11 January, 2007

BNP: “We’re lovin’ it on the Zionist plantation!”

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See the extract from the BNP’s latest ‘Jihad Watch’ bulletin below.

Where, when and by whom has Iran “openly threatened a nuclear attack on Israel”?

Some people have roughly translated Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s statement as a promised to “expunge Israel from the map” but this was in the context of a restoration of the status quo ante in Palestine, not in the context of any military threat, let alone a nuclear one! [For a precise translation of what he said, see the footnote*]

The ONLY people who have mistranslated the quote and reissued it as a threat of a genocidal military attack, are the Jews and their allies.

The ONLY place I have seen it asserted that Ahmadinejad’s statement threatened a NUCLEAR attack on Israel is in this BNP ‘Jihad Watch’ bulletin.

Does the insane, war-crime admiring Lee J. Barnes, editor of ‘Jihad Watch’, believe that if, as and when Iran develops a nuclear bomb it will possess a magic additional technology whereby upon detonation over the small territory of Israel/Palestine it will:
(a) vaporise only Jews and leave Palestinians unharmed; and,
(b) spread no radio-active fallout over Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and beyond?

Last Sunday afternoon you attempted to defend or rationalise Nick Griffin & Co’s increasing output of pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist propaganda as tactical “mood music” devised to convince the British electorate how “moderate” the BNP had become.

Are you really saying that in order to become “respectable” the BNP must now to recite indeed to elaborate on Jewish lies and Jewish warmongering propaganda?

Did the British electorate consider Israel’s war last summer against Lebanon a “respectable” act? They most certainly did not. For all of Jewry’s increasing and increasingly shrill ‘Holocaust’ propaganda output, Israel is far from respectable or popular in the eyes of the public, and becoming less so.

If you can in any way endorse or excuse the kind of wickedness being conveyed by Griffin and his (paid) lackeys in the BNP or simply go mute and avert your eyes from it then what do you and I have in common?

You cannot get off this hook by merely telling me privately: “That assertion in ‘Jihad Watch’ was very wrong and I disapprove of it”.

‘Jihad Watch’ is an official BNP e-mail newsletter. Even though I understand that its editor, Barnes, is not a card-carrying member of the BNP, the bulletin is promoted via the BNP web site. The BNP publishes nothing without Griffin’s prior approval.

If the BNP does not refute that lying assertion made in its name and you continue to support the party, then regardless of what you may say to me in private, in practical terms you condone and are complicit with Griffin’s and the insane Barnes’ grovelling to Jewish war-mongers and Israeli war-criminals. You must go on record as disassociating yourself from it.

So must a lot of other people.

Has NOBODY in the BNP got any balls? Are the remaining Nationalists within its ranks going to look away and allow themselves to be comforted and lulled with talk of “clever tactics” and “mood music”?

Your line of argument last Sunday rather reminded me of a particular pig in “Animal Farm” I forget his name who was charged by Napoleon, the head pig, with making announcements to the lesser animals.

When questioned about cynical reversals of the fundamental principles of Animalism, he would skip from side to side giving sideways glances while squeaking: “Tactics, Comrades! Tactics!”

At the end of the story the lesser animals peered through the window of Animal Farm one night and saw the pigs having a drunken party with their Animal Republic’s supposed deadly enemies: the human owners of neighbouring farms.

The confused poor creatures couldn’t tell who were the humans and who were the pigs, and so slunk away in despair

But I’m not a confused lesser animal. I CAN tell.


From: [deleted] <[deleted]@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 22:55:57 +0000 (GMT)
To: Martin Webster

Subject: Jihad Watch update

From 08.01.07[QUOTE]

While the BNP opposed the Iraq war from the start, and continues to press for Britain’s withdrawal, Iran is a somewhat different case. Britain itself has no business getting involved, but given that Iran has openly threatened a nuclear attack on Israel, and is building the bombs to make good this threat, Israel has the right to defend itself as long as they don’t drag us into it, of course. We may face similar lunatics ourselves one day, and cannot afford to have a consensus established in the so-called international community that would oblige us to idly sit by and watch our national annihilation being prepared.

I am signed up to the list but did not receive this latest email. I only received this segment from someone else who subscribes to the bulletins.


