13 February, 2007

Rise of Cuntry: Some Bums Never Change Their Underwear

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Tory men and liberal principles, as they said in the old days. So it is with modern cuntry. Same old Jew York Agenda, sluice it e’er so mellifluous from the lips of the uncouthest jerkwatery pluckerin’ hick. Ah, who’re we kidding? We’re all actors nowadays. Empty heads, but damn they look good. We say all the right things, on cue, perfectly. Player people, we’re. AmeriKwanus Sovieticus, to be linnaetically correct.

Montgomery Gentry is not a toothpaste but a pair of faux Southron good ol’ boys who jimmy jam and crock out like nobody’s big business. And you know what? These boys ain’t afraid to take a stand, all Rebel-like. Well, sort of. These neo-rebels are against paleo-rebels. Against their own kith and kind. Just ask them. They’ll sing you their answer.

His old man was a rebel yeller,
Bad boy to the bone, he’d say,
Can’t trust a color’d feller
He’d judge em by the tone of their skin,

He was raised to think like his dad,
Narrow mind and full of hate,
On the road to nowhere fast,
Till the grace of God got in the way,

Then he saw the light,
and hit his knees and cried and said a prayer,
Rose up a brand new man, left the old one right there

Ain’t that purty? Naw. It doth stinketh of taint. Maybe that old rebel yeller hoped his son would grow up to be a man. Maybe he’d seen more than one Channon Christian in his day. Do you know what happened to her and her date? Not if you watch Kinky Kikeman’s Globorap. If he hoped for something other than semitically correct cowards in his sons, that poor old rebel yeller was disappointed.

“Some people change” has got to be the most puke-inducing rerecorded song in recent history. You know what doesn’t change? The jewish mass media’s need for Aryan sellouts to put a White head on a black sepulcher.

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    1. Bolg Says:

      That looks very… brokeback.

    2. MIKEY Says:

      montgomery gentry are slime. at country concerts, they push alcohol on stage to make more money, and to teach young people to be alcoholics. i believe they push Jim Beam, or some cheap whiskey like that. these people are low-grade

    3. Bolg Says:

      Then he saw lights,
      fell on his knees and cried,
      as he looked up o’er his shoulder
      and the nigger behind him said “quiet”

    4. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      I’m at the point where I’m not sure it would be all that much of a tragedy to see these Gawd bless President Bush and Brother Hagee types miscegenate themselves into oblivion. The net’s been around for a few years now, they’ve had ample opportunity to wise up but they choose to remain invincibly ignorant. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of the White race, you morons. Here’s another:

      Vince Gill Molly Brown Lyrics

      Molly Brown waits for me
      In a little one-horse town
      Boley, Oklahoma, where white folks don’t come around
      I’m thinkin’ about you, Molly
      I’m forbidden to come around
      Lord knows I love you Molly
      Molly Brown

      Molly Brown, Molly Brown
      Lay down by my side
      Show me how to spread your wings and let that pony ride
      I’m crazy about you , Molly
      I don’t care that your skin is brown
      Lord knows I need you Molly
      Molly Brown

      We met down by the river
      She wore her wedding gown
      Never saw it coming
      No one heard a sound
      My daddy used both barrels
      And left me there to drown
      Lord knows I’d die for Molly
      Molly Brown

      Molly Brown, Molly Brown
      Don’t you weep for me
      I’m going to a place the Lord
      Prepared for you and me
      I’ll meet you up in Heaven
      Upon that Holy ground
      I’ll be waitin’ for you Molly
      Molly Brown


    5. alex Says:

      Ol’ Vinnie sings shit like that then heads out to the golf course.

    6. John Says:

      Modern cuntry is nothing but a holding place for washed up, never was, wanna be rich at any cost, jew boot licking rockers. Niggers pushed white rock from mtv to vh1…the vh1 light weighters went into cuntry. Add a fiddle and slide guitar, put on a silly big hat and sell your way into kikie world while shitting on white culture.

    7. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      There’s a lot of stuff going on out there that traditional Merle Haggard type country artists could be singing about even if they didn’t want to specifically name the jew, like jobs being outsourced, lost to invading illegals, working class kids being sent off to war by five-deferment Dick and his draft-dodging neocon pals, instead these doughy-looking faggots are pumping out all this destructive nation-wrecking jew agenda crap, with the help of brain-damaged old queens like Don Imus. Cuntry music is the perfect description of this sick industry.

