12 January, 2007

Reader Mail: 01/12/07

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from the link:

“The film was originally titled Amerikwa and later referred to as 3001 (this title was always known to be a place holder title), and was shown to test audiences around March 2005. There were unofficial reports of very poor ratings from that viewing. Some re-filming purportedly took place in the summer of 2005.”

Thought you might like that little tidbit.

[Funny if true!]


Cindy Sheehan | Insanity Surge

“Bloody George, the lamest duck in US history, has announced to the nation that he will be sending 21,500 more troops into Iraq, which some call a ‘surge,’ some call an escalation, and I like to refer to as Operation Increasing Cannon Fodder,” writes Cindy Sheehan.




Bill O’Reilly

In conservative talk-show host Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, “Culture Warrior” [New York, Broadway Books, 2006], he mentions three major figures in the “S-P” [secular-progressive, a.k.a. liberal] political movement.

Two of the S-P political figures mentioned by O’Reilly are billionaires [George Soros and Peter Lewis], and one is a university professor [George Lakoff, University of California, Berkeley]. O’Reilly even offers photos of the three men in his book, so apparently they are important figures in the S-P movement and not simply lower-level activists [1] [2]. In fact, on page 41 of his book, O’Reilly mentions Soros as the big chief of the S-P movement.

All three men – Soros, Lewis and Lakoff – are Jewish. But does O’Reilly mention them as being Jewish? No, he doesn’t. He simply mentions them as political figures in the S-P movement.

Our question: why doesn’t O’Reilly mention these major, liberal political figures as being Jewish?

[By the way, concerning the allegation found in the first news article below that Soros holds anti-Israel views: there are some Jews who are anti-Israel. Many Jews who are anti-Israel feel that Jews should assimilate into Western societies and not have their own state. Some Jews feel that Israel hinders, rather than helps, world Jewry].

[1] Soros and Lewis mentioned as being Jewish:

[2] Lakoff mentioned as being Jewish: http://www.jinfo.org/Linguists.html



“Yes, There is Apartheid in Israel”

A good essay about Israel:




Ignoring George Washington for Israel’s Benefit

Israel and America are now such “partners” – politically and economically – that the union could be described as “totally unique in world history.” Indeed, a special, written agreement exists between Israel and America which guarantees that America will provide for Israel [1]. Why do non-Whites get such special treatment from a White country? [2].

Don’t forget that the current Iraq War – like the 1991 Gulf War – is for Israel’s benefit.

Let’s see what George Washington said about getting politically involved with foreign countries, and also, let’s hear from two neoconservatives about Washington’s comments:

“The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.” — George Washington, farewell address, 1796.

Sol Silvergoldbergwitz, Jewish neoconservative: “‘As little political connection as possible?’ What a jerk. Washington was a rotten isolationist!”

Ira Goldsilverbloomfeld, Jewish neoconservative: “Yes! It’s a good thing that America didn’t follow Washington’s advice. He must have been an anti-Semite!”

[1] http://library.flawlesslogic.com/neff.htm [scroll half-way down the page to the mention of the MOU ]

[2] Jews, despite their skin-tone, aren’t genetically White


Professor Shamir WEZ:

Without a doubt, you should name your son Adolph Shamir. This is in honor of the two great Zionists Adolph Hitler and Adolph Eichmann, both of Blessed Memory. If that is too inflammatory, name him Theodor Herzl Shamir in
honor of another great Zionist, also of Blessed Memory.

I will try to get this posted on prominent White Nationalist websites and we might get you some other great names. We might come up with a name with a holocau$t ring to it. Perhaps Alaska Judy can help.

I don’t know what a holocau$t Denier is but I hate them. As you know, I hope and believe in the holocau$t. The Germans killed 666 million Jews and there were 66 million survivors. I know the later figure is correct because I have heard that many different sob stories on the Jew tube.

I am not sure that you know the correct definitions of a racist and an anti-Semite.

“A racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.”-Peter Brimelow

“An anti-Semite is someone whom the Jews do not like.”-unknown

Your readers might be falsely inclined to think that you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. Anyone can be a Zionist. The greatest Zionists have been German goyim. Zionism encompasses all races and political beliefs. It is an idea whose time has come. Kindly enlighten your readers.

You readers want to know if you son will be circumcised since you are now a Christian. It was stupid of me to suggest that he might be the Messiah. We all know that the Messiah will be born on the 9th in Av. It is auspicious that he was born on the 20th of Tevet, which is the Yahrzeit of Rambam. Let Israel be Gathered! THIS year in Jerusalem!

Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian
22nd in Tevet, 5767

Original Message:
From: Israel Shamir adam@israelshamir.net
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 23:01:03 +0100
To: shamireaders@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [shamireaders] Paul Eisen and Lenni Brenner

Here is an interesting letter by our London friend Paul Eisen, but first, I’d like to thank everybody who wrote and congratulated me with birth of my son. He still has no name – we can’t decide and agree on the best of them, so you are welcome to offer your advice! And now back to Paul Eisen, who wrote:

Dan McGowan recently visited Ernst Zuendel in prison and published an account of his visit.


Dan sent his account to, amongst others, Lenni Brenner.


Below is Lenni’s response to Dan and below that, Dan’s reply to Lenni.

From: BrennerL21@aol.com [mailto:BrennerL21@aol.com]
Sent: Sun 1/7/07 1:32 PM
To: McGowan, Daniel
Subject: From Lenni – 1/7

1 7 07

You are a nice guy personally, but I must break all ties with you, personal and political. We on the left correctly believe that Nazis and kluxers have no rights whatsoever, we bust up their rallies and have no problem with Germany or Canada or anyone else outlawing such criminals. There are things wrong with modern Germany. But putting Zuendel in prison ain’t 1 of them.



No problem. But I am surprised you condone rendering a man in the US and holding him in prison for almost four years BEFORE he is convicted of a crime which is not a crime in the US or Canada where it was committed.

And I am surprised you break ties with me for visiting him. I would have come to visit you, even though you were branded a self-hater and an anti-Semite after your (very good) lecture here at HWS.

But I am comforted by your not calling me names, like anti-Semite, Holocaust Denier, or Nazi.


At about the same time I [Paul Eisen] wrote to Lenni as follows:

Dear Lenni Brenner

I recently read your correspondence with Dan McGowan on his visit to Ernst Zuendel in which you say that “We on the left correctly believe that Nazis and kluxers have no rights whatsoever..”

What do you mean by that? Can you clarify?

Paul Eisen

So far, I’ve heard nothing from Lenni and I don’t think I’m going to. I suspect he thinks that I too am a “Nazi” and therefore have no rights – including the right to a reply to my question.

[Shamir’s note: It is pity Dan and Paul are waiting for Lenni’s
approval. Lenni is doing his part of Jewish mission: as a declared antizionist he gives support to superzionist Antifa groups who attack “neonazis and antisemites” under Israeli flag. Read


where you can learn of the groups Lenni supports:

“What we all share is support for Israel and coming out against any form of anti-Semitism, fascism and sexism,” says the center’s director, Christian Schneider, 26. “All in all, there around several hundred people active in Conne Island.”

A good example of the pro-Israel activity in Leipzig is the public campaign against wearing kaffiyehs, once an essential accessory in the European left-wing activist’s wardrobe. “Do you have a problem with Jews or is it only that your neck is cold?” was the slogan for the campaign organized by the center in recent years.

The campaign aimed to prevent young people from wearing what the center perceived as a symbol of identification with the Palestinians and with anti-Semitism. “If a young person shows up today at one of the events here wearing a kaffiyeh, we will politely ask him to remove the kaffiyeh, while explaining to him what the significance of it is. Otherwise, he simply won’t enter,” says Schneider. Rest assured, it does not bother Lenni a bit.]

[Maria Hussain’s note: i am personally sickened by Lenni Brenner but I am not surprised to see the traditional Jewish habit of slandering and discrediting, and then when confronted just repeating the lies even more. This is how the media operates. They assume if they say it enough
times, people will assume it’s true. It is a real challenge how to counteract the damage they do when they slander people in order to take them down.] This kind of thing happens all the time and is described, amongst other things, in the piece below.


What is wrong with these people?

Sometimes trouble begins with a cloud no bigger than a man’s hand

An item appeared on the blog ‘Jews Sans Frontieres’


The piece “Countering the Counterpuncher Atzmon” by Jewish activists Tony Greenstein and Roland Rance is primarily an attack on Gilad Atzmon but, as is now obligatory in such pieces somewhere towards the end is the standard reference to “Eisen the Holocaust denier” or “Eisen the racist” etc., etc. I try as best I can to take no notice but then I notice the following:

To give but a flavour of Eisen’s works:

“World War II – that is, the war against the East – was really a preventive/defensive war against Communism, which was Jewish.”

The phrase in quotation marks is from “The Holocaust Wars” Fair enough, except that I didn’t write those words. Those words are quoted by me from a letter written to me by Ingrid Rimland and she, in fact, is in turn quoting something said to her. Leaving aside all the usual smears in the rest of the piece, this was a clear error.

A mistake? Perhaps. Tony Greenstein has always seemed to me to be a rather tortured, impassioned soul and maybe a little erratic. But Roland Rance? I don’t think so. Roland Rance is as cold an ideologue as one could meet and every bit as much now as a Revolutionary Marxist, as I’m sure he was when he was a Zionist. He’s also well known for his
meticulous use of references and sources, often ticking others off when they fall short of his exacting standards. Well whatever, I wrote to Greenstein asking that he check the quote, amend the piece and perhaps write me and publish a brief apology.

He replied that ‘hell would freeze over’ before he would apologise to me and, in support of his stand went on to alter the formatting of the quote to make it look as if I had in fact written it. He then concluded his email with some more abuse.

