21 February, 2007

Lenten Contrasts

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Mr Linder, here are some links which illustrate the differences between pre-lenten carnivals in Germany and places which aint Germany. I’ve been to that ‘college kids gone wild’ puke festival in New Orleans and wouldn’t let my own kids go there. But, at least it was “relatively crime free” this year.


In San Jose this year, violence was down with “only 41 arrests”.

Let’s not forget Rio de Janeiro’s “Carnival of Death”.

Now, go to this page and click on any of the photo spreads on the right. This the Karneval in Colonge. Over one million people celebrate in the streets in the biggest Karneval in Germany.

If there was disorder of any kind, it was not mentioned in the press. Notice the cleanliness and orderliness of the crowds?

All the best

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