2 February, 2007

things these days; itz, bits, small essays und spintros

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White Week
Well, actually it’s Asian week. White media is called “hate” by hate-filled jews. Here on Quigley on the New World Order. More here on Bilderbergs.

For Those Who Think There Are Good Jews Amongst the Bad
Really, revisionists and evolutionary biologists ought to get together and compare notes. Is there any other race in human history that will go up before audiences and repeat things it knows to be lies? The revisionists almost make a mistake in dealing with the facts. You have to focus on the outrage here. These jews know full well that there were no gas chambers in these camps. They were there. Yet they get up before these ignorant, accepting goyfools and repeat lurid charges invented and circulated by their brothers. Does anybody see how outrageous this is? Does that person think I exaggerate when I say that, verily, there are no good jews. They mean to live off us, and destroying the reputations of our relatives is just another income stream to them. DEATH TO THE JEWS. Did you catch that? Let me repeat: DEATH TO THE JEWS. Let’s give them some real atrocities to whine about…to Jahweh, when they’re dead. Anyway, here’s yet another wizened Wyo-yid repeating ancient lies to fresh profit. They were told to take showers and taken to a building that had “shower heads” on the ceilings. Instead of water, gas came from the shower heads, killing all that were in the building. There’s no other way to say it than these are simply lies. And they are known to be lies. Yet not a single jew steps forward to admit the truth. As one the pernicious race benefits from smearing Germans, and by extension all Aryans. Jews don’t speak about the Holocaust, they lecture you on their own moral superiority and why you must worship them, which means paying them money and respect they don’t deserve. A jew is a human tapir who every morning thanks god for not making him a goy, and every afternoon lectures goys on the need for mutual respect as the only way to defeat hate. Are jews hook-nosed hypocrites who retail lies for fun and profit at the expense of your people, Aryan man? Yes, they are. Only a nation of slack-minded Christians takes jews seriously. Humans can see them for the jokes they are. Here extended jewing about Hitler. Here jew Makow on themes Suvarovian. Museums exist to document German evil and jewish goodness. Anything else is a distraction from their purpose.

Sweden’s National Institute for Race Biology
Under the leadership of Herman Lundborg, the institute soon began gathering copious statistics and photographs to measure the racial make-up of 100,000 Swedes.

Iran and the Kikes Who Hate It
Another attempt by FrontPageFags to defame it. Defending yourself and your nation from jews is not hatred. The haters are the jews who control the press and flip the truth for a living. Here British histo-phenom Niall Ferguson “rethinks” 20th century and WWII. There’s no true rethinking unless he treats the theory that jews ain’t good and nazis ain’t bad. Do you think Ferguson dares? More here. It all lines up, you see. If you love diversity, multiculturalism, P.C. — hell, judeo-communism — then World War II truly was the “good war.” We prefer the timeless children’s ditty: Only the jew/ Won World War Two. Linked by smears: criminal jew Neal Sher carries out the signal feat of jewish thought: linking honest men who describe jews into one evil conspiracy. Protecting Aryans from jews is real politics; the stuff you see on tv is a dumb show to fool morons.

Duke Mothers Hold Feb. 4 Demo Against Nigger Liars and the TV Jews Who Propagate Their Baseless Claims
Perfect event to pass out White Patriot Leaders at. Fag-hating christians battle ice-poofs in Idaho. Odd world we live in. Those who give thumbs up to men sticking their erect penises in the asses of other men are normal, while those who object are “nuts.” Here on Yahweh ben Yahweh, a nig jeboo who got dozens of Whites killed. Isn’t it odd that women have sewn for thousands of years, and they’ve had, many of them, unruly flopping tits for even longer. Yet not a single women, during all those milennia, had the light go on that she could solve the flopping with the sewing. Is that telling? Or is it misogyny to point it out?

