3 February, 2007

Classics In Cowardice: Suckpoop Joe and WorldNetDeli Take a Deliberate and Dishonest Dump On Carter

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More About Jimmy Carter

Wow. If we had to describe this essay, we would call it a “the gloves come off” essay. These are strong words:

WND Exclusive Commentary

‘Too many Jews’

Posted: January 27, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

“Too many Jews.”That was the comment former President Jimmy Carter scrawled on a memo suggesting prospective members of the board of the Holocaust Memorial Council.

“Too many Jews.”

That was the problem Carter saw with the names suggested by Monroe Freedman, executive director of the council, he revealed in a stunning interview with WND’s Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein this week.

“Too many Jews.”

Naturally, Freedman was shocked by the statement – given the Holocaust Memorial Council’s job was to establish the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. The Nazi Holocaust took the lives of approximately 6 million Jews during World War II.

“Too many Jews.”

“If I was memorializing Martin Luther King, I would expect a significant number of board members to be African American,” explained Freedman. “If I was memorializing Native American figures, I’d expect a lot of Native Americans to be on the board.”

“Too many Jews.”

What prompted Freedman, a “self-proclaimed liberal” like Carter, to speak out years later on the comment was the release of Carter’s book, “Palestine: Peace No Apartheid,” which strongly suggests Israel’s “intransigence” is responsible for the Middle East conflict.

“Too many Jews.”

Ultimately, that’s what Carter and others like him believe is the real problem in the Middle East – too many Jews. There are about 7 million Jews living in Israel – nearly 1 million of them refugees from predominantly Muslim Arab lands populated by 300 million non-Jews.

“Too many Jews.”

It is this usually unspoken belief that leads to ethnic cleansing policies like we see completed in the Gaza Strip, from which all Jews have been forcibly removed – barren lands they had settled peaceably and turned into gardens. The same kinds of “no Jews allowed” policies will soon lead to the forcible evacuation of Jews from historically Jewish lands in Judea and Samaria.

“Too many Jews.”

But, of course, those policies will never be enough for the Jew haters of the world – people like Jimmy Carter and the terrorists he defends in the Palestinian Authority. There will always be “too many Jews” as long as Jews are permitted to live in the Middle East – their historic and enduring homeland.

“Too many Jews.”

Freedman has performed a real service to the world and to America for exposing Jimmy Carter for what he truly is – an anti-Semite, a bigot, a Baptist backslider of the first degree.

“Too many Jews.”

Every time you hear or read the name Jimmy Carter from this day forward, I want you to remember those three words he scrawled in his own handwriting on a memo proposing board members for the Holocaust Memorial Council. That’s the real Jimmy Carter. He poses as a reasonable, even-handed fellow when promoting his book on C-SPAN. But if you want to know who he really is, just remember those three words – the three words that define growing anti-Semitism in our world today as well as a growing blame-Israel-first attitude.

“Too many Jews.”

That’s what Jimmy Carter believes is the problem. That’s what Hamas believes is the problem. That’s what Hezbollah believes is the problem. That’s what Mahmoud Abbas believes is the problem. That’s what Syria and Iran believe is the problem. And, of course, that’s what Hitler believed was the problem.

“Too many Jews.”

How ironic that we would find out the truth about Jimmy Carter because of his meddling in the effort to memorialize Hitler’s victims.

“Too many Jews.”

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  7. 13 Responses to “Classics In Cowardice: Suckpoop Joe and WorldNetDeli Take a Deliberate and Dishonest Dump On Carter”

    1. alex Says:

      There are no words to describe a slug like Suckpoop Joe, the name says it all. This fellow would literally eat shit for jews, I have no doubt about it.

      Let friends of the jew take note: it doesn’t matter if you promote their agenda for eighty years in a row, the first time you make one motion in another direction, they and their smearbund will howl like monkey and fling feces at you.

      Jews are pollution, and things like Suckpoop Joe deserve nothing but disdain and death.

    2. Panzerfaust Says:

      ” – barren lands they had settled peaceably and turned into gardens.”

      That is the single most ridiculous piece of ass backwards bullshit I have ever read…..settled peaceably? AND Turned into gardens?

      Suck poop Joe and this article REALLY pissed me off this morning.

    3. Bolg Says:

      Too many jew-fellaters.

      I am sure farah has a pile of anti-jew articles ready for the time the tables have turned, along with a long list of brave dissident actions on his part.

      Ejaculations like this one should be filed and kept though, lest he escapes his deserved end – hanging for being a genetic fluke.

    4. Biff Baxter Says:

      I can’t understand how Joe gets oxygen with his head jammed into Abe Foxman’s small intestine 24/7. Maybe Abe is drinking a lot of carbonated soda to keep the Goyim supplied with a small amount of air mixed with CO2, which explains why Joe is always disoriented and dizzy when he sets pen to paper.

    5. Glenn Miller Says:

      Perhaps Carter’s book and jewish attacks against it and him will create even more “Babtist backsliders”, eh ??

      Carter’s got nothing to lose now that the kikes have decided to permanently label him an anti-semite. Written and oral history will even label him such no matter how much he begs for forgiveness. And Carter knows it.

      He also sees the South has become a sewer filled will third world mongrels, and more millions flooding in – all multiplying like rats. And he knows the kikes are responsible.