WHAT AHMADINEJAD REALLY SAID:From: [email protected]
Date: Saturday, December 2, 2006 9:21 PM

Subject: Giuseppe Furioso Letter to ADL

Dec. 2, 2006

c/o Anti-Defamation LeagueDear Mr. Jacobson,
[email protected]

I read your letter to the editor that was published in today’s (N.Y.) Times [….]

[….] you insist that the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad said that “Israel must be wiped off the map”. This is simply not true and both you and the New York Times must know that.

The correct translation of what the Iranian leader said is, “Israel’s name must be stricken from the book of nations”.

What exactly is this “Book of Nations” is not at all clear, but it seems to be a sort of hypothetical social registry of “respectable” nations. One thing is certain, and that is that it is not the exhortation to genocide that you and our media and political elite have deliberately represented it to be.


giuseppe furioso
[email protected]

  • 21 Responses to “BNP: “We’re lovin’ it on the Zionist plantation!””

    1. Theseus Says:

      Even more insane, Iran would be downwind in a nuclear strike.

      But yeah, that’s totally not what he said. “Wipe off the map,” IT DOESNT TRANSLATE–think folks.

    2. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      It is remarkable just how ineffective the BNP has been over the last few years since Griffin took charge. The political climate in Britain has never been more favourable than now for a nationalist party to be on the move. Millions of ordinary white people in the UK are appalled at the blatant, ongoing destruction of their nation by the treacherous puppets who do their kike masters’ dirty work. The out-of-control invasion by muds and the corruption of all the country’s social and governing institutions has caused a total loss of faith in the system for a large percentage of the white population. These are people who would supply millions of votes for an even half competent party which clearly articulated the evils that are driving them to despair.
      Instead, the BNP spends its energies in infighting and ensuring that there is no threat to the power of fuhrer Griffin. It’s a disgrace and the members should use whatever means necessary to remove Griffin and his clique before the party becomes an obvious puppet of the kikes like the corrupt established parties.
      I know that the system plays dirty when dealing with the BNP and uses the politicised police force against them. Well, what do you expect? Do you think that hymie is going to voluntarily hand over power? Blood will flow before that happens. Hitler was vastly more popular and organised in his struggle for power against the Weimar kikes in the late ’20s yet he had to fight all the way, both at the ballot box and against the violent communist thugs on the street.
      There really isn’t time to play Griffin’s game. Officially, half a million wogs and niggers are flooding into Britain each year. Over the last few years a million white people have emigrated because they think the country is finished. It’s a matter of numbers. Already, the place is beginning to Balkanise. Several areas of large cities are now no-go areas for native whites; just like in the US and many other formerly white countries.
      Unlike white Americans, the British have been disarmed. The only ones with guns now are the police and mud criminals. It’s time for BNP members to act.

    3. Mark Says:

      There are far more white Uncle Tom’s than black ones.

    4. Steve Blake Says:

      For the record Lee Barnes is not the editor of the Jihad Watch bulletin – I am.
      The basis of any argument is establishing the facts!

    5. Bolg Says:

      The way the BNP acts reminds me of all the fools who lined up to join the Communist Party over here in 1989. Talk about stupidity. Even the likes of Jimmy Carter smelled the wind.

      Or is it that Griffin and the rest are made to act proper? Wouldn’t want to immagine what’s in their closet, then…

    6. reo Says:

      The BNP should be treated as part of the enemy forces , and a dangerous part as it seeks to steal our supporters for this gelded heretical false flag perversion of our ideology.
      I have to deal daily with people confused by these sellouts.
      Coming from a British party also it sounds much like the Ulster Loyalists. Barnes has also made noises in that direction.
      Griffin is a devisive figure . He seeks to pull a Fini but that just ain’t possible.

    7. R CROSS Says:

      I have no knowledge of arabic,but” striken from the book”seems to be just as much a threat as “wiped off the face of the map”and considering the muslims delight in attrocities,blood and death i would not risk my countries future upon debatable semantics,by thier actions shall ye know them,and considering thier actions so far ,personally i would not allow them a sharp knife,let alone a nuclear bomb.Every time a muslim opens his mouth,he makes it clear ,what he intends our future to be,when will you understand that nothing less that total dominance is what the muslim seeks.Hitler told the world what he intended,and they chose to ignore it , to the cost of every-one,to repeat the lessons of history is willful base stupidity.