Seven Black Coaches
For the last few decades ESPN and the NFL have promoted the hiring of black coaches. The so-called Rooney rule is that no NFL coach can be hired until at least one ‘minority’ has been interviewed. If niggers were capable of thinking, they would have come up with sports that take advantage of their genetic gifts. But every single major sport, — oh, and every single minor sport, too — was invented by Whites. Niggers star in some of these sports, and make millions of dollars. But that is not enough. They must star in the coaching too, even though the White man has a genetic advantage in thought. When are nigs going to invent sports that Whites can star in and make millions of dollars? There are now seven black coaches in the NFL. ESPN reports, absolutely without irony, that there are “only” seven black head coaches in a league that is 70% non-White. If you think the way NFL/ESPN does, you’re celebrating the dispossession of your own people. The truth is not merely that niggers are not discriminated against in coaching, but that Whites are discriminated against on the playing field. Funny how the liberals and the jews who set their agenda twist and turn as benefits the nigs they use to destroy America. They use blacks’ dominance of the NFL as the reason the coaches should be black too. It doesn’t work that way for Whites, you’ll note. Whites lose coming and going. By ESPN’s standards Whites are underrepresented as players. You can wait up all night for a decade and never hear ESPN whisper word one about that. The fact is that Whites are discriminated against by the NFL both as players and coaches, whereas blacks have the rules bent in their favor. Statistical disparity is used against Whites and in favor of Blacks. When blacks dominate something, it’s always because they’re qualified – ie, it’s natural and just. When Whites dominate something, it’s always due to racism, or a legacy thereof. No proof is needed, statistical disparity is enough. When it comes to NFL, statistical disparity, if it were applied as everywhere else in society, would be used by whites, but instead it is used against them. Why should Whites care about blacks and jews when it is manifest by their every word and action that they don’t care about us? The answer is, we shouldn’t care about them. We should see them for what they are: our enemies, our competitors, and, at the moment, our conquerors.

Niggers Suck at Sports Like Everything Else
We hear that niggers are superior athletes. This is not true. Niggers exhibit the same carelessness, fecklessness and good old-fashioned stupidity in sports they do everywhere else. Who ever heard of a nigger downing a ball inside the five without going into the endzone? Who ever heard of a nigger who took more than one head fake to leave his feet? Who ever heard of a nigger not giving up after a call or twist of luck didn’t go its way? Niggers, it is a fact, cannot hold two ideas in their head at once. The only reason there are any niggers anywhere in sports is that they can, on average, jump higher and run faster than Whites. Those are their only advantages. Even the speed advantage is much smaller than is generally thought. The jumping advantage, in my experience, is real and substantial. Not that you’ll see niggers winning high jump competitions, though. Too much technique involved. It’s all nigs can do to master the long jump, which involves, well, jumping. Jumping from behind a line. It’s the introduction of that second element they find troubling. Whites hold every other advantage over blacks, and that is why they dominate blacks in sports as they dominate blacks everywhere else.

Thought for the Day
Redistributing money from whites to blacks via taxation is another form of corporate welfare since blacks spend less than whites and spend a higher percentage of their money on consumables. In other words, welfare is corporate welfare.

Canada: Jew-tool Warman Against Wilkerson

A man used free speech, and some claim that’s not legal in Canada. The website was shut down in February 2004 by the company that hosted its server space. The material presented at the hearing was posted in the latter half of 2003 and “was completely accessible to the public and could be viewed without becoming a member,” according to Mr. Warman. Mr. Warman further alleges that it exposed “mentally disabled persons, Jews, Hispanics, blacks, gays and lesbians, Roma (Gypsies), Pakistanis, Arabs, Chinese, and Japanese to hatred and/or contempt.” Dickler Warman is asserting his right to determine what is written and read in Canada. Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tryants. It would be a real shame to have to report that Dick suffered the consequences of his actions.
Meanwhile, the Klan is spreading in Ulster. Here on the expansion of FBI terrorism since 2001.

Catholics Contra Kikes
SPLC (Molester Dees’s group) on new groups of evil Americans failing to bend the knee before Holy Hymie.
If you’d like to hear the truth about real Catholicism from a credible source, go to RomanCatholicReport.com. It features podcast interviews with E. Michael Jones and hard-to-find news about Eastern Europe and the battle there between the kikes and the Whites. Here on the conviction of two Aryan Brotherhood leaders. During a six-week trial, prosecutors presented evidence to show an “Aryan Brotherhood conspiracy” and said the men ran the gang while in the California Institution for Men at Chino in the 1980s and 1990s. Apparently there’s some idea floating in Hollywood that jew Kubrick at one point planned to turn into a movie called ‘Aryan Papers.’ More here. Tired, bankrupt yid Mailer has flavored his latest stupidity with Hitler and theozoology.

