2 February, 2007

The White Patriot Leader #2

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To order The White Patriot Leader

Send check, cash, or money order to:

Glenn Miller
PO Box 3861,
Springfield, MO 65808
tel: 417-463-7703

50 copies. . . .$7.00
100 copies. . . $14.00
200 copies. . . .$28.00
500 copies. . . .$70.00

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  7. 3 Responses to “The White Patriot Leader #2”

    1. James Hawthorne Says:

      If us here in the UK could distribute this excellent newspaper without being put in prison for “Inciting Racial Hatred” for 9 years .. then WE would order this newspaper in itz thousands ..

      Amerikwan’s understand your freedom’s – fight back now – or never fight back – your choice !


    2. Glenn Miller Says:

      Thanks for the “plug”, Alex and Hawthorne.

      At only 14 cents per copy for our 16-page, in-color, kike-exposing newspaper, and with 202,000 copies printed so far, how can any self-respecting American WN refuse to support it, either with a financial contribution or by distributing or both.

      But yet, most VNN’ers do.

      We have dozens of proven reliable volunteer distributors all over the country willing and eager to distribute, but lack the funds to pay for costs of printing and shipping.

      Bulk shipments of between 50 and 1,000 copies are provided at below total costs. Printing alone cost 8 cents per copy, and the cost of shipping (media mail) is 5-8 cents per copy depending on weight. Plus other expenses. My labor as tabloid clerk comes free.

      Thanks again Alex, for posting this promotion. Perhaps, a few govnn fans will decide to support VNN’s newspaper project – The White Patriot Leader.

      Sieg Heil to ya !!!

    3. downboy1488 Says:

      hey does glenn miller have a paypal account…..that way i could by my papers instantly without having to u.s snail the money order to him. would be much faster.

      anybody know how to direct contact someone over there?