No joy from Tony, but if Tony won’t help perhaps the owner of the blog, Mark Elf can help?

Dear Mark

I am forwarding to you an email exchange I have had with Tony Greenstein.

It refers to the piece in your blog “Countering the Counterpuncher Atzmon”. It is clear to me that, either advertently or inadvertently, Tony and Roland have falsely attributed a quote to me. I’m not sure what his grounds are, but as you can see, Tony has refused to put this small point right. Can you put it right?


Mark Elf’s answer? To date, no answer.

I am habitually abused by these people. They call me a racist, a Holocaust denier and a ‘neo-Nazi and, more often than not, all three. They call me a racist. Variations on this theme have been: “the veteran racist, Eisen” and “Eisen, the racist polemicist”. But what do they mean? Recently I heard one child call another child ‘racist’ (both were white) in an argument over a game of cards. In this case ‘racist’ meant ‘cheat’.

So if I am a racist what kind of racist am I? Am I the racist elderly couple in the inner city neighbourhood who, in the privacy of their own home, confess to each other their occasional feelings of bewilderment at the huge changes in their surroundings caused by the influx of so very many people who look, speak and even behave, so differently to them? Or am I the racist hooded Klansman who lynches a black man and douses with petrol and sets light to his still living body? Or am I the perfectly ordinary folk who gather round and watch?

They call me a Nazi. But the Nazis are dead and gone so I cannot be that kind of Nazi. I suppose I could have been the medium-grade office clerk who joined the party because his boss did or the besotted housewife at a party rally. I could perhaps be the old Nazi who, like any old Bolshevik dreaming of revolutions past, sits and dreams of past glories. But I don’t think so. National Socialists, like any number of other ‘-ists’ are usually folk who know for sure how the world should be ordered and aren’t afraid to use force to make their point – and I’m not like that at all.

They call me a Holocaust denier. But “Holocaust denier” is just an abusive term for a Holocaust revisionist – the slur being that Holocaust revisionists are like flat-earthers – people who have lost all touch with reality and deny that anything unpleasant at all happened to Jews at the hands of the National Socialists and that Auschwitz was just an early-forties holiday camp. They do not. ‘Holocaust denier’ along with ‘racist’ ‘neo-Nazi’, anti-Semite and all the rest is just one more non-definable term of abuse used rather like the word ‘witch’ – used in the Middle Ages as a curse to silence those with whom one does not agree.

But let’s set the record straight about my own “Holocaust denial”. I wasn’t at Auschwitz, so I don’t know exactly what did or did not take place there. I am also no scholar, but I have had a fair look at the evidence and as far as I can see, the revisionists, at the very least, need to be taken very seriously indeed. But that’s not the point. I am not in the slightest bit interested in the hydrogen cyanide traces in brickwork or how long it takes to burn a corpse but the fact is that there is a strong possibility that a distortion of massive proportions is being peddled big-time and savagely enforced. The Holocaust narrative and its enforcement are major arms of Jewish or Zionist power, a power which is
the gravest and most pressing threat facing humankind today, a power which I want to defy and resist wherever and whenever I can.

Not only is the Holocaust narrative used to sacrelise Jewish suffering and so make it possible for Jews to do anything they like in Palestine and elsewhere, but the enforcement of the Holocaust with its marginalization, criminalisation and even incarceration of offenders is used as a frightener. “Watch it!” they say to any wanabee resistor, “If we can
enforce this, we can enforce anything.” And the result is a world which will think, say or do anything, anything, anything rather than be called a Holocaust denier.

But back to those comments. The net is just full of them – “Eisen the Holocaust denier”, “Eisen the racist”, “Eisen the Nazi sympathizer”, “Eisen the Nazi”, “Eisen the Zundel- lover” and Eisen the anti-Semite” and all made by people who have neither met nor spoken to me, have not met anyone who knows me or has spoken to me and, I’m sure in most cases, have not read anything I have written except selected quotes presented out-of-context to them by others. As I have wearily come to say; if someone will tell me what a Holocaust denier, an anti-Semite and a racist is, I will gladly say whether I am one.

If you click the links of these and similar comments you will be immediately transported to Sue Blackwell’s website – and specifically to “Sue’s famous pages on Palestine and Israel”. Please do visit it (it’s a riveting read), and while there don’t forget to click onto Sue’s “Nazi Alert” feature http://www.sue.be/pal/nazis.html, where, after consultation with her ‘Jewish friends’ (her words – “I have now had a chance to take a closer look at this site and consult Jewish friends on their views of it.”), Sue selects those suitable for public pillorying. Do go there and do read a selected catalogue of my crimes.

A little while ago I wrote to Sue saying that, since she had never met me, spoken or written to me, she couldn’t possibly know very much about me, so why did she label me so publicly and so terribly and with such terrible results? Like Mark Elf, Sue’s answer was no answer. Sue did not
reply. I imagine it is part of Sue’s principled stand on racism never to talk to Nazis.

Finally, one more comment, also on Jews Sans Frontieres:

“I would agree that Paul Eisen is not a good thing, but don’t think that people talking about the need for a Palestinian perspective should be lumped in with him, or on the other hand seen as ‘anti-Semitic’

‘Not a good thing’! ‘Paul Eisen is not a good thing”! My goodness, what am I – a cheeseburger from McDonald’s, an outbreak of bird flu, high cholesterol?

What’s with these people? Why do they behave this way? Why do Tony, Roland and Mark misquote me but refuse to correct this small error. “Dear Paul, You are a racist and a Nazi but we misquoted you. Sorry.” There, was that so hard? Why does Sue Blackwell, who has never met me,
spoken nor communicated with me in any way, using selected and out-of-context evidence, put me in a public pillory where anyone who wishes may, at their leisure, smear and malign me? Why, when you Google my name will you
find any number of meaningless slurs about some character called ‘Paul Eisen’ – a brand-name for an individual who I, and anyone who knows me, will find completely and utterly unrecognizable?

Who are these people? Who are these Jewish ethnic campaigners, these ‘secular’, ‘left-wing, and ‘anti-Zionist’ folk who, the more secular, left-wing and anti-Zionist they are the more they attack me! Who are they? Why do they do this? What does this all mean?

Amongst all the smears – Eisen-the-this or Eisen-the-that, there is one accusation you will never see. This is: “Eisen the traitor”, “Eisen-who-went-against-his-tribe”, “Eisen-who-likes-to-tell-the-Goyim-what-
Jews-really-think, Eisen who said (gasp) that Zionism is Jewish, that (shhh:not so loud) Jews are not suffering, that there is such a thing as Jewish power, that (stop, stop) people sometimes dislike Jews for (wait for it:) a reason.

Are these people stupid? They sometimes seem so with their predictable, repetitive slogans and smears. All this is that! All that is this! Racist! Racist! – Nazi! Nazi! Strange, because they appear educated (I understand that Sue Blackwell is a lecturer in a university) and they’ve certainly
all read a lot. (A lot goes in, a lot comes out, but does much happen in-between?)

And boy, do they know a lot.. Never in my life have I met people who know so much.

You insist on locating your worldview in the centre of any possible discourse. Why do you do it? Because you are a supremacist Jew. You must believe that you know better. You must believe that you know better than the SWP what is important for the British working class. You must
think that you know better than the Palestinians what is right for the Palestinian people. Are you familiar with the notion of modesty? Just contemplate over the remote possibility that you may not know better……

Gilad Atzmon ‘in conversation’ with Tony Greenstein

A supremacist Jew? No Gilad no! Surely not! This cannot be! Or could it? Could it be that for these secular, leftist, anti-Zionist Jews knowing everything about everything and enforcing it is their particular brand of choseness and supremacism? That these secular, leftist, anti-Zionist
Jews who no longer worship God but who now worship Jewish victimhood and the Holocaust in fact now worship themselves?

And could it be that the ferocity, the mindless savagery with which they, collectively (always collectively) pursue and hound their prey, is the same impulse we see prescribed in Deuteronomy, re-enacted in Palestine and Lebanon and now policing the net? And could it be that the justification – whether for laying waste to Lebanon, ethnically cleansing
Palestine, bombings, assassinations, silencing critics in the U.K., smearing opponents on the internet, or just refusing to put right a tiny little error in an article on a blog – is the same:

We are special. We are chosen. We have suffered.

We know what is good for you.

We can do anything!

Paul Eisen

December 2006

Paul Eisen is a director of Deir Yassin Remembered



“White” punks who 20 years ago would’ve joined 4H are now hookin’-up wit da phat new Shenandoah Valley, Virginia chapters of da Crips ‘n’ da Bloods: The Brown v. Board/MurrayTV combo has brought forth a bumper crop of its putrid fruits…..

Slightly more than a month after being shot four times, James G. O’Brien (WHIGGER) is charged with taunting his shooters over the weekend with gang graffiti spray painted in Waynesboro.

The alleged antics could heighten the chance of more gang violence – something police have been on the lookout for since O’Brien was shot.

Investigators arrested the self-admitted Crips member Tuesday for spraying over graffiti left behind on a New Hope Road fence by the rival gang whose members allegedly shot him.

“[It] is a challenge or disrespect to the Bloods,” said Waynesboro police Sgt. Kelly Walker.

Authorities already suspect that a brutal revenge attack is brewing on Waynesboro streets as fallout from the Nov. 25 double shooting.

O’Brien left the hospital weeks later with a colostomy bag and a bullet lodged near his spine. The 14-year-old girl shot with him still has a bullet lodged in her right thigh.

“Yo, homes, I be a straight-up gangsta now, know whum sayin’? Only da Hard Niggas carry dey shit aroun’ in a purse!”