If Niggers Then Problems
Another rich jig needs in the brig. It doesn’t matter how much money it has, the nigger simply cannot conform to human behavioral standards. And why should it? Mistaken human convention alone places the negrid in the human category. …the family of the woman killed in the accident has launched a $50 million lawsuit against the 27-year-old performer. The parents of 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj, who died when a Land Rover driven by Brandy slammed into the back of her car, filed the wrongful death lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court one day after police recommended to prosecutors that Brandy be charged with one misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter. Ah, a nigger named after a barley pop slamming into a mystery meat, resulting in death and lawsuit. An all-AmeriKwan story, to be sure. Here’s another. Kobe, a negrid named after a cow popular in Japan, smashes the face of a White, then complains about suspension. This Kobe-gro has millions too, and has also, in the past, been charged with illegally attempting to ass-access a brainwashed groupie. Say negro, say criminal.

White Archaeology: Stonehenge Village Found
Seems they’ve found the quarters of the stone pilers. In ancient times, this settlement would have housed hundreds of people, making it the largest Neolithic village ever found in Britain. Here on some of the battles going on between tribes and scientists when it comes to old bones in the U.S. The U.S., being run by jews, strongly opposes the unearthing of facts that contradict its Founding Lie that the evil White man genocided the noble red man, and so must pay reparations to the jew for all eternity. Here on banning the swastika, i.e. yielding to jewish hate. More here on swastika and recent attempts by jews to ban it.

HPV Vaccine
Chemical co. wants to force girls to be treated with this supposed vaccine in order to get into public school. If your girl listens to the government and media, she will become a whore, so the intended measure makes sense. Here an SPLC attack on homo-curer. During the interview, Schoenewolf lambasted civil rights, women’s rights, and gay rights. “All such movements are destructive,” he said. He also claimed the American Psychological Association, of which he is a member, “has been taken over by extremist gays.”

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    1. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      It’s quite true, there are no good jews. They are either actively trying to destroy us or making a profit from us or trying to distract us from what their tribe is doing.
      A case in point is Norman Finkelstein. Norm has been outraged by the blatant greed of some of his cousins who have been taking more than their ‘fair share’ of Holohoax loot rather than seeing that it is given to more ‘deserving’ members of the tribe; ie ‘survivors’. He is not in any way outraged by the fact that the Holohoax is actually the greatest scam in history and vilest slander against the German people in particular and the white race in general.
      None of the other so-called ‘good’ jews will ever admit that it is a hoax either. None of them ever sincerely protest at the persecution of white people who try to get at the facts of what really happened. No jew wants to know these facts even though they may suspect, or probably are sure, that most of what we have been told about the Holohoax is at the least distorted and grossly exagerated and more than likely outright lies.
      Why would they? It has been ‘good for the jews’. In fact it has been great for the jews. It has been one of the greatest coups of this vampire race in their history. It has allowed them to set up their criminal headquarters in Palestine and threaten the stability of the whole world. It has provided vast amounts of loot. It has especially allowed them to create the impression in the minds of millions that they, the greatest predators and parasites in the history of the world, are the most pitiful of victims. Their normal psychopathic behaviour then has almost always been excused or mitigated as a consequence.
      It is important that this hoax is utterly smashed and the veil of kike innocence is ripped away. Only when the people can see the true vileness of this monstrous race who have caused so much suffering will we be able to raise the chant world-wide: Death to the Jews!

    2. On The Waggon Says:

      I really don’t see the problem with lying to your opponent. Call them White Lies.

    3. take it from someone who knows... Says:

      take it from someone who knows…

      There are indeed NO GOOD JEWS. They are ALL EVIL, eventually. They may sucker you into thinking they are decent “people”, but in the end, they screw you every fucking time.

      take it from someone in the KNOW…

    4. take it from someone who knows... Says:

      I might add…

      There are VERY VERY FEW good women out there as well, period. Take it from someone who KNOWS…

      Women are ALMOST jew-like in their potential and inherent TREACHERY…of course nothing is as treacherous as a jew….the jew lurks, pretends to be your friend, then when the right time comes, attacks you from behind…

      (mythological example): Arayn Superman Siegfried stabbed in the back by Evil Loveless half-jew Hagen, whom he foolishly trusts.

    5. Good Jew Bad Jew Says:

      I dont see the relevance in the good jew bad jew argument. The fact of the matter is that if you apply the same logic, there are good Aryans and bad Aryans, yet the jews have succeeded in pursuing policies that annihilate their nations, and destroy their ethnic integrity. Fuck them all. Heil Linder and Tod zu den Juden.