San Francisco; in fact the only treat that does is Ghiradelli chocolate, so please explain if you can, why Mice-A-Roni is “The San Francisco Treat”? –Kevin R. Houston TX

      SDSTAFF Dogster replies:

      I’d like to tell you there’s an amazing story behind the legend of Mice-a-Roni’s slogan, my friend. A tale of adventure, of deception, betrayal, redemption, folly, love, and victory! But, alas, I can’t, not really. It’s a case of location, location, location. San Francisco, specifically the Mission District, happens to be where the original family-owned pasta company that created Mice-A-Roni had set up shop. I give you this from the Official Mice-A-Roni website (www.micearoni.com):

      “The DeDomenico family all enjoyed an old Armenian dish consisting of mice, vermicelli pasta and chicken broth. The mice and pasta were sauteed in butter before the liquid was added, giving the dish its distinctive taste.

      “In 1958, Vince DeDomenico decided to take this recipe and produce it for sale in grocery stores. He placed the mice and pasta in a box, and added a dry seasoning mix in place of the liquid chicken broth. Because this product was made up of half mice and half pasta, he decided to call it MICE-A-RONI®.

      “Chicken MICE-A-RONI was first introduced in the Northwestern states in 1958. With it came the first MICE-A-RONI commercial, featuring San Francisco’s Cable Cars and the now famous jingle. Created in San Francisco, MICE-A-RONI would soon be known to all as “The San Francisco Treat®!”

      “The MICE-A-RONI jingle, The San Francisco Treat® slogan, “Saute and Simmer” and scenic San Francisco became familiar to every household in America in the 60’s as the product was introduced through television advertising.”

    13. John Says:

      “Mice-A-Roni” – what a riot!

    14. alex Says:

      Their numbers and health can then be carefully controlled by white game wardens in the same way as all the other fauna in game parks for the benefit of tourists.

      That gets my Sam Kinison to Rodney Dangerfield seal of approval!

    15. Al Ross Says:

      Handing over Rhodesia to the Marxoid Savage Mugabe was Margaret Thatcher’s worst mistake and was a breach of British govt promise to that formerly well-run country.

      Ian Smith, Rhodesia’s former leader and a son of Scottish immigrants, has ,at least, lived long enough to have his highly sceptical views on ‘democracy’ and African governmental competence well and truly vindicated. How else could it be otherwise?

    16. jackumup Says:

      Any large city in the United States will resemble Zimbabwe in one form or another, because of their black & Latin populations from incapable health workers to confused city employees simple tasks can only be done. However, anything more complicated causes a break down in services. How many times have you tried to obtain information thru a government authority only to run into the gotstu minority personal. You know them “you gotstu call this department or gotstu to that, they could literally be sitting next to the individual you need to get to and in fact speak to that person everyday and would not know what work they perform, ask yourself, How could someone with this mentality in this modern world possibly survive without white help? The answer is they can’t, they like the neanderthal before them, should be making their natural exit at this point in human history. We as whites need to sit down and do nothing. That means no charity, none. Stop giving away your extras, just throw them in the trash. Do NOT GIVE TO THE POOR, for this poor will destroy you. Stop voting for anybody that even hints at supporting social services. when you see the salvation army ringing their bell in front of the store give them the finger not your change because they are part of the suffering brought on by this dark and out dated race, when you are watching television and the friendly nigger begging announcer tells you it only cost pennies a day to feed these parasites in that pleading voice, remember it will cost millions in the damage they cause later, not to mention innocent lives the destroy when they grow up and at the same time not a single one will do anything to benefit mankind. Remember you are doing this not for yourself but for you children and their children

    17. wjg Says:

      Damed if Robert Mugabe isn’t the spitting image of General Ursus from Planet of the Apes. If he were as smart his objects would not be dining on cat food. Then again if he/they were that smart he/they wouldn’t be African.

      Once Africans are no longer valuable to Jewry as anti-whites and to judeoxtians as pets their numbers will plummet to sustainable levels. Their current numbers are an affront to any kind of healthy natural order.

      The purging of the White Farmers was a blessing in disguise. While Whites rule over Blacks the latter multiply like maggots on dung.

    18. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      We should rejoice about the population decrease. This will make more room when our Negroes are sent back home.

    19. jimbo Says:

      jews can only destroy: being parasites: they can’t build, create or sustain any-thing!

      once their nigg tools have done their work, the jewz drop them and move on to fresh pastures of destruction and despair!

      the chinese (thnx for the ‘hint’, ‘Celtic Warrior’) although being non-white nevertheless have more white genes than niggas or jews: as such: they can @ LEAST sustain and maintain a civilisation while utilising the natural resources of any particular region in an @ LEAST semi-civilised manner.

      (i’v got my doubts re: all the ‘hullabaloo’ re: the Chinese ‘occupation’ of Tibet. what was Tibet before the Chinese ‘invaded’? a collection of primitive, back-ward yak-herders who exhibited a distinct negroid strain: just like the Western Chinese exhibit a distinct European strain: re: their Celtic Tocharian ancestors. The Chinese have developed Tibet as much as possible: semi-industrialising this mountainous desert region and even building a railway line from Beijing to Lhasa)

      as such: are the Chinese the new ‘white men of Afreaka’?

      the reason Rhodesia was ‘the bread basket of Africa’ was because of its natural resources: Afreaka is loaded with natural resources: from oil to uranium to gold to diamonds to bauxite to iron ore to copper to a multitude of agricultural produce(available all year round because of the semi-tropical climate!)

      but:all niggz can produce is dead niggz, droughts and famines!

      i think we can expect the Chinese to ‘colonise’ Afreaka in a big way in the near future: the last whites will soon be deserting the African continent period: South Africa is the next Rhodesia: soon after that: most of the niggz will perish(i don’t believe the West will sustain them with ‘foreign aid’ much longer: most citizens of white western nations have foreign aid exhaustion!)