N.B. Forrest


The pope and the Holocaust deniers

Shmuley Boteach, THE JERUSALEM POST – Dec. 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein’s execution reminded us that some crimes are so heinous no society can tolerate them, and that when you murder more than one million people, even traditional opponents of the death penalty might just applaud when you hang.

It is a lesson the Catholic Church would do well to contemplate. Last week, the church broke ranks with nearly every moral voice and came out publicly against Saddam’s execution. But if that were not enough, Pope Benedict XVI
granted a private audience to a delegation of Iranian officials, led by Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki, whose ministry sponsored the recent Holocaust denial conference in Teheran.

The pope is the foremost spiritual leader on earth. It shocks every moral sensibility that he would choose to legitimize a wretch like this. More troubling yet, the pope conveyed warm greetings to Iranian president
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through the delegation.

Warm greetings? Ahmadinejad is calling virtually every week for Israel’s annihilation. Does the pope have anything to share with this man aside from his contempt? One would hope that a pope who witnessed the Holocaust and
the destruction of the Jewish people would practice extra caution before hanging out with those who wish to renew Hitler’s efforts.

LET’S NOT finesse this. Ahmadinejad is an international abomination who can lay strong claim to being the single most hate-filled man alive. Surely the pope can find more worthy recipients of his time and graciousness? Pope John Paul II was a man of great courage who helped to challenge and defeat communism. Yet even he made the repeated mistake of legitimizing terrorists, repeatedly meeting with Yasser Arafat. But if one might excuse those meetings on the grounds that other world leaders did the same, the
pope’s actions at the time of Arafat’s death were jarring and incomprehensible. He praised Arafat as “a leader of great charisma who loved his people and sought to lead them toward national independence. May God welcome in His mercy the soul of the illustrious deceased and give peace
to the Holy Land.”

Did anyone seriously believe that God was going to welcome this baby-killer into heaven rather than placing him in hell? Why would virtuous and righteous men like John Paul and Benedict make such outrageous mistakes?

The Catholic Church seems to spend a great deal of time upholding its standards of sexual morality, like condemning gay unions and contraception, and comparably little time condemning the tyrants and dictators who slaughter the children whose lives the church declares to be holy. So why
the omission?

It bespeaks an unfortunate and continuing pattern on behalf of our Christian brethren to refuse to hate evil. Many of my Christian brothers and sisters mistakenly believe that God forbids hatred. They quote Jesus’ teaching to turn the other cheek and his admonishment to love your enemies as proof that we dare never hate.

AS A radio host, I am called by many evangelical Christians who say that in God’s eyes we are all sinners, and thus from a heavenly perspective Osama bin Laden and the average housewife from Kansas are equal. Bin Laden must indeed face justice for his crimes, but we dare not hate him seeing that Jesus still loves him.

But this is a travesty of Jesus’ teachings. It would make this great Hebrew personality into someone who had contempt for his victims as he extended love to their murderers. Jesus advocated turning the other cheek to petty slights and affronts to honor, not to mass graves and torture chambers.

Likewise, while Jesus taught that we ought to love our own enemies, this did not apply to God’s enemies. Our enemies are people who take our parking spot or who are our rivals for a promotion at work. God’s enemies are those who
slaughter his children.

Let not any Christian think that Jesus’ sympathy was for anyone other than the oppressed and the poor. True, the Bible commands us to “love our neighbor as ourselves,” but the man who kills children is not our neighbor. Having cast off the image of God, he has lost his divine spark and is condemned to eternal oblivion, from which not even a belief in salvation will rescue him.

He who murders God’s children has been lost to God forever and has abandoned all entitlement to love, earning eternal derision in its stead.

AMID MY deep and abiding respect for the Christian faith, I state unequivocally that to love the terrorist who flies a civilian plane into a civilian building, or a white supremacist who drags a black man three miles while tied to the back of a car is not just inane, it is deeply sinful. To send warm greetings to an Iranian president who has just hosted a former head of the KKK is an affront to blacks throughout the world just as much as it is to Jews.

To love evil is itself evil, and constitutes a passive form of complicity.

We are all known by the company we keep. If Ahmadinejad of Iran called for the extermination of all the world’s Catholics, the pope might think twice before meeting his representatives. He ought to accord the same respect to
his Jewish brethren.


The writer is host of The Learning Channel’s television program “Shalom in the Home,” whose second season begins on January 21. He is currently writing a book on the necessity of hating evil. (www.shmuley.com).



The Fed’s Role in the Housing Crash of ‘07



Insight into the Jewish psyche.

Itche Goldberg obituary

Just an obituary of another Jewish activist, but this one is a good illustration of the point that Jewish communists remained jews. Goldberg was an advocate of Yiddish culture. And notice that he didn’t sour on communism in the USSR until it started being anti-Jewish. Murdering 20,000,000 goyim was part of an idealistic struggle, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Itche Goldberg, 102; fixture in communist struggle and a teacher of Yiddish culture

By Adam Bernstein
Washington Post

January 9, 2007

Itche Goldberg, a Polish-born Jew who became a fixture in the communist struggle of the 1920s and ’30s and later emerged as a writer, editor, publisher and teacher of Yiddish language and culture, died of cancer Dec. 27 in his New York home. He was 102.

After his family settled in Canada, Goldberg became involved in a Jewish fraternal group called the Workmen’s Circle. He became a Yiddish instructor, initially in Canada and later in Philadelphia and New York. He was part of an ideological movement that used Yiddish to teach Jews about the international proletariat struggle.

He became a leading cultural figure in the International Workers Order, a communist-affiliated insurance and fraternal organization that had splintered from the Workmen’s Circle.

He once said about the split, which occurred around 1930: “There was no question about our Jewishness or Jewish consciousness, and the Jewish consciousness led us very naturally to the Soviet Union. Here was Romania, anti-Semitic. Poland, which was anti-Semitic. Suddenly we saw how Jewish culture was developing in the Soviet Union. It was really breathtaking. You had the feeling that both the national problem was solved and the social problem was solved. This was no small thing. It was overpowering, and we were young.”

Before the International Workers Order folded amid the communist witch hunt of the early 1950s, Goldberg spent two decades as cultural director of its Jewish section.

In that position, he edited several journals – including a children’s publication with cartoons and stories – and oversaw secular Yiddish-language schools that peaked with 80,000 students in the United States and Canada.

He started a publishing concern for Jewish history texts and Yiddish songbooks, and in the 1970s and 1980s he taught Yiddish at New York’s Queens College.

He also persevered in publishing Yiddishe Kultur, a literary and cultural magazine started in the late 1930s. He assumed the editorship in 1964, when his predecessor left for a kibbutz in Israel. Goldberg became a relentless fundraiser to maintain bimonthly publication, which became increasingly
difficult. Yiddishe Kultur had a few hundred subscribers when it last went to press in 2004.

Eugene Orenstein, who teaches Jewish studies at McGill University in Montreal and is a former student of Goldberg’s, called his teacher one of the last links to a world that saw the blossoming of Yiddish culture in the West with the mass immigration of European Jews from the 1880s to the 1920s.

Besides promoting the work of modern Yiddish writers, many of whom he knew in the 1920s and ’30s, Goldberg also translated varied works into Yiddish, from Latin classics to Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes.

Yitzhak Gutkind Goldberg was born in 1904 in Opatow, Poland. The family left for Warsaw in 1914, just before the start of World War I.

His father and older brother went ahead to Canada. Goldberg, his mother and four other siblings stayed in Poland six more years.

While they waited, Goldberg talked his way into a Hebrew teachers seminary in Warsaw. When the family was reunited in Toronto, where his father had become a junk dealer, Goldberg attended McMaster University in Ontario. Self-taught in English, he studied philosophy and economics until quitting school in his fourth year.

Goldberg gradually came to realize the horrors of Stalinist Russia and specifically the regime’s murderous treatment of Jews. During his editorship of Yiddishe Kultur, Goldberg published a memorial issue every August honoring Yiddish writers executed under Stalin.

Goldberg was viewed as a far more avuncular figure in his later years and received a flurry of press attention as an eccentric and tenacious figure in a shrinking circle of Yiddish experts.

He believed that promoting Yiddish was critical to the survival of Jewish culture, especially as the language, estimated to have 12 million speakers in 1939, dwindled to half a million speakers.

“You get the impression that I’m full of fight?” he asked the New York Times in 2004. “I’m not really. I might as well tell you: I only have two dreams. One dream is that someone will knock on the door and I will open it and they give me a check for $150,000 for the magazine. Second dream is that someone knocks at the door and I open it up and he gives me a corned beef sandwich.”

He is survived by his wife, Jennie Goldberg; two children, David Goldberg and Susan Goldberg, both of New York; two granddaughters; and two great-grandchildren.


Fragmented Future

Multiculturalism doesn’t make vibrant communities but defensive ones.

by Steve Sailer

In the presence of [ethnic] diversity, we hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us. -Harvard professor Robert D. Putnam



Dr. Watson: Anti-Semitism Justified

Scientist James D. Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA and a Nobel Prize winner, says anti-Semitism is justified, in a recent magazine interview.

The ADL called Dr. Watson’s remarks about Jews “disturbing” and is asking Watson to clarify them.
Watson, 78, who lives in Cold Harbor, N.Y., tells Esquire magazine in its January edition that anti-Semitism, in some circumstances, is justified.

In an interview profile for the magazine Watson asks rhetorically, “Should you be allowed to make an anti-Semitic remark?” He answered: “Yes, because some anti-Semitism is justified. Just like some anti-Irish feeling is justified. If you can’t be criticized, that’s very dangerous. You lose the concept of a free society.”

Apparently a firm believer in eugenics, Watson also feels “Ashkenazi Jews” – Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities in the area of Germany – have higher intelligence than other people.

