12 January, 2007

Anti-White Bill Introduced in House

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The ADL attempts to murder the First Amendment.

National Prayer Network



By Rev. Ted Pike

On January 5, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, quietly introduced the Anti-Defamation League’s federal hate crimes bill into the House of Representatives. This is the same hate bill she introduced two years ago, which was passed by the House in fall 2005. Previously called The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, this freedom-stealing legislation has been repeatedly defeated, usually as a result of public outcry and Republican opposition in Conference.

ADL has dramatically changed the title. It is now The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act, in memory of a Texan adolescent brutally sodomized with a metal pipe. Ray replaces Matthew Shephard as the new poster boy of hate law propaganda. Many in Congress will be inclined to pass this legislation with their sympathy votes.

Rep. Lee’s office told me that since the House passed this bill in 2005, it could rapidly pass to the floor for a vote. If there is strong bipartisan support in Congress for a defunct bill, it can be resurrected in committee in minutes, by calling for a vote of approval.

The hate bill enjoys this kind of strong bipartisan support; it passed the House previously by a large margin. We know for sure that ADL and Pelosi plan to have it ratified during their “first 100 hours.”

Take Action Now

Here’s what all lovers of free speech must do, preferably before the weekend:

  1. Go to our list of “Hate Bill Subcommittee Members.” This is the “Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security,” the House Judiciary Committee that will consider this bill.
  2. Call all members of this committee, including Sheila Jackson Lee tomorrow and give the following message: “Please don’t vote for the David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act, HR 254. Hate crimes laws such as this have destroyed free speech in Canada and most European countries.”
  3. Send my flyer “Hate Laws Will Make You a Criminal” (available here) to as many of the legislative aides of each of these subcommittee members as possible.

Rep. Lee’s office said bills’ progress through committee depends on how much support or criticism they receive. It’s time to bury the hate bill in an avalanche of protest from tens of thousands of Americans! This is how we defeated the hate bill three times in the last two years. This is how we can again save free speech for our children, our grandchildren and ourselves.

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  7. 21 Responses to “Anti-White Bill Introduced in House”

    1. America First Says:

      Seriously, every elected member of government that supported this and any promoter of this needs to be tried for Sedition, along with every media person who gave it a thumbs up. Thank you.

    2. Jews Last Says:

      Seriously, every member of government that supported this and all promoters of this need be to be publicly hung by the neck from lamposts – after being beaten and slashed to within an inch of their worthless lives.

    3. Mati The Estonian Says:

      So guys – what YOU are waiting for ????
      Print and send & dial and call – or next year (if not sooner) THIS page will be closed down …….
      Even if this crap passes YOU will be abel to tell – “at least I tried…”

    4. Geoff Beck Says:

      I am not one to call to our two-party crime syndicate in Washington DC, but this time I am phoning my congress-crook and telling them not to vote for this monstrosity:


      I urge everyone to do the same. Use the above URL to locate your congress-crook.

    5. fdtwainth Says:

      Precisely, Mr Beck: it is time for all WN patriots to act fast against this abomination.

    6. Anti-European Says:

      Please, let’s not start that melodramatic little game of lambasting each other for “not doing anything”. We’re not in control here, Mati. American government is jewish tryanny. A sham. A hoax. A sideshow.

      I hope everyone can hold their breath, ’cause we’re going under.

    7. Theseus Says:

      This will be the beginning of the American insurgency. I would encourage all VNNers to do nothing and hope this passes.

    8. Geoff Beck Says:

      I agree that calling the govt is utterly futile, yes it is a Jewish tyranny. Still, in this case I am going to anyway – despite the admonition from the all knowing Oracle.

      I regret asking others to do likewise, if you are motivated to then do so.

    9. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      And all the while, as Hymie works to end our free speech rights, he expresses his love and respect for the First Amendment. You can understand why there are so often bloody reprisals after the yoke of tyranny is finally thrown off. So many insults, indignities, outrages, over so many years, must some day be avenged. It’s for the “closure”, don’t ya know.

    10. Tyler Durden Says:

      Sheila Jackson Lee is a god damn sell out niggress. For years she’s done everything in her power to help filthy envading wetbacks side step our laws and ruin our country. She doesn’t even care enough to represent her own kind…she is a TOTAL anti-American traitor for new world order kikes.

    11. brutus Says:

      Taps fingers on desk wondering when the killing will start.


    12. Bill White Says:

      Did someone say the anti-White Bill?

      What a joke, what a sad unfunny punchline the Kwa has become. At least we know that the end is soon, and we will finally be able to get that \”closure\” that Filles mentioned.

      You know the next move that they make will be to go after the 2nd Amendment harder than ever. As they deserve to get \”Buckwheated\” so badly – in front of their family of course. But not before getting David Rayed.

