8 January, 2007

Review: ‘The Good Shepherd’

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By Antonio Fini

All the shots I take; what difference do I

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his
life for his sheep.


Does Yale University’s notorious Skull and Bones
Society covertly rule The United States?

Is the CIA run by a bunch of ivy league frat boys who
join a secret club by wrestling naked in mud?

Beats me.

But these are questions we should all ponder.

The Good Shephed is Robert Deniro’s second directoral
effort. Ten years in the making, the film chronicles
the adventures of a real life spymaster and Skull and
Bones alumnus who bore the unlikely name of James
Jesus Angleton, called Edward Wilson in this film.

Three hours long and shot in a drab color photography
that verges on black and white, the film has a power
and gravity equal to classics like Taxi Driver and The
Godfather. Matt Damon fills the title role and in his
spy uniform of khaki topcoat and slouch hat he appears
in nearly every scene, deadpanning his lines with the
barest of emotion. An acting teacher of mine once
observed that Damon has no technique- the result of
neglected training. But this shortcoming suits him
perfectly for the role of Edward Wilson, the
bespectecled technocrat who murders without feeling.

The story opens opens with the disasterous failure of
the Bay of Pigs invasion which the film attributes to
CIA blowback. A mole in the system leaks American
invasion plans to Castro, or as the spooks aptly put
it : “There’s a stranger in our house.”

Blame and suspicion for the botched operation fall on
director of counterintelligence Edward Wilson. The
plot then turns to flashback wherin we see the young
Wilson as a poetry major at Yale University, circa

Wilson accepts an invitation to join Yale’s notorious
Skull and Bones Society, and what follows is a
disgusting initiation ritual involving nude wrestling
whilst senior members urinate on the contestants. The
few Bones initiates who have talked confirm this is an
accurate depiction of real Skull and Bones activities,
but binding club members together in mutual
degradation offers certain advantages. Both Bush
Presidents are Bonesman, as was Presidential candidate
John Kerry, Neocon Govenor of Iraq Paul Bremer, and
many key players in the CIA.

Wilson’s new connections lead to a spot in the OSS,
precursor of the CIA, and we glimpse a long gone era
where a U.S. Army general (played by DeNiro himself)
can tell a recruit that he’s building a nice
respectable spy service, free from Negros, Jews
Catholics and other troublemakers. All in the family,
as it were. Soon Wilson is off to England to fight
Nazis and learn the black art of counter-intelligence.
He leaves behind a pregnant wife who he married out of
duty, abandoning his true love to do so. And here
Wilson begins to emerge as a character driven by a
combination ambition and robotic dedication to duty.

Joe Pesci has a cameo as a mafia don recruited by
Wilson to assasinate Fidel Castro. Seeking to
understand why Wilson serves the corrupt Kennedy
administration he asks: “The Irish have their
homeland. Us Italians have our families and our
church; the Jews their traditions- hell even the
niggers have their music; so what do you people have?”

You people, of course meaning the old line Anglo
Americans who ran the system.

Wilson’s unflinching answer: “We have the United
States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.”

So what happened to this pale hued warrior tribe, once
so fierce and cold of blood?

The modern Bonesmen now recruit Hispanics, Homos and
Jews into their ranks and proudly stand for diverity,
immigration and Israel.

Maybe it was simply modernity. The combination of
proliferating nation states separated by vast
distances and armed with rapidly evolving
supertechnologies. The world grew too compicated, too
fast and mere mortals lost their values in trying to
cope. The lust for security and dominance made them
evil in the pursuit of both.

Machiavelli once observed that men in power first seek
to secure themselves against attack, then turn to
attacking others.

But the Good Shepherd offers a different explanation.
Our elites lost their way when they lost their sense
of family, the larger racial family from which they
and their country sprang. Wilson betrays his wife and
his son, discards his mistress, arranges the murders
of his teacher and his future daughter in law, and at
last cuts a deal with Soviet intelligence to save his
own neck. He cares for nothing but his priveleged
place in a rotten system.

