13 February, 2007

Myope Anderson

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Here a chronic not-getter attempts to shame the NAACP. Great strategy, bozotarian. Yeah, that’ll work. Niggers can’t remember what they did, let alone why. You’re not going to guilt them like white suckers. The nig in the case you cite was defended by the NAACP not because he was innocent but because he was black. Which is the same reason the NAACP goes after the innocent Whites. Itz GOOD FOR BLACKS. It is a white principle that the innocent should go unjailed, not a nigger principle. Niggers don’t have principles, they have kinky hair. The nog you cite’s innocence was just a good way to defend him, as white suckers seem to care about that stuff. But the minute nigs have power, then any stick is good for beating whitey, whether he’s guilty or innocent. Appealing to the rationality of the nigger makes sense to christians and libertarians, but humans reject this course as a childish approach, to be put away in favor of fresh mountain REALITY.

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    1. Biff Baxter Says:

      Moon crickets are a poor man’s discounted lite brand human sourced from the equatorial sweatshop of genes. They have two arms and two legs but something is missing there, they don’t quite meet quality control standards for name brand products like whites and even asians. They’re more like a third world attempt to pirate the human brand and pass off these shoddy goods with the help of joos as a fair and reasonable substitute. Kind of like those shitty watches you buy on the street with a Rolex label but get them home and it turns out the hands don’t even really move.

      God was definitely distracted on the assembly line when the jigs were coming down the conveyor belt. They should have been steered into the offcuts and irregulars bin.

    2. sgruber Says:

      Biff, you’re incorrect. Niggers are not human at all.

      A different analogy would be turds in the soup. Hey, THAT’S not chicken!

    3. whip master Says:

      Dig into the “founders” of the NAACP and all the other NIGGER lovin Organizations ….Those WHITE NAMES, although 2or3 generations old, should all be hung along with their unka tom servants and house boys !!!

    4. white is right Says:

      please osama black masser can use whites have us a day to honor our race please masser please its time for change ow and other whites please dont call me rascist for having pride in what my people have acommplished

    5. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      The NAACP which by the way stands for Niggers, Alligators, Apes, Coon & Possum, is by far the most vile gang of human waste that this planet has ever seen!!!