18 January, 2007

The Unleanest, Unhungriest ‘Revolutionary’ Ever Heard of

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This new piece on Sam Francis will accomplish much for those of us interested in promoting Sam’s vision and values; there are serious problems with the essay (Sam is described as “hostile” to blacks/hispanics, etc.), so I encourage you to note your comments/suggestions to the author — this guy is a young mover/shaker who already has some clout inside the beltway.

His interesting blog site: http://surfeited.net/blog/the-castaway.html

His article: AFF Doublethink – http://www.affdoublethink.com/

I’d appreciate getting a copy of whatever you send …




The Castaway

by Michael Brendan Dougherty | Jan 14, 2007

Sam Francis came to Washington as one of the bright young minds of the New Right in the late 1970s, anxious to help the conservative movement defeat communism abroad and the far left at home. The work he produced over the next fifteen years — first as a policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, then as a senatorial aide, and finally as a prize-winning editorialist for the Washington Times — was by turns celebrated and vilified. In the introduction to the recently published collection Shots Fired: Sam Francis on America’s Culture War, Patrick Buchanan writes, “If you took on Sam’s cherished beliefs, institutions, or icons, you’d best be prepared to defend your own. . . . Sam would always be there when one of his own was caught in the open. Like his Confederate forebears, Sam rode to the sound of the guns.”

But Francis was not a good soldier in the conservative movement. His personality and evolving ideological interests led him into direct conflict with the very movement that had nurtured his early career. He became the house intellectual of the Buchanan breakaway campaigns and the theoretician of the anti-Bob Dole, anti-George Bush paleoconservative movement. And, as he became estranged from mainstream conservatism, he veered into the “racial creepiness” racialism of journals like The Occidental Quarterly.

By the time he died in 2005, Sam Francis was a pariah from most conservative circles. In the Washington Examiner, former USA Today editorialist David Mastio wrote a widely noticed obituary: “Sam Francis was merely a racist and doesn’t deserve to be remembered as anything less. . . . America is a better place without him.” As a summary judgment, this may serve well enough, but it is possible and rewarding to look at Francis, his ideas, and the tragic arc of his career more charitably and, in the process, to salvage a number of genuine insights from the bitterness and noxious race-baiting Francis embraced in the last years of his life.

Samuel Todd Francis was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on April 29, 1947, to Todd Ware Francis and Julia Ford Francis. His sister Julie, then about six, says she was thrilled to have a little brother, the family’s first boy in a few generations on their mother’s side. Sam was born into an America that hardly exists anymore, a world of authority, tradition, and paternalistic race relations that would unravel during the Civil Rights movement. His family’s Southern roots were deep, and the “old times” memorialized in “Dixie” were not forgotten. The family often visited their grandmother’s childhood home in Niota, a brick house built in the 1820s. The bricks were made by the hands of slaves, and the floorboards had compartments to hide hams and chickens from Union soldiers. Sam’s parents and grandparents passed on horror stories about Reconstruction.

Sam and his sister grew up with black servants. One, Gertrude, had been with the family since their mother was a few months old. She rented a house from Sam’s grandfather, which he gave to her when age prevented her from working on the family property. When his mother would leave to do community work — sometimes for the Daughters of the American Revolution — the siblings were left in the care of Maggie, a black nursemaid.

Sam’s maternal grandfather, Samuel Houston Ford, was a successful trial lawyer in Tennessee, and Sam’s father, Todd Ware Francis, was related to Mary Todd Lincoln. After Sam’s funeral in 2005, mourners gathered at Julie’s house. A friend of Sam’s, Sam Dickson, noticed a picture on the wall and asked, “Is that a portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln?”

Dickson recalls Julie’s reply. “In her cultivated Southern accent she said, ‘Why yes it is. Sam’s middle name is Todd, and we are related to her. But the Todds were nice people. Her brothers fought for the Confederacy. And the Todd family was a very fine family. It’s true that Mary married Abraham Lincoln and went crazy, which is what you would expect if someone married Abraham Lincoln.'”

Sam distinguished himself intellectually at a young age. Julie recalls a family visit to the doctor’s when her brother was four years old. In the waiting room, Sam read aloud from a children’s book. “You must have that memorized,” the doctor said. Sam and Julie’s mother, Julia Ford Francis replied that no, Sam didn’t even own a copy. Rather, Sam had taught himself to read.

Later he attended Baylor, a prep school for boys in Chattanooga, overlooking the Tennessee River. In his senior year, he won a contest with his poem “Apostrophe to a Gardener.” Sam did his undergraduate work in history at Johns Hopkins and took graduate and doctoral degrees in British history at the University of North Carolina. During his college years he became active in the burgeoning conservative movement on college campuses, organizing a reading group around the recommendations of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

It was at UNC that he first met lifelong friends and colleagues Clyde Wilson and Thomas Fleming. After college, in 1979, Fleming and Wilson founded the Southern Partisan Quarterly Review, which Fleming hoped would become a kind of New Yorker for the South. Around the same time, their friend Jim Thompson became ensconced at Chronicles of Culture, a publication of the Rockford Institute edited by enigmatic Polish émigré Leopold Tyrmand. Thompson invited Fleming, Wilson, and Francis to publish in the magazine. Fleming eventually accepted the job of managing editor, then became editor after Tyrmand’s death in 1985. Despite serious disagreements with Fleming and Wilson over the years, Francis’s essays were featured regularly in Chronicles until his death.

When the New Right swept into Washington, Sam Francis came with it. Though trained as a British historian, he had an abiding interest in the history of political radicalism. At the Heritage Foundation in 1977, he worked as an expert on terrorism, rattling the cages of the far left with his contributions to “Mandate for Leadership,” a series of recommendations the Heritage gave to Reagan’s transition team. Francis called for greatly increased powers for the security agencies and the monitoring of extremist groups and their members.

But domestic surveillance and the excesses of the New Left would not come to dominate his thought. America’s great enemy was indeed within, according to Francis, but not among the protest-marching extremists in the street. Instead, it was from far more conventional barracks — campuses, corporate suites, and government offices- — that the assault on freedom was being waged.

Francis was influenced profoundly by the works of Trotskyite-turned-National Review senior editor James Burnham. In 1984 Francis published Power and History, the first major study of Burnham, which he revised and expanded in 1999 as Thinkers of Our Time: James Burnham. Burnham, a New York University professor of literature, spent much of the 1930s writing for Trotskyite publications such as Partisan Review and the New International. He abandoned Marxism and Trotsky himself in a dispute over the nature of the Soviet Union. Trotsky had argued that the Soviet Union was a deformed workers’ state, but still it deserved the allegiance of socialists. Burnham argued that it was neither capitalist nor socialist but something new: a managerial state run by party apparatchiks and the Red Army.

Burnham developed his critique of the Soviet Union in 1941’s The Managerial Revolution, which later influenced George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The same process in which a politically influential elite gained disproportionate power over society had begun in Western society. In Burnham’s terms, the bourgeois class was retreating before a revolution by a managerial class whose economic power was exercised in increasingly bureaucratic corporate structures and whose political power was increasing in the United States along with the rapid expansion of the executive branch. The managerial class was not a self-conscious body of people, but rather a sociological cohort defined by an egalitarian ethic and a preference for technocratic solutions and political and economic centralization.

In his 1943 work, The Machievellians, Burnham refined his ideas and promoted the political theorists Gaetano Mosca, Georges Sorel, Robert Michels, and Vilfredo Pareto, who denounced “democracy” as a sham designed to gull the masses. Burnham argued that power is always controlled by elite minorities. These elites are not necessarily cabals, but more often groups of men with similar political, economic, and cultural interests. Francis found Burnham’s mode of analysis persuasive and adopted it as his own, considering himself for the rest of his career a Burnhamite. In Power and History, Francis presented his own version of Burnham’s synthesis.

Driven by insatiable appetites and irrational beliefs, men seek to dominate each other or to escape domination by others. This struggle inevitably results in a minority coming to power, monopolizing as much as possible political, economic, military, technical, and honorific resources and excluding and oppressing the majority. In this way there is formed an “elite” (Pareto), “ruling class”‘ (Mosca), or “oligarchy” (Michels) that rules the majority and exploits it for its own benefit through force and fraud . . . The record of this unending rise and fall of ruling minorities is human history.

According to Francis, every elite — and the groups and individuals composing or attached to it — protects itself from exploitation by use of the power it exerts against others. Conservatism as it had been understood since 1789 had been tasked with the defense of tradition and authority against revolutionaries and the eroding forces of modernity. Francis found this wanting. The managerial revolution had already occurred, and the elite that came to power with it were implacably hostile to everything Francis sought to conserve. In Francis’s analysis, Russell Kirk and the conservative movement had blundered. Instead of playing defense, those who wanted to conserve Western tradition and culture needed to become an insurgent political force. He wrote, “While we find much in the conservative tradition to teach us about the nature of what we want to conserve and why we should want to conserve it, we will find little in conservative theory to instruct us in the strategy and tactics of challenging dominant authorities.”

The question for Sam Francis was, How might a conservative elite rise up to challenge the managerial elite? Conservatives would have to attach themselves to a broad social base. In his 1982 essay, “Message from MARS: The Social Politics of the New Right,” Francis combined his Burnhamite analysis of elites with Donald Warren’s sociological work on “Middle American Radicals” or MARs. Who were these MARs? Francis wrote:

MARs form a class — not simply a middle class and not simply an economic category — that is in revolt against the dominant patterns and structures of American society. They are, in the broadest sense, a political class and they aspire, through the New Right, to become the dominant political class in the United States by displacing the current elite, dismantling its apparatus of power and discrediting its political ideology. . .

Modern liberalism was, in Francis’ analysis, the political ideology of the managerial elite. It was not rational or coherent but, like all ideologies, an expression of the interests of the elite that espoused it.

The ideology or formula of liberalism grows out of the structural interests of the elite that espouses it. Liberalism barely exists as an independent set of ideas and values. Virtually no significant thinker of this century has endorsed it. Internally, the doctrines of liberalism are so contrary to established fact, inconsistent with each other, and immersed in sentimentalism, resentment, egotism, and self-interest that they cannot be taken seriously as a body of ideas. Liberalism flourished almost entirely because it reflects the material and psychological interests of a privileged, power-holding, and power-seeking sector of American society.

The conservative movement, meanwhile, was trying to dismantle the Leviathan state because it had exceeded its constitutional limits, hemmed in traditional American liberties, and made men dependent on the state. Francis agreed with all this but primarily saw the Leviathan state and other centralized institutions of power as the throne from which a deracinated liberal elite exercised and expanded its power.

The strategic objective of the New Right must be the localization, privatization, and decentralization of the managerial apparatus of power. Concretely, this means a dismantling of the corporate, educational, labor, and media bureaucracies; a devolution to more modest-scale organizational units and a reorientation of federal rewards from mass-scale units and hierarchies to smaller and more local ones.

Francis’s primary target was not big government itself, but the managerial elite who occupied it.

In 1981 Francis left the Heritage Foundation to become a legislative aide to Senator John P. East of North Carolina. Senator East was so stalwart a conservative, members joked, that he made Jesse Helms “the liberal senator from the Tar Heel state.” During his time in the Senate, Francis played a small but key role in the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday debate. Senator East argued against the King holiday because it would elevate King “to the same level as the father of our country and above the many other Americans whose achievements approach Washington’s.”

Typically, Francis went further, documenting King’s links to Communists and Communist organizations in a long research paper distributed to several Senate offices. Sen. Helms read it into the Congressional Record on October 3, 1983. In Francis’s opinion, King’s persistent obfuscation regarding these associations was sufficient to dismiss the King holiday.

But Francis’s real concern was that a national holiday would legitimize King’s understanding of the Declaration of Independence as a promissory note: “not merely declarative of national independence but also imperative of social reconstruction in accordance with an egalitarian commandment.” A King holiday would provide the Left with a stick with which to beat Americans for not delivering on the full promise of King’s legacy and to cow them into accepting ever more radical measures in his name. The Left would not stop at expunging Confederate symbols and the playing of “Dixie,” but would set their sights on Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, whose statements on racial egalitarianism, Francis quipped, “make Jimmy the Greek sound like an ACLU lawyer.”

Senator East declined to run for reelection. Suffering from cancer, he took his own life in June 1986. Sam moved swiftly into the editorial offices of the Washington Times, the conservative daily newspaper owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Here he would win the Distinguished Writing Award from the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1989 and 1990. At the same time, his monthly Chronicles column, “Principalities and Powers,” helped attract the largest subscriber base the magazine had ever enjoyed.

Francis and the New Right were on a high, but he was increasingly dissatisfied with what he perceived as the continuing deformation of the conservative movement. He took aim at Irving Kristol and the neoconservatives, lamenting their growing influence, especially on Reagan administration appointments, the most well-known being that of Bill Bennett to the head of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Bennett was backed by Kristol, Edward Feulner, Michael Joyce and others, while the more established University of Dallas professor Melvin Bradford received the support of William F. Buckley, Russell Kirk, Jeffrey Hart, and several senators. Francis, who was as bitter about the outcome as anyone, called Bennett “totally unknown and laughably under-qualified.” Paleos like Francis allege Bennett received the nomination due to a smear campaign against Bradford. And yet, Francis usually derided neoconservatism as too innocuous, “the Harmless Persuasion” because the neos “retreat into elegant reprimands of the establishment rather than advance to a principled confrontation with it.”

Throughout his years at the Times, he made the normal rounds of cocktail parties and conservative gatherings, often standing in the back of the room and cracking wise about whoever was speaking. Although some friends, like Don Devine, vice chairman of the American Conservative Union, with whom Francis often ate dinner at such events, found his prickly personality charming, others felt ill at ease around him. Francis often seemed angry and was prone to feeling slighted. His hard-right politics, cutting barbs, and frequent jeremiads about the deficiencies of the conservative movement along with his appearance — unkempt, corpulent, and smokey from the Pall Malls he chainsmoked — made him a repulsive figure to many in the conservative movement. Here was a loser, the “angry white male” bogeyman the Left held up for

derision and scorn in the 1990s.

Complaining that the neocons had entrenched themselves as “the permissible right wing” of liberal political and cultural hegemony, Francis sought out political groups and factions outside the mainstream, including the Council of Conservative Citizens (CoCC), a hard right activist group with roots in the defunct White Citizens Council. New alliances were essential, he wrote, because “movement conservatism” had become the mirror image of what it ostensibly opposed: “For the last 20 years, the establishment right has increasingly cloistered itself in Washington and its suburbs periodically dispatching flying squadrons to raise money from the yokels back home by claiming to be ‘populists.'”

By 1994, Francis had given up on the conservative movement as it was constructed. His collection of essays published that year was entitled Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism. He argued that despite its “sophisticated body of ideas” and “highly articulate spokesman,” there was no possibility the movement’s ideas would “creep up on the Left, slit their throats in the dark, and stage an intellectual and cultural coup d’état.” Conservative ideas were powerless because “there existed in American society no significant set of interests to which [they] could attach themselves.”

Francis was determined not to live in the past. In his Chronicles column, he articulated a strategy for dismantling the liberal cultural, economic, and political hegemony by riding on a train of MARs’ resentments and aspirations. The signs of Middle American discontent were everywhere: the Perot candidacy, the anti-NAFTA and anti-globalist movements, fear and loathing of federal police power after Waco and Ruby Ridge. Such resentment had a pathological side as well, Francis understood, evidenced in popular conspiracy theories (black helicopters) and the candidacies of David Duke. But the question Francis focused on was this: Could the MARs find a leadership to give voice and direction to their grievances? The man to unite the disaffected, he decided, was Pat Buchanan.

Francis became especially close to Buchanan in the early 1990s. They met often to discuss their political positions — on the Gulf war, on immigration, the 1991 Civil Rights Act, and trade policy. Francis wrote that the “issues that began to matter in [the 1992] election were economic digestion by foreign powers, the danger not only of crime but of outright anarchy, cultural disintegration under the impact of massive immigration and militantly antiwhite and anti-Western multiculturalist movements — have to do with whether the American nation, as a political unity and a cultural identity, will live or die.” Francis and Buchanan worked towards the formation of the nationalist and populist ideology that would animate Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in 1992, 1996, and 2000.

Francis advised Buchanan to break with the Republican party decisively and ditch the “conservative” label, which had accrued too many negative connotations among the voters Buchanan should attract. Conservatives wore bow-ties and loafers. They were eggheads, timeservers, and apparatchiks — or worse. But even as Francis continued to tout Buchanan as the spearhead of the Middle American revolution, he became increasingly frustrated with his campaigns. Francis concluded that Buchanan was doomed to fail because he persisted in playing by his enemies’ rules. Francis urged Buchanan to no longer police his ranks for the occasional racist or conspiracy theorist but instead to challenge the authority and legitimacy of the media and elites who demanded he do so. Francis’s strategy was a hard right version of “permanent offense.”

Buchanan viewed Francis as one of the most perceptive political watchers, but sought advice less on how to turn his campaign into a revolution than how to incorporate these Middle American Radicals into a conservative campaign against establishment Republicans George H.W. Bush and Robert Dole. Buchanan, gregarious in character and carrying a decades-long reputation as a good soldier in the conservative movement, survived his failed campaigns despite numerous attempts to read him out of the right. Francis, however, gradually became more radical, first experimenting with racialism and then embracing it.

Jared Taylor first met Sam Francis in 1990, the year Taylor founded American Renaissance, a literate but explicitly “white nationalist” monthly. Taylor is a slender, patrician figure who, it has been said, looks quite like William Buckley did in his younger years. And Taylor positions himself as an analogous figure to Buckley. What Buckley did for conservatism, Taylor is attempting to do for white nationalism. Though his only stated political goals are to end affirmative action and halt immigration, American Renaissance has a wider editorial berth and attacks nearly all racial taboos. Taylor has even bragged about bringing Nazis and Jewish supremacists into the same room for civil discussion.