    13. Surprised Witness Says:

      Speaking of jews and hypocrisy – I still can’t believe Amren allowed this post by a jew through their filter – it’s under the story labled “Expert: Young U.S. Jews Feel Identifying With Their Ethnic Group Is ‘Not Kosher’ ,”

      …I’m Jewish, and I have to admit that as I grew up I became very uncomfortable around my family and certain other Jews. I became tired of playing the game, the hypocrisy.

      In public we were taught to act one way, in private we acted differently. This wasn’t the same as most people watching their manners, their P’s and Q’s. This was hiding what we really thought or were taught to think about gentiles. I was never comfortable with the secret disdain and snide remarks that my parents would have for gentiles. When I mention this to other Jews, I sometimes get the usual remarks about being a self hater. Others nod, and comment on so-and-so being a “real Jew” when describing certain behavior.

      I don’t believe all of the article. A lot of us still cling to being Jewish and using Jewish “connections” as a way to make it big. This social networking is very important and was the center of my parent’s life. My father told me he would not have gotten into medical school had it not been for an uncle who pulled some strings. Then he would laugh. He would be very hypocritical about non-Jews doing the same thing. He would become enraged. I hope it all comes to an end soon, but human nature being what it is, I doubt it. My parents were big on civil rights for blacks but at the same time would make all kinds of cracks about blacks at parties with people who when among gentiles would be pious about treating blacks with great favor. In other words, they were a lot like our politicians today in the US.

      Posted by Amren Fan at 1:43 AM on January 12

      As if we really needed any confirmation.

    14. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Where is there a bill to quash an organization out to destroy America? What the hell do they want — a coup? What does it take for the people in D.C. to understand that groups like ADL are terrorists, swindlers, theives, and murderers? That they form laws that are discriminatory against non-jews. That they enforce outrageous prison sentences for knocking down jewish symbols, but the same doesn’t apply to them. That they continously engage in criminal activity and undermine our Constitution and local laws. I sure in the hell didn’t vote for these jewish bastards and bitches to gain control over anything in America or over my life. This country was not made for them. And the last time I checked, Israel hasn’t been nuked. So all these jewish bastards and bitches can get the fuck out of America and go back to Israel where they belong.

    15. Shabbos Shabazz, Esq. Says:

      “Anti-White Bill Introduced in House”

      Anti-Bill White Introduced in House

    16. -JC Says:


    17. jimbo Says:

      “ADL plans to murder America?”….howz abt ‘murdering’ the ADL…?…Uncle Abe could be made into bacon….after all: he looks like a FCKN PIG!

    18. Mati The Estonian Says:

      OK guys – I understand reluctants some guys calling/writing to the Hill about isuues. In some angle this is intresting case – if nowone write otr calls in important issues they my think we all are to stupid to care or to now whats happens.
      And if we/you do then they would now we watching them and act more they activities. So its kind of dilemma I now – so basicalle everyone should do as they think is right to do. I personally think EVERYONE should call or write. Because those reasons I told before there is one more reason – fear. If thet now we now what they do they will have FEAR. And fear is powerful weapon.

      So guys other thing – link is this: http://www.davidduke.com/general/confirmed-rep-ron-paul-running-for-president-2008_1676.html
      and uis You understand at this point I dont now much about this person. My question is – DO YOU HAVE ANY VALID REASONS WHY ALL WHITES (including VVN and other patriots) IN USA SHOULD NOT ENDORSE THIS GUY ???

    19. TJ Says:


      I posted this on the Forum regarding Ron Paul:

      He and Ted Pike are both exemplary men trying to work within a dying system and do all they can.

    20. Mati The Estonian Says:

      So lets help them then !
      If we can get this men to the 1600Penn I guess we all have a lot more options
      to the final fight. I guess you agree with me on this ?

      I did not see his point about foremost problem – the jewish one. But if this guy
      will do atlest some of the stuff hi is promising – guns, out of Iraq, no war in Iran, border control, FedRes control, IRS etc. Then I am willing to come back to States and even vote (hell I marry some mud to get visa) – if the current feds let me – hell I’m gun and race concius free speech loving white hetero man LOL.

    21. Quote that kike! Says:

      Who the fuck are these kikes to introduce laws to Congress? Really, I thought this was a Represenative government put by elected officials. They were the ones who advised Kennedy to introduce the term Land of Immagrints a few years before his brothers pushed on the Hart-Cellar 65 Immigration Reform Act. What about the elected officials who tell these pushy kikes to fuck off? Would the jewsmedia ever allow them to be relected after the cry of antisemitism? Only room for limp dicks and shit for brains liberals that go along with it. Is this some kind of rogue dictatorship from terrorist organization?

      The sand niggers must have very little respect for us, considering the sacfirces they make and the machine guns that we have. They know how to fight terror in the Mid East alright.