7 February, 2007


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Top links to VNN 2/7/07…

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    1. alex Says:

      Two Million Strong

      Filed under: Blogging, Politics, Women We Love — Jill @ 5:32 pmLiza is compiling all the posts about the Melissa/Amanda drama, and points out in an email that these blogs collectively reach more than two million people a day. Just a thought for the Edwards campaign — that’s a whole lot of voters from their base to alienate.

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      The Backlash Against the Edwards Bloggers

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      If I had known there was going to be a witch hunt, I would have ridden in on my good broomstick.

      UPDATE: Because I’m a moron, I forgot the most important part of the post: Contact the Edwards campaign and voice your support of Amanda and Melissa. Do it now.

      As Zuzu says, the conservative attacks on Amanda and Melissa have gone way too far. It is amusing, though, to see people who support interning American citizens and people who are loud-mouthed anti-Semitic bigots complaining about Amanda’s supposed hostility towards Constitutional rights and religion.

      One thing is clear: The people who have problems with Amanda and Melissa’s employment are not moderates. They are among the most hateful, foaming-at-the-mouth, low-IQ, bottom-feeding maggots in this country. They are people who openly support hate groups. These are not people who are going to vote for any Democrat, or who Democratic candidates should be taking seriously.

      So let’s clarify a few things. First, the Duke case. Half-witted conservative bloggers ’round the sphere have been accusing Amanda of violating the civil/Constitutional rights of the Duke lacrosse players who were accused of rape. They point to this paragraph of Amanda’s as evidence of her supposed harassment of these fine young men:

      In the meantime, I’ve been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good f*** god is that channel pure evil. For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and f*** her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out. Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair.

      * Ivory Power

      Republic Broadcasting is back!

      February 7th, 2007 Republic Broadcasting (not to be confused with RepublicRadio.com) website looks completely normal as of now, don’t know what happened later.

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      Windham Post
      Yuri Bezmenov on Demoralization


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      February 6th, 2007
      Williams Gives Worthless Advice

      State Sen. Donald E. Williams, D-Brooklyn, gave a speech to a group of students, teachers and people from private companies at the Quinebaug Community College.

      From the Norwich Bulletin:

      “We can no longer assume we have the edge when it comes to creativity, high-tech engineering or education,” Williams said. “We have to do a better job attracting kids to math and science, and then connect that to the real world.” Williams said the displacement of many manufacturing jobs to overseas firms in the last decade could continue if students do not retain their competitive edge, especially in the bio-tech and health-care sectors.

      Expose Them All
      Big ugly beaner dropped in Mehico

      MEXICO–Some infants are big when they are born…but what about 14 and a half pounds!

      A mother delivers a really big baby who they call, “Super Tonio.” The baby was delivered by C-section earlier this week. The hospital’s director says the baby is healthy despite high blood sugar and a slight blood infection, both of which are under control.

      Nurses in the hospital joked as they placed “Super Tonio” next to another newborn baby to compare their sizes. “Super Tonio” is drinking five ounces of milk every three hours and is twenty-two inches long.

      I bet this obese thing will be an American citizen prior to his first BD.

      Local White Boy
      TOP STORY, Blog updates below.

      February 24th, Volksfront, along with local racialists will be hosting a day-long conference in the St. Louis area.

      There will be several speakers, a dinner, and some smaller activities throughout the day. The purpose of the conference is to promote unity amongst folk with similar views, standard, and morals, and establish networking with individual racialists and other groups.
      The main goal of the conference is for everyone to have a better understanding of how to attain victory or at least how to sustain ourselves as a community in the mean time. We’ve held similar events as this one in the past and the main question afterwards is “what do we do now?” This conference should answer those questions for everyone. Most people within the cause know why they are in it and what they are fighting for/fighting against. The majority of people involved can read off all kinds of statistics, tell you who runs the media, and tell you all about the fabrications of history. The problem is, most people within the cause do not know what to do with all this knowledge. We hope to remedy that problem with this conference. The program theme of our event will be the different avenues people are using to gain victory. Whether it is personal development, street activism, political campaigning, or more survivalist type activism. All of this and more will be discussed at the conference. No one way has proven to be the right or wrong way. All these different programs of activism need to be explored, discussed, and if found to be the most suitable for you, put into effect. Everyone at this event will walk away with the knowledge to change the wrongs that are currently being committed against our folk. What we are offering is many people throughout history have chosen to ignore, a way to better our community and secure a future for our children. The one excuse Joe Schmoe on the street has for his lack of pride and for not doing anything is that he has had the wool pulled over his eyes. You have already chosen not to be brainwashed and not to be counted in as one of the millions of zombies living in a matrix. But what’s worse, to not do anything because you don’t know there’s a problem or to know there’s a problem and consistently choose not to do anything. We think you know the answer to this.
      Several vendors will be setting up tables to provide a multitude of merchandise, from CD’s to books to videos. As of now we have 10 different vendors committed to setting up. We will also be providing snacks and refreshments throughout the day with a dinner at night, along with live entertainment while you’re eating. We will be having raffles and giving out an info packets at the door filled with bios of the speakers, fliers for the vendors, articles on activism. We will also be video taping this event and offering it on DVD afterwards for a very nominal price.
      The event itself will be held in a very safe and professional manner with tremendous detail being paid to security. All the precautions we are taking are for your safety and the security of the venue. This isn’t the first event we’ve held, the experience will show at the conference.
      If you would like to be notified of any changes in the conference, you can e-mail us at [email protected] and we will update you periodically. You can send any questions to this e-mail also. If you would like to pre-order tickets you can send well concealed cash or a BLANK POSTAL MONEY ORDER to:

      PO Box 782
      Bridgeton, Mo 63044

      White Reference

      Mainstream Media Now Reporting On Cyberterrorist Attacks Against White Nationalist Shock Jock Hal Turner’s Website

      A major media outlet has finally picked up the story of a sustained cyberterrorist attack against the Hal Turner Show website, operated by white nationalist shock jock Hal Turner (pictured at left courtesy of ADL). The Detroit Free Press published a report in its February 5th, 2007 edition. This post combines the Free Press reports with additional information since discovered.

      An anonymous cadre of cyberterrorists, identified in a lawsuit filed by Hal Turner as belonging to 4chan.org, 7chan.org, eBaumsWorld.com, NexisOnline.net and Abjects.com, have targeted Turner’s weekly Internet radio program and websites in escalating attacks over the past two months that have all but put him out of business. However, these may not be the only websites involved; just today, an individual who identified as the webmaster of 420chan.org began a discussion thread on the Vanguard News Network (Note: I have no intention of providing a direct link to these sites; I will not be instrumental in increasing their Alexa ratings or Google Page Ranks at my expense).

      Turner, a white nationalist who, in the name of free speech, has permitted discussion of both peaceful and violent defensive responses against attacks from minorities and government officials, is fighting back with a Federal lawsuit that accuses the aforementioned five Web sites and “John Does 1-1,000” of engaging in fraud, extortion and racketeering.

      Sevenfatcow seven = sacred. so does fat.


      Wednesday February 07th 2007, 10:18 pm
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      Vienna Jewish school expels children of rabbi who attended Iran Holocaust summit
      By The Associated Press
      The children of an Austrian rabbi who attended an Iranian conference that questioned the Holocaust have been expelled from their school and told no other Jewish school in Austria will take them, their father said Tuesday.Moishe Arye Friedman said he has begun legal proceedings against the school. He said his four school-age children were told to leave Monday.A letter shown by Friedman with the letterhead of the school said one of the reasons for the expulsions was his outrageous behavior in attending the Holocaust conference last month.



    2. Dudeman Says:

      We need more humor on VNN. This is some funny stuff: http://www.niggermania.org/newforum/showthread.php?t=252

      – Kamau