6 January, 2007

American Disaster: Most Jew-Ridden Congress Ever

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First thought on most Jewish Congress ever: Wow. Second thought: Oy
By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent
Notes from the first day of the most Jewish Congress ever: It was an exhausting day of celebration for the party (you know which party), the Jewish activists, the new members. Forty-three Jewish legislators in Congress, but who’s counting?

First thought: Wow, so many Jews in Congress. A record number: 43. That’s huge. No wonder people are so excited about it.

Second thought: Isn’t it too much? Just 2 percent of the population and 13 senators out of 100? Two percent of the population and 30 congressmen? Aren’t they going to draw the attention of all the anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, Walt and Mersheimers of the world? Maybe a lower profile would have been preferable?

Third thought: Is worrying the Jewish way of celebrating or what? As they used to say – start worrying, details to follow.

Six new Jewish lawmakers, all Democrats, were sworn in today on Capitol Hill. They come from different places and from different backgrounds. Some represent areas heavily populated by Jews, some areas with a negligible number of Jews. Will they thrive? Will they survive? Today they seem mostly happy to be there.

Did we mention all the new members are Democrats? Twenty-nine out of 30 Jewish members of the House are Democrats, nine out of 13 Jewish senators are Democrats, two are independents caucusing with the Democrats and two are Republicans. Those who attended the National Jewish Democratic Council reception, House majority leader Steny Hoyer included, will not forget this. If you had any doubt, most Jews are also still Democrats (not that anyone had any doubts).

Nancy Pelosi became the first woman speaker of the House, but that’s not the most remarkable thing about her (if you ask NJDC). She is the first speaker to have Jewish grandchildren. That’s history.

And speaking of women, new congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is the “first Jewish woman from Arizona” to be elected to the House. She is also, well, how should I put it? It’s always nice to be reminded again that not all Jewish legislators are older, balding, mustachioed men (did I just make an anti-Semitic remark?).

Some people think being Jewish is fashionable now, and maybe that’s why so many elected them as their representatives. There’s a reason to believe that the colorful Giffords (“What is the most interesting or unique thing no one knows about you?: Either that I used to race motorcycles or that I lived in a Mexican Mennonite colony. Not at the same time, of course”) can make it even more so. She is engaged to an astronaut (bald, mustachioed) and generally cool. Maybe she ought to join this new sub-caucus of cool Jewish women legislators. Current member: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who also had a reception this week, attended by many Jewish activists).

NJDC offered kosher food for their guests, and that’s not very surprising. But how about Hillary Clinton making it kosher?
Nathan Diament of the Orthodox Union, celebrating his new blog, was thankful. It is a “clear mark of sensitivity,” he wrote.

I wonder how is this going to work: Diament is the lobbyist for the OU, and now also a blogger. Good lack Nathan, that’s a thin line to walk.

Is it good for Israel to have so many Jewish legislators? The Israeli ambassador to Washington, attending the NJDC reception, got a warm introduction. The Jewish legislators are pro-Israel, they said. And the ambassador, Salai Meridor, said that these are people who are committed – pay attention to the order – to America, to the Jewish people and to Israel. That’s more than enough.


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  7. 14 Responses to “American Disaster: Most Jew-Ridden Congress Ever”

    1. SSteve Says:

      WOW! I really wish those WPLs were hitting the streets now Alex, because you are at the top of your game. KUDOS!!

    2. Curt Says:

      Well I know what this means for me. Whenever Congress does anything that smells foul, I’ll be pointing my finger at “the most Jew ridden Congress ever.”

    3. Mike Says:

      The chosen ones are more than two percent of the popoulation in AmeriKWA!

    4. Cherif Loutfi Says:

      Mohamed Mahathir the former Malaysian Prime minister said it and it seems nobody listened.
      He said that the Jews are ruling the world by proxy.
      What you read in the upper article is only a proof that what he said was the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you jehovah !!

    5. Beast Says:

      Wow 43 congress persons!

      But the Federal Reserve is ALL Jews. And that’s what really counts.

    6. Beast Says:

      From the article:

      “She is engaged to an astronaut (bald, mustachioed) and generally cool.”

      Jew defining cool = revenge of the nerd.

    7. Beast Says:

      Just relocate Congress and the entire District of Criminals to Tel Aviv and be done with it.

    8. hangthembytheirjewballs Says:

      2%? THEY claim to be 2%. They are actually more like 6%, some think it’s close to 8%. Look at school admissions, population numbers, etc.

      However, also keep in mind political movements take hold and steamroll with just small numbers of dedicated people with a common goal. Enough pissed off whites, just 2-4% of US whites, and the current empire can topple.

    9. van helsing Says:

      Then nuke it, beast…

      Remember the cable explosion about 25 years ago… lots of cushy media jobs for jews…

      ten million jews here is about right. That may only cover the observant ones, however. of greater interest is where are all the nonobservant ones (as they seem to be causing the most trouble).

      and the shabbos goy #s…

    10. Schlomo ben Jewhadi Says:


      [Only?] 43!! … Minus 3, times 150,000 = 6 million Burned Alive avenged!

      Tikkun Olam Ha Ba in da House!!

      Da Lubavitchin’ Rebbe’s Rabbinicans Representin’!!!



    11. crackerjew Says:

      The homosexual jew sucks black dick.

    12. brutus Says:

      The historical cycle repeats itself


    13. Carpenter Says:

      Nice pictures, Alex. Here are some more of pictures of the Bird-Cherry Ermine:


      Look at the caterpillars covering the bike in a web. Creepy. But not as creepy as Jews. Caterpillars may defile your bike; Jews will make you apologize for ever owning it.

    14. Goldberg Says:

      we jews are taking over mother fuckers! we want to take your children and use them for medical experiments! We’ll sell your old people for food…