4 January, 2007

Our Enemy, Israel

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In public, jews are our best friends. This doesn’t seem to square with their spying on us, murdering our citizens, filching $10 million a day out of our purse, and regional warmongering, but hey, if George Bush says it, I believe it, and that settles it.


There exists a deep friendship between Israel and the U.S. – between our peoples and countries. The basis of this friendship is common values, a commitment to democratic values, freedom, peace, and common interests, including the drive toward regional stability and preventing terrorism and violence.

— Ariel Sharon

We will speak up for our principles and we will stand up for our friends in the world. And one of our most important friends is the State of Israel.

— George W. Bush

The AMERICAN-ISRAELI COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISE (AICE) was established in 1993 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonpartisan organization to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship by emphasizing the fundamentals of the alliance — the values our nations share. Tangibly, this means developing social and educational programs in the U.S. Based on innovative, successful Israeli models that address similar domestic problems, and bringing novel U.S. Programs to Israel. These cooperative activities, which stem from our common values, are called Shared Value Initiatives.

The Boards of Directors and contributors to AICE believe Israel has many valuable projects and ideas to offer the United States. Our book, Partners for Change: How U.S.-Israel Cooperation Can Benefit America, describes Shared Value Initiatives in virtually every area of concern to Americans, including science and technology, the environment, social services, education and health.



(sure wish we had border control like the Israeli’s do! Pictures meant to illustrate the hypocrisy they and the USA are a part of , all this crap about democracy and peace and freedom)

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  7. 4 Responses to “Our Enemy, Israel”

    1. Dudeman Says:

      It’s because of assholes like this: http://mediamatters.org/items/200701040003

    2. Beast Says:

      Edit: Israel, Our ONLY enemy.

      In fact, no Israel or Jews and the world’s problems would vanish like dew in the morning.

      We have found the enemy, and it is the JEWS.

    3. America First Says:

      More Whites are murdered on U.S. streets, and home invasion’s than are all jews murdered all together by arabs.

      The brain washed Whites in the U.S. will say, oooh! But itsalie is being threatened with being wiped off the map!.

      Hey tens of millions of White hating HB1visa’ invader’s and other hoarde’s of non White savages have invaded U.S. and they want U.S. wiped out Robbed and then every White girl/women they can capture to be taken.

      Imagine if itsalie had to contend with a daily propaganda attack like N.P.R. does every day attacking Whites now for decades. Itsalie would never put up with an enemy alien broadcasting daily in to their peoples homes demoralizing them.

    4. sgruber Says:

      Not to sound like Hal Turner or anything, but a coup could take NPR et al. off the air in a matter of hours. A really methodical and determined group could put a coup together; another such group could put a viable system in place afterward. This is theoretically quite possible.