    8. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Griffin and Co. have jumped on the anti-islam bandwagon because they know that it will be ok with the kikes. However, they seem to forget that it was the kikes who have flooded Britain, indeed all white countries, with millions of muslims and other Third World dross in the first place. If you play the kike’s game you are lost.

    9. Dave Jones Says:

      The BNP is no more than an establishment pressure valve, carefully choreographed and scripted by the left wing Zionist pant pissers. The only credible Nationalist entity Britain has ever had post 1945 was the National Front, so much so that it was and ironically still is the template for successful European Nationalist organizations today.

      Once the poofs and kikes had rendered the NF impotent they diverted their attention to the BNP and in like fashion have had the same effect. Where the BNP does have success though, is appeal to the well meaning but gullible masses. Never in our history has the time been better for a strong nationalist party to thrive in Britain but never has that party been more lacking. The only option ordinary decent folk have is the BNP or the nutcases which are another peculiarly unique phenomena in British Nationalism.

      I think as a nation we’re probably fucked, unless the BNP members at grass root level act decisively and rid the party of the career parasites, poofs, wogs and kikes. Better still they could tell the BNP to shove it and give the NF the renaissance it is crying out for and make it the party it was once again, like our European cousins seem to be able to do.

    10. al-fallujah Says:

      let the clowns say and write what they want, history does not move in a straight line…the israeli’s and americans seem to think that…reality has a strange way of intervening and disrupting the fiction of these clowns…weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons on the back of a truck in the iraqi desert, war is peace, al quaeda in somalia, al quaeda in miami via haiti, liberating afghan women, saudi democracy, egyptian democracy, israeli democracy et cetera et cetera

    11. C Says:

      Any WN that can be persuaded that Jews are our allies isn’t really much of a WN, or for that matter, a thinking individual.

      It isn’t like the BNP wouldn’t be immediately put under a tremendous amount of pressure to address REAL issues, i.e. Jews dominate the media, Arabs don’t, if they ever were to become a serious contender.

      Immigration is a serious problem everywhere – and the same culprits are at work, if the BNP chooses to deny this, they do so by sacrificing their own credibility.

    12. alex Says:


      Thank you for telling me that it is Alan Goodacre and not Lee J. Barnes who is the Editor of the BNP newsletter ‘Jihad Watch’.

      By the time you have read this e-mail, you may not be pleased to know that I will be copying this to the ‘Bcc’ recipients of “BNP’s ‘Jihad Watch’ backs an Israel war on Iran”. I will be rehearsing my arguments to a very much wider audience in an imminent issue of the ‘Electronic Watch on Zion’.

      My commentary on the BNP’s ‘Jihad Watch’ bulletin was not based on the identity of the Editor of ‘Jihad Watch’, but on the content of that bulletin and on the fact that it is an official BNP publication issued with the prior approval of the BNP chairman Nick Griffin.

      The crazy and mendacious “nuclear war” message put out in ‘Jihad Watch’ is very similar in content, tone and language to the output of Lee J. Barnes, which is regularly posted on the BNP web site. (Would you like me to send you samples of his ravings, heavy with the explicit desire to inflict war-crime massacres on Muslims, including non-combatants?)

      So while Goodacre may be Editor of the vile effusion ‘Jihad Watch’, the justifiable belief remains that Barnes was the author of the article I quoted. The names “Alan Goodacre” and “Lee J. Barnes” may not be pseudonyms, but for all practical purposes they inter-changeable.

      And whoever wrote the article, its central assertion — that Iran plans a nuclear attack on Israel — is a plain lie. You do not comment on this. Thus your e-mail was a classic example of using an error of detail to distract attention from substantive facts.

      The content of my analysis of the BNP’s Zionwards drift under Griffin is sound and based on a growing body of verifiable evidence. I suggest you take the beam out of your eye before you draw attention to the mote in mine.


      Martin Webster.