The bargain of betrayal is a matter of tading the
bonds of honor and blood for those of power and greed.

Finally the elites, be they ivy league CIA officers,
or the Presidents who command them, serve nothing-
except the other elites. Like Wilson, they will find
out too late they have let a stranger into all our

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  7. 5 Responses to “Review: ‘The Good Shepherd’”

    1. fdtwainth Says:

      Very true: certainly interesting observations

    2. New America Says:

      Let’s define the Elite, for our purposes, as the top one percent of America in terms of income; then, let’s define it further in terms of the WASP Elite who actually RAN the country before, say, Kennedy was assassinated.

      What is the transition symbol?

      I think that 1964 was the year the goddamn JEWS actually won; with Johnson in the White House, the transformation of American immigration, and their control of the most effective tool of mass communication in the history of the world, affordable color television, came together to remake America in many ways, none of them good.

      1968 was the Year of the Phase Shift – the various “civil rights” initiatives since 1964 has accelerated into class war with the Democratic National Convention, the various riots, the King Assassination, all seemingly orchestrated – with a common theme of crystallizing the basic egalitarian impulse of liberal democratic systems into an equalitarian impulse -equality of outcomes – all masking a foundation of class, and race-based, envy, and hatred.

      Essentially, the goddamn JEWS began their take-over in 1964, and, I suspect, the Elite looked at the trends and said, “America is doomed. We have more in common with our brethren in Scotland, Singapore, and Shanghai, than we do with what the people of America have become. Our allegiance is to our caste, our true RACE, our true NATION, and America is simply the most convenient country for our nation to have ruled. We are now liquidating our assets in America, and are no longer loyal to what will become Brazil, with snow. Our loyalty is to our RACE.”

      Let me repeat this, for the people who question Harold Covington’s analysis supporting his “Northwest Trilogy” – the people, the Elite, who kept the System going because it suited them, believe it no longer suits their interests to give our interests a fair chance at bettering ourselves. The power vacuum resulting from their abdication of their responsibility – something impossible in a truly organic NS Society, by the way – has been filled with glee by the goddamn JEWS, who are trying with all of their power to destroy us, as the parasite destroys the very host it requires for life.

      The choices we have avoided making, one way, will be forced upon us, all too soon, one way, or another.

      Remember this – this time, nobody is coming to our aid.

      If you want an image to focus your attention out of victim mode, think of Reginald Denny, lying helpless in the street, as he was hit in the head with bricks by jungle savages, who laughed, and rejoiced in his helplessness.

      That’s our future, unless we do SOMETHING.

      And, for those who have a longer clip of that event, look at what subsequent showings have edited out – an LAPD black and white cruiser pulling INTO the intersection, as if to offer Denny assistance, and then, backing away, quietly, leaving Denny to the kindness of strangers – hostile, subhuman, predatory strangers.

      That’s our future, unless we do SOMETHING.

      Where to start?

      Send in some money to Alex Linder, to thank him for lighting this beacon fire for us, and do it today – while we can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali-Yuga Says:

      Those who are united in shared humiliation by this disgusting spectacle of “initiation” have already declared that they have no soul worthy of standing up for.

      The true leaders of our people should be those who value themselves too highly to engage in such degrading nonsense, but, of course, they are shut out by these fools, who, I am convinced, are scared of anyone who has a shred of self-respect and the morality that follows.

      I intend to rent this movie and show my teen children so that they will know exactly who is running the show.

      Good review.

    4. -JC Says:

      This would be a good time to read Final Judgment, by Michael Collin Piper, who points to Angleton as clearly an Israeli agent, fired from the CIA by those who once ran the company. I think a variation of this theme is the most likely explanation of the Kennedy assasination and the lynch pin for our instant problems.

      The consider the William Colby canoe “accident” and the following on Angleton. Former DCI Colby is said to have been on the verge of “talking” about the above.

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    5. A. Wyatt Mann Says:

      good vnn movie review. what with all the inferior crap that has slouched across this once fantastic web page in the past year or so, I’m enthused to see this sort of quality again.