    8. sgruber Says:

      Alex, superb writing lately. Thanks also for the hyperlinks.

    9. alex Says:

      I just realized that was the second time I wrote about “Some People Gentry.” And you know what, there might be a third.

      Seems to me that the kikes producing these channels have decided that if it’s not hip-hop, it’s country. CMT is nothing but tats, long hair, race-mixing, southern-rock-lite; patriotard bs; and woman-is-always-right, suck-ups like Lonestar and Keith Urban.

    10. Timothy Says:

      Cuntry music is a perfect example of how the kikes take an existing form and hollow it out and fill it with their own ideas. You have to hand it to the kikes…they know how to seamlessly integrate any number of seemingly ideologically opposed things into their propaganda system. Hence, the basic propaganda and worldview you see peddled on MTV dovetails perfectly with what you see on VHI or CMT.

      Ditto the fake Conservative/Liberal poltical dichotomy, which as we know by now, is merely one false non-choice presented as two real choices.

      Whatever you ‘chose’ is only what the jew has put on the menu. And nothing is put on the menu except that which furthers jewish interests.

    11. phuckoffmothafuka Says:

      A lot of these newcomers to country and racing are not from the south but trying to look and talk southern like the Bush piece of shit. If you want to see how the north still thinks look at all the whites carrying Obama signs in NH and elsewhre up there or out there. You will never see whites carrying signs in the south like that although carrying those Bush signs were worse since we all know a carpetbagging lying piece of shit from a spoiled rotten brat elitist background is typical of actions.
      Who is the bitch from Illinois who brags and sings about being a fucking redneck woman? What a fucking laugh a a slut. And even the so called mainstream bluegrass bitch Krause and her band is from Illinois and not the south.
      We know the true southerner will never worship a fucking nigger or jew shit and that these carpetbaggers who come into Nashville or Branson with their jewnig shit is the same jewnig shit that came slithering in 145 yrs ago after everything else has been jewed and niggerized with the mtv rap whiggered trash.
      One thing the white southern race can count on is the influx of the white snakes pretending to be someone they are not and only aim is to break down the last remaining stronghold of the white pure race as even the lyrics are typical of the jew and his nig tool.
      When will all these northern and western or carpetbagging white race traitors understand that we who the fuck you are and what you are trying to do and thats why after you destroyed the white race worldwide you attempt to attack the last remaining thing that is still white with country and racing as everything else has been given to the nigger including the greatest gift of all and this is the white blue eyed blonde babes who niggers are fucking and misegenating everywhere. Tiger and Seal niggers got their blonde blue eyed babes strutting for the world to see in jew hollyshit televitz and both bitches are either knocked up and had a mixed niglet.
      Look at the white bitch from Texas Anna Nicole Smith and her jew lawyer who already killed her and her son to get at that 475 million and will soon kill the baby. This is symbolic.
      At the root of all this shit by the jew snakes is money. They use the nigs and other white tools to slither into everything and in the end they makes trillions and trillions. Even the Iraq bullshit is a double edge jew sword as they get to use Amerikwa to kill off the sand niggers and then make trillions off it on Wall St as the big brokers for oil and arms and everything else.
      Next to go to the jew who has already been laying the foundation to take over is country and racing and to do this they have to revisionize everything to make the cowboy a faggot atheist or the country singers feel guilty and ashamed of their heritage. Same ole bullshit but then again everything is taught today from the same hymnbook in jewed xianity to the jewed public schools from kindergarten to phd and all the millions of hrs of televitz and media brainwash in between and then you got the vnn jews working the reverse psychology side of the fence … we know …

    12. Marcus Says:

      “Who is the bitch from Illinois who brags and sings about being a fucking redneck woman?” Think she’s Gretchen Wilson.

      You’re right. Some of these people go way over the top trying to cash in with their fake southern accents and mannerisms. Fuckin’ Jew York has ruined country music. Even a lot of older southerners have come to think that REAL country music is corney. They eat up the new shit. I’m from Tennessee, and that makes me wanna puke.

      Having said that, there are some yankees who made good music. I really like, for example, Bobby Bare and David Allen Coe, both from Ohio. I think that “southern” is more a state of mind than a fortunate accident of birth.

    13. Iron Knuckles Says:

      ” I think that “southern” is more a state of mind than a fortunate accident of birth.”