      From: John Bean
      Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 06:01:13 EST
      To: Martin Webster

      Subject: Re: BNP’s ‘Jihad Watch’ backs an Israel war on Iran


      Lee Barnes does NOT edit Jihad Watch. Alan Goodacre does – and it is not a pseudonym for LB. Not for the first time, you decide to build a house (even a block of flats) on insubstantial foundations.


      John Bean

    13. Timothy Says:

      R CROSS

      Take your regurgitated kike bullshit and spread on Free Republic. You’ll be right at home there with the kikes and their stupid goy parrots.

    14. jackumup Says:

      Steve Blake Says:

      11 January, 2007 at 6:17 am

      For the record Lee Barnes is not the editor of the Jihad Watch bulletin – I am.
      The basis of any argument is establishing the facts!

      Uuuhaaaaa, but I am the true editor of Jihad watch. And for the record I say
      The basis of any argument is to establish support for uncle jewey (“Because he buys advertising”)

    15. Bolg Says:

      Griffin and Co. have jumped on the anti-islam bandwagon because they know that it will be ok with the kikes. However, they seem to forget that it was the kikes who have flooded Britain, indeed all white countries, with millions of muslims and other Third World dross in the first place. If you play the kike’s game you are lost.

      Brian, this certainly rings true, with one little correction – they don’t forget anything, they know about the kikes. They have told the truth about the kike in the past (Tindal era). The back-pedaling we see now is not lack of knowledge on BNP’s part. It is either:

      1. Past “favours” from the kike, being repaid. This includes blackmail for any Dark Secrets(TM) any of the “leaders” of the BNP might have.

      2. They actually think they are using the kikes for BNP’s own ends. I cannot emphasize how stupid this is, if true. In fact, show me anyone who’s succeeded in ripping-off a kike, I’ll give him a dollar.

    16. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Bolg, I doubt if the system doesn’t know about all the skeletons in the closet. It makes a point of finding out any dirty little secrets that these potential ‘leaders’ may have. Of course, you’re right about BNP knowing about the kikes. John Tyndall certainly wasn’t shy about pointing out their role in the destruction of Britain.

    17. R CROSS Says:

      Timothy, “take your kike bullshit and regurgitate it on free republic”I have no idea what “free republic ” is but be that as it may,the jews are orchestrating this whole affair,using the muslim filth as thier soldiers,we have many enemies,but we can not eat the elephant in one bite,unless of course one has as big a mouth and ego as you have.For the rational amongst us,let us concetrate our attension upon the most visible manifestation of zogs oppression ,the muslim filth,which unless they are stopped will preclude any attempt upon the world zionist order,one enemy at a time.

    18. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Remember, we wouldn’t have a muslim problem in the first place only for the kikes. Back in the forties the argument was that ‘we’, the British and Americans, must deal with Nazism first then Communism. Of course we never did deal with Communism because it was ‘good for the jews’. There will always be something we must deal with first before we get to the source of all our troubles. After the muslims it will be the chinks, and then whoever else the kikes want us to deal with. If we solve the kike problem everything else will be easy in comparison.

    19. JimSummers Says:

      R Cross, there are over a billion Muslims in the world so I suggest that the 20 million Jews are an easier enemy to deal with.

    20. Andy Says:


      First time to the site and won’t be the last. As an English Nationalist I can only say that I like to think I understand the Jew and their effect on mankind. The issue is in most of Europe it is an offence to deny the holocaust and is faced with a time behind bars. This would pose a problem for any would be NAZI party that became mainstream. Nobody would like to be associated with it.

      As Hitler said focus your anger at 1 group and in his time it was the Jew, that will not work today as the holocaust is too fresh in peoples minds. This is how the commie wins, even campaining against Islam they just turn around and say your a racist NAZI and that is the end of it. Racist and NAZI are now part of peoples phyce and it conjours up an image of gas chambers – end of debate.

      To win as a Nationalist party today a new approach is needed and focus the anger at another group – Isalm! Once in power the game is different as Hitler showed. In Hitlers day there was no previous Hitler.

      The threat today is Islam and this is where the battle should be focused and when in power any Nationalist government can then restore the Aryan race.

      As a Nationalist I don’t care about The middle east or Islam or the Jews, I only care about my people.

      If a Jew can help you into power so what, once there that is a different story – remember the fable about the chiken and the fox.

    21. james carlisle Says: