28 February, 2007

Keep on Fighting, the Hate Race Will Fall

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Israel’s Surge of Despair
Gregory Levey — Salon
http://www.salon.com/n ews/feature/2007/02/15/israel_despair/index_np.html

… And this sense of depression is not only permeating the Israeli public. A series of recent interviews with current and former Israeli government officials revealed a level of pessimism across the Israeli government that is unprecedented in recent decades. Several senior officials acknowledged unequivocally that Israel lost the war against Hezbollah, and confirmed that this is a widely held view inside the Israeli government — despite many public pronouncements to the contrary by Israeli leaders … The level of gloom inside the Israeli government is accompanied by a creeping sense of paralysis — one that could be dangerous not just for Israel, but for U.S. interests in the region, and for the Middle East as a whole.



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  7. 5 Responses to “Keep on Fighting, the Hate Race Will Fall”

    1. Chris Says:

      Blogged it here http://pcapostate.blogspot.com/

      It sure is too bad that the kikes are bummed out – hopefully it’ll result in a mass movement and they’ll all commit suicide

    2. alex Says:

      Congratulations to Hezzy. He showed that if you’re willing to die, you can kill the hate race, beat it into the ground with the other subrockian invertebrates.


    3. New America Says:

      alex made a stronger point than he realized.

      alex said:
      Congratulations to Hezzy. He showed that if you’re willing to die, you can kill the hate race, beat it into the ground with the other subrockian invertebrates.


      in reply:
      Hezbollah took something very important from the hook-nosed Satanic demons who control the Zionist entity, and that was the aura of military superiority, and the demons reputation for superior intelligence capabilities.

      Israel did well when they controlled the air, and their Arab opposition was using tanks to cross open desert, as if, somehow, they were doing a rerun of the battle of Kursk.

      Hezbollah was pure Third/Fourth Generation Warfare; they were serious students of William S. Lind, and it showed.

      Hezbollah won the victory they wanted, and they were ready to prolong the battle for as long as it took.

      The Israeli sense of superiority took a big hit, as they realized that fourteen year old boys with hundred dollar Kalashnikovs AND battle discipline could neutralize all of the Israeli high-tech military systems. In short, they could eventually bankrupt the Israeli government, by trapping them in a war they could never win.

      Sound familiar?

      As well, the much-vaunted Mossad lost a LOT of its credibility, and demonstrates that they are really only successful when they operate as predators among indoctrinated prey, whose learned helplessness neutralizes them.

      When the demonic goddamn JEWS went up against an enemy with nothing, and nothing to lose, that saw the war as a RACIAL war, then the Satanic goddamn JEWS stood as a known RACIAL enemy to another predator.

      There is learning for all of us in this…

      A useful lesson – seeing the battle in RACIAL terms is the key that we have rejected, and our RACIAL enemies, the demons who walk the Earth known as JEWS, have used it with remarkable skill against us.

      By simply adopting the same basic Mindset – “ALL WAR IS RACIAL WAR” – we can take their advantage, and use it for ourselves…

      For a change!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Few words about israeli military superiority around 1949-67.
      israeli army in those days had allmost 100 000 (if not more) battle hardened German and Russian jews. All army generals and most of middle staff where former fighting soldiers from WW2 sides. I have read that kikes from US and GB gave former jews from Wermacht a choice allyed prison camp with near 50% mortality rates or go to israel and join in army and fight. Same things happaened in Soviet Union – GULAG or israel. So it comes little bit clearer why israel did have those days superiorityin army. But right now he is falling in the same shit they stuffing down to us – liberals, diversity and stuff. And if society is weak the army is even weaker …

    5. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      YESSSSS! Likewise, the Bush regime and the whole JOG here in North America is wobbling, dying. Those of us who keep on the offensive WILL dance on the grave of jew “America!” Hail Aryana to come!