    6. saltriver Says:

      After reading the bullshit that Joe spouts, it renews my firm belief that one jew is too many.

    7. jackumup Says:

      “Too Many jews”

      Man your not Fucking kidding every where you look there’s a jew

      Here a jew there a jew every where jewjews. I can’t fucking take it any more If i listen to the radio 65% of the talk show host are jews, television all shows are jew host or jew controlled as well as all movie scripts and most books.

      (Every time you hear or read the name Jimmy Carter from this day forward, I want you to remember those three words he scrawled in his own handwriting on a memo proposing board members for the Holocaust Memorial Council. That’s the real Jimmy Carter. He poses as a reasonable, even-handed fellow when promoting his book on C-SPAN. But if you want to know who he really is, just remember those three words – the three words that define growing anti-Semitism in our world today as well as a growing blame-Israel-first attitude.)

      I used to think jimmy carter was a complete ass wipe, but now i wonder if his presidency wasn”t deliberately sabotage by the yidskys. Now any time i hear or read the name Jimmy Carter I’ll wonder if he wasn’t another great American destroyed by satan’s beddieyed offspring.

      “Too many jews”
      (Not enough prosecutors)

    8. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      I don’t think the Jews are too frightened at this point, after all they do own the very dangerous and powerful national government, and the state and local governments as well. One way to begin to make them nervous would be the simple, passive act of White people withdrawing their support for the Democrat/Republicans. That’s all it would take, just staying the hell home on election day, or voting third party. As long as they see us supporting the parties they control, why should they fear us? That’s why I get so goddamned enraged at those assclowns in the CofCC with their lesser-of-two-evils crap. They should be shunned by all pro-White activists. They’re now supporting Duncan “Israeli lobby? What Israeli Lobby?” Hunter over on their blog, which comes as no surpise, eager as he is to fight Israel’s wars. If you can’t vote for Ron Paul or for a third party, DON’T VOTE.

    9. New America Says:

      Thoughts on Carter, and Sam Francis:

      Another field hand gets the axe.

      Ironically, as I understand it, Carter wrote those words as the servant to the our eternal RACIAL enemies, the goddamn JEWS. His concern was that, with “too many JEWS” on the board, it would seem as if it was the handmaiden of the JEWS.

      His concern was political viability in the Larger Society.

      Well, so much for being a professional Nice Guy.

      Now, at the twilight of his life, Carter actually spoke the truth, ONCE, about the demons in shoe leather, and even then, it was in the context of actions of the Israeli STATE.

      The RACE of JEWS does not acknowledge any such distinction, save as it serves to give them greater power over the “subhuman animals” – that’s you, and I, and Carter, and Sam Francis.

      Carter is about to learn what Sam Francis learned; that a LIFETIME of devoted service counts for nothing, if only because your slow, lingering, eternal suffering makes you a wonderful living object lesson (except for Ol’ Sam, of course!) of what happens to those who even speak openly in any criticism whatsoever about the goddamn JEWS.

      The common factor between Carter and Francis?

      Never again will one good word be said about them by the goddamn JEWS; I mean, NEVER!

      Carter is about to discover who his true friends are; that will be quite a shocking event.

      It certainly was, for Sam Francis.

      The same things will happen to Carter as happened to Francis, just on a different scale.

      First, the invitations to fine dinners and events will disappear.

      Then, the phone calls will be returned ever so slowly, until they are not returned, at all…

      Then, he will be amazed as people to whom he gave the substance of his life turn from him, at first, and attack him, ruthlessly, as he grows ever weaker.

      Then, he will realize what Francis never truly realized, never truly dared realize – that their support for you was conditional, even their approval for you was conditional upon getting on bended knee before them.

      Neither man ever realized the power the goddamn JEWS had over them, was the power they GAVE to their implacable RACIAL enemies.

      If the CHRISTIANITY both men claim to follow had the wisdom to return to its MASCULINE foundation, this never would have happened.

      However, a Feminine Christianity has created gelded men; hardly Warriors for Christ, they are simply Geldings for JUDEOChristianity – “Brides for Mother Jesus,” if you will.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    10. Timothy Says:

      Filles du Roi’s Boi

      How right you are about that “lesser of two evils” bullshit. As I’ve been telling people for a long time now, Republicans/Conservatives are actually the WORSE of the two evils, because they pretend to be your friend and pretend to fight for your interests while hiding the knife they plan to stick in your back at the decisive moment.

      The outright Judeo-Bolsheviks on the Left make no bones about the fact that they are anti-White; they are an open enemy, whereas the Republicunts/Cuntservatives are a fake friend who’ll always betray and sabotage you when its looks as though you are beginning to make some real political headway.

    11. Iron Eagle Says:

      I was never really impressed with Jimmy Carter…..TILL NOW
      to bad more people in power don’t speak up. We know that they KNOW the TRUTH

    12. John Says:

      Carter needs to go into full attack mode now as he has nothing to lose. Name the kike everywhere, make it fashionable and hip to be an ‘anti semite’.

    13. Marwinsing Says:

      Damnitall I love this site! Now… IF I could only get 4 million WHITE Saffers to think the way you guys do… yep… they’re KIND OF aware of the low-down BUT it just hasn’t QUITE hit the frontal lobe YET. One day it might – my only fear being that, for many of them, it may JUST be TOO LATE.