“I’ve wondered why people aren’t more intelligent,” Watson says. “Why isn’t everyone as intelligent as Ashkenazi Jews? And it may be that societies work best when there’s a mixture of ability – the bright people would never be an army.”

Watson’s remarks were part of the magazine’s January cover story, which consists of interviews with famous and notable people who reveal “What I’ve Learned” from life. Included are interviews with Katie Couric, actor Peter O’Toole and magicians Penn & Teller, among others.

Ken Jacobson, the deputy national director of the ADL, reacted strongly to Watson’s statements.
“Those are very strange comments coming from an individual like that,” Jacobson told NewsMax. “At the very least I think he needs to clarify his remarks. It sounds like he was trying to make some general comment about political correctness. He makes a reference that groups can be criticized, that not to be able to criticize a group isn’t right. That’s not to say you can’t make comments about Jews, but anti-Semitism is a very specific statement, not just criticism, but a specific type of statement.”

Jacobson not only objected to Watson’s “disturbing” endorsement of anti-Semitism, but also objected to Watson’s statement that Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than other people.

“That also is a genetic stereotype,” Jacobson said. “We believe that if Jews have succeeded in a certain field, it has been due to Jewish traditions, culture, and the valuing of education. We don’t get into all the genetic stereotyping.”
Jacobson added, “Obviously, the impact of anti-Semitism through the century has been devastating to Jews, and I would hope that’s not what he really meant. In and of itself, the statement that some anti-Semitism is good is a disturbing statement. He needs to clarify it.”

Watson also holds some strong political views. For example, he labels President Bush and Sen. Bill Frist “rich trash.”

He suggests the rich have “used their money to buy the presidency.”

About Frist, he continued: “And Frist isn’t an innocent bystander, with his own family fortune – hundreds of millions. The piece of sh–, I hate him.”
Watson says his own politics have evolved from the left to libertarianism. He said he “turned against the left wing” because “they don’t like genetics, because genetics implies that sometimes in life we fail because we have had bad genes.”

Watson complains that the poorer classes are having more children than the richer, more intelligent classes.

“I think now we’re in a terrible sitution where we should pay the rich people to have children.” He says if we don’t encourage procreation of wealthier citizens, IQ levels will most definitely fall.

As for Watson’s own genetic lineage, his biography posted on nobelprize.org says his mother was of Scottish and Irish heritage and his father, a Chicago businessman, had ancestors of English descent.


The Alexander Litvinenko affair, (which I am going to move to the Zionist scandals section, is becoming ever so interesting. Given that traces of polonium 210 were found at Berezovsky’s residence and Britain and Russia were on the verge of negotiating a new extradition treaty it seems like
Litvinenko had plans to blackmail the oligarches.

We have double motive, means, and physical evidence of a very rare substance found in the home of the Oligarch who tried to frame Putin.

Yegor Gaidar is now having his daughter claim that he too was a victim of radiation poisoning. Interesting all these Zionists and the radio active material. We know which country conducted tests of radiation poisoning on
unsuspecting children, Israel (with the pay check coming from America). 6,000 of the Sephardi children died shortly and thousands more died slowly afterward and some of people are still dying of living with handicaps. It was deliberate and basically an entire generation of Sephardic Jews were purposely poisoned under the direction of the Ashkenazi/Khazar Israeli Labor Party founders while Zionists Jews were left alone. They were creating the Israel that they wanted, the one good for the American MIC.

And Now a little bit about Hilary

Hilary and Bill took money from the Israeli mossad agent Marc Rich and his wife. Hilary also has her own private slush fund (the children’s defense fund) which took money from the Mossad. Clinton gave Rich a Pardon and this guy was involved in Iran Contra, a prostitution ring of kidnapped children from Russia and Brazil and the looting of Russia with the Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The London Stock Exchange protects all these people from going to court. We call them the London Money powers. Forbes still list Rich in the top Billionaires and believes he is still actively trading. It is as open a secret as Israel’s nuclear arsenal that the world just sort of rolls its eyes at and says well that’s Israel, different (no) rules apply.

It was only last October that Rusal and Sual was set to merge and look and behold their mining assets are owned by the Glencore which Marc Rich (the founder and criminal zionist mossad agent who was a felon on the run until
Clinton gave him a pardon the night before he left office and who I may remind you used the zionist Lewis Libby (of Plame affair fame as well as Cheney’s former cheif of staff and PNAC author) as his lawer for 15 years, is “said” to have sold off. Rusal is owned by the Oligarch Oleg Derpaska.
The deal will close April 1, 2007.

Nothing new here aside from wanted criminals living out in the open protected by the LMP and running nuclear poisoning schemes liek this one which the MSM foamed at the mouth out trying to out do one another as to who
could parrot the zionist agenda and smear on Putin the loudest.

More on the Russian Oligarchs and the Litvinenko scandal here.


This is at the bottom of the other article I wrote the other day linked by whatreallyhappened.com but, for those who know the history of the oligarchs and just want the latest on the poisoning scandal here you are. The myth that Russia collapsed because of the arms race with Reagan is just that a total myth and oversimplification. What is more important is understanding the transfer and consolidation of wealth into the hands of the Oligarchs.

Who are the Oligarchs? See this for a profile run down, of where they were and where thay are now. from the BBC.

There are 7 oligarchs. These seven Oligarchs are all criminals. It is not prejudice to mention that they are Jewish as they have connections to Zionism and Israel it is relevant.

In the 1990s a handful of Russian businessmen came to prominence as the Kremlin’s financiers and media moguls.Their power peaked in an infamous loans-for shares deal which saw privatised assets handed out at knock-down
prices in exchange for political support for then-President Boris Yeltsin.

Under Vladimir Putin their fortunes have varied – to say the least.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Age: 40
Business: Chief executive of Yukos, Russia’s biggest oil company since its merger with rival Sibneft.
Worth: About $8bn, making him possibly Russia’s richest man.
Pedigree: Left the Soviet Communist youth league to set up a banking business at the end of the Soviet era. Moved into oil and gas in 1995.
Hobbies: Funding liberal Russian opposition parties.
Where is he now?: Prison, Russia.

Roman Abramovich
Business: Industrialist, oil magnate, football boss, governor of Chukotka region in Russia’s far northeast.
Worth: Unknown, estimated to be $6bn-7bn.
Pedigree : College drop-out who got rich in oil trading in the early 1990s, dabbling also in airlines and aluminium.
Hobbies: Chelsea FC.
Where is he now?: West London.

Boris Berezovsky
Age: 57
Business: Media magnate, freelance anti-Putin dissident.
Worth: About $3bn.
Pedigree: Former Young Communist turned auto-industry magnate. Won influence in the 1990s by taking control of newspapers and television stations which were later confiscated by the Kremlin. Briefly deputy secretary of the
Russian Security Council.
Hobbies: Avoiding extradition to Russia on fraud charges, spreading conspiracy theories.
Where is he now?: A refugee in London.

Vladimir Gusinsky
Age: 51
Business: Media magnate (retired).
Worth: Unknown.
Pedigree: Flamboyant theatre director who established banking business in the dying days of the USSR. Later financed newspapers and Russia’s first independent television station which was eventually confiscated for opposing pro-Putin forces.
Hobbies: Keeping a low profile, avoiding extradition to Moscow on fraud charges.
Where is he now?: In exile in Greece, Spain or Israel.

Vladimir Potanin
Age: 42
Business: Metals magnate with major shareholding in Norilsk Nickel, the world’s biggest nickel producer.
Worth: About $1bn.
Pedigree: Former Soviet trade official turned financier in the early 1990s. Dabbled in media and other industries including oil and telecoms before settling on metals.
Hobbies: Arts philanthropy, steering clear of politics.
Where is he now?: Plush dacha, Moscow.

Mikhail Fridman
Age: 39
Business: Oil magnate and financier. Financial services and retail outlets. His Alfa Bank controls TNK, a leading oil company which recently merged with BP in the largest ever foreign investment in Russia.
Worth: Unknown.
Pedigree: Engineer turned multi-purpose entrepreneur making money in oil trades and various import-export schemes.
Hobbies: PR, wooing foreign investors.
Where is he now?: Plush office, Moscow.

Oleg Deripaska
Age: 35
Business: Aluminium. His company Base Element controls more than 70 per cent of Russia’s aluminium capacity. He also makes cars, has a stake in Aeroflot and dabbles in timber, textiles and insurance.
Worth: $1.5bn.
Pedigree: An engineer by training, he was a late arrival to the premier league of oligarchy. But he did his time along with erstwhile partner Abramovich in the vicious “aluminium wars” for control of lucrative metal assets in Siberia in the 1990s.
Hobbies:Buying moribund Soviet industrial giants.
Where is he now?: Moscow, Russia’s industrial heartlands

It a nut shell here is what went down. Back when the Borris Yeltsin was in charge of Russia, who was an absolute drunk, (I remember once Yeltsin was so drunk while eating dinner with the Clintons the Bill Clinton had to talk over him and rush to end the discussion because Yeltsin was acting like a
total fool.) Under the crook Yelson’s rein in office, a Harvard professor named Jeffery Sachs and an economist named Yegor Gaidar (the PM of Russia in 1992) got together some other economists and hatched a plan of how best to take advantage of the coming Russian implosion. Russia was about to burst with hyper inflation. (easy to rig when you run the central bank) Russia had its currency the Ruble, diminished to nearly nothing.

As the joke used to go, “hey Olath, what’s cheaper, to buy toilet paper or just wipe your ass with rubles?.” the joke is not funny. People had their life savings wiped out. It didn’t matter how much they had saved because it would be like if all your dollars turned to pennies. Some people could not
afford clothes for the coming horrible Russian winters. People could not eat and some people died. Prices numerically rose of course because the ruble was falling but value-wise they were actually cheaper because of the
desperation. But the prices didn’t rise in dollars. A few people made fortunes by correctly predicting (actually by having insider knowledge) the wild price gyrations. They knew what to buy up and when to do it.