It was Francis’s appearance at the first American Renaissance conference in 1994 that led to Francis’s forced resignation from the Washington Times. At the conference, Francis declared:

The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.

Francis’s position at the Times was already precarious. He had written a column mocking the Southern Baptist convention for apologizing for slavery. Francis remarked, with more logic than common sense or decency, that no present-day Baptists had ever owned slaves. And, he added, neither Jesus Christ nor the Church Fathers had ever condemned slavery as a sin. For this the Times demoted him and reduced his salary by 25 percent.

As for the speech he’d given at the American Renaissance conference, Francis floated a copy to Thomas Fleming to see if Chronicles might publish it. Fleming refused, saying the speech would ruin Francis and adding that his career, his reputation, his friends, and his family were all suffering because of Francis’s turn to racialism.

Dinesh D’Souza, a former Dartmouth Review editor and Reagan administration senior adviser, attended the American Renaissance conference to write about it in The End of Racism, which argued provocatively that the civil rights establishment was doing more harm than good — a thesis with which Francis would have agreed. But D’Souza’s account of the conference was not at all sympathetic to Francis or the other attendees. And it contained some inaccuracies. Taylor and others speculate that it was written to inoculate D’Souza from charges of racism by presenting the scalps of the “real” racists. Taylor received galleys of the book before publication and after consulting tapes of the conference had a legal letter sent to its publisher. The first run was pulped, at a considerable cost to the Free Press, and D’Souza had to rewrite the chapter. Before all this, however, a portion of D’Souza’s original account appeared in the Washington Post. Immediately after Times editor Wes Pruden read what Francis had said about “genetic endowments,” Francis was out the door. D’Souza, whose reporting on Francis in the Washington Post was not rewritten for his book’s reprinting (and so was accurate to begin with), has insisted that he never intended for Francis to lose his position.

The loss of income was a great blow to Francis, but he still had his syndicated column and his spot in Chronicles. He found new work with American Renaissance and the Citizen’s Informer, a publication of the CoCC, and for Middle American News, a publication of nationalist conservatism. He came to see himself as a victim, just as surely as those Americans displaced by the New World Order.

Francis anticipated the stress globalization would put on the MARs.

Some Americans, especially the cosmo-conservatives in Manhattan and Washington, may fantasize that globalization will yield another “American Century,” with Yankee know-how tossing institutional and ideological candy-bars to fetching senioritas in the Third World. But blue-collar workers in Detroit and construction men in Texas probably have a better grip on the realities of globalization as they watch their own jobs disappear before Asian competition and illegal immigrants. Globalization doesn’t mean that America will prevail, but that it will vanish among the electrons and laser beams by which the planet is to be held together, just as Midwestern small businesses and Southern family farms vanished into the financial and industrial grids of the nineteenth century nationalists.

Thomas Fleming assesses Francis’s career by saying he was always one type of nationalist or another. Historically, of course, conservatives were the enemy of centralizing nationalism, which tends to weaken local and regional cultures.

But even the American nationalism Francis espoused was not the traditional type of the Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, or Theodore Roosevelt schools. His nationalism was to be rooted in something that transcended economic gain.

It also means a radical rejection of what historically has been the basis of American nationalism — the cult of economic growth, material acquisition, and universal ‘equality of opportunity’ — and its reformulation in a new myth of the nation as a distinctive cultural and political force that cannot be universalized for the rest of the planet or digested by the globalist regime . . .

Finding MARs unable to make a dent in the power of the managerial elite, finding nothing in the traditions of American nationalism to save America from the global elite, and effectively purged from a conservative movement he now detested, Francis made new friends among the racialist right and attended meetings and conferences organized by them. He acquired sponsors for his more radical work. Many of his new supporters embraced Francis, not for his work extending Burnhamite analysis of political phenomena to the domestic scene, but because he was despised by the same elite that held them in contempt. In circles this far out on the fringe, a person’s value is measured less by what they say that may be good or true, but by the hostility of the reactions they provoke from the mainstream.

One of these meetings led to the birth of the Occidental Quarterly, another “white nationalist” publication. Its Fall 2005 issue published Francis’s essay “The Return of the Repressed,” his racialist testament, if you will.

The truth is that whites deny themselves a racial identity, and one major reason they do is that many of them, especially in white elites, buy into or accept, consciously or unconsciously, premises that deny the reality and significance of race, as well as unquestioned beliefs about the evilness and worthlessness of whites themselves . . .

Whites need to form their racial consciousness in conformity not only with what we now know about the scientific reality of race but also with the moral and political traditions of Western Man-White Man. The purpose of white racial consciousness and identity is not simply to serve as a balance against the aggression and domination of other races but also to preserve, protect, and help revitalize the legacy of the civilization that our own ancestors created and handed down to us, for its own sake, because it is ours, and because, by the standard of the values and ideals we as a race and a civilization have articulated, it is better.

Francis was predisposed to explaining social phenomena through conflict. Thus did disagreements become occasions for great personal and group animosity. His own battered personal and professional experiences became, it seemed, emblematic of a larger white man’s persecution complex. But more than a rhetorical idiosyncrasy, it was the language and thinking of racial determinism that Francis employed, indulging a collection of ideas that conservatives have rightly rejected.

White supremacy was able to exist at all because only whites possessed a powerful racial consciousness, and non-whites did not. Today that situation is reversed-with ominous implications for the dwindling white population.

Even as he denied that racial consciousness condoned the repression of others, Francis’s own tone was not without a militant edge:

Whites even today, while they remain a majority are facing unprecedented political and physical threats that a strong common consciousness would halt and, only a few years ago, would have made impossible.

Meanwhile, the actual policy prescriptions Francis supports in this essay are widely supported by the conservative movement, and do not require race-mongering to promote:

the end of all ‘affirmative action’ programs Å  the repeal of all ‘hate crime’ laws and ‘Politically Correct’ policies and regulations . . . and the abolition of all multiculturalist curricula, ‘sensitivity training,’ and similar experiments in brainwashing in schools, universities, businesses, and government.”

It is exactly because Sam Francis made good ideas politically radioactive that he was cast out of polite discourse.

Happily for us, he saw little prospect for white racial consciousness to take hold in the foreseeable future, although he claimed credibly to see evidence of something like this in “patterns of school attendance, housing, church membership, marriage and even voting.” He could not help but observe bitterly that the value of his house in racially diverse Prince George County, Maryland, remained static even as the recent real estate boom enriched millions.

Still, even this radicalized Francis was capable of novel and arresting thought. Though his longtime friend and editor Thomas Fleming welcomed his contributions in Chronicles, explicit racial material was not allowed. This constraint kept Francis writing about subjects on which he had done his most valuable work. In his last essay for Chronicles, “Synthesizing Tyranny,” he expanded his theory of “anarcho-tyranny.” Therein, he posits that the modern West does not fail to punish criminals or enforce immigration laws because of “decadence” or a lack of will. The elite consciously neglects to enforce these laws, because to do so would threaten their base of power. The elite demonstrates limitless energy indoctrinating children in multiculturalist doctrine, in agitating for hate-crimes legislation, and harassing taxpayers and gun owners. For the elite, the law is not the ratified norms of a moral community or the basis of order, but rather it is for telling people who is in charge. The anarchic and tyrannical aspects of the regime work together to dispossess, humiliate, and suppress the Middle American core.

In the last year of his life, Sam sought to get control of his health, imposing the Atkins diet on himself with a fearsome discipline. He quickly dropped an enormous amount of weight from his obese frame. He joked tastelessly that he understood the position of slaves, being 3/5 of a man.

His social graces were uneven to say the least. Jared Taylor, founder of the racialist right’s flagship publication American Renaissance, once reprimanded him for never bringing flowers or wine to dinner at the Taylor house. After that, Sam never came empty-handed. Longtime friend Fran Griffin was shocked to discover that Sam was a more than competent ballroom dancer. While some complained of his tightness with a dollar, others, like Louis March, a former aide to Senator Helms, report that he was uncommonly generous. If a friend got fired from a Reagan administration post or lost a foundation sinecure, Sam would ask for his résumé and then circulate it. Longtime friend Peter Gemma recalls that Sam was never “mushy” about these kindnesses. Instead, he was often abrupt as he went out of his way to help others.

Friend and Chronicles colleague, Chilton Williamson says, “As a writer and a strategist, Sam was a lonely old eagle.” He adds that although Francis never married, he was no misogynist. “In fact, he liked, and was comfortable with, women, a number of whom were attracted to him in the course of his too short life.”

Francis’s non-political interests were seldom written about and often known only to a handful of friends. He had a lifelong fascination with science fiction and horror. H.P. Lovecraft’s accounts of the devolution of civilization into barbarism, blood-guilt, and an inescapable fate for its protagonists were particularly dear to him. He loved The X-Files for its subversively conservative sensibilities. And he was so fascinated by The Blair Witch Project that he drove to Burkittsville, Maryland, to tour the locations. Francis was never afraid to defend pop culture from what he considered ignorant attacks by the Christian Right. When Bob Dole condemned Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers and Tony Scott’s True Romance, Sam lashed out at Dole and condemned the cultural puerility of the conservative movement. Religious conservatives, he argued, were too concerned with sex and violence and not concerned enough with moral significance.

Francis’s religious views were a mystery to most of his readers. While his sister, Julie, maintains that Sam’s faith in Christ, taught to him as a child in the Presbyterian church, was constant, the story is actually more complicated. Francis was at ease among both the orthodox Catholic circle of Chronicles magazine and the scoffers, pagans, and atheists of the Nietzschean racialist right. The great question for Francis was whether Christianity was a fundamentally liberalizing or conservative force in history. His published writings never evinced an explicit religious conviction.

One snowy morning in January 2005 Francis awoke in great pain. He called a friend on his cell phone while he waited for medical attention. He thought he was dying. He did not trust that an ambulance could reach him quickly enough, and though he feared driving himself to an emergency ward, he surmised that this was his only option. The pain must have been excruciating, for he was suffering from an aortic aneurysm; his aorta had nearly ruptured by the time surgery was performed.

The surgery was successful, but the subsequent complications were dire. His aorta continued to bleed, and his doctor, Mohammed Naficy, at Prince George’s Hospital Center worked to stop it from hemorrhaging. Julie gave permission for every procedure the doctors thought might save him. Francis was immobilized for two weeks. His doctor feared that any movement would prove fatal. Business concerns forced Julie and her husband back to Chattanooga. Before they left, she was told that even if Sam recovered, he would be a “ticking time bomb.” Before Julia and her husband arrived home, Francis was moved. His aorta burst and he died.

During Sam’s last week, Christopher Check, vice president of the Rockford Institute (which publishes Chronicles), called his brother, a priest in Stamford, Connecticut. Father Paul Check had attended seminary with Father Paul Scalia, son of the Supreme Court justice and parochial vicar of St. Rita’s in Alexandria, Virginia. Fr. Scalia drove to Maryland to visit Francis and found him alone. He offered Francis a choice, a blessing from the Church or Last Rites. Francis indicated the latter. Although this could not be considered definitively a conversion, it gave great joy to his friends at Chronicles, and they began to express their hope that Sam Francis met his death as a Christian.

In this final respect, Francis again followed his hero James Burnham. In his final days, with the encouragement of his friends from National Review, Priscilla Buckley (William’s sister) and J.P. McFadden, Burnham accepted the solace of a Catholic priest and finally received Last Rites, thus returning to the Church in which he had been raised.

At the funeral, held at the First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga, Julie Irwin was surprised by the number of people that came from all parts of the country to pay their respects: Pat Buchanan, Thomas Fleming, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, American Conservative editor Scott McConnell, and a host of other friends and admirers. Many of those present were surprised that the others had known Francis, too. To the end, he had kept his professional and his personal lives in separate compartments.

Sam Francis’s legacy is a divided estate. His innovative applications of Burnham’s thought were prophetic in one important sense. Middle America remains enraged at the cultural and media elites. To Francis’s disappointment this anger has been effectively harnessed by the mainstream conservative movement to ends he never fully endorsed. Scott McConnell of the American Conservative asked Francis to write a piece for the magazine describing why the Middle American Revolution did not happen after all. The paleoconservative movement he helped shape has distanced itself from Francis’s most radical ideas. Though Chronicles and the American Conservative still decry our elites and advance some of the same positions Sam Francis promoted — immigration restriction, non-interventionism in foreign policy, the extrication of America from transnational institutions, and a revived American nationalism — these magazines do not pine for a Middle American Revolution. Paleoconservatives talk about race, but they do so in the way of Charles Murray or 1970s Commentary. Their writings do not emanate hostility or bitterness, as Francis’s often did, toward American blacks and Hispanics.

Though the paleos are correct and it is expedient for them to distance themselves from the substance and tone of Francis’s later work, there is room for thinkers to carry on his analysis of Middle American grievances. The managerial elite he and Burnham described still exists. Even the neoconservatives, whom Francis detested, have written critically about ‘the New Class’ that Burnham described. If there comes a time when neos and paleos can transcend their differences over foreign policy, the first thing they might discuss is the nature of the elite class and what is to be done about it. Can it be reformed? Is it possible to begin dismantling “the apparatus” of elite power? This idea is worth pulling from the ashes of Sam Francis’s reputation:

The desire to dethrone elite power, and to tear down the Leviathan state the elite built, can still animate the conservative movement, intellectually and politically. In the keynote speech for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s 50th Anniversary Gala (which Francis declined to attend), William F. Buckley Jr. invoked Francis by name, referring to him as “a spokesman for the castaways David Keane spoke about as having earned their exclusion from thoughtful conservative ranks.”

In an e-mail to friend and colleague Tom Piatak, Francis, ever defiant, remarked on William F. Buckley’s reputation for the “precise use of words and language.”As I have mentioned before, a “castaway” is someone like Robinson Crusoe who managed to save himself after the ship on which he was traveling was wrecked . . . It is not someone cast out or away from a ship. That is called being marooned (Ben Gunn in Treasure Island is an example, as was Alexander Selkirk on whom Crusoe was based). The word “castaway” as applied to me by [Buckley] implies that the conservative movement was the ship in which I was traveling, that it wrecked and I survived.

Michael Brendan Dougherty is an assistant editor as the American Conservative.

Now read the truth about Sammy and the jews – in his own words.

Sam Francis – Vic Gerhard Exchange, Documenting Sammy’s Great Fear

22 February 2005

VNN Reader: I had doubted what Linder said about Francis months ago on how believing one thing and saying another causes health problems. But now it makes sense. This picture from last year looks like a 77- or 87-year-old, not a 57-year-old.

To those who think Linder is too harsh, maybe you should think further. If he speaks his mind and doesn’t give a damn, so much the better. After all, that’s what free speech means. His example can teach as much as his content. If Francis was a coward, then so are many others (including me) and it’s up to us to gain courage. Until we do, our fear should make it clear that, to put it mildly, what Linder is doing is not nearly as easy as he makes it look.

Here’s an e-mail exchange between Sam Francis and Victor Gerhard from 2003.


Original Link: Here.

Victor Gerhard-Sam Francis Exchanges

by Gerhard & Francis

Loaded: 4/12/2003

(Ed. Note: this is raw email, so don’t hold anybody overly responsible for spelling mistakes, etc.)

Here is correspondence with Sammy. I won’t put in comments, cause you don’t need them, but note how he first argues that he can’t get published, then next he doesn’t agree with me about Jews — which makes the first point moot, all the while ignoring the damning questions, like why he criticizes Hispanics so fiercely, but never Jews. Really, the guy is a nut. Either that or they have some dirt on him, or he is just a scared shit, I don’t know. I could have ripped him a new asshole because he was 1) hysterical, and 2) illogical, but I let him off easy. Maybe someday he will do something good, I don’t know. He can’t write a paragraph without 3 contradictions and one twisting of his opponent’s argument. I’d love to debate him and drive him into the dirt.

Vic G

[Me to Francis, responding to Moran column]

Anti-Semitism is saying or doing anything a Jew does not like; whether the statement was true, or the act perfectly justified. That is the real de finition. How can you even pretend otherwise when Jews call someone who defends Arabs (Semites) against Jewish tyranny an ‘anti-Semite’?

It’s great that you are pecking around the edges of the problem. I’m just not sure what more proof you need to see that Jews are directing American foreign policy; that Culture of Critique and its mind-boggling account of facts is completely true; that to rail against blacks and hispanics without mentioning Jews is like complaining about symptoms but not the disease.

Maybe this sounds cruel and racist; and yet it is true isn’t it? Personally, I’ve read enough of your writings, heard you speak enough times, and even talked to you on occasion, so that I am convinced you recognize the Jewish problem. It would be an immense help if you could now take off the gloves and let the Jews have it. They have it coming. They are the true enemy of Middle Americans. “Oil” is not the justification for this war but a laughably transparent Jewish hedge, nor are the Christian fundamentalists to blame; if they were not supporting Israel we would barely, as before 9/11, realize they existed.

My friends are going to jail for speaking their minds; every day another one is arrested or visited by the FBI, or raided by the Terrorism Task Force. Now is the time, name the Jew, put THEM on the defensive for once. Otherwise, Middle America is doomed; its sons’ dying in Central Asia, its jobs moving out of the US, its population increasingly non-White and hostile. We need you to act now; a few months from now may be too late.

Your columns could make an immense difference at this crucial moment. We are watching history, and if the Jews triumph here there may be no stopping them, ever. Goodbye White race.

Vic Gerhard
Wilmington, N.C.


[Francis back to me]

I just wrote a column on Moran in which I was fairly explicit about this matter. I have another today that is also pretty explicit about the role of neo-cons (not all Jews) in getting us into the war. What more do you want? Peter Brimelow at Vdare told me the first column probably would not be published by any newspaper in this country (we’ll see; my columnn last year supporting what Billy Graham said to Nixon was not published by my three best outlets), and without my authority or knowledge he changed a key line that altered my meaning. You simply cannot go much further than I have already gone and expect to be published at all in anythng like mainstream media, and anyway, aside from the current war, I think there are other problems besides the Jewish role in stirring up blacks and pushing immigration. Both blacks and hispanics have now acquired their own racial consciousness and are not necessarily under Jewish control.


[Me back to Sammy]

I agree, you possibly could not go further and expect to be published mainstream, as of today. This is a reasonable argument for using this tactic. I feel (perhaps incorrectly but I doubt it) that the time is past for this tactic. If you did publish a column going further, USA Today would not print it, but plenty of people would read it on the ever growing alternative White media (overthrow.com, antiwar.com, Vanguard News Network, Stormfront, and many more), and it just may put the bar lower for the next guy who dares. As things look today, your tactic, which you have followed for the 15 years I have been reading you, has gotten a good but watered-down message to Middle America, but our situation is FAR worse than 15 years ago.

Much of Middle America is flying an American flag and ‘supporting the troops;’ reasonable if you never had another way of thinking offered to you. Your columns are scathing at the beginning and middle, but never offer a realistic answer at the end because you do not name the Jews as the prime movers in the destruction of Middle America. How can someone organize against an amorphous ‘Elite’? You rarely name names, except as examples. You talk of the Frankfurt School and other groups, never saying they are almost 100% Jewish and Jewish-funded and based on Jewish tactics and ideals.

You told me you were reading ‘The Culture of Critique.’ How anyone can read that book and not immediately come to important conclusions based on the Jewish role in the Boasian School, the Left, the Psychoanalytic movement, the Frankfurt School, critique of gentile cultural, immigration policy and more, I do not know. Jewish power is the most important and relevant fact in America today. Yet you do not acknowledge that power. That is a derelection of duty; you are hated by the left and neo-cons regardless of what you do – but do you expect the White right, your true home, to appreciate your half-measures? You are literally a man without a nation.

Precisely how bad must the situation get before you tell the whole truth? Now, how would you have answered that question 2 years ago? Two years ago you would have agreed to open fire if the Government ever did something as tyrannical and insane as the Patriot Act(s), the mass arrests, threats of government torture, Guantanamo detention, the B-52 strikes, the complete control of the Executive Branch by Jews, if not Israeli Jews, hideous airport searches, the Department of Homeland Security, phone taps, and spies controlled by Israel. All on top of a war against 1.1 Billion Muslims that we can never win.

You are being disingenuous when you say you were tough on the Moran critics; not all neo-cons are Jews; and blacks and hispanics are not under Jewish control. You were tough on Moran by the relatively tepid standards of the paleo-cons a la the Rockford institute. Not all neo-cons are Jews, but those that are not Jewish know the score and never deviate from the editorial line DEVISED wholly by Jews. Blacks and hispanics may have thrown off a bit of the Jewish yoke, but the Jewish strategy and mindset lives on and they would have little power to intimidate Whites without Jewish judges, lawyers, financing and media pressure. You know this. As far as Brimelow, he needs a kick in the ass also.

What is it you want? To be published mainstream? To be rich? To be on TV? These I can not help you with. But if you want to save Whites and their culture, get off the fence and attack the enemy. At this point, you are actually furnishing disinformation, confusing the very public who soon will be looking for answers as the situation in their country grows worse. And hey, Sobran gets published. I gave him a thousand dollars of my money because of his honest stance; a thousand dollars I had to make in payments because I’m his poorest charter subscriber.

What more can I expect of you? I want you to finally and forever cast off the chains of Jewish fear, Jewish money, and Jewish influence. I want you to write columns that will stir the public to rise up and change this nation. Join those on the radical right who are not afraid to tell the whole truth. I am not asking you to do ANYTHING I have not done. I lost my job as an Attorney, I have friends going to jail on made up charges, I’ve had my phone tapped, I get the super search at every airport, but I am a FREE MAN! I also write columns – they don’t get published mainstream, but thousands of people read them. You could do a hundred times better.

I realize this is a lot to ask, but screw the money and respectability. What do I want? White Power!

Victor J. Gerhard, Esq.
Wilmington, NC


[Sammy back to me]

Well, I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment to you. The fact is that I have read the Culture of Critique, as well as the other two volumes, know MacDInald personally, and agree with much though not all of what he says. My entore body of writings over the last 20-25 years is an explanation of how I sidagree and and have a somewhat dofferent view of the world than what is frankly a monomanical obsession with an omnipotent Jew. There are reasons why neo-conservatism exists other than Jewish power, and these should be obvious to any one actually involved in politics. I was a witness to many of them. Just one, for example, is the greed and amition and shalloweness of many orthodox non-Jewish conservatives fro the “respectability” they thought Jews could give them. You and critics like you always assume that because others don’t say what you demand they say, they must be afraid to say it. The fact is, as I just told you, I have just written two columns that will probably harm me more than they help me, so it is not fear on my part. Can you even imagine that maybe I don’t agree with your view of the Jews, that the Jews and the Jews alone are solely responsible for everthing bad that has happened and is going on? I really don’t think you can. Moreover, as I was trying to tell you indirectly, I depend on outlets like Vdrae and Rockford; if they don’t publish me, I don’t get piublished, and they would not publish me if I write what you want me to write (which I do not agree with anyway). Sobran does not get published outside of his own newsletter and maybe the Wanderer. The American Cisnervatuve won’t publish him. Chronicles won’t publish him. His syndicate dropped him. So don’t tell me about things I know about more than you. It’s fine to piublish on sites like VNN., but no one — non one –reads them or takes them seriously outside a handful of people. Sure I’d like to be rich, but do you imagine I thought I would ever get rich writing what I write? I really just don’t know how to explain to people like you what the real world is like, because the truth is — take it form someone who went through graduate school, worked in a think tank, in the US Senate, and at a nationally distrubuted newspaper for 9 years — you and your pals do not have a fucking clue.


[Me to Sammy]

Oooookay….now why will the columns harm you, why won’t Vdare and Rockford publish such a column, why can’t Sobran get published? Oh, and what is this war stuff on the T.V.? Come on, I wasn’t rude to you, nor did I say Jews were every single problem, but that they are far, far more of the problem than recognized by your columns. (By the way, if non-Jewish neo-conservatives want the ‘respectablity’ they feel Jews can give them, that is not ANOTHER reason neo-cons exist, but rather the very one I stated – Jewish Power.) I don’t have a CLUE? You say you agree with most of MacDonald, then when I base my arguments on him, I don’t have a clue? Tell me what part of MacDonald you agree with, can you buck up and do that? Agreeing with even one chapter would put in serious question the honesty of your writing, would it not; as that agreement is never acknowledged by you in your writings. And tell me what you disagree with. I get the managerial elite argument, I’ve read and re-read what you have written over the years, but your very email here implies you won’t get published for criticizing Jews as an ethnic group, though you HAVE criticized black’s and hispanic’s as ethnic groups, and then attacks me with an anger I did nothing to merit.

You are in the same bag as Jared Taylor, who in person admitted he chose not to attack Jews because he had enough of a problem attacking blacks, et al. You fit right in at American Renaissance, I’d say. For all your ‘think tank’ work, did you ever stand on a street with demonstrators as Jews rained bricks down on you for daring to speak out against them, as the police turned their heads? You write about Middle America, I am Middle America. I’m not sure precisely what sentence got you riled. I’d wish you’d tell me so I can use it again. Hey, if people read this exchange, who will they think has a clue, you or me? I’ll wager on me.

Plus, the idea that ‘no one’ takes VNN seriously is ridiculous. The ever-growing numbers of people that do take it seriously are true activists, each worth 100 brandy-sniffing Chronicle’s readers. People that will put their financial and physical well being on the line for the ideals you somewhat endorse. Another point, what is the ENTIRE Muslim world yelling about if not many of the same beliefs about Jews showcased on VNN? Add in much of Europe and Asia and South America, and much of the US population of blacks and hispanics, and, well, that’s not really ‘a handful of people’ is it?

I truly do respect you and your writing had a great effect on my life. Actually, you brought me a long way to the beliefs I have. Yet you, Dr. Frankenstein, feel I don’t have a clue. What is that line about the guilty man fleeing where no one pursues? Sorry, should know it, just too Middle American.

Your entire body of work does little to counter an anti-Jewish explanation of American Politics. I believe almost all you have written; yet it contradicts most of MacDonald not at all. Your writings try to explain why and how this managerial elite became so alienated and hostile to traditional America. It partially explains the alienation, but does little to explain the hostility, the outright hatred, that these elites have for people who are basically members of their family. Only a non-White group could have such hatred for Whites, and such an obsession with their destruction. Only by understanding that the most influential part of the managerial elite is Jewish can one finally understand this contradiction in your work.

Anyway, have to get back to the T.V. and see which of my friends Michael Chertoff has arrested, listen to Alan Dershowitz talk about torturing them, and hear Ari Fleisher’s take on the whole thing, per Richard Pearle. One last thing; you do realize that Jews as an ethnic group are 3% of the American population? A smaller percentage than Austrian Americans? That fact has made it to you right? But since they are not omnipotent, it’s just a minor fact of American politics; voila, the exception proves the rule. Well, as for our discussion, res ipsa loquitur, as we clueless say.

Vic Gerhard
Counsel, White Revolution


[Sammy to me]

I had thought that you, unlike several of the others who like to rant about my “cowardice,” “treachery,” “phil-Semitism,” etc., had a little more sense, but appraently I was misguided. Let me try to explain once more in some detail what I am trying to tell you.

1. What you said in your last communication was insulting because it at least indirectly and perhaps directly questioned my integrity, acusing me of cowardice or ignorance or dishonesty or greed or ambition as the only plausible reaons I do not write what you want me to write as you want it written. I have to say that I have received many criticisms as a columnist but this — from the professional (and usualy anonymous) anti-Semites — takes the cake. No one else presumes ot tell a writer what to write or how to write, even as they insult his character and intelligence — not religious nuts, not racial nuts, not libertarian nuts — except maybe the Jews themselves. But leave all that aside.

2. Vdare, Rockford, etc won’t publish openly anti-Semitic pieces because (a) they like most gentiles are irrationally afraid of Jewish power and (b) they also have rational concerns over Jewish power. Both have Jewish “friends” who give them money, publicity, support, etc. and they are afraid — I believe not entirely withgoiut cause but in an exaggerated way — of losing that. Also, like most peopole they would like to do something else besides attack Jews and sometimes there are Jews with whim they need to work in order th do those things. (Rockford just held a conference in the Middle East on a prospects for peace there; it wasnlt my idea and I don’t see the point, except that some donors (non-Jewish ) gave them money to do it.) Therefore, they are veyr careful about antaginizing Jewish supporters. As you may know, they were virtually destroyed in the late 1980s by neo-con defunding because of positive remarks they made about Gore Vidal and because of their opposition to immigration. Nevertheless, they have consistently published pieces critical of Zionism, including several of my recent columns on the Iraq war and Jewish neo-con- Israeli power, and of foreign entanglements, perpetual wars, etc. Chronicles also published a review of MacDonald by Paul Gottfried which I strongly dsagree with but they allowed MacDonald to write a long response, more than the American Conservative allowed. I do not control either RI or Vdare and foten disagree withbhiw they are run, but essentially they do not attack the Jews because they are more interested in other problems.

2. Unless you really do believe that Jews are the causes of all problems, which you deny, you have to admit there are other problems. You ask what I disagree with in MacDonald. I can’t really comment on the general evolutionary theory since I’m not an expert, but I have no problem with it. Nor do I have a problem with his characterization of Jews in general, though some people tell me it’s less true of some Jewish groups (Sephardic) than others (Ashkenazic) or at some periods of history than at others. What I do not agree with Kevin on is that while he’s right about the way Jews are, that doesn’t mean they are always successful. They may have pushed open borders as a means of underminig what they saw as a hostile hist society, but that doesn’t mean their efforts were the reason we have open borders opr that other groups didn’t wnat open borders for their own reasons. I dealt with immigration partly when I was in the Senate and frankly the role of the Jews was not at all apparent, as it was in foreign policy, and many social issues. The main enemies of immigration control on the right are (1) libertarians and (2) Catholics; the same was true at the Wash. Times, and I knew Jews who were opposed to more immigration at both places.Libertarianism tends to be Jewish-led, but it exists as an idnependent force in its own right amoing gentiles. I recall in 1995 or 95 Bill Gates visited Sen. Alan Simpson to lobby him on H1-B visas; Simpson caved. Neither is Jewish and neither did what he did becaise of Jewish power or influence but because of business and political interests. Business interests have been the main reason we have immigrant workers pushing out American workers in meat packing, textiles, poultry processing, etc. The Jews may serve as lawyers or lobbyists for these groups but Jewish groups per se have had little to do with immigration policy in recent years.

3. I don’t deny that Jews have power — certainly in the media and cultural centers generally and in politics through funding, staffing etc. But Jews are not the ruling class in this country (at least not yet). As in many other societies they form a subelite that provides services for the ruling class (tax collecting in Poland, e.g.), but I think they have little interest in becoming theactual ruling class because they have no interest in that as loing as their interests are secured.

4. Your line about standing on street corners getting attacked by Jews is frankly childish. No I didn’t. I just lost my job and my career for what I wrote about race (and I can tell you Jews appear to have had something to do with that and have certainly used it against me ever since). I’ll bet Kevin MacDOnald never did either. I have a clue for you: Standing on street corners and yelling anti-Semitic slogans isn’t a very effectuve way to challeneg much of anything. Hyde Park is full of characters like that. What I have tried to do — explicitly at the Times and later as well — has been to make explicit and serious discussion of race respectable. That means picking your shots and not saying everything you’d like to say because you know it will simply baffle or alarm many readers, but it does mean that you can tell many, many people a lot fo things they didn’t know or hadn’t thought about. I think I was beginning to succeed when I was fired, and that may have been the real reason I was fired. Last summer when the National Alliance had its march on the Israeli Embassy I asked a friend who was planning to attend why and what good it would do? I told him all you will accomplish is give the Post the chance to portray all of you as a bunch of Nazi goons at a time when some opinion sectors were startiung to turn on Israel. Thatls exactly what happened — pictures of swastika flags, jack boots, etc. that understandably frighten and alienate most Americans and allow the Jews to say, “See, we told you what all those critics of Israel were like!” The idea that people like Linder and VNN accomplish much of anything outside of mutual masturbation is ludcrous. Frankly, I had never heard of Linder until he started attacking me and some people told me about it. With all due respect, I had never heard of your column until you told me you write one.

Finally, I have been gratified (one of the few gratifictaions I ever get in my profession) by being told by doxens of yuong people that I had taught them something they would not have known otherwise. No one but you and your friends have ver denounced me for being a hypocrite, a coward, a liar, a traitor, etc. I would have thiught that you would have epxressed some appreciation for what I have done, but the fact the you don’t and can find only the most hateful things to say about me tells me all I need to know. As I told one of your colleagues recently, from now on I can only regard the whole bunch of you as my enemies and as enemies of the cause for which I am working.


[Me to Sammy, biting my tongue]

I have though about this a lot, and there is much more that could be said, but I don’t think we are going to agree no matter what is said.

I do have to say that if your foremost cause is the continuation of the White Race, then there is no possible way we can be enemies as you described.

Though it sounds fawning, no one has structured my political awareness like you in your writings. I learned more reading your Chronicles columns, especially Revolution from the Middle, than in four years of undergraduate study.


Vic Gerhard


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  7. 44 Responses to “The Unleanest, Unhungriest ‘Revolutionary’ Ever Heard of”

    1. GB Says:

      I read and was inspired by many of the essays of Sam Francis. Doubtless we are all familiar with his essay on Anarcho-Tyranny. Many of the essays of Sam Francis are here:


      He had some courage, fired he was from his lucrative job as editor for the Washington Times for attending an Amren conference.

      Still, he stopped short – and what did it get him? The respectable conservatives rejected him and he fell in with the feckless paleos. Well, the Gerhard exchange speaks for itself.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      NB: the fate that awaits us…

      His aorta continued to bleed, and his doctor, Mohammed Naficy, at Prince George’s Hospital Center worked to stop it from hemorrhaging. Julie gave permission for every procedure the doctors thought might save him. Francis was immobilized for two weeks. His doctor feared that any movement would prove fatal. Business concerns forced Julie and her husband back to Chattanooga. Before they left, she was told that even if Sam recovered, he would be a “ticking time bomb.” Before Julia and her husband arrived home, Francis was moved. His aorta burst and he died.

    3. Socrates Says:

      The lesson here, I think, is: Jews and the Left are going to call you names like “racist” and “anti-Semite” anyway, so what good will it do to “play nice” and use code words like “Likkudnik” instead of using the word “Jewish?”

    4. New America Says:

      I’ll quote the key sections, to keep this one readable:

      Concerning Sam Francis, Michael Dougherty said:
      And, as he became estranged from mainstream conservatism, he veered into the “racial creepiness” racialism of journals like The Occidental Quarterly.
      *end snip*

      in reply:
      There’s an important issue that needs to be addressed.

      Sam Francis became estranged from “mainstream conservatism,” because he was what Bob Whitaker calls a “Wordist” – he believes in the meanings of words to the exclusion of the reality of their manipulation into tools for destruction.

      In essence, words are tools that represent symbols; they capture the fire of ideas and Ideals. However, they can be perverted – and Francis, for all of his readings of Burnham, failed to realize that the meaning HE ascribed to words, and the meaning the Elite ascribed to the same words, were two entirely different meanings. The meaning of the words used by the Elite can be seen in the actions they take using those words. I suspect Francis was slowly driven mad by the realization that the “Conservative Movement” was not in the least bit “conservative”; indeed, once they took power, their actions were virtually identical to the “Liberals.”

      This is because they used words the same way the Liberals did, as tools to bluff the fools, and mask their true intentions.

      Eventually, you see through the mirages of words, to their true meanings; then, you realize that ALL of your much-cherished ideas and Ideals ALL derive directly from the concept of RACE.

      From this moment of crystal clarity, so much that manipulated you is seen as the Shadows on the wall of the Cave. Not only do you see the wall of the Cave, you see the way out of the Cave, and you move into the Light.

      Those who remain behind in the Cave will curse you, of course; however, they are still trapped in the Wordist fantasy, manipulated by their RACIAL enemies into de facto impotence.

      Thus, Francis was like a blind man playing baseball; trusting, hopeful, innocent, and treated as badly as Charlie Brown kicking the football Lucy is holding. Like Charlie Brown, Francis went for no yardage, and there is no surprise in that, except to Francis.

      Concerning Sam Francis, Michael Dougherty said:
      But even as Francis continued to tout Buchanan as the spearhead of the Middle American revolution, he became increasingly frustrated with his campaigns. Francis concluded that Buchanan was doomed to fail because he persisted in playing by his enemies’ rules. Francis urged Buchanan to no longer police his ranks for the occasional racist or conspiracy theorist but instead to challenge the authority and legitimacy of the media and elites who demanded he do so. Francis’s strategy was a hard right version of “permanent offense.”
      *end snip*

      in reply:
      The actual phrase that pays for all of us is seen in this paragraph, which explains rather a good bit about Buchanan, as well.

      I’m going to repost that one sentence, because it says so much about all of us who came from Republican/Conservatism/Libertarianism; the added emphasis is obvious:


      To coin a phrase, “There It Is!”

      Every time you “play by your enemy’s rules,” particularly when they use the same Words you us, with the right to use dramatically different meanings, you lose. Worse, you waste energy better spent in productive endeavors.

      Concerning Sam Francis, Michael Dougherty said:
      But even the American nationalism Francis espoused was not the traditional type of the Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, or Theodore Roosevelt schools. His nationalism was to be rooted in something that transcended economic gain.

      It also means a radical rejection of what historically has been the basis of American nationalism — the cult of economic growth, material acquisition, and universal ‘equality of opportunity’ — and its reformulation in a new myth of the nation as a distinctive cultural and political force that cannot be universalized for the rest of the planet or digested by the globalist regime . . .

      In reply:
      This is an issue that demonstrates the moral failure of the “conservatives,” and “conservative nationalists.” They both define human progress SOLELY in terms of economic growth, and economic development.

      When all you have to offer are economic benefits, the easiest and most successful tool to do that politically is to promise the have-nots what the Have, have.

      This is a system of “conservatism” that Marx, and the Marxists, would be right at home with.

      As long as human history is defined solely in terms of economic development, we are focusing on one of the fruits of development, at the expense of the branches, trunk, soil and minerals from which the fruit blossomed.

      ALL of this ultimately comes from Culture, and the Living Bridge between Family and Culture is RACE; no White people, no Western Civilization, the lights go out, and the cities become jungles.

      Simple as that.

      That was the painful truth that Francis could not face directly. All of the issues he dealt with were mere Shadows on the Wall of the Cave. As well, the Light that helped form the Shadows were formed by Culture, and the Forms that helped create the Shadows were formed by members of a RACE, thinking and acting RACIALLY, first, foremost, forever.

      All of the benefits of Western Civilization are derived directly from RACE.

      Sam Francis fell into the trap of pursing what Alex Linder called “the paste jewel of middle-class respectability.” Seeking the approval of those who could not have cared less about him, he accepted their intellectual blinders, chasing this shadow, and that will’o’ the wisp, fighting the branches of the tree instead of going for the root.

      Better, he could have moved from fighting the Tree of Evil, into supporting the Tree of Life, from fighting the false flag of the week, to building a RACIAL philosophy that would work within a new political system. It might have looked like a scene from “Atlas Shrugged,” where brilliant college professors are working as short-order cooks in out-of-the-way diners, as an apt metaphor for how there is no room in a decaying society for those who carry in their souls the sparks that will bring the New Society to life.

      It also just might have worked.

      Concerning Sam Francis, Michael Dougherty said:
      For the elite, the law is not the ratified norms of a moral community or the basis of order, but rather it is for telling people who is in charge. The anarchic and tyrannical aspects of the regime work together to dispossess, humiliate, and suppress the Middle American core.

      In reply:
      Again, this is why “conservatism” has failed as anything other than a false flag that misleads potential opposition into fight the Shadows on the Walls of the Cave, and as a tool for a handful of people making a lot of money at their expense.

      from the Gerhard correspondence, San Francis said:
      Can you even imagine that maybe I don’t agree with your view of the Jews, that the Jews and the Jews alone are solely responsible for everything bad that has happened and is going on? I really don’t think you can.

      In reply:
      It is sad that Francis so misunderstood our position; of course, he misunderstood the Enemy’s position, as well as the position of the conservatives, so the fault is not ours.

      We have never said “ . . . the Jews and the Jews alone are solely responsible for everything bad that has happened and is going on?”

      What we HAVE said is that to be willfully ignorant of the goddamn JEWS and the goddamn JEWISH Agenda is to be forever a child in the sphere of politics, economics, and culture.

      And, as for “responsibility,” in Peter Shank’s excellent formulation, “We let it happen to us.” It is our power that they are using, at our expense. The unwillingness to even admit they are doing this is the hallmark of the Child, playing safely in the crib with harmless things that his parents allow him.

      Like conservatism.

      from the Gerhard correspondence, San Francis said:
      The idea that people like Linder and VNN accomplish much of anything outside of mutual masturbation is ludicrous.

      In reply:
      Our focus is to do what we can, where and when we can, knowing that, if America is to be what it should have been, it will have to start over from a correct foundation, and that foundation is RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      And, the idea that the tools of the “conservatives,” and people like Sam Francis accomplished much of anything outside of the intellectual equivalent of mutual masturbation, is ludicrous.

      How much better would life for Sam Francis have been if he recognized, early on, that the sole issue that matters is RACE? THIS is the foundation of all of the success the goddamn JEWS have experienced! If Francis had mobilized Perot/Buchanan voters on this idea, he would have spent his last years in the joyous fulfillment of a Purpose much greater than he was, instead of living on bended knee begging the table scraps of “approval” that were not going to be his, under any circumstances.

      Ironically, Francis, the master of the social gaffe, sought the approval of those who would never invite him to the party.

      How much better if he had looked at what happened to the “Reagan Revolution,” seen the possibilities offered in the Perot Candidacy, and focused SOLELY on RACE, and our duties to our posterity.

      This tactic works extremely well for our RACIAL enemies, the goddamn JEWS, and once Sam realized it, he would have formed his own party, and created the opportunity for a thousand Perots, and a thousand Linders, to bloom.

      He also would have been his own man, and wouldn’t that have been a welcome change?


      Yes, it would.

      For all of us.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. Stalin Says:

      ” Your line about standing on street corners getting attacked by Jews is frankly childish”

      not all reptiles bite insofar only when a kill has being made,they all feast.btw, there is a jewish film called, When Do We Eat!

    6. Sham Francis Says:

      It’s a waste of time to discuss Francis IMHO. The man was completely unoriginal and is only (scarcely) well-known because he was somewhat of a racist and spoke out — to a very limited degree — among “conservative” assholes. Everything he said or came to believe was not his original idea or Burnham’s. When you’re searching for the truth you’re going to end up at the same destination when you find it. That’s all this “biography” of Francis tells us.

      He’s very similar to Jared Taylor who is also mentioned in the above overly-long article… Taylor’s biggest claim to fame is “The Color of Crime,” and what exactly is it? … simply a collated work of statistics that show what we already knew. I don’t and never have needed such a book to tell me that blacks are a violent race. I saw that for myself when I lived around them and everyone else should know it simply by watching COPS and the nightly news and NOT believing the fictional motion pictures and TV shows. And frankly, given the demoralized state of the average AmeriKwan, Taylor’s book won’t have nearly the impact or conversion rate as he’d like.

      The sad thing about Taylor and Francis is that it ends up as a group of shouting, “Hallelujah! Someone’s actually tried to tell the truth about niggers and how screwed up our government and its leaders are!” Freedom of speech & freedom of the press have devolved into us getting happy when someone uses these freedoms. WTF?

    7. Stalin Says:

      I don’t think Sam Francis realized the nature of Jew-viciousness.

      One only needs to observe the Jews and the Diaspora.
      The Jews big money dictate politics in America .no matter how nice some Jews are, if it’s not Jew approved, no goy will be elected to congress….ask Jim Jiles who was barred from local news coverage and a debate against the incumbent shabaz-goy

    8. Hoosier Says:

      New America Says:
      18 January, 2007 at 9:49 pm

      This is because they used words the same way the Liberals did, as tools to bluff the fools, and mask their true intentions.

      Yes, that’s true. In sales it’s called the “bait and switch” – offering one thing, and delivering something less than described – sometimes much less than described. The whole time it’s done, it’s promoted as “wanting to help you,” as the salesperson pretends that he’s actually interested in the other person. I was trained in all that, and abandoned it some time ago. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

      They promise ice cream, and deliver manure. No matter how it’s described, or what is promised, manure remains just that – manure. If you find you don’t like the taste of manure, then it’s strongly suggested that there’s something wrong with YOU. I’m exaggerating a little, but not much.

      We need to be able to deliver “ice cream” to our potential “prospects,” or they won’t buy. Promising “ice cream” and delivering “ice cream” = honest selling, there’s no bait and switch, or “persuasion” needed. The responsibility to deliver ice cream, to present it properly, to find the best possible “niches,” using the best possible delivery methods, all done with integrity, falls on our shoulders. It does not fall on the “lemmings” shoulders, to accept anything we may have to say.

      Realistically though, at least 1/2 of the universe of “lemmings” are probably a waste of time, and lost causes that should be “disqualified.” There isn’t the time and energy available to waste on the garbage of our own gene pool.

      Sorry, I went off track again, I wanted to play off of some of the things New America wrote.

    9. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .there is a jewish film called, When Do We Eat! . . .”

      there is a jewish film called, When Do We Eat Shit!

    10. Hoosier Says:

      I’m changing one awkward phrase, or idea. I said “It does not fall on the “lemmings” shoulders, to accept anything we may have to say.”

      Instead, this: “It does not fall on the lemmings shoulders to believe everything we have to say. It falls on our shoulders to provide the believability and credibility.”

    11. New America Says:

      in reply to Hoosier:
      You’re never “off track” when you are dealing with the issue of RACE in a mature, positive way, as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      When you realize you can’t change anyone, you are freed up with an enormous amount of energy to be spent in a positive manner; I realized that when I became “uninvited” from family reunions, I had outgrown my birth family in a critical way.

      I did not START with the idea of the importance of RACIAL thinking; it was the last choice available, rejected because of the parody our RACIAL enemies, the goddamn JEWS, had foisted upon us through control of the pictures we saw, and the words we heard, in the JEW-controlled Propasphere.

      Look at Francis; he was useful, as a True Believer, and had no idea that all of the terms he used to describe the situation were simply pale reflections of a RACE WAR declared by the goddamn JEWS on, well, everyone else, but especially the White Man, and Western Civilization, the unique CREATION of his unique RACIAL gift.

      Francis wasted his life fighting the JEW-controlled False Flags – “Communism,” “Socialism,” you name it – and only at the end did he realize, at least to a minor degree, that the real issue is RACE, writ large, as the Living Bridge between FAMILY and CULTURE.

      That’s the real tragedy of Francis; seeking, in Linder’s term, “the past jewel of middle-class respectability,” he limited his intellectual honesty, and never really had “respectability” in anything more than the most casual meaning of the term.

      And he knew it.

      He KNEW he was tolerated as an Amusement at Conservative functions, the Intellectual as Court Fool, the man who brought wine and flowers to the social dinners of his betters because they told him to, laughing at him behind his back all the while (hint: wrong wine, wrong flowers, wrong place, wrong man).

      His clumsy attempts at being the Court Buffoon were matched by his playing the role; his complete lack of the social graces for that social milieu were intentionally mocked by him, to no avail.

      Francis never had the courage to turn his back on a world that would never accept him anyway, under any circumstances.

      If Francis had the courage of his convictions concerning the MARS demographic, he would have found and fostered the next Perot – working class, yet, but still, the man who could carry forward the Perot message, rather than vainly seeking the approval of others who were playing an entirely different Game, at an entirely different level.

      If Francis had seen through the facades – defining “White Nationalism” as “White Supremacy,” for example – he might have accepted the obvious truth: For the Elite, the Middle Class America Francis identified with and fought for, is expendable, and eminently expendable, at that.

      So was Francis.

      That ties this back to Hoosier’s great point – people who can accept the truth about RACE must be few in number. Collectively, they form a Vanguard.

      The Cultural equivalent of an IQ test is being administered; Francis saw RACE as a parody of the term, instead of as a Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      I suspect less than ten percent of us have what it takes to even SEE the Bridge, much less cross it.

      I don’t waste my time on the Neutral-to-Negative Ninety; I can no more make them into Racially Aware people than I can make lead into gold. Indeed, it is a complete waste of time to even try.

      I just drop memes, and keep moving. The best one I use it at the local, blue-collar Seven-Eleven. I turn every newspaper headline and magazine cover story about Iraq into an opportunity to spread one idea: “DAMN! The only people winning his war are Haliburton, and Israel.” Their reaction is their choice, and their responsibility. If they can’t understand this simple idea, then I am trying to pour the Water of Truth, on the Desert of their Imagination.

      I don’t have the time to waste in acts of futility. If I have to explain to a slowly drowning man that he should grab the rope I am tossing him, then I am wasting my time, and his. Like Francis, he will die trapped in the lies of his RACIAL enemies.

      My nephews came down for the holidays, giving me many opportunities to quietly, and forthrightly, address the issue of RACE. My best tools, ironically, were the comic books they were reading, and the computer games they played. I was forthright, and told them I just wanted thirty minutes a day to talk about RACE with them. The rest of their time was theirs. By the way, the comics were “Batman – The Dark Knight Returns,” and “Marvel Boy.”

      The seeds have been planted; all I can do is help them to grow, I can not MAKE them grow. I do have the moral obligation to provide the framework for the seeds to take root, and bear fruit.

      Francis planted the wrong seeds, and pretty much wasted his life trying to harvest a toxic fruit.

      I won’t make that mistake.

      Neither should you.

      I admire men like Alex Linder, Bob Whitaker, Bill White, Peter Shank, and Harold Covington, because they all recognize the enormity of the RACIAL war we have been drafted into. They also have the intellectual honesty and moral courage to define the issues, not in terms of our victimhood, but in terms of our empowerment. They do this by defining the central organizing principle of our society as RACE, and seek ALL solutions to ALL problems in light of the unique nature of our RACE.

      Everything else is a footnote.

      Just like Sam Francis.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    12. alex Says:

      His delusional attempt to ‘make racism respectable’ is why I call Francis a fool. Racism went from respectable to unthinkable over the course of the 20th century, and the rise of technocratic new class (Burnhamite bullshit) cannot account for that. The jewish explanation KM proffers, the theoretical base of VNN’s approach, can.

      Francis was a fool. So is Jerry Taylor. So is anybody who covers up the fact, or fails to understand, that America 2.0 — ZOG and ZOG’s ‘Kwa — is founded on the denial of White Identity, and thus racism — admitting that whites exist and have interests — can never be respectable lest the System fall apart. THE SYSTEM IS BASED ON THE DENIAL OF WHITE IDENTITY, THEREFORE RACIALISM CAN NEVER BE RESPECTABLE. People drawing from the System, as Canny Sammy was, no matter how thin his straw, have an interest in not seeing this. For those of us living with our grandmother in order to speak the truth, political reality is clear.

      There is no solution coming from the right, whether the intelligent cowards at Vdare/Chronicles or the patriotards supporting Bushy at Free Republic.

      We take on the System directly, by pointing out who created it and whose interests it serves. It was built by jews for jews – and these jews intend first our dispossession and second our disappearance. That accounts for the genocidal loxism omnipresent in political discourse, tv advertisements – anywhere you look. Revolutions are not made by fat unkempt men making snitty remarks in the back of the room, but by lean and hungry and hate-filled men bent on restoring the natural order of things.

    13. alex Says:

      Let me expand upon the crucial point that the fat man chasing the Holy — cream filled? — Grail of Respectability couldn’t grasp, that White Denial is no minor matter but the very basis of the System set up by the revolutionary jews.

      If Whites were allowed to exist as a legitimate and acknowledged political group, as defined by their being treated respectfully by the mass media in all its forms, then it would quickly become apparent to average whites, the mass of the country, that it was in our interests not merely to shut down the border, but to separate completely from any connection to jews, blacks and other ‘minorities.’ What do we get from these, after all, other than horrible crime, horrible taxes, horrible hectoring in the media that our entire genetic line is the real problem?

      Do you reading these words understand what I’m saying?

      Race can no more be made respectable than anti-semitism or anti-feminism or anti-homophobia, as all of these conduce to the same end – the restoration of an order ‘privileging’ (to use a leftist cant term) Normal White America.

      We are no filthy hippies or flyweight fools when we observe that no matter how we feel, our cause is revolutionary, like it or not.

    14. Olde Dutch Says:

      I think the paradigm shift started back in the late 70’s early 80’s when folks started to realize that the jews didn’t want peace in the Middle East.

    15. alex Says:

      The lesson here, I think, is: Jews and the Left are going to call you names like “racist” and “anti-Semite” anyway, so what good will it do to “play nice” and use code words like “Likkudnik” instead of using the word “Jewish?”

      Yes, this is true. As I’ve said, I got called nazi when i was just a conservative individualist. Either you’re a jew or left, or you’re scum.

      People cannot seem to grasp that there is no quarter for anyone who opposes the System’s underpinning. The enemy holds the high ground – the mass media. If you can’t stand being reviled in the nastiest terms, then you are unfit for battle. If you can’t stand against the crowd, you needn’t bother. Look at how the jews treat Carter. He pushed their agenda for his first eighty years. Then he writes one book offering some criticism of Israel, and all of a sudden he “has a Jewish problem.”

      For the millionth time: the jews DEFINE opposition to their agenda as diseased & evil. There’s no honest opposition to jews, no legitimate criticism of them. Democracy, two parties – this is just a charade to dupe the dullards. Jews are totalitarians by inclination and long practice. Either you fight the jews or you submit to them. There’s no third option. Clarifying this is

    16. New America Says:

      in further reply:

      The example of Sam Francis is an important metaphor for how we have all fallen for the false flags set for us by our RACIAL enemies.

      Simply stated, Francis looked at all of the issues that derived from the RACIAL war we are in, and did not – COULD not – face the simple facts that (1) he had spent his professional life chasing the Shadows on the walls of the Cave, and (2) EVERYTHING came down to exactly one issue, and that issue is RACE.

      Sam did not face the painful truth, even after it became obvious; the goddamn JEWS never forgive, and the goddamn JEWS never forget. His “crime,” in their eyes, was little more than beginning to see the Truth, in a soft, hesitant manner. Note that the nicest things anyone has to say about him are damning with faint praise. He was still damned by the people whose approval he sought, and was damned again by his unwillingness to see and speak the truth about RACE – his RACE, and our RACE.

      Frankly, he was a man with little, and little to lose. No wife, no children, and a house that was not appreciating in value simply made him subject to the limits he chose. He chose the limits his RACIAL enemies approved of.

      Sam could not accept one simple fact – all of the issues he dealt with were footnotes to the one issue from which they all derived – RACE, as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      RACE is the missing element that explains why “Conservatives” can talk about the importance of “Family,” and the attacks on the “Culture.” This gives them two completely distinct issues, both separated from the Living Bridge that gives them access to one another on a profound level.

      I suspect there is an excellent reason for this: RACE, writ large, binds these issues and reveals them, and their interaction with each other, in crystal clarity. RACE makes all of the Shadows understandable, and shows one and all the way OUT of the Cave.

      RACE reduces all of the issues from which Conservatives and Libertarians make comfortable livings to ONE issue, easily grasped, and clearly understood, without questions or ambiguity.

      Defining all political and social issues in the light of RACE makes these issues mere footnotes to the one issue that matters most, and that is RACE.

      Therein lies the deepest tragedy for Francis.

      He died a lonely man, trapped in a hostile world, mocked and scorned by the very people whose approval he sought, and would never receive.

      No wife, no children, no friends, no debts and no ties – a man with nothing, and nothing to lose, can afford to live a monastic life, focusing his efforts on something that would stand the test of time.

      Look at his intellectual obituary – he is an interpreter of Burnham, a writer for Buchanan, always the footnote, never the footnoted.

      He COULD have Started Over.

      He COULD have moved to a YMCA-type residence, and written with elegant clarity about the importance of RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      He COULD have used his network of contacts to help find and groom the blue-collar Perot, and helped to organize his MARS constituency into the beginning of a true Third Party.

      His COULD have written books on RACE, Family and Culture, that would have been sold at campaign rallies, and quoted in stump speeches across America.

      All he had to do was speak clearly, and openly, about the ONE issue that bound together all of the issues he had written about, and revealed them in the light of clear moral clarity.

      Oh, and the “paste jewel of middle-class respectability?”

      The price of that was the price of intellectual honesty, and potential greatness.

      Thus, we should all keep the example of Sam Francis in mind, as the example of the price paid for intellectual dishonesty, and the moral equivalent of cowardice.

      It might be useful to write an alternative biography of Francis, where he realizes the primal importance of the issue of RACE, rejects the “paste jewel of middle-class respectability,” and goes off to succeed where the Conservatives failed.

      Chapter One: The Quickening – the First Moment of Seeing Clearly – speaking the Truth – the primacy of RACE – speaking openly and honestly about RACE – the loss of his position at the Washington Times – the Second Moment of Seeing Clearly – where Sam Francis realizes that all Conservative politicians are merely manipulators who make a living off of leading the people away from the Truth – the realization that neither party wanted to solve the problems of the declining middle class – separation from Buchanan – rejection, and despair – the Long Dark Night of the Soul – the Moment of Awakening – the wish to solve Great Problems for his RACE

      Chapter Two: The New MARTIANS – the need for a new political party – the need for a Cause to be a catalyst for a Movement – the Movement to be harnessed into a Third Political Party – various and sundry intrigues – RACE as the unifying theme – RACE as a Living Bridge between Family and Culture – attacked as a “racist” – his elegant reply, “And?” – barnstorming at conservative churches and their conventions – RACIAL solutions to RACIAL problems – another book “ Men are from MARS, and Proud of It!” – the Cause as a political reality – it’s transformation into a Movement

      Chapter Three: From Political Loser to Spiritual Leader – the growing acceptance of the Movement – religious underpinnings based on unique spiritual character of White RACE – “The New Christianity Is The TRUE Christianity” – explicit rejection of JUDEOChristianity, as JUDAISM is the exact opposite of True Christianity –

      Chapter Four: From Spiritual Leader to Political Catalyst – “I am one who prepares the way for he who is to come.” – calls for a national convention, goal is a national renaissance – one speaker, unassuming, speaks to the hearts of all – Francis announces, “this is him” – the beginning of a true Third Party that refuses to compromise with the Old Order –

      The final chapter would focus on this young man as President, and Francis going to teach at the new schools, with the new curriculum he developed, focusing on RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture – “The Old Man of the Mountains” –

      For those who say this is impossible, I would simply observe that a lonely death, unmourned by your “friends,” and openly mocked by your enemies, is all too possible. Indeed, this is hardly preferable to what MIGHT have been, if Francis had simply recognized that he was dealing with the issue of RACE, as were his Enemies…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    17. Hoosier Says:

      Alex said:

      “Do you reading these words understand what I’m saying?”

      Yes, but it took me awhile, reading VNN, Birdman, and a few others sites, Alex. But it was mostly VNN, followed closely by Birdman Bryant. I had to fight my way out of a lifelong fog. Still, I WANTED to fight my way out of the fog – the desire was mine. I was probably somewhat like the ex “anti-racist-action” person who posted here recently. No one can “create” a WN out of another – they have to create themselves.

      New America, if you want to find a good comic book scene to show your nephews, check out “The Dark Knight Returns part 2 (DK2).” There’ s a scene where they rescue “The Flash,” in book one. He’s kept running as an engine/slave on a treadmill to supply power to 1/3rd of the United States. I’m sure you’ll make the connection if you see this scene. The whole series has pretty good examples.

    18. Hoosier Says:

      I never read much of Sam Francis, as something about him was just unappealing to me on some level, so I went elsewhere.

      I wanted to add one thing to New America’s alternative story of Sam Francis, chapters 1-4, if Sam had chosen that path. He would have probably started losing weight, exercising, and looking better overall. He would have cut his hair short, and in time, would have looked 20 years younger. Perhaps some of his other health problems would have “mysteriously” cured themselves.

      He would have started staring right back at Negros and Mestizos in places like gas stations and malls. He would have stared right back, hands on hip, until THEY look away. He’d probably gain the sense to arm himself when he went out and about, realizing it’s a dangerous world, and only a fool relies on the kindness of others.

      His eyes would gain a calm, steady look, instead of the look of a dog that’s been kicked one too many times. He would have started feeling happy and cheerful even if not knowing quite the reason why – even if he was living at the YMCA.

      I could go on, but I think I made my point.

    19. Coup d'Etat Says:

      I’m going to try and make this short and sweet, since this is about the longest, most interesting article and emails regarding the sincere efforts of a White man driven back by fear and ignorance.

      The problem with most is that the jews have done a fantastic job thwarting blame on everyone else and with the power of the media, it charges what a criminial really is — The Whites. The educational system never fostered an explicit history of what jews are and what they look like. I believe Sammy never knew how to recognize jews or all jews in order to be able to defend himself when a left blow hits him. He would blame a conservative/liberal White man before blaming the true cause or influence. This is what really scared him (Yes, he was scared alright) – he didn’t know how to defend himself if and when the left hits him. He only saw White faces and couldn’t recognize the force of the undertow in its truest form.

      More education, however disseminated, needs to center on the tactics and behavior as well as its agenda along with what the jew looks like in a continuous manner until every person is brainwashed into knowing what the jew is all about, what they look like, and when to fight against it. Sammy knew the jew was there, somewhere like most people — somewhere, but don’t know exactly where since jews are very good at hiding themselves; therefore, he couldn’t handle his fear in order to rationalize how to deal with them in a harsh manner. Walking on eggshells was much safer for him. Sadly, he died without honor.

    20. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .along with what the jew looks like. . .”


    21. New America Says:

      Hoosier wrote:
      New America, if you want to find a good comic book scene to show your nephews, check out “The Dark Knight Returns part 2 (DK2).” There’s a scene where they rescue “The Flash,” in book one. He’s kept running as an engine/slave on a treadmill to supply power to 1/3rd of the United States. I’m sure you’ll make the connection if you see this scene. The whole series has pretty good examples.

      In reply:
      Thanks for the heads-up. My generation has books, and some television. Their generation has no books, way too much of the JEW-tube, and an interactive alternative Reality that strips them of their Imagination – the foundation of Creativity, their unique RACIAL hallmark. In turn, they are trapped into the Dark Dreams of their RACIAL enemies – their own gift of Imagination is harnessed into fulfilling JEWISH ends, and that bridge to their Creativity is crippled, leading to enslavement on the terms of their RACIAL enemies.

      As you are well aware, “This is not by accident.”

      I’ll get the comics you recommended. Surprisingly, I made a LOT of headway with “Batman DK1.” My message laid the foundation for what we shall discuss when they come down for Easter – not just the wasted Gotham City, but WHO was responsible for the destruction of what was a Light Unto The World. Sounds like “DK2″ has more of the same, but is much more explicit – sounds like Flash is Prometheus Chained. An apt metaphor for our RACE when we trusted the serpent-seedline, hook-nosed, Satanic, goddamn JEWS.

      I used “Marvel Boy” – a member of a Nordic-looking, highly advanced space-faring RACE known as the Kree – to make the same point at a more abstract level. This one ends with him seen by his allies as a “dimension-spanning STAR GOD and a divinely prophesied ‘mandate’ to UPGRADE our Civilization. His enemies have captured him, and the are placing him in a prison known as “The Cube” – “the ultimate prison experience: three hundred miles from anywhere. Inescapable. Home to four hundred of the most deranged and uncontrollable super-psychopaths in existence. No contact with the outside world. No pity. Place was designed to hold Dr. Doom and guaranteed to break the hardest ass. Six months, you’ll be a crawling dawg like all the rest.”

      The Hero’s answer was the topic of discussion with my nephews:

      “I only need five to turn the place around. Welcome to the capital city of the new Kree Empire.”

      THIS is the power of Creative Transformation – a “mandate” to upgrade our Civilization,” and the focus on Creative Dominion – not just to accept the jailer’s materialist definitions of his situation, but seeing the Opportunity in the Obstacle, and turning his enemy’s prison into the capital city of the new Kree Empire.

      Let me make this as clear as possible – the goddamn JEWS have placed us in what they perceive as a prison. WE have the power to turn THEIR prison into the capital city of OUR NATION, one man at a time, one day at a time.

      Developing this Mindset is the work of a lifetime; however, at least they are being exposed to it, while they still have so many choices to make… “THIS Way, Boys. THIS Way.”

      This is a bit abstract for them as yet; the Seed has been planted, and I shall do what I can.

      My best lesson to them was to show them the Colored section of a large regional city; they literally recoiled at what they saw, seeing it, for the first time, up close and personal. I reminded them of the battle scene with the Mutant Leader in “DK1,” and said, “Remember this – some problems are so bad that the only solution is violence – and violence solves everything. Say it with me – Violence Solves Everything.”

      I have also paid for their judo lessons when they go home; the dojo is good, and the sensei is more interested in developing Men than Kodokan Ballerinas.

      And, with THAT digression out of the way, back to Sam Francis:

      Hoosier wrote:
      I never read much of Sam Francis, as something about him was just unappealing to me on some level, so I went elsewhere.

      I wanted to add one thing to New America’s alternative story of Sam Francis, chapters 1-4, if Sam had chosen that path. He would have probably started losing weight, exercising, and looking better overall. He would have cut his hair short, and in time, would have looked 20 years younger. Perhaps some of his other health problems would have “mysteriously” cured themselves.

      He would have started staring right back at Negros and Mestizos in places like gas stations and malls. He would have stared right back, hands on hip, until THEY look away. He’d probably gain the sense to arm himself when he went out and about, realizing it’s a dangerous world, and only a fool relies on the kindness of others.

      His eyes would gain a calm, steady look, instead of the look of a dog that’s been kicked one too many times. He would have started feeling happy and cheerful even if not knowing quite the reason why – even if he was living at the YMCA.

      I could go on, but I think I made my point.

      In reply:
      Perhaps, ESPECIALLY if he had been living at the YMCA; no maintenance, no homeowner’s insurance or property taxes, and someone to look after your stuff while you were away laying the foundation for a RACIAL philosophy today, a RACIAL nation tomorrow, and a RACIAL nation-state within his lifetime.

      Incidentally, I really like this phrase: “His eyes would gain a calm, steady look, instead of the look of a dog that’s been kicked one too many times.”

      LOOK at the picture of Francis above, obviously taken recently, and in particular, look at his eyes – you just nailed it: “…the look of a dog that’s been kicked too many times.”

      Isn’t THAT an apt metaphor for the Reagan Democrats, the people who believed what the Conservatives preached? Every time they opened their hearts in trust, and every time – without exception – they were betrayed, but had no place else to go. The Democrats were open in their contempt; the Republicans were simply more subtle…

      “Sam! No wine! No flowers! Well, now that you’re here, come on in, anyway…”

      Finally, the Conservatives have shown their true colors.

      In the piece we are discussing, the American Conservative’s assistant editor, Michael Brendan Dougherty, wrote:

      In the Washington Examiner, former USA Today editorialist David Mastio wrote a widely noticed obituary: “Sam Francis was merely a racist and doesn’t deserve to be remembered as anything less. . . . America is a better place without him.” As a summary judgment, this may serve well enough,…”

      Well, Sam, THAT is what your beloved fellow “Conservatives” REALLY think about you.

      “America is a better place without him.”

      Him, and us, if they have their way.

      Maybe, if Alex has no objections, we can continue to flesh out an idea or two about how Francis might have changed if he had forthrightly and courageously adopted an explicitly RACE-based focus on national issues…

      Just for fun!

      Thanks again for the heads-up about “DK2.”

      Damn right I’ll get it, and all it has to offer.

      So will my nephews…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    22. Hoosier Says:

      I think for your purposes, New America, you’d find DK2 to be 10 times the equivalent of DK1. “See ya” later.

    23. New America Says:

      in reply to Hoosier:
      Thanks, I need all the help I can get.

      Here’s the beginning of an idea:

      Chapter One: The Quickening –

      The twelve years of the Reagan/Bush Presidency were hardly what he expected. For all of his plans, all of his dreams, and his long hours of deep study, not ONE Conservative Initiative had succeeded – in twelve years! It was always something; Kennedy in the Senate, the Ninth Circuit, “not enough votes” for this one, “bottled up in committee” for that one. In short, it was everything but traction; “all show, and no go.”

      There was hope for the Conservatives, as one of their own was running. He had met the Candidate at many Conservative political functions over the years, and even a few social functions. “Heavy-set and sloppy built” though he was, he was proud of his ability to know the truth of any political situation from a true Conservative perspective. The Truth mattered to him. If he had trouble getting through to the Republican movers and shakers personally, well, at least they had the benefit of his clear, incisive thinking. He could lecture the strongest Buckleyite on what Burnham REALLY meant, and would do so at the drop of a hat.

      “With him running, we might take back the Republican Party,” he thought. “At last, a chance to restore the Party to what Senator Goldwater wanted. Conservative governance, with Conservative values. No Liberals, Just Right!”

      He soon realized his role was to provide political cover; the challenge of the blatant Nationalist Ross Perot threatened to undermine the imminent Conservative Victory. Of course, that was fine; no need to go to all those political galas, after all. You had to spend a fortune for tickets, and then you had to attend so many of these “gala affairs,” and even then, you had to have several tuxedos, just in case.

      He went returned to his empty home, and made some sandwiches for himself. “Just as good as their fine gala food, and much more reasonably priced!” he thought. Tired, he turned on the tv, and saw a speech by this new guy Perot. He sounded just like Buchanan did when Buchanan was an Outsider.

      Opening his mail, he saw a package from an old friend of twenty years ago. In it was a cassette tape, with no name on it, and his friend’s simple message – “Listen to this guy!”

      The tape machine was set to automatic rewind, and repeat. He started to fall asleep, just as the first words on the tape came on . . . “Hello. I’m Doctor William Pierce. I’d like to talk to you tonight about the challenges our RACE is facing in the years ahead, and what we ought to do about it. You see,…”

      The rest of the tape played, over and over, while he slept the sleep of innocence.

      The next morning he awoke, his back hurting from sleeping in a chair, and the tape of Pierce still going. He groggily heard the words of Dr. Pierce, and realized, with horror, “What . . . he’s talking about RACE!” He quickly turned the tape off, took a quick shower, and went to work, ignoring his aching back.

      At work, there was a note on his desk: “We need 500 words on why Perot is not a Conservative by close of business. We have a summary of his last couple of speeches on its way. Throw in some of that Burnham ‘Managerial Revolution’ type stuff, will you? That makes us sound as smart as Buckley’s people!”

      Smiling, he began to type. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. Calling down to Reference, he asked Susan The All-Knowing, “Who is this Dr. William Pierce, some kind of political speaker or something? What do we know about him?”

      At noon, he handed in the Perot piece. “Quite good, something that might help the Conservatives! Not just good – no! Double-plus good!”

      Susan’s file on Pierce was on his desk as he left for lunch. Taking it with him, he saw it has several speeches enclosed, and some comments from the Editor concerning Pierce: “Obviously smart, obviously wrong. Ignore him, and everything he says. No mention in any forum.”


      What Pierce was saying sounded a lot like what Perot was saying; a bit less moderate, yet, but “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” The old Goldwater motto came to his mind unbidden. Yet, Pierce talked about RACE from time to time, and even had some biting, yet insightful comments, concerning the Chosen People of God, the JEWS.

      Come to think of it, Perot and Pierce sounded awfully alike on the Great National Issues of the Day. “Maybe getting a few more of Pierce’s tapes, just to understand what’s going on, might be a good idea.” The hesitant thoughts reflected a hesitant man, a soft man. This man Pierce didn’t sound at all hesitant . . .

      Finishing his sandwich, he went back inside, and found a note on his desk. The terse message left no room for debate: “See me right now!” The Editor’s Secretary saw him coming, and let him right in. Was it his imagination, or did she make the Sign of the Cross as he went by?

      The Editor was brusque, wasting no time to make his point:

      “Why are you looking into this Pierce guy? He’s some nut who lives alone in the middle of nowhere. What’s he got to do with us? Why are you so interested in him?”

      He thought something felt out of place; looking behind him, he saw three members of the Board of Directors watching him very closely . . .

      “It’s nothing. I’m just looking at the Perot campaign, and his name came up somewhere on C-SPAN or something like that.”

      The Editor looked at the visitors. Seeing them nod approval, he spoke briefly:

      “Fine. Thanks. Just a word of advice – don’t waste your time with that nut case Pierce; he’s just some kind of neo-Nazi. Here,” he said, reaching in his pockets. “Here are some tickets to the Republican Gala tonight; why don’t you go, and chat up some people? Oh, by the way . . . It’s black tie only.”

      Shuffling from foot to foot, he stammered, “Thanks, but I don’t have a tuxedo. Thanks anyway.”

      The Editor smiled.

      “I know that. But I do, so I’ll go instead!”

      The Editor and the visitors chuckled a bit, and he had the vague feeling that somehow, he just might have been made a fool of . . .

      The thought came to him, unbidden: “Bet they wouldn’t make a fool of Dr. William Pierce! He sounds like a real MAN; confident, strong, stands up for himself. I wish I was like that . . . ”

      He quickly turned that thought off, and went back to work. As he was leaving work, he realized the Pierce file was missing from his desk.

      He only watched a few minutes of election coverage that night; Perot seemed quite fascinating. He thought, “Ross sounds just like Dr. William Pierce; a real MAN, with no doubt whatsoever that he is right. I wish I was like that . . . ”

      Again, he shut the thought off, even as he subconsciously turned the cassette player back on, and the quiet, confident words of Doctor William Pierce played on the vistas of his Mind, opening his Mind to new ideas, and new worlds, new worlds that seemed badly in need of conquering . . .

      Upon awakening, he felt, somehow . . . different; stronger, smarter, and more confident, as if cobwebs were being swept from his mind while he slept.

      Little did he know.

      At the office, things seemed a little . . . different, somehow. His friends at the office seemed a little stand-offish, and only spoke to him briefly. The note on his desk was curt: “500 words ‘Perot isn’t a Conservative.’ By noon.”

      His piece began with the words that would cost him one future, and open the door to another:

      “Ross Perot is many things; a Conservative is not one of them. Ross Perot is the heir to a tradition of raw American Nationalism, and sees the country as an extension of the families of America. His concern is not for the rest of the world; it is solely for the people of America. Perot is not a Conservative, in the sense that Wallace was not a Conservative. They are Radical Nationalists, and they simply will not compromise their beliefs in this regard. With Wallace, such certainty cost him an attempted assassination. With Perot, such certainty may gain him the White House, if not in this election, then in the next election.

      Conservatism has failed. Not only has it failed to “conserve” the good things, it has all but scorned even the necessary things. Globalization means the ability to buy cheaper goods today, at the cost of slave labor. Tomorrow, the American family will become slave labor, and will dissolve. Conservatism has failed to conserve jobs, in the first round, and the families that depend on them, in the second round. Perot is not a Conservative, and thank whatever God you follow for that. He is an American, and that means far more than being a Conservative. He is the answer to our hopes, and our dreams, for us, and our family’s sake.

      The cost of Conservatism in practice has meant the betrayal of all we hold dear, as a nation. For all of their ‘activism,’ Christian Conservatives have seen the number of abortions go through the roof, and economic Conservatives have seen horrific debts, and trade deficits, on the watch of so-called ‘Conservative’ presidents.

      Whether this can be attributed to political impotence, or political folly, one thing is clear: the Conservative political leaders have played the Conservatives for fools, and Perot is their cry for a clean, clear moral order, and honesty in government, and governance.

      Perot is neither Liberal nor Conservative; he’s honest, he’s a Nationalist, and he’s the answer to our national prayers.

      I don’t know what happened to Conservatism; I suspect it’s lost, and not worth finding. Conservatism has failed us on all fronts, on all grounds, and for all reasons, none of them good. Perot seems to have a poorly developed political philosophy, which is remarkably developed for what the American people need. We all know the names of all of the problems; somehow, the solution requires Ross Perot in the White House, and a new philosophy for all of us, in all of our homes, in all of our lives. It’s called responsibility as the foundation of power. We need it, and we need it now, if we are to be what we want the world to become.”

      “DAMN, but that sounds like something that Pierce fellow would say! The Editor will love to read this.” He hit the SEND key, and away went his opinion piece, and his job.

      He picked up the phone, and asked Susan The All-Knowing if she could set the Pierce file aside for him.

      “Sir, there is no file for Dr. William Pierce in the Archives. I also have no record for a file on Dr. William Pierce in the Archives. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

      A cold chill went down his spine.

      “No, thanks. I’ve got to go, there’s someone on the other line.”

      He picked up the phone, and heard The Editor say three words:

      “My office. Now.”

      The Editor was not a happy man; instead of the usual pat on the back, soothing talk about “the good old days, when Nixon was President,” all he saw was raw anger. To the side of the Editor sat Kinshasha NoKomo, famed radical Black Nationalist writer for a small weekly newspaper aimed at Black Nationalists. Rumoring was the funding came from some big foundation, which, come to think of it, didn’t seem to make sense.

      One thought came to mind: “What was she doing here?”

      He was about to find out.

      “What’s this about Perot being something to look up to? That’s not why you’re here! You’re here because we have to stop Perot! Look, we’ve been carrying you, but only as a favor to the Conservatives who bankroll the newspaper. You’ve stabbed them in the back, you’ve stabbed all of us in the back, and you need someone to look over you. We’ve hired Kinshasha here as part of our Affirmative Action program, and she’s going to assist you in helping to make your writing more relevant to our community. Everything you write will go through her. She’ll clean it up. No need to see me anymore. Well, back to work. Guess you want to take the rest of the day off? Go ahead. Kinshasha has your computer access codes, so, hell, take a week off. Come back rested. That’s it.”

      Speechless, he went home. He felt like he had been kicked by a mule. SOMETHING, somehow, was profoundly wrong. Feeling extremely tired, he fell asleep in his chair; before that, he turned on the tape of that man Dr. William Pierce, and left it running all night . . .

      Awakening, he went outside and picked up the newspaper. As always, he turned to his column. Today, however, was different.

      His column was gone. In its place was a column by “Kinshasha NoKomo.”

      Something was Wrong.

      Her column began:

      “Ross Perot is many things; a Conservative is not one of them. Ross Perot is the heir to a tradition of pure American racism, and sees the country as an extension of the corporations. His concern is solely for the White people of America. Perot is not a Conservative, in the sense that Wallace was not a Conservative. They are Radical Nationalists, and they simply will not compromise their beliefs in this regard. With Wallace, such certainty cost him an attempted assassination. With Perot, such certainty may gain him the White House, if not in this election, then in the next election.

      Racism is succeeding where the facade of Conservatism has failed. As the very foundation of Conservatism, White RACISM, it has scorned even the necessary things. Globalization means the ability to buy cheaper goods today, and develop native economies free from the racist burden of American imperialism . . . ”

      He felt himself getting faint; lying down to sleep, the words of Dr. William Pierce worked their magic on him . . .

      Later in the afternoon, he awoke to the sounds of knocking on his front door. Opening the door, he signed for the Overnight Express Mail letter from his employer:

      “Effectively immediately, we no longer require your services. The balance due on your contract will be paid to you in the lump sum check enclosed. Mail back your ID cards. A box with all of your personal possessions from the office is being shipped to you. Good luck.”

      He felt so tired; it was like he was in a fight that attacked his mind, his soul, his spirit, sapping them of anything resembling certainty, much less power. Falling asleep, he heard the words of Dr. William Pierce in the background . . .


    24. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      He is Mr. Establishment:

      “Hypocrite: Got Rich Off Exorbitant Government Contracts
      Perot got rich off government money — Medicare and Medicaid, to be exact, two of the programs contributing the most to the deficit he talks about so much.

      How much does his company (EDS) make off the government? Consider this; in 1980, EDS won a contract that paid over $390 million per year for administering Medicare — just in Texas! That’s not the cost of the actual health care — it’s purely administrative expense for doing the paperwork. Medicaid is separate, and EDS has similar contracts with states around the country — using software that they charged the federal government for developing, but kept the rights to.

      EDS barely turned a profit before it began government work. In 1964, its fourth year, the company made $4,100 on revenue of $400,000. In 1965, when it started government work, that rose to just $26,487 on revenues of $865,000. By 1968, EDS grossed $7.5 million, and made a profit of $2.4 MILLION – nearly 30% profit.

      Ever since, the company has faced critical audits, congressional investigations, and charges of poor quality work and exorbitant fees. But they built a dominant position in a new industry by investing heavily in political connections, notably with the Nixon Administration, and by personal contacts (Perot himself was a consultant for EDS’ first Medicare client, Texas Blue Cross.) They have maintained profits from government work with their near-monopoly power and, in part, with vicious, sleazy attacks on any potential competitors. (See Posner, chapter 4, “Welfare Billionaire”)”


    25. New America Says:

      in reply to shabbos shabazz:

      The issue is not Perot.

      The issue is the failure of “Conservatism” is masked by a thousand irrational rationalizations.

      The issue is that “Conservatism” is, as Devi described most religions, simply a Game, “a racket to bluff the fools.”

      As of the time Chapter One ends, our guy doesn’t realize that.

      He DOES recognize that, somehow, things are not what they seem – the words are not mapping onto the Reality very well.

      At this time, he is trapped in what Bob Whitaker calls a state of mind called “Wordism” – it uses words like some sort of cargo cult uses aircraft landing field mockups – as symbols that are inappropriately defined to map the Reality, and the pictures inside his head don’t match the picture outside his head.

      And so, like all of us, he blames himself for being insufficiently learned to understand the deep truth.

      He blames himself – and tries even harder trying to see five, where the Party is telling him four…

      He is going slowly insane, as part of the price that is paid to finally become sane. His Mind is betraying him; only his Spirit can save him, but he has to face the shattering of many of the Illusions upon which he built his life – and a lot of his Identity. The price is, as you know, part and parcel of seeking “the paste-jewel of middle-class respectability.”

      Eventually, we must face that fact that none of our Leaders are perfect; we must accept what is, and work with it.

      Most of us use our Leader’s shortcomings, real or imagined, as an excuse not to start where we are, and do what we can, to be what we want to world to become.

      The Hero of our story is beginning to battle insanity, and the only Voice leading him our of the Cave is the voice of Dr. William L. Pierce, which is always going in the background.

      And, for those who consider Perot a “hypocrite who got rich off government contracts,” remember this – if he didn’t do it, someone else would have. At the least, we got our money’s worth, and a man who challenged General Motors, and the two-party duopoly in America.

      You can just bet that, after the 92 Election, a LOT of political laws were rewritten to insure that a truly viable Third Party never got going.

      THAT is how much Perot scared the Real Power in America.

      It might be education to look at all of the Federal Election Commission records and see whatever happened to Perot’s Reform Party…


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    26. e.o.barlow Says:

      Folks, I think you guys are a little hard on poor Sam Francis. Remember where he came from and the time he came from. He, in a way helped blaze the trail you now tread…don’t make light of that nor be so low as the asshole [Mastio]who wrote what he did at his death when the man can no longer answer for himself.
      You underestimate Sam & Jared Taylor….they are your allies if you know how to work together.The old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is of great value. You should be like Christians of old…disagree…but agree to disagree….but never lose sight of the enemy and his intentions. Some men drive nails…others drive trucks….do you think all the Jews, multicult’s, etc. agree on everything?
      The seeming hate and vilification you use on Francis surely will discourage many who never knew of the man and surely will alienate those like myself who had respect and admiration for the stand he took and the sacrifice he paid. You diminish yourselves and your work buy such tirades. Lastly, Sam Francis was a lot smarter than any of you think he was…and a lot deeper.

    27. Paul Says:

      “Revolutions are not made by fat unkempt men making snitty remarks in the back of the room, but by lean and hungry and hate-filled men bent on restoring the natural order of things.”

      That’s the bottom line, Alex. Well said.

    28. New America Says:

      e.o.barlow wrote:
      Folks, I think you guys are a little hard on poor Sam Francis. Remember where he came from and the time he came from. He, in a way helped blaze the trail you now tread…don’t make light of that nor be so low as the asshole [Mastio] who wrote what he did at his death when the man can no longer answer for himself.

      in reply:
      We’re pretty easy on him, compared to his “Conservative” allies, the people whose approval he so desperately sought, and was always tentatively given – tentatively, at best.

      We know EXACTLY where he came from, and see a familiar pattern; “Thanks for your assistance, we couldn’t have done it without you, don’t forget to use the servant’s – er, sorry – the back entrance, when you come, and when you leave.”

      We also know how he was treated by the “Conservatives” when he came remotely close to seeing the fundamental issue – RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      Did a few of his “friends” attend his funeral?


      Did they throw him crumbs from the table after he lost his post at the Washington Times in 1994?

      Yes, as long as he was useful, and remained in his place.

      His friends were certainly “Conservative,” and were about as “Conservative” with him as Buckley was with Sobran.

      e.o. barlow wrote:
      You underestimate Sam & Jared Taylor….they are your allies if you know how to work together.The old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is of great value.

      In reply:
      Our only alliance is with the Truth, the Truth that “Sam” could not face directly, the Truth that Jared Taylor refuses to allow anyone to discuss – here’s an example.

      Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity, and the goddamn JEWS act RACIALLY, while we forbidden to even mention the idea of Jewish RACIAL tactics – the most successful RACIAL tactics in history.

      Why is that?

      We outgrew “Conservatism” when the Conservatives quote from Jefferson on the front of the Jefferson Memorial, but do not quote the entirety of his quote. Jefferson knew the importance of RACIAL thinking; it was habitual among the Tidewater Aristocracy.

      Only WE put Jefferson in context, the proper context, his – and our – RACIAL context.

      We outgrew “Conservatism” when the self-proclaimed “Greatest Generation” stood quietly by, as their RACIAL enemies had the 101st Airborne “escort” our children to school in Little Rock, at bayonet point.

      We outgrew “Conservatives” when the “Conservative” leaders looked in horror at Ross Perot; instead of embracing his ideas, they ran, joined hands with their true partners, and closed ranks to make sure nothing so ruthlessly honest, so forthrightly committed to American Supremacy, ever took place again.

      THAT is what we think of the “Conservatives”; we think no less of them than they do of us, and certainly no more.

      e.o. barlow wrote:
      You should be like Christians of old…disagree…but agree to disagree….but never lose sight of the enemy and his intentions.

      In reply:
      The Christians of old would not recognize it’s bastard offspring, JUDEOChristianity.

      Indeed, Christianity has gone from being a religion of conquest, to a religion of escape.

      This is the foundation of why so many people believe in the Rapture, and buy the “Left Behind” series of books, tapes, and cds.

      They live in abject fear of the future they created; so do we, but we have plans to do something about it. As well, their track record of abysmal failure hardly commends them as models to emulate.

      We have the duty to our Posterity to do better, for them, as our ancestors did, for us.

      That requires facing the issue squarely, and without illusion, and not trying to run and hide until you can be “raptured out,” and your children are Left Behind…

      e.o. barlow wrote:
      Some men drive nails…others drive trucks….do you think all the Jews, multicult’s, etc. agree on everything?

      In reply:
      They can all agree on ONE thing – that WE are the Enemy, Western Civilization is the Enemy, and Christianity is the Enemy.

      That’s all they need.

      The very fact of our existence inspires anger and rage in their soul; with the exception of the goddamn JEWS, they simply do not realize that when we go, when the men of the West leave, the lights of Civilization go out.

      And the goddamn JEWS rejoice in the creation of a New Dark Age, where they will rule over us as Gods over animals.

      e.o. barlow wrote:
      The seeming hate and vilification you use on Francis surely will discourage many who never knew of the man and surely will alienate those like myself who had respect and admiration for the stand he took and the sacrifice he paid. You diminish yourselves and your work buy such tirades.

      In reply:
      We don’t have the time to waste in hatred and vilification of Francis.

      We invest that time in learning what mistakes he made, and insuring we do not make the same mistakes.

      The biggest mistake he made was believing the Conservatives to be people of their word.