      You got that right. Now if we can get more whites in a REAL, old fashioned Southern state of mind…

    14. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Those goddam MontgummyGenital turds richly deserve a quicklime-fortified dirtnap, no doubt about it. They oughta get a reverse dose of what the smaller sphincter-pinching dished out last year: the cowardly cunt was arrested for doing a canned “hunt” in which he killed a poor old chained-up bear.

      Yea verily, Murray really has annihilated all White forms of popular music: nigger rap and the generic hordes of 2-chord “alternative” mouth-farters used to shitcan hard rock performed by actual musicians; fag-coifed “redneck” tampon-suckers Takin’ a Stand Agin’ Hate……..BANG! BA-BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!!

      To make the situation even more revolting, the Fuckin’ Schmuck’s “music” channels have about as much music on offer as there is chow in a Harare supermarket: hey, who needs music when ya got disgusting “celebrity” barrel-scrapings in “reality” shows and ugly jewfag “comedians” flappin’ their thick lipz about the latest bit of nothing? All the cultural charm of a piss-soaked crack house sofa.

    15. sgruber Says:

      Used to wonder why Alan Jackson’s old early 90s hit “Gone Country” was (allegedly) considered “controversial.” Alan didn’t name the jew – obviously! – but he hinted at outsider opportunists (“Yankee” types) infiltrating the country music industry. That takeover is now complete.

      Btw, I can’t stand country music. To me, White music is German classical music. But to each his own. I must admit Haggard is all right.

      Also btw: if there were ever a city that was a nightmarish MESS of White defectives, niggers, tons of spics, and that tasty thin layer of Cool Whip Jew on top of the funky morass, it is Nashville. You’ve heard tell of how entire towns during the “Dark Ages” went insane, but kept functioning, barely, by rote and routine. That’s Nashville – mental illness rules there. One might pray to Osama to MAKE WITH THE NUKES ALREADY (to paraphrase our jewish friends) there, post haste, even ex post facto.

    16. alex Says:

      Something I didn’t mention because I didn’t notice until two days ago. The lyric in the MG/Chesney song reads “colored feller” but if you listen close when it’s played on the radio, they’ve remastered? it to “other” fellow. So, you can’t even quote a racist making a racist statement. Too offensive. File this under don’t use ‘niggardly’ around niggers.

    17. alex Says:

      “Gone Country” gently mocked “simple girl who grew up on long island” and “serious composer trained in voice and composition” turning to country to make a buck. “They’re not as backward as they used to be.” Believe Jackson had another song about the murderers on music row, referring to the jewing of Nashville. But of course Alan Jackson scored big with the why-ask-why 9/11 song in which he didn’t know the “difference between Iran and Iraq.” He just knew to trust Jesus and luv, luv, luv.

    18. Biff Baxter Says:

      The kike took a loss on this new Soviet Cuntry Musik for some time, like trying to get a dog to eat a new brand of biscuits colored like the old one but with a funny taste it didn’t care for. It took nearly a decade of forced feeding before the sheeple went limp and threw their mouths open for this artificial mimicry of the traditional White folk music. Now the beast just sits there and listens, even eagerly, to this appalling abomination created with sheer amounts of cash that bought out Nashville and paid off everybody involved until they consented to warble this faggot joo gibberish. You don’t know who to hate more, the doodied-up metrosexuals in ridiculous Monty Python sized cowboy hats or the filthy diseased Synagogue of Satan that funded them into the industry with fiat currency. Either way this last bastion of white media and worldview is now just another completely jewdified and controlled steaming mountain of kulture compost.

    19. Nvthercvnnvs Says:

      Jews INVENTED cuntry music…back in the late 1920s and early 1930s so sell stuff to radio listeners in hick towns and on the farms. Before that there was folk music and popular music and opera. They invented country so they would have something that appealed to rural people so they could sell air time.

      The biggest buyers were laxative manufacturers. Farmers ate a lot of starch like potatoes and had a hard time shitting, so laxatives were popular.

    20. Whocares Says:

      Country music is crap. Who cares about this stupid topic? Why can’t this website have some topics worth a crap. Going back to stormfront. This site sucks…

    21. Inside Rail Says:

      Biff makes a good point about the jews taking a loss. They also did the same initially with rap. But they kept shoveling it, and shoveling it while at the same time reducing choices in other areas. It isn’t all about profits. It’s about politics and control.

      As for “Whocares”, what a fucking idiot. No wonder Stormfront is what it is. How long ago did the tribe buy that site out?

    22. kayla Says:

      we worry too much over niggers rather than try to get these fucking spics out our country.