The Zionists, the same that manipulated the banks, knew ahead of time what the plans of the ‘reformers’ were. But it went well beyond that. They lied, murdered and pulled every trick in the book to get their wealth. They defaulted on valuators. They took money for investments and never invested it, and just pocketed the money. They ran the media in Russia and fought with one another. When money becomes worthless certain things have intrinsic value like land and assets. They bought these things up cheaply with dollars from people who risked either selling for less than it was worth in dollars or possibly by the next day losing everything if it remained in rubles.

Number 1 Mikhail Khodorkovsky of Yukos oil is now in jail (serving 8 year sentence) and while he was in prison he claimed that had his face slashed open by a knife but according to the prison he was just punched in the nose
and got a scratch.

There is a film you can probably find it called a Dimes worth of difference: beyond the lesser of two evils. Uri Avnery (a non-zionist Jews) wrote an fairly good article on the film in counterpunch.

“his is a TV series about Russia. But it could have been about Israel. Or about the United States. It is entitled “The Oligarchs” and is now being screened on Israeli television.

Some of its episodes are simply unbelievable–or would have been, if they had not come straight from the horses’ mouths: the heroes of the story, who gleefully boast about their despicable exploits. The series was produced by Israeli immigrants from Russia.

The “oligarchs” are a tiny group of entrepreneurs who exploited the disintegration of the Soviet system to loot the treasures of the state and to amass plunder amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. In order to safeguard the perpetuation of their business, they took control of the
state. Six out of the seven are Jews.

In popular parlance they are called “oligarchs”–from the Greek word meaning “rule of the few”.

In the first years of post-Soviet Russian capitalism they were the bold and nimble ones who knew how to exploit the economic anarchy in order to acquire enormous possessions for a hundredth or a thousandth of their value: oil, natural gas, nickel and other minerals. They used every possible trick, including cheating, bribery and murder. Every one of them had a small private army. In the course of the series they are proud to tell in great detail how they did it.

But the most intriguing part of the series recounts the way they took control of the political apparatus. After a period of fighting each other, they decided that it would be more profitable for them to cooperate in order to take over the state.

At the time, President Boris Yeltsin was in a steep decline. On the eve of the new elections for the presidency, his rating in public opinion polls stood at 4%. He was an alcoholic with a severe heart disease, working about two hours a day. The state was, in practice, ruled by his bodyguard and his daughter; corruption was the order of the day.

The oligarchs decided to take power through him. They had almost unlimited funds, control of all TV channels and most of the other media. They put all these at the disposal of Yeltsin’s reelection campaign, denying his opponents even one minute of TV time and pouring huge sums of money into the effort. (The series omits an interesting detail: they secretly brought over the most outstanding American election experts and copywriters, who applied methods previously unknown in Russia.)

The campaign bore fruit: Yeltsin was indeed reelected. On the very same day he had another heart attack and spent the rest of his term in hospital. In practice, the oligarchs ruled Russia. One of them, Boris Berezovsky, appointed himself Prime Minister. There was a minor scandal when it became known that he (like most of the oligarchs) had acquired Israeli citizenship, but he gave up his Israeli passport and everything was in order again.

By the way, Berezovsky boasts that he caused the war in Chechnya, in which tens of thousands have been killed and a whole country devastated. He was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective pipeline there. In order to achieve this he put an end to the peace agreement that gave the country some kind of independence. The oligarchs dismissed and destroyed Alexander Lebed, the popular general who engineered the agreement, and the war has been going on since then.

In the end, there was a reaction: Vladimir Putin, the taciturn and tough ex-KGB operative, assumed power, took control of the media, put one of the oligarchs (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) in prison, caused the others to flee
(Berezovsky is in England, Vladimir Gusinsky is in Israel, another, Mikhail Chernoy, is assumed to be hiding here.)

Since all the exploits of the oligarchs occurred in public, there is a danger that the affair might cause an increase in anti-Semitism in Russia. Indeed, the anti-Semites argue that these doings confirm the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, a document fabricated by the Russian secret police a century ago, purporting to reveal a Jewish conspiracy to control the world.

Moving from Russia to America–the same thing happened, of course, in the US, but more than a hundred years ago. At the time, the great “robber barons”, Morgan, Rockefeller at al., all of them good Christians, used very similar methods to acquire capital and power on a massive scale. Today, it
works in far more refined ways.

In the present election campaign, the candidates collect hundreds of millions of dollars. George W. Bush and John Kerry both brag about their talent for raising enormous sums of money. From whom? From pensioners? From the mythical “old lady in tennis shoes”? Of course not, but from the cabals of billionaires, the giant corporations and powerful lobbies (arms dealers, Jewish organiztions, doctors, lawyers and such). Many of them give money to both candidates–just to be on the safe side.

All of these expect, of course, to receive a generous bonus when their candidate is elected. “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, as the right-wing economist Milton Friedman wrote. As in Russia, every dollar (or ruble) invested wisely in an election will yield a ten- or hundred-fold return.

The problem is rooted in the fact that presidential candidates (and all other candidates for political office) need ever increasing amounts of money. Elections are mainly fought out on TV and cost huge sums. It is not a
coincidence that all the present candidates in the US are
multi-millionaires. The Bush family has amassed a fortune from the oil business (helped by its political connections, of course.) Kerry is married to one of the richest women in America, who was once the wife of the ketchup king, Henry John Heinz. Dick Cheney was the chief of a huge corporation that has garnered contracts worth billions in Iraq. John Edwards, candidate for Vice President, has made a fortune as a trial lawyer.

From time to time there is talk in America about reforming election finances, but nothing worthwhile ever comes of it. None of the oligarchs has any interest in changing a system that enables them to buy the government of the United States.

In Israel, too, talk about “Money and Power” is now in vogue. Ariel Sharon and one of his two sons have been suspected of accepting bribes from a real estate magnate. An indictment was blocked by the new Attorney General who
happened to be appointed by the Sharon government at the height of the affair. Another investigation into Sharon and his sons is still pending. It concerns millions of dollars that reached his election coffers by roundabout routes, crossing three continents.

Shimon Peres’ connections with multi-millionaires are well-known, as are the huge sums poured out by American Jewish multi-millionaires for extreme right-wing causes in Israel. One of the Russian oligarchs is the part-owner of the second biggest Israeli newspaper.

A political scandal concerning the Israeli Minister for Infrastructure has mushroomed into an affair involving giant multi-national corporations competing for contracts for supplying natural gas to the Israeli Electricity Company, an affair of billions in which underworld figures, politicians and
private investigators play their parts. This disclosure has made it clear to Israelis that here, too, politicians of the highest rank have long ago been acting as mercenaries for powerful financial interests.

These facts must alarm everybody who cares about democracy–in Israel, Russia, the United States and elsewhere. Oligarchy and democracy are incompatible. As a Russian commentator in the TV series said about the new
Russian democracy: “They have turned a virgin into a whore.”


Urge the UN to Condemn Iran

It’s time for the world body’s leadership to tell Iran to stop Holocaust denial and incitement to genocide.

Iran’s UN Human Rights Envoy Questions Holocaust, Ban Ki-moon Urged to Respond

Geneva, January 11, 2007 — Only weeks before the UN’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust, Iran’s Geneva
envoy to the UN Human Rights Council has sent a letter to the UN questioning the Nazi genocide of six million Jews. [Click for Iran letter.] Distributed today by the UN in Geneva, the letter was sent by Ambassador Alireza Moayeri to Council President Luis de Alba.

UN Watch, the Geneva-based human rights monitoring organization, called on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President de Alba and Human Rights High Commissioner Louise Arbour to strongly condemn what is only the latest offence in Iran’s ongoing campaign to both deny the Nazi genocide and incite a new genocide through President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s repeated calls to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Rasoul Mousavi (center), head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies, addressing the Holocaust conference in Tehran, Iran (Dec. 11, 2006)

Moayeri’s letter defends the December state-sanctioned conference in Tehran featuring former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and others as “an academic event.” According to Moaveri, “the number of perished” is a particularly “legitimate question,” and there are “serious opposing ideas over the issue.”

UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer issued the following statement: UN Watch condemns this outrageous questioning of the horrors of the Holocaust only weeks ahead of the UN Annual International Day of Commemoration for its Victims.

Nothing could be more obscene than using the forum of the world’s foremost human rights body to question the most evil crime against humanity, upon whose ashes, as Kofi Annan recently said, the UN was founded.

UN Watch also condemns the letter’s demonization of Zionism, the expression of the Jewish people’s UN-approved right to self-determination, as an ideology “charged with hegemonic racial desires.”

It is exceedingly ironic and the height of hypocrisy for Iran to defend the conference by invoking freedom of opinion after it has just been slammed by the UN General Assembly for its repression of journalists and lack of basic political freedoms. The General Assembly severely condemned Iran as one of the world’s worst human rights violators in its resolution A/C.3/61/L.41. (See UN Watch report on the resolution.)

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke at the Holocaust conference (Dec. 11, 2006)

It is further ironic that Iran’s letter was distributed to the Human Rights Council on the same day that UN human rights experts urged Iran not to execute seven Ahwazi Arabs after a secret trial the experts called a “mockery of due process requirements.”
Iran’s calling Israel racist is beyond the pot calling the kettle black. Its president repeatedly calls for the destruction of a UN member state, and now it is about to execute seven minority Arabs on bogus charges. Human Rights Council members should act immediately to prevent Iran from carrying out the executions.