      Nothing could have been further from the truth; he died alone, on bended knee, stunned and amazed at how quickly his fortunes had reversed at the hands of an Invisible Enemy.

      There’s a stronger lesson than many realize in the life of Sam Francis, and I think it has two components:

      One, he trusted the Conservatives to say what they mean, and mean what they say.

      Nothing could have been further from the truth.

      Two, he was what Bob Whitaker called a “Wordist” – that is, he believe in the power of words to define, and he accepted the matters of Form – words as containers for Ideas and Ideals – over the matter of Substance – what the containers ACTUALLY held.

      That is where he went slowly mad; somehow, the people didn’t act on the Words they used as they SHOULD have. They had very different meanings, if you looked at their actions, or worse, their inactions.

      That last part is the key – for all of their Words, nothing really came of the actions of the Conservatives. It’s almost as if they were a false flag, sapping energy and resources that might otherwise have gone to fulfilling a different end.

      That’s where we come in.

      The “sacrifice he paid” was earned by his ignorance, and his unwillingness to look in the same box that provides power to his RACIAL enemies, and that is the box marked “RACE.” In particular, it is RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture that works so well for our RACIAL enemies, and would work even better for us, the Creative RACE.

      Sam’s adherence to the Forms of conventional politics was the price he paid for not being able to access the Substance of Righteous Power – seeing things clearly, and acting upon them. This includes wrath, by the way, as seen in the way Jesus Christ fabricated a weapon, and went after the JEWISH leadership…

      Today, He would be charged with a hate crime!

      Soon, just for following Him, so will His followers.

      That’s the price they pay for compromising with their RACIAL enemies; they, and Sam Francis.

      e.o. barlow wrote:
      Lastly, Sam Francis was a lot smarter than any of you think he was…and a lot deeper.

      in reply:
      The leader of the North Vietnamese Army, General Giap, was told by an American that he never defeated the American Army in battle.

      Giap’s answer was simple, and simply forceful:

      “Yes, and it didn’t matter.”

      I don’t think Sam was smarter than we think he was; I think we’ve got him pegged pretty accurately on that.

      As for being “a lot deeper,” no, I don’t think do, especially at the end of the day.

      Look at the slightly mocking biography his “Conservative” friends have given him in the article we are discussing.

      What’s missing?

      His father.

      An Alpha Male grandfather, and an Alpha Female mother, and no father. To be a Man is to measure, and your father is your first, firmest yardstick.

      Just as Christianity has become a religion of Escape, so Sam’s OTHER religion, Conservatism, become a religion of false priests, with, by and large, a morally corrupt Leadership, interested solely in material power and wealth for their own sake.

      And, like what Christianity has become, the Priesthood of Conservatism needs Priests (Francis), and Followers – lots of Followers with lots of Money.

      When Sam became eminently expendable as a Priest (at least, of the High Church), he became a wandering Priest, who could help the High Priests behind the scenes, as long as he knew his place, which was, to put it charitably, second place – at best, second best.

      That’s the way Sam died – alone, unmourned, and as casually dismissed as a plantation master would dismiss the hired help at the end of the season.

      Where’s the power in that, the glory in that, the “depth” in that?

      THAT is the heritage Sam was left by his “Conservative” friends.

      Sam lived his life on defense, on bended knee, and always seeking the approval of his Enemies.

      He never went on the deep offense, which is the only way you WIN.

      We won’t make THAT mistake.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    29. Eumaeus Says:

      Why piss on Sam’s grave now? Why piss on Jared Taylor? Go ahead with your bold approach and save your energy and vitriol for the bad guys.

      Fact is however “cowardly” these types seem to you, they are more honest and more courageous than the regular white guys who are totally self deluded and complete whores.

      This is the attitude of the beatnik: if you haven’t completely alienated yourself from “the system” then you’re beholden to it and pulling punches. Often that is also the excuse of the beatnik for not having a job.

    30. New America Says:

      in reply to Eumaeus:

      Eumaeus wrote:

      Why piss on Sam’s grave now? Why piss on Jared Taylor? Go ahead with your bold approach and save your energy and vitriol for the bad guys.

      in reply:
      Read the article at the top of the page, and pay close attention to this section:

      “Sam Francis was merely a racist and doesn’t deserve to be remembered as anything less. . . . America is a better place without him.” As a summary judgment, this may serve well enough,…”

      THIS is what the CONSERVATIVES are allowing the be said about him, and their counterarguments seem rather tepid, at best.

      For ALL he did for the “CONservative Movement” for all of these years, THIS is how his memory is held – this, by the people whose approval he so desperately sought.

      WE are looking to the story behind the story, for how Sam was treated is a microcosm of how WE will be treated.

      “Thanks for all you’ve done; don’t forget to use the Servant’s Entrance when you come and go. Thanks for the wine, and the lovely flowers.”

      Eumaeus wrote:
      Fact is however “cowardly” these types seem to you, they are more honest and more courageous than the regular white guys who are totally self deluded and complete whores.

      in reply:
      And how much “more honest and more courageous” would they have been if they had the honesty and courage to see the issues in terms of RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture?

      And Jared Taylor admitted he has taken the counsel of the JEWS they gave him in a letter, where they made “suggestions” as how to reform AmRen; among Taylor’s new policy is no criticism of JEWS.

      Yet, as a RACE, JEWS have a remarkably effectively series of tactics in the fulfillment of one RACIAL strategy; however, to Taylor, we can’t discuss that.

      Why not?

      Are the goddamn JEWS just horrified that THREE PERCENT of the White population might catch on, and could neutalize them, today, and begin to actually fight back, tomorrow?

      Perhaps AmRen can adopt a new motto:


      Eumaeus wrote:
      This is the attitude of the beatnik: if you haven’t completely alienated yourself from “the system” then you’re beholden to it and pulling punches. Often that is also the excuse of the beatnik for not having a job.

      in reply:


      We did not leave “the System”; “the System” left US, when it accepted the values of the Asiatic Hive Consciousness to displace and replace the values that made America – the home of our RACE, our NATION – into a great COUNTRY.

      When we left, America started to die, slowly, from the outside in, and, in time, from the inside out.

      Sam Francis didn’t realize this.

      As the a High Priest of “Conservatism,” he died virtually alone, virtually unmourned. Tragically, he saw the Great Revolution, that began with Goldwater, end with Reagan’s failure to transform the System save as a tool for the rich – the people who OWNED the Conservatives – to become much richer, at the expense of the working class to whom the Conservatives paid so much lip service, on cultural issues, and demonstrated such ill-concealed animosity, on economic issues.

      Sam Francis, barely tolerated court intellectual by day, ill-dressed, unmannered, jumped-up fat slob of a court jester at night, never realized that all of the issue he dealt with were mere Shadows on the Wall of the Cave, and the Fire that created those Shadows came from the Light that only his RACE could carry in its Soul.

      Sam died pretty much in vain, seeking the approval of his RACIAL Enemies, and the enemies of his economic class.

      The “CONservatives” seem to have simply manufactured the so-called “Culture Wars” as rackets to bluff the fools, and keep them from focusing on RACE, writ large, as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      That’s why no “CONservative” effort has really succeeded at transforming the Culture; indeed, quite the opposite.

      They can talk all day about “Family,” and they can talk all day about “Culture”; it is RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture that they are forbidden to even think about, much less openly discuss.

      Absent RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture, and the Light that Ideal provides, the disconnect between “Family” and “Culture” is so great that such battles as Francis fought in the so-called “Culture Wars” were fought like a blind man playing baseball – foolishly, and foredoomed to failure.

      And, to those who doubt this, name ONE substantial victory the so-called “Cultural Conservatives” have won since Reagan took office. I’ll make it easy for you. Look to their central rallying theme of legalized, State-sanctioned and State-supported abortion on demand.

      Go ahead.

      THAT is why Sam Francis died a failure; he was always Shadow-boxing, and never fought the source of the Shadows, the Source of their Power.

      Let’s not glorify failure.

      Let’s learn from it.

      For a change.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    31. Roger Wilco Says:

      New America, Chapter One: The Quickening was a great read. Where do I find the rest?

    32. SHMUELY Says:

      A most interesting and enlightening thread here, indeed, with some very incisive commentary. At this stage of the historical process, all of the pros and cons must be considered by those involved in the struggle. Yes, sometimes even the ‘soft core’ ideologues have a useful place in the big tent, for recruiting and activating kindred minds. Sometimes every little bit of help can contribute to the white cause, as long as it isn’t controlled, or a decoy, set up to mis-direct sincere effort and money. As long as AR type moderation doesn’t become an end in itself, or a tool of the enemy, it can be a transmission belt that is useful to the cause. “Conservatism”, however, is ultimately a sugar coated, dead-end trap, like its death-wish cousin Liberalism. Likewise, radicalism at the wrong time and place can be a self-destructive snare. Strategy and tactics, in balance, are the keys, as we are talking about racial survival here, not tabloid trivia or building political sandcastles.

      As a seasoned observer of world historical racial impulses, and the political scene, I would add that burning too many bridges prematurely is not wise. To rationally discuss and critique some individuals in the movement is proper at times, as long as it’s constructive and non-suicidal, or agent induced. Ragging on Francis is one thing, however, savaging O’Meara who is on our side, is unwise; he offered his essay in good faith.

      Always remember that in North America, at any rate, we are dealing with whites who are programmed with delusional creeds, and who are in a state of racial denial. As someone noted on another thread, we are dealing with Amerikinder, who by their juvenile nature, are difficult to save from themselves. We have difficulty today, as alert individuals, even finding anyone locally to talk to about the vital issues, let alone getting 100 of them together to organize, or talk about the future of their race. Yet, 100,000 of the dumb bunnies will crowd into a stadium at $50 a pop to watch Negroes ‘play ball’! Someday we hope to be able to fill those stadiums with racial political rallies, and wouldn’t it be nice? But meanwhile, we have a long way to go, and a short time to get there. Keep building cadre and never give up!

    33. New America Says:

      in reply to Roger Wilco:

      Thanks for the praise.

      It is important to recognize that Chapter One – and all that follows – are purely a work of fiction, and any relationship between any of its characters, and and people who are living or dead, is a pure coincidence.

      I see this as a very instructive situation, a microcosm of what so many of us went through, and are going through. Hence, a few words now and again on this topic might be helpful; not as helpful as Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic trilogy, but certainly, I hope, helpful.

      Thanks again.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    34. New America Says:

      in reply to SHMULEY:
      Your points are well taken, and I agree with your “big picture” analysis.

      Francis is very useful to us for several reasons:

      One, the accepted the terms offered him by his RACIAL Enemies.

      Two, as what Bob Whitaker calls a “Wordist,” he was baffled by the incredible mismatch between the clear meanings of the words he heard, and the actions those words meant in practice.

      Three, he continually tried to deal with the Deep Issues in the Culture War, and, to his credit, near the end, he began to realize it had something to do with RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      The goddamn JEWS figured this out centuries ago; it is the ONE thing they will not allow us to even discuss, much less organize around.

      I see something else in Sam’s story that I think deserves a bit of armchair analysis – his maternal grandfather was an Alpha Male, his mother was an Alpha Female.

      Not a word about his father, or his paternal grandfather.

      To be a Man is to Measure, and your firmest measuring stick is your father.


      One, his father was essentially a Soft Man, an absent man with a strong sense of duty. He simply did not know the Code of Society at the level at which he married. He was always an Outcast, Mrs. Francis’s Kept Man, useful for breeding and support of the children.

      Two, Sam learned that the key to success – the approval of his parents – was to get better grades, and be the best little schoolboy in the world.

      Three, somewhere – I suspect it was his father – he learned to seek the Truth, and to SAY “the Truth.” He learned not to accept the thousand shades of dissimulation that past for everyday social intercourse.

      Four, he was always lied to by the larger society; they SAID they wanted one thing, but REALLY wanted another. Sam never got the Code. His father never knew it, and his mother didn’t teach him. Hence, Sam “rebelled” with his total absence of social graces; private schools, incidentally, teach these explicitly. The Marine Corps Office Program at Quantico teaches them, as well.

      I think Sam lived for the “pat on the head” of the BEST STUDENT IN CLASS, long after the rest of the class had graduated.

      Look at the Conservatives from an upper blue-collar background, like Buchanan and G. Gordon Liddy. They were taught to excel in battle, and learned the social graces as the price to be paid to battle at a higher level. Buchanan fought with his fists as a young man; Liddy became a damn martial arts Master. They had the Warrior Mindset.

      Sam didn’t.

      Buchanan and Liddy got the Warrior Mindset from their fathers.

      Sam didn’t. It was there, in the family tree, in the background, but from a defeated power that never understood the new Rules of the Game following the War of the Northern Aggression. Forrest saw the only way to deal with Reconstruction, and, with the elite of the CSA Officer Corps, formed an organization that DID SOMETHING to recapture their heritage, or at least, stop the predations upon them.

      I suspect Sam’s paternal line never rode with Forrest, and never fought as men for what they truly valued. Stronger men took their place, which became the rightful place of the better men.

      Boys need to be in the company of Men to learn to be Men.

      I suspect the Recovery of Masculinity will be a section of Chapter Two, and an important section, at that.

      Thanks for the constructive criticism, and remember, the way they treated Francis is the way they will treat us.

      Incidentally, think of the way Jared Taylor and AmRen now treat Dr. David Duke at their conferences. Oh, that’s right. The goddamn JEWS told him not to invite Dr. Duke…

      Betcha Sam Francis didn’t make the invitation list, either.


      Linder makes the strongest, uniquely masculine point – we will NEVER be invited to the fine parties of the Elite until they need us, and then, they will try to geld us, softly making us over in THEIR image…

      “Alex! THAT wine? Anyone knows to inquire as to main dish that will be served, and bring a wine that compliments THAT! And those flowers? SO out of season, and the language of flowers that you are sending is quite inappropriate! Well, perhaps we can groom you into being one of US. Could you ring the bell for me? Thank you! (Pause as a portly waiter enters the room, cautiously, hesitantly, his combover falling into his eyes…) SAM! Can you show Alex to his room? Yes, Alex, meet SAM! SAM is working on some sort of philosophy book or something, aren’t you? You MUST tell Alex ALL about it!”

      Fuck that!

      From what I can tell, Sam Francis died on bended knee, mocked and scorned by the very people whose approval he sought.

      His MATERNAL grandfather would never have done that.

      Neither would Nathan Bedford Forrest.

      Do you think Sam’s MATERNAL great-to-the-whatever-grandfather rode with Forrest, or Forrest’s regional associates, both during the war, and especially during Reconstruction?

      Think THEY would die on bended knee, seeking the approval of their enemies?

      Not in a thousand years; not today, not tomorrow, not EVER!

      There’s a lesson to learn from that, and we had better get the lesson, while we can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    35. New America Says:

      Chapter One, cont’d

      ONE MONTH LATER . . .

      It was like he was living in a slow-motion nightmare, fighting an Unseen Enemy that has all the power. Somehow, overnight, no one was returning his phone calls. No one was answering his letters. If he caught one of his Conservative “friends” answering the phone, they always told him they had to go, but they would get back with him “as soon as possible.”

      He felt like he was fighting some fog over his thinking; SOMEHOW, things just didn’t add up. Where were his friends? What had happened that no one was talking to him? He knew he wasn’t the life of the party, but he always brought wine, and tried to be the professional “nice guy” that he always was. Now, there were no invitations to any party, and no invitation to Movement social functions. BUCKLEY had been in town two weeks ago, and he hadn’t even received an invitation. BUCKLEY!

      The NoKomo woman’s column had replaced his permanently. He didn’t understand how this new social fad called “diversity” had any benefits for anyone; in fact, the contrary seemed true. He just KNEW that all of his friends in the “Conservative Movement” would be writing letters to the editor, and making phone calls to clear this up, and soon. While none of those letters demanding his return were published, well, that was because of some error in the printing room. No problem, really. Just a matter of time before he was hired back – and maybe, with a raise!

      It had been humiliating to apply for Unemployment. He couldn’t deny that. How they expected anyone to pay their mortgage, utilities, car payments, and other bills, on Unemployment was beyond him. Well, as a Conservative he had always spoken against the Welfare State, and he certainly wasn’t one of the Welfare People! Fortunately, he had some money saved, and he would soon have his old job back, probably with a raise! The woman at the Unemployment Office said it was good for six months, but he wouldn’t need THAT. No, a good man could find a job in another month, at the outside. All it would take would be for his friends in the Movement to contact him with the right opportunity.

      Another month, and he would be ready to GO!

      He thought, “The right job is coming right along! I’ve dropped the word among all of my friends, and they’ll have something turn up soon. I might as well go back inside and just relax and take it easy. That Pierce tape seems to be wearing thin. I’ll just call the public library and find out where he works, and see if I can get some more of his tapes.”

      The next morning, he found where to get some more Pierce tapes. Funny how cold and distant the librarian had been after he asked for Pierce’s address. She seemed friendly until then . . . No matter. Just a simple letter, and a catalog of Pierce’s speeches was on its way.

      A week later, he got the catalog of Pierce speeches on tape. He sent off for ten of the most interesting sounding.

      A week later, the first batch of Pierce tapes arrived. He put them in the player, and listened to them around the clock. Sure, the old man sounded like a bigot and a racist, but he sounded like he understood the Nationalist perspective, and sounded like an old, rustic version of Charles A. Lindbergh, the famous aviator and speaker for American isolationism.

      Two weeks later, he decided to stop renewing all the Conservative newsletters and journals he had been receiving. After all, they cost money – some of them, a LOT of money – and the editors of those newsletters were driving new Buicks and Cadillacs. HE sure wasn’t driving a car like those! And, well, they seemed to lack Pierce’s absolutely certainty. It was refreshing to listen to a Real Man like Pierce. And, with none of his resumes turning into interviews, he had a lot of time on his hands. With none of his friends returning his phone calls, it was a very lonely time, too, except for the quiet, confident voice of Dr. William Pierce.

      Indeed, it looked like all of his friends were busy, and the only person he had worth listening to was this fellow Pierce. Well, with the holidays close to hand, everyone would be busy with their families, wouldn’t they? Still, there was the clear, intellectually sparkling analysis of Pierce. He sounded less like a bigot and a racist, and more like a classic Nationalist type, with a good grasp of what was going on with the Culture. That was important.

      It was going to be lonely Christmas, and a lonelier New Year.

      Still, he had the quiet, confident voice of Pierce to keep him company . . .

      Valentine’s Day seemed like something from another planet; he never received any Valentines in school, and certainly wasn’t receiving any today . . .

      Nobody had returned his calls. Not one of friends. Not one…

      He was alone in the night, with just the voice of Dr. William Pierce to keep him company . . .

      It was wonderful company.

      He didn’t need anything for Valentine’s Day, anyway.

      March flowers brought all the neighbors out, and it was all too obvious that they saw him as a man who didn’t have a job, and couldn’t get a job. He wasn’t too meticulous about his personal appearance; after all, who was he going to see today? Or any day, at this rate? He was shunned, as if, somehow, coming on economic hard times was some contagious disease. Some Black families had moved in, kept all manner of hours (mostly at night!), making all manner of noise. The empty beer bottles in the street seemed to be theirs, as well.

      It wasn’t getting any better.

      In May, he was listening to Pierce tapes pretty much around the clock, and took many notes. Pierce wasn’t a Conservative! He thought the Conservatives were doomed to failure, and were little better than agents of the Enemy!

      In June, his Unemployment Insurance ran out. Coincidentally, there was a flyer on the wall advising rooms for single men at the YMCA. It sounded just like a college dorm! There were more Black neighbors on the street, and it wasn’t getting any better. His mortgage was due, and he was now having to go into his very limited life savings. Those certainly wouldn’t last for long, not at this rate. His property taxes and homeowner’s insurance both became due next month.

      That night, one of the Blacks had emptied his gun into the house of another of the Blacks.

      That made up his mind; sell the house, sell it now, and sell it while he could.

      He boxed up his books, and put all but the few he relied on in a storage unit. He boxed up his clothes, and most of them went to the storage unit. He called the Salvation Army, and they took away most of his furniture.

      He then called the Realtor, and took her advice; some local kid to paint the interior, a little trim work on the exterior, and it would be ready to sell.

      A week later, the house was listed.

      That weekend a family of Black people came by to look at it. They made an offer, and he accepted it. The sale would bring him a cushion to help tide him over until he found a job. After selling, he took a room at the YMCA. Clean, comfortable, quiet enough, and, frankly, all he could afford.

      He looked around his new quarters; his books, some clothes, a new tape player, a shortwave radio (on sale at the Salvation Army!). The money he had made from the sale of his house allowed him to rebuild his car, pretty much from the bottom up. Property values certainly weren’t going up any more – not in his old neighborhood! He felt like he was abandoning a sinking ship. Little did he know . . .

      He went down the hall, and looked to the common areas for showering; looking in the full-length mirrors, he was a sad sight, indeed. What happened to the young man he had been, a proud graduate of the University of the South? Well, he would soon recover his health, and there was no better place to start that where he WAS! Right downstairs, all manner of weights, exercise machines, a pool, and instructors in all of these disciplines – including something called “martial arts.”


      Even a small lending library from the Salvation Army right downstairs.

      Nobody had returned his phone calls. Nobody had responded to his job applications. All of his friends had turned out to be something else. He didn’t like to think about that. He really had no way to deal with that.


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    36. alex Says:

      Either the system is irretrievably broken, or we can achieve our objectives within it.

      It really should be obvious by this point that the System is designed to exploit whites, not protect them, and any person or position that threatens to interfere with the feeding frenzy will be sniffed out, marginalized, if need be destroyed. The only opposition formally permitted will be marginal whinging remonstrators like the palace eunuch who wrote the obit above. He’s doing the verbal equivalent of fanning the liberal jews who operate our Congress when he dismisses deep traditions with ‘creepy.’

      The System dictated terms to Sam Francis and he took them. Like all others who accept terms on bended knee, he presented his cowardice as maturity, tried to turn his vice into virtue. There are no things an honest political analyst “can’t say.” And your access to readers is nugatory when you’ve already agreed with your bosses not to tell them the very things they need to know. No gentleman would accept terms dictated by his enemy. Sam Francis did because he was a career girl, first and last. He never did see that his example mattered more than his career, and that careers, in any case, are soon over. Take lesson from his failure, White youth. Be a man while you live, because you won’t be alive that long.

      It is clear from his words and picture that Francis was aware of his bad faith, and that it defined and ultimately consumed him. It wracked his mind and wrecked his body, his internal disgust at being unworthy of his Southern forebears.

      Francis’ position was career before honor. His fear defined his life more than any other thing. His reward is to be shat on by quasi-intellectual geldings like the who wrote the piece.

      There is no way to keep your integrity when you agree to play along as though a fixed game is real. That’s what Francis does when he agrees to write editorials as a political analyst but refrain from mentioning essential facts and making essential arguments.

      Francis’ surrender to the jews not only makes a joke of himself and his career, he makes a mockery of anything that touches him, anything that he claims to love or preserve: the South, conservatism, kith and kin — he has soiled himself and all in his orbit. As New America says, he went on bended knee. And he knew it. It’s really very simple, and you see it in his words to Gerhard. He knew he was writing and acting — living — in bad faith, and it was tearing him up. No essentially honest man, as Francis was, could live that way for long, and that is why Francis died. William Pierce did what was right, and feared no man. Francis feared the jews, and that fear crippled his mind and body.

      Let that be a lesson to you, young White writers. It is your job to worry about writing the truth as best you can. If the circumstances are hostile to the truth, you must find a way to deal with it. That is your duty. The price of selling out to a system you know is wrong is eternal self-loathing and words history will fail to record because, hey, you never dealt with the real issues of the time. Sam Francis will be remembered as a sad, weak, issueless man concerned with his petty career rather than the destruction of his people. An obese coward celebrated only by his tiny ilk, the well-whip’t paleocurs.

      The tragedy of Sam Francis was that he had a good brain, but he lacked the courage to live in line with its conclusions.

      Two features of Francis’ writing stood out: his very careful distancing of himself from White nationalism, and his blaming others for not doing what he was clearly best positioned to do. He was a weak man, and his decrepit, prematurely aged body was exactly what you’d expect in a man divided against himself.

      “The fool you flatter is the fool you become.”

      Francis’ reward is to be hated by almost everybody. He’s hated by liberals, Republicans, conservatives, three-named geldings like Brenda Fahey who wrote the article, and can’t even get his own family to stick around the hospital when his life’s in the balance. No kids, just rolls of fat, or skin, since he slimmed down. No posterity to worry about, just the wisdom of some third-world doctor to see safely out of this vale of tears.

      Francis’ epitaph:

      Here lies a cringing fat man.

      “Don’t be that guy.”

    37. New America Says:

      a quick comment regarding alex’s insights:

      There is a substantial irony to the story of Sam Francis we should all learn from:

      One, to the extent that his family had the Spark of Greatness, it was because their focus was explicitly founded in RACIAL formulations, and RACIAL Ideals. It was simply taken for granted.

      Sam missed that lesson, in spite of the fact that its manifestation – the fruits of that philosophy – were all around him, especially on his mother’s side.

      Two, Sam never went near the REAL issue; he failed to see the Invisible Hand of goddamn JUDAISM in all of the philosophies and societies he criticized. Thus, he was forever doomed to fighting the Shadows on the Walls on the Cave.

      Three, Sam was pretty much systematically ignored by those whose approval he sought. Oh, from time to time they would throw him a bone, but, by and large, he lived in a house that (reputedly) didn’t go up in value over the last decade. According to the Census, the country he lived in is racially, well, he was pretty much the last white man living there.

      If THAT didn’t teach him about the importance of RACE, then he was either deliberately oblique, or a damn fool. Probably both.

      Four, Sam died unloved, unwanted, and alone…

      THAT was what he had to show for a lifetime of bootlicking!

      I suspect Sam’s true biography was a series of broken hearts, as everyone used the same words he used, with a different set of meanings that he could not comprehend.

      I also suspect that Sam was mocked by so many, because he symbolized the Fallen South that they so enjoyed feeling morally, intellectually, economically, and spiritually superior to.

      In short, to use “Gone With The Wind” as our metaphor, Sam didn’t even rate as Ashley Wilkes; no, he was more like Scarlett O’Hara’s father – oblivious to what had happened, oblivious to what was happening, and oblivious as to what was going to happen.

      Bluntly, I suspect many of the Gentry only invited him to their social functions as a Court Jester; pathetically obese, devoid of social skills, he might have been invited as an object lesson for the Gentry to show their children, a living reminder that “brains aren’t everything; social skills count quite a bit.”

      Frankly, I suspect most of his associates are glad he isn’t around, and missed him for about thirty seconds after he died.

      Ironically, those are the same associates that will call us cold-hearted, unfeeling, and unconcerned for the dead.

      They would be wrong.

      We are VERY concerned for the dead, at least in the case of Sam Francis, because the way HE was treated is the way WE have been treated, by the same people.

      Most of us don’t have the courage to face that yet.

      Soon, we will have no choice but to develop the courage, or die on bended knee, like a crippled dog seeking table scraps; no longer good enough to work for Master, he is tolerated.

      But not for long.

      Just like Sam.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    38. Eumaeus Says:

      Hey New America, you dont want to “glorify failure,” go ahead with your Master Plan to reclaim the USA for Whites.

      Ah– shall I hold my breath?

      Lots of criticism here, lots of grand ballshit, very few real ideas and initiatives to actually move Whites ahead in the game.

      Canny Sammy at least had a column that embolded lots of regular Whites, at least got a few book in print. He got afew things done. Not much by some standards, but in all fairness if we had more failures like Canny Sammy we might be a little farther on down the line.

    39. New America Says:

      Eumaeus wrote:
      29 January, 2007 at 12:35 pm

      Hey New America, you dont want to “glorify failure,” go ahead with your Master Plan to reclaim the USA for Whites.

      Ah– shall I hold my breath?

      in reply:
      No, our nation began with an Inspired Few, and they made the country into our Home.

      It’s being done slowly, responsibly, at an organic pace, needed to insure organic stability.

      Eumaeus wrote:
      Lots of criticism here, lots of grand ballshit, very few real ideas and initiatives to actually move Whites ahead in the game.

      in reply:
      One, it’s the best type of “criticism” – it’s CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism.

      It’s mean for a generation who might follow the track that led to Sam’s unfortunate, untimely, demise.

      It’s meant for those who do not want to live on bended knee, as a second-class citizen of a second rate nation, allowing their implacable RACIAL Enemies to determine the Words they can use, and the Ways they can use them.

      That’s important.

      Sam was trapped in the intellectual prison of what Bob Whitaker calls “Wordism.” Sam could not accept the obvious fact that the CONservative Leadership used the same words as he did, but with an entirely different meaning. That meaning was derived from their purpose. Their purpose was to control through misleading, using a false mental map to intellectually cripple their followers – like Sam.

      Eumeaus wrote:
      Canny Sammy at least had a column that embolded lots of regular Whites, at least got a few book in print. He got afew things done. Not much by some standards, but in all fairness if we had more failures like Canny Sammy we might be a little farther on down the line.

      in reply:
      Glad to see you admit Not-S-Canny Sammy was a failure.

      At VNN, our specialty is ruthless intellectual honesty in dealing with every aspect of how our RACIAL ENEMY, the goddamned JEW, is always working against us.

      If we had been here when Not-So-Canny Sammy started out, he MIGHT have chose a different Path, that MIGHT have led to a different PLACE.

      If we can help the NEXT up-and-coming Not-So-Canny Sammy to see the Truth a bit earlier, and choose to spend his life serving a much greater Purpose than he can imagine, instead of seeking the approval of people who have no reason whatsoever to give him one bit more of approval than they need to control him, we might have the New Leadership developing at a much younger age, with power and glory working WITH them, for a change.

      Isn’t that a far better outcome than dying alone, virtually without resources, living in a house that did not gain in value in the midst of the greatest real estate market in the lifetimes of many (he must have been the ONLY White Man in the neighborhood!), without even the company of any of his living relatives when he needed them most…

      Don’t you think we would have loved to go Home, to Tennessee, and live in a quiet little farmhouse some miles out of town, editing a local paper and teaching at the local college?

      He traded a good chance at that life – a life of low income, but very high quality – for the approval of people who looked at him as his grandmother would have looked at the summer help on the farm during the Great Depression.

      He died a fool.

      Let’s not make his mistake, shall we?

      Do I sound harsh?

      If doing so saves the life of even ONE of our RACE’S future journalists and commentators, then Not-So-Canny Sammy’s life will not have been in vain.

      How lonely he must have felt, alone, unable to move or be moved, his sister having left, in a hospital racking up bills he could not afford to pay, knowing that if he left it would be as a vitual invalid for a long time, at the mercy of the kindness of strangers.

      I suspect he really wanted to end the pain of a deep sense of personal failure, of having been reduced to physical helplessness, of living in near destitution, of having been ruthlessly, brutally HAD by the people he admired so much as his supposed Compatriots in the Patriot Movement.

      I suspect death came as a quiet blessing for him.

      How much more might he have accomplished if, following the betrayal and collapse of the so-called “Reagan Revolution,” he had realized it all comes down to FAMILY, RACE and the Living Bridge between Family and Culture, and CULTURE?

      That is a topic worthy of speculation.

      And I’m working on it.

      If even ONE young man or women turns from “the paste-jewel of middle-class respectabilty,” and the fallacy of CONservatism, to clear thinking on RACE, FAMILY, and CULTURE, then his death – and our comments – will not have been in vain.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    40. New America Says:

      Another quick note in reply to Eumaeus:

      Eumaeus wrote:
      Lots of criticism here, lots of grand ballshit, very few real ideas and initiatives to actually move Whites ahead in the game.

      in reply:
      Is that the best review of the writings of Sam Francis you can come up with?

      He had good ideas, and some great ideas; they were, to a remarkable degree, neutralized by his, and our, RACIAL enemies.

      While I work on my speculative ideas concerning an alternative history of Sam Francis, perhaps you might enlighten us with your ideas of what he should have done differently…if anything.

      I’ll make part of it fairly easy for you; my model of the foundation of society begins, not with the individual, but with the family. Sam’s (apparently) only living blood relative left him to die alone, at the mercy of the kindness of strangers, because she – and her husband – has business affairs to attend to.

      At least, that’s what I THINK Mr. Dougherty wrote:
      “Business concerns forced Julie and her husband back to Chattanooga. Before they left, she was told that even if Sam recovered, he would be a ‘ticking time bomb.’ Before Julia and her husband arrived home, Francis was moved. His aorta burst and he died.”

      Here’s the tragedy: it seems his only living blood relative cared more for him, and about him, than his CONservative “friends.” I’ll bet the hospital visitor logs will support that statement.

      Hell, I bet some of Sam’s CONservative “friends” treat their PETS better than they did Sam. Of course, their pets aren’t “racist.”

      Guess that makes all the difference…

      I seem to detect a slight tone in your comments that we should not criticize the deceased, treating them as if the choices of their lives that comprised their lives were above constructive criticism.

      We don’t extend this courtesy to another Son of the South, Thomas Jefferson.

      We shouldn’t extend it to Sam Francis, either.

      I’ll make The Challenge even easier for you, Eumaeus:

      “What ONE thing should Sam Francis have done differently, and why?”

      There is no limit on the length of your reply.

      Good luck.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    41. Eumaeus Says:


      I’ll make The Challenge even easier for you, Eumaeus:

      “What ONE thing should Sam Francis have done differently, and why?”

      There is no limit on the length of your reply.
      Easy answer to that and the one part of your commentary that’s most worthy.

      He should have married a nice healthy White gal and had a few kids.

      Lots of Whites out there today concerned about race can’t seem to do that and Francis was no exception.

      Anyhow, you Goddamned-right I don’t like all this pissing on the grave of the dead. The fame of Sam Francis’ deeds lives on, we’ll see what “newamerica” comes up with.

      I get a bellyful of this Ersatz-mark-twainish iconoclastic criticism of White heroes at VNN. What it really reminds me of sometimes, is that brat “Sid” in Adventures of Tom Sawyer, against whom Tom says “You cain’t stand to see nobody praised more than yourself.”

      50% of this criticism against Francis while he was alive was just envious bullshit from writers who were less successful than he. Today, it’s upwards past 90%.

      “Name the Jew.” OK, here one must always YELL it with a strident and offensive tone. Don’t you guys ever tire of that?

      OK– you guys are like the same pack of undisciplined clowns that Hitler had to correct after they ran amuck on Krystalnacht. “You have almost undone everything I have tried to accomplish” he said. VNN, heart in the right place, head in the sand.

    42. Eumaeus Says:

      Most of this macho condemnation of Sam Francis is just like the personal frustration that causes people to go out and dress up like a clown in nazi garb and “march” with the federal informants and nutzis of the NSM.

      It comes from frustration and a lack of self-control, a lack of patience, that is required for somebody to take a long-term careful approach to a difficult problem.

      It’s undisciplined impulsiveness that mocks a man who had modest self-control except perhaps in the area of eating. But I’ll bet if we could see all the frequent posters of VNN there’ be plenty of fatasses out there too.

    43. JHW Says:

      I think people like Francis and J. Taylor are beneficial to white people. They act sort of in the same way as marijuana does. They’re a “gateway” to understanding the larger problem. One things for sure, they’re a million times more valuable than the NSM or KKK. How could these people not be an arm of the ADL?

    44. Vincent Hall Says:

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