UN Watch urged new UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to strongly condemn Iran today for its Holocaust denial and contempt for the principles of the UN Charter.

Similarly, High Commissioner Arbour, who has yet to apply her moral weight to bear on this issue, must speak out immediately and forcefully.

UN Watch is a Geneva-based human rights organization founded in 1993 to monitor UN compliance with the
principles of its Charter. It is accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative
Status to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and as an Associate NGO to the UN Department
of Public Information.




Local crowds ‘fascinated’ by machine that models different racial look

2007-01-11 By David DeWitt Athens NEWS Campus Reporter

Until Friday, Ohio University students and Athens residents have an opportunity to change their face to a different race on the second floor of the new Baker University Center.

The so-called Human Race Machine is a product of Nancy Burson from Wolfman Productions. The machine has been drawing large crowds since its arrival last Friday and has been opening each day three hours earlier than originally scheduled.

“People are fascinated,” said Winsome Chunnu, assistant director of the Multicultural Center, whose offices are only feet from the machine. “The response has been overwhelming.”

A sign on the machine explains, “The Human Race Machine allows participants to see themselves with the facial characteristics of six different races mapped onto their own visage.”

The six races participants can choose from are Asian, black, white, Hispanic, Indian and Middle-Eastern.

Chunnu said that when the machine arrived Friday, they opened it early because of the crowds. “The goal of the machine is to emphasize the social construction of race over the genetic,” she said. The side of the machine reads: “There is no gene for race.”

The machine is sponsored by OU’s Black Student Cultural Programming Board and is scheduled through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Janada Fane, a public-relations assistant for the board, said the group proposed bringing the machine to Athens last spring. “We’ve had a mostly positive response,” she said. “Everybody seems interested to see.”

Fane said the purpose of the machine is to raise awareness about racial issues and give people a chance to look at race in a completely new way.

The participant sits in a booth and lines up his or her face in a circle on a monitor. He or she then marks points on his or her eyes, nose, mouth and chin to guide the machine. The participant can then choose from a variety of options.

The person can use the race machine to see his face transformed into the six different races. Or she can use the age machine to project her facial features as she ages. An anomaly feature has various random facial distortions. And the “couples machine” takes two faces and combines them to project the appearance of offspring.

Fane said that there have been huge crowds and some professors have been bringing entire classes over to see the machine, which generally takes five to 10 minutes to use.

Some instructors have been requiring participation from students.

Star Watson, who came to fulfill a requirement of her University College course, said that the most drastic changes in her face occurred on the anomaly machine, not the race machine.

Dominique Miller, another student who used the machine, thought it was fun and different. “You get to view yourself from different eyes,” she said.

Some users said they didn’t think the technology lived up to its billing.

OU sophomore Zach Ober pointed out that the machine accentuates certain features for certain races. “It seemed to promote stereotypes,” he said.

The Wolfman Productions Web site describes creator Nancy Burson as a photographer, writer, inventor, healer and minister, who has lectured worldwide and held a visiting professorship at Harvard. The address on the site lists its home base as Sandy Hook, Conn.

The site quotes Burson as saying, “We hue-mans… of multi-colored hues. We are all one.”



To whom it may concern,

You will remove my website – www.HonestMediaToday.com – from your list of “Intolerance and Hate Sites.”

My website is not that at all. Quite the contrary, I report on other folks’ hate.

It is not hate for me to mention that thousands of Boer farmers in South Africa are being murdered regularly because of their color (white); the people who are doing it are the ones who are hateful.

It is not hateful for me to show Congressional Record and FBI documents that show some folks in a bad light. Obviously, there may be some things that some would like to keep quiet about, but truth is not hate.

It is not hateful of me to notice that illegal aliens are burning American flags, and hoisting them upside down; the illegal aliens doing this are hateful. It is not hateful for me to condemn English-speaking schoolchildren not being allowed to ride their own schoolbuses BECAUSE they speak English.

It is not hateful of me to notice the Israel-first policies of many political groups; it is they who hate America and want their Israel-first policies to continue. There is no ban of AIPAC or the ADL, and both groups have had members arrested for illegal activities in the past, with the latter having had to pay at least $1 million in one case and having been associated with mob kingpin Meyer Lansky.

If you don’t like my views, that is fine; but to work to prevent other folks from viewing my website by lying to them and saying the truth is hate is no less than libel.

I have the means to sue, and I may very well do that if I don’t hear that you’ll be promptly removing my website from your list of censored websites.

Mark Farrell

—- dcdave wrote:


You might be interested to know that your honestmediatoday site is blocked as an “Intolerance and Hate” site by Web Control. To confirm it, go to http://www.surfcontrol.com/ and click on “Test a Site” at the top of the page on the far right. The organization where I work uses Web Control and your site is consequently blocked to all its employees at work.



Neo-Nazi leader arrested on child porn charges

Kevin Strom

Jan. 5, 2007 — Kevin Alfred Strom, a major American neo-Nazi leader for almost 20 years, was arrested by federal agents in Virginia Thursday night and charged with possession of child pornography and witness tampering.

Court records indicate federal agents found pornographic pictures had been on Strom’s computer hard drive between October 2005 and last August. Strom was also charged with trying to intimidate an unnamed witness against him.



http://www.vonbluvens.org is back. I increased the bandwidth and implemented some security measures (software side) that will slow the script and wget attacks down a bit. I hope.


Two men charged with luring a minor to prostitution

By Debra Filcman

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 – Updated: 04:07 PM EST

Two men were arrested last Friday after one persuaded a 14-year-old Brookline girl to perform oral sex on the other for money.

Brookline Police arrested Jeremy Perea, 17, on Dec. 22, on a felony charge of inducing a minor to become a prostitute, and a misdemeanor charge of sexual conduct for pay.

Hamilton Road resident Matthew Downing, 25, was also arrested Dec. 22, on the felony charge of statutory rape.

Both arrests stem from an incident three days earlier, Dec. 19, when Perea took two teenage females — the 14-year-old girl and her friend — to Downing’s basement apartment on Hamilton Road. Perea’s co-worker at a Dedham Papa Gino’s, who often stays at Downing’s apartment, asked him to bring the girls to “hook up” with Downing, according to police; the co-worker’s name was not released.

Once in the apartment, Perea told the girls he wouldn’t drive them home unless one of them had sex with Downing, according to police.

Perea said he would receive $150 and a bottle of Bacardi if they complied, according to police, of which he would pass $50 on to the girls; Perea’s co- worker told police he offered Perea $60 to bring the girls to the apartment.

The girls refused to have intercourse with Downing, but one agreed to perform oral sex.

On Dec. 20, the girl was interviewed by police at the Norfolk District Attorney’s office in Canton; the men were arrested two days later.






next thing you know dobbs will be denying the holohoax



Young, white country boys: the fodder of Bush’s war




Jews ‘offended’ by archbishop’s
praise of Slovak wartime leader

JTA Friday, 5 January 2007

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — A Slovak archbishop outraged the Jewish community by praising Slovakia’s World War II fascist regime.

Archbishop Jan Sokol, head of the Bratislava-Trnava diocese, said during a Dec. 27 television interview that “I highly esteem President Tiso because I remember him from my childhood. We used to be very poor and under his rule,
the situation greatly improved.”

Father Tiso conferring with Hitler in war against Bolshevism.

Sokol, 73, said that 1939-45 was a period of relative well-being for Slovakia.

Jozef Tiso was a priest who headed the Slovak government during World War II.

During his rule, Slovakia paid to have Jews deported to concentration camps.

‘Holocaust’ mantra

Most of the 70,000 Slovak Jews who were deported [allegedly] died. Sokol in his interview made no mention of the persecution of Jews or other minorities.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Slovakia said in a press release, “For us, the Holocaust survivors, such a misleading assessment of the totalitarian Slovakia is unacceptable. We feel offended by Sokol’s open admiration of the racist and corporatist state.”

The federation added that Sokol, known for his ultra-conservative views, was an impediment to interreligious reconciliation in Slovakia.


Continuing the fight for a better world —

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PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227


Jew gives Bush his instructions.

Subject: FW: “Bush should castigate Iran’s Holocaust deniers”

“Why does the Tehran conference have ominous significance? Because Duke, who managed to get 43 percent of the vote in his unsuccessful 1990 U.S. Senate campaign from Louisiana, will now be able to tell students at colleges in heartland America with a straight face that his contention that there were never any gas chambers has international academic and institutional support. And because the noxious views emanating from the podium in Tehran are hardly unique.”

Menachem Z. Rosensaft, a lawyer in New York, is founding chairman of the International Network of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.


His “opinion piece” in The Morning Call (Pennsylvania)

January 2, 2007
Bush should castigate Iran’s Holocaust deniers


“The Tehran reunion of misfits demonstrates conclusively why the Ahmadinejad government cannot be allowed anywhere near responsible political endeavors of any kind.”

Even Borat, the bumblingly anti-Semitic comic movie character, could not have contrived a more absurd and utterly offensive assemblage: David Duke, erstwhile Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, alongside Robert Faurisson, the French pseudo-academic who argues that the Holocaust never happened, accompanied for dramatic effect by a group of fervently Orthodox Jews whose anti-Zionist fanaticism motivates them to desecrate the memory of millions of murdered Jews.

Last month, they and other like-minded sociopaths ”debated” at the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran whether or not my grandparents and my five-and-a-half-year-old brother were gassed at Auschwitz. And the sponsors of the ”International Conference on ‘Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision’ ” are the very folks James Baker and Lee Hamilton, authors of a recent re-evaluation of U.S. policy in Iraq, want to enlist to stabilize the Middle East.

Other participants in this perversion included Australian socialite Michele Renouf, who explained that anti-Semitism is caused by ”the anti-gentile nature of Judaism,” and Rabbis Moishe Arye Friedman from Austria and Ahron Cohen from England, who strutted through the conference halls and gladly posed for the cameras.

Friedman told the press that he believes that only about 1 million Jews perished in the Holocaust, and Cohen declared that he does not consider Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who sponsored the conference and who has called frequently for the Jewish state to be destroyed, an anti-Semite.

The Tehran reunion of misfits demonstrates conclusively why the Ahmadinejad government cannot be allowed anywhere near responsible political endeavors of any kind. If the international community ostracized South Africa during apartheid and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, it should isolate present-day Iran in the most remote diplomatic Siberia imaginable.

Ahmadinejad has made it clear that his espousal of Holocaust denial is a pretext for his desire to destroy the state of Israel. In response, a group of Iranian students showed tremendous moral courage by publicly demonstrating against their president, burning his picture and protesting the ”shameful conference” which, in the words of one student, ”brought to our country Nazis and racists from around the world.”

In contrast, the reaction of the U.S. government was surprisingly, even shockingly, subdued. Substantially after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Tony Blair all sharply condemned the Tehran conference, the White House issued a statement calling the event an ”affront to the entire civilized world” and accusing the Iranian regime of providing ”a platform for hatred.”

President Bush, however, has not personally spoken out on the subject, relegating his administration’s response to an institutional press release. The man who usually never misses an opportunity to bash one of the charter members of his Axis of Evil seems to have developed laryngitis.

So, apparently, have Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Their failure to use their bully pulpit on this occasion not only plays into Ahmadinejad’s hands but serves to empower Holocaust deniers generally.

Why does the Tehran conference have ominous significance? Because Duke, who managed to get 43 percent of the vote in his unsuccessful 1990 U.S. Senate campaign from Louisiana, will now be able to tell students at colleges in heartland America with a straight face that his contention that there were never any gas chambers has international academic and institutional support. And because the noxious views emanating from the podium in Tehran are hardly unique.

Prof. Deborah Lipstadt has long maintained that while we should never engage Holocaust deniers in debate, we must nevertheless expose them at every opportunity. The Tehran conference is not just another gathering of skinheads in some obscure beer cellar; it is a government-sponsored effort to evoke and manipulate the darkest, most heinous impulses in society.

Every single one of us, from the president of the United States on down, must repudiate this inexorable obscenity publicly, unambiguously and in person.



Was on PBS tonight (1/8/06). Will be replayed Tuesday night (after midnight, Wednesday morning) on some PBS stations. Was more objective than I would have expected. The Protocols were often referenced but never quoted. Many anti-semtic cartoons depicted.

‘If You Want To Study Anti-Semitism, You Talk To Anti-Semites’

New documentary explores the many faces of Jew-hatred — from early Christian texts to today’s Middle East.
Steve Lipman – Staff Writer

For a forthcoming television documentary and DVD about contemporary anti-Semitism, New York producer Andrew Goldberg interviewed academicians, theologians and journalists on four continents. Many of the experts were Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, because, as the documentary shows, that region is the source of most anti-Semitism today.

For another, less-intellectual, perspective, Goldberg also wanted a look at public opinion, the “Arab street.” So he went to an Arab street.

One overcast afternoon last year, Goldberg’s six-person crew unloaded its van on the median of a wide road on the outskirts of Cairo and began filming. The area, Goldberg says, was residential but with few residents and many unfinished apartment buildings.

Working with an Egyptian interpreter, Goldberg asked passersby their opinions of Israel and the Middle East peace process. He approached a group of teenage boys.

“Do you know any Jews?” Goldberg asked one of the youths.


“What do you think of Jews?” Goldberg asked.

“We hate them.”

“What would you do if you saw Jews right now?”

“We would kill them,” the teen said, speaking for his friends.

That interview did not make the final cut for “Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence,” Goldberg says. “It was the exception.”

The hour-long documentary hosted by veteran television journalist Judy Woodruff, which traces the roots of anti-Semitism to interpretations of Christian scripture and introduces such familiar expressions of anti-Semitism as the blood libel, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and finally, the Holocaust, presents a balanced picture, neither downplaying nor exaggerating the threat posed to Jews today. It quotes Arab voices of hate and voices of moderation.

The program focuses on the recent growth of anti-Semitism, especially among young Arab-Muslim immigrants in Europe, which is fueled by the media, the mosques and other opinion leaders in the Middle East, and spread instantaneously via the Internet and satellite TV back to Europe.

Europe, which makes headlines for attacks against Jews and Jewish sites, “is not the whole story,” Goldberg says. “Europe is a symptom. The core problem grows in the Middle East, in the Arab and Muslim world,” as an outgrowth of the ongoing Israeli-Arab conflict.

“Anti-Semitism in the region is further complicated because the lines between references to the State of Israel, and to Jews as people are often blurred, making distinctions nearly impossible,” Woodruff states in the documentary.

“Israel is a catalyst, not a cause [of anti-Semitism],” Goldberg says. “It would happen without Israel.” He adds, “Anti-Semitism is inseparable from the Arab-Israeli conflict, [which is] perceived in the Middle East as a Jewish issue.”

“Anti-Semitism is an important human rights issue,” says Goldberg, who has produced a documentary on the vanished world of European Jewish culture, and several that deal with the early 20th-century genocide of Turkey’s Armenian population, and is at work on a study of Jerusalem as the center of three faiths.

He spent two-and-a-half years on the anti-Semitism documentary, updating it for developments in Iran and Lebanon.

Part of his inspiration, he says, was the murder in 2002 of Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl by Muslim extremists in Pakistan.

The program features incendiary clips from Arab-language dramas, a college student in Syria who calls the Protocols a “true book,” and an Egyptian television producer who calls a blatantly anti-Semitic series “a historical show.”

Among the experts interviewed are Princeton University’s Bernard Lewis, the Washington Post’s David Ignatius and the American Jewish Committee’s David Harris.

Goldberg filmed in Egypt and Syria — in addition to the U.S., Israel, the Palestinian territories, France, Belgium, Germany and England — because “if you want to study anti-Semitism, you talk to anti-Semites. The true experts on anti-Semitism are the anti-Semites.”

Goldberg says he had “total access” in Egypt and Syria; sometimes an undercover police unit accompanied him, for the crew’s protection.

While most of the people he interviewed in Egypt and Syria held openly unfavorable views about Jews and questioned Israel’s right to exist, no one, besides the teen in Cairo, spoke of inflicting physical damage on individual Jews, Goldberg says. And he, a Chicago-born Jew whose religious identity was usually known among interviewees in the West Bank’s Ramallah, and sometimes in Syria, says he was never threatened or harmed.

“You have to differentiate the population [of Arab and Muslim countries] from the leadership,” who use anti-Semitism for political means and call for “holy wars” against both the State of Israel and Jews elsewhere.

Individual residents of those lands, Goldberg says, “don’t hate Jews. They don’t hold a sustained desire to harm Jews as people.

“If you were to walk down the street in Syria with a sign ‘I am Jewish,’ no one would bother you,” he says.

The chief threat of contemporary anti-Semitism, the documentary states, is physical attacks on Jews in Europe, and the still-political attacks against Israel.

“I think for Israelis it is a real daily threat, something to worry about,” David Ignatius of The Washington Post says in the documentary. “I think that when the president of Iran says he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map at some level he really means it.”

The teenager whom Goldberg interviewed in Cairo, who said he would kill a Jew on sight, answered one final question.

What would you do, Goldberg asked him, if you saw a Jew hit by a car?

“We’d call an ambulance,” the youth said.

For many Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, Jews exist as an object of hatred “in the abstract,” but not in the flesh, Goldberg says. “They have not spent a lot of time thinking about it. They don’t have anyone educating them.”

In the Middle East, dislike of Jews does not get translated into actual acts of violence, as happened in Europe for centuries, Goldberg says. “It’s far more complicated. It is not one-dimensional.” n

“Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence,” produced in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting, will premiere Monday, Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. For information: www.twocatstv.com.



Oprah and Cosby: South Africa Vs. South Central
By Yoji Cole

Does Oprah Winfrey’s $40-million school for South African girls reveal increasing class warfare in the U.S. black community? Her comments about why she chose South Africa over South Central or some other U.S. inner city continues to divide many in the black community.

When responding to critics, who said she should have invested in U.S. inner cities, Winfrey replied: “The sense that you need to learn just isn’t there. If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers,” she said in Newsweek. “In South Africa, they don’t ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so that they can go to school.”

“It’s a silent war that nobody wants to talk about,” said Shawn Ginwright, an associate professor of Africana studies at San Francisco State University, to Diverse Issues in Higher Education. (See also: Why Are People Picking on Oprah? It’s a Diversity Issue for DiversityInc’s take.)

Ginwright contends that successful U.S. blacks, such as Winfrey and Bill Cosby, who are critical of poor blacks, represent a trend in thinking that inferior black-student performance in school is the responsibility of the students and their parents. “It’s an endorsement of a system that has worked for the black middle class. But the fact is there are millions of blacks in chocolate cities that have not made it and the system continues to ban them and keep them from making it,” Ginwright says.

Winfrey and Cosby, however, have donated millions of dollars to helping inner-city U.S. blacks, which most of those criticizing her conveniently forget.

Winfrey and Cosby are simply saying that low-income black students must raise their expectations and place greater value in education to escape poverty. They are challenging poorer black families to become engaged in their children’s education rather than wait passively for a government fix or philanthropically inclined billionaire. (See also: Oprah Bashing: Why Is Her S. Africa School Under Fire?)

Oprah’s HIV Test

Meanwhile, Winfrey is moving forward. Demonstrating leadership, she took an HIV test Saturday and encouraged students at her new school and their loved ones to follow suit, in a bid to inspire more openness about the disease that is devastating South Africa’s youth. An estimated 5.4 million of South Africa’s 48 million people are infected with the AIDS virus. In 2006, an estimated 950 people died per day from AIDS-related diseases, while 1,400 were infected each day—a total of 530,000 new infections—according to an authoritative report by the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Medical Research Council, reported MSNBC. (See also: DiversityInc magazine’s Jan./Feb. 2006 Global Diversity issue on South Africa)

At an open day for families at her academy, Winfrey promised the 152 pupils free HIV testing, counseling and—if necessary—treatment. “To be a great leader you must be of sound mind, body and spirit. Part of leadership is having the courage to demonstrate true action. Today I have taken the test to demonstrate why it’s so important,” Winfrey was quoted as saying on MSNBC.

Leadership is the cornerstone of Winfrey’s school, and when choosing her academy’s leaders, Winfrey cast a wide net. Winfrey plucked two black educators from Germantown Friends School, a 161-year-old Philadelphia-based Quaker school, to lead the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Joan Countryman, a former math teacher and administrator at Germantown Friends School, is the acting head of Winfrey’s boarding school. And Nomvuyo Mzamane, a native of South Africa, resigned from Germantown late last month as assistant head of operations at the school to prepare to become the academy’s permanent head.

“Who would have thought that two black women educators from Germantown Friends would suddenly show up at this place?” Countryman said to the Inquirer.

Blackmailing Oprah?

Winfrey was in the news this weekend because she allegedly was the target of blackmail, according to the FBI.

A man has been charged with trying to extort $1.5 million from Winfrey by threatening to release recorded telephone conversations he claimed would hurt her reputation. Keifer Bonvillain, 36, targeted a person identified only as “a public figure and the owner of a Chicago-based company,” according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court. The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, citing unnamed sources, reported Saturday that Bonvillain’s target was Winfrey. Bonvillain, of Atlanta, was arrested Dec. 15 in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel and released on $20,000 bail. He was scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Chicago today.


A fresh look at race
Science Museum’s new exhibit designed to challenge, provoke discussions
Pioneer Press

Much of our obsession and confusion about race stems from the late 1700s when a German physician began examining human skulls by placing them at his feet and staring at them.

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach claimed that by using this method (which became known as “Blumenbach’s position”) he could identify racial characteristics — and that, in turn, led him to declare that there were five basic races. His classifications would dominate the anthropological discussion of race for nearly two centuries.

As an ambitious and cerebral new exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota demonstrates, the way people view race has been plagued with misconceptions and problems. Although anthropologists now say humans are too intermixed to define a mere five races (a view Blumenbach himself eventually arrived at) race is still often the way we define ourselves as individuals or divide ourselves in society.

“Race has been a confusing topic for hundreds of years,” said Robert Garfinkle, who directs special projects at the Science Museum in downtown St. Paul. “I think this is really going to be a powerful exhibit for this community. This is the first exhibit to look at race from a scientific, cultural and historic point of view.”

“Race: Are We So Different?” opens Wednesday and runs through May 6. It is a project of the American Anthropological Association and the Science Museum, and the exhibit has generated enough interest that museums in 11 other cities want it, too. The traveling exhibit is booked through May 2011.

“It’s rare that things are booked out that far in advance,” Garfinkle said.

But the planners behind “Race” hope this exhibit, unlike most traveling museum shows that come and go, sparks a community discussion about the meaning of race long after the display has moved to the next town.

The museum plans to bring in guest speakers, hold community forums and work with schools and has even trained librarians in St. Paul to facilitate group discussions on race and related issues.

“This is a model that we hope other cities will embrace. When you bring people together, that’s an opportunity to learn,” said Joanne Rizzi, an exhibit developer at the museum who worked on “Race.”

“I’m not saying talking is the panacea and everything will be solved by discussion, but it’s a beginning,” she said.

The planned forums touch on a variety of topics involving race in America, such as the justice system, immigration, anthropology and even the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The exhibit is funded by the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation. The museum brought in 18 local community leaders to serve as an advisory committee for the show.

“Our hope is that it will start the conversation,” said one committee member, Ruby Lee, a program manager for the Northwest Area Foundation, which works to reduce poverty.

“The exhibit will bring the opportunity for people to examine race maybe in a different way,” Lee said. “There are so many historical perceptions that we have of race and how it came about, and I think the fresh look that the exhibit will bring, will bring a lot of conversation.”

Lee said that although she’s long been involved in issues that involve race (she worked for the St. Paul Foundation before taking her current job) she learned from her involvement with the exhibit.

“There were many new concepts that I was introduced to as far as the scientific understanding of human variations,” she said. “For me, that scientific piece was very intriguing.”

Located on the Science Museum’s fourth level, “Race” takes up 5,000 square feet. When visitors walk in, they’re greeted by a large photograph of people sitting on a bus. The picture, by noted local photographer Wing Young Huie, was taken on a Metro Transit bus on Lake Street in Minneapolis and shows people of various ethnicities and backgrounds.

According to Garfinkle and Rizzi, one of the things “Race” is designed to do is challenge exhibit-goers’ notions about their own race and the race of others. Race is much more complex than the five classifications — Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, Malay and American — that Blumenbach discussed in his 1795 book “The Human Species.”

Blumenbach believed Caucasians were the original race (a not-unusual belief in that era in Europe) and that the other races branched from it. And while he later was the first to point out that all humans shared the same basic characteristics and had more similarities than differences, it was his classification system that seemed to define what race meant for much of the two centuries that followed.

“The legacy of 19th-century science is that there are all these discrete races, but that’s not exactly true,” said Garfinkle. “Humans have always mated, and humans have always traveled. Before planes, trains and automobiles, we traveled. Humans have always mixed it up.”

One display near the entrance of the exhibit makes that point in a very visual way. It is a screen with a tape loop showing a person’s face. As the viewer watches, the face metamorphoses into people of different skin colors and hair types, but the key facial features remain the same.

The changes are so subtle they’re almost imperceptible.

The exhibit tries to challenge prevailing notions through a variety of displays, many of them interactive.

For example, one display has a video screen that shows photos of six men and six women, and then it plays recordings of their voices. The viewer is supposed to match the voice with the photo; as Garfinkle and Rizzi demonstrated in a recent pre-show tour for a reporter, doing that can be harder than one might think.

Anthropologists now believe that humans emerged from Africa about 200,000 years ago, and over the millennia they spread through the continents. During that time, many variations arose, encompassing body structure, skin color and hair.

Race has a complex history, Garfinkle said.

“The big idea is race was never a physical or biological discovery,” he said. “It was a human invention. Race evolved in a political and economic setting to advantage some and disadvantage others.”

Some of the displays deal with slavery and the lasting impact it has had on laws, culture, economics and attitudes about race in America. One display notes that the first legal use of the term “white” was an April 1691 law enacted in the Virginia colony that prohibited marriage between whites and blacks.

The legacy of such laws and attitudes is still evident today. Using census and other data, the exhibit points out disparities in income, health care and housing opportunities and other differences between people of different backgrounds.

“Race” may not have the stunning visual displays of other Science Museum exhibits, such as the recently departed “Body Worlds,” but its presentations are meant to promote and provoke discussions about the meaning of race, and those are discussions people have not found easy to have, Rizzi said.

“It’s a charged topic and people have strong emotions over it,” Rizzi said. “We want people to have reactions. We want people to respond to what we do. What we want is visitors to reflect, ‘How do I view who I am?’ “

David Hanners can be reached at dhanners@pioneerpress.com or 651-228-5551. ‘RACE: ARE WE SO DIFFERENT?’

What: A new exhibit on race and racism.

When: Opens Wednesday and runs through May 6.

Where: Science Museum of Minnesota, 120 W. Kellogg Blvd., downtown St. Paul.

Hours: Open during museum hours.

Cost: Free with museum admission.

Information and reservations: 651-221-9444 or 800-221-9444, www.smm.org.

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      1. Amerikwa

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      Alex Linder: “I say ‘Amerikwa’ because it has the ring of Kwanzaa to it and the Kwa-ha-ha of the jungle.”

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      “Saddam Hussein’s execution reminded us that some crimes are so heinous no society can tolerate them, and that when you murder more than one million people, even traditional opponents of the death penalty might just applaud when you hang.

      It is a lesson the Catholic Church would do well to contemplate. Last week, the church broke ranks with nearly every moral voice and came out publicly against Saddam’s execution. But if that were not enough, Pope Benedict XVI
      granted a private audience to a delegation of Iranian officials, led by Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki, whose ministry sponsored the recent Holocaust denial conference in Teheran.”

      I Have long suspected this pope, and my suspicions are coming to light
      I suspect he might be (ANTI-SEMITIC!)

      Likewise, while Jesus taught that we ought to love our own enemies, this did not apply to God’s enemies. Our enemies are people who take our parking spot or who are our rivals for a promotion at work. God’s enemies are those who
      slaughter his children.

      Uncle Jewey now teaches us Christian doctrine, how wonderful

      “The Catholic Church seems to spend a great deal of time upholding its standards of sexual morality, like condemning gay unions and contraception, and comparably little time condemning the tyrants and dictators who slaughter the children whose lives the church declares to be holy. So why
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      Obviously the Church has no business speaking out against jewish supported ass fucking, it should only address matters concerning jewish persecution around the world

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      Yes, jews do have specific, special privileges. But, everyone else does not. So much for equality.

      Since jews are technically not considered to be Semites like the Palestinians:

      Joke: How do you turn a jew into a Se-mite?

      You give it two black eyes. So, when a jew calls a person an anti-Semite, well, shame on you. You didn’t give the jew